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Sow Not in Anger ➵ [Reading] ➷ Sow Not in Anger By Jack Hoffenberg ➪ – Returning from the war Gregory Taylor surveyed the bleak ruins of Laurel his plantation and the small village of Crossroads The sight that greeted Gregory was not a pretty one but despair was not a Ta Returning from the war Gregory Taylor surveyed the bleak ruins of Laurel his plantation and Sow Not Kindle - the small village of Crossroads The sight that greeted Gregory was not a pretty one but despair was not a Taylor characteristic under Gregory's hard driving leadership the town recovered and flourished and was renamed Laurelton in Gregory's honor Gregory's son Jonas carried on after him and built Laurelton into a thriving industrial city As the years passed Jonas saw all his plans for further building and expansion realized But one thing marred his satisfaction After a miscarriage and several stillbirths his wife Charlotte gave birth to a frail and sickly son Ames Ames had none of the Taylor drive and vigor and was a great disappointment to Jonas Not until his first grandchild was born did Jonas see a promise of the return of the old Taylor spirit But unfortunately Stuart grew up to be as selfish and cruel as he was strong It was when Ames's second son Wayne had come of age that a fierce struggle for control of the Taylor industries began the resolution of which provides a thrilling climax to the saga of a great family dynasty.

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  1. Philip Philip says:

    Another re read first read in 1972 I remember it as an engrossing family saga the kind of thing that was later popular on television with DALLAS DYNASTY and FALCON CRESTFor all that Hoffenberg’s books sold very well for many years with turgid titles such as ANVIL OF PASSION FORGE OF FURY A TIME FOR PAGANS and A RAGING TALENT they’ve been out of print for years and even the internet gives up virtually no information at all about Hoffenberg His last book as I recall was a thriller 17 BEN GURION which did especially well in areas that sold books of Jewish interest I think he was considered something of a literary second cousin to Harold Robbins but no less stellar an author than Leon Uris – riding high on the success of his own EXODUS said of Hoffenberg and SOW NOT IN ANGER in 1961 “I believe that Jack Hoffenberg will emerge as a major literary talent He has in his first novel SOW NOT IN ANGER mastered the great roadblock to being an important novelist that is he is a natural story teller SOW NOT IN ANGER covers a four generation story of a southern family dynasty with east expert plotting and tremendous sensitivity “I predict a major breakthrough for Mr Hoffenberg and his remarkable first novel”It’s the kind of novel that has dialog such as“Until this moment Stuart I honestly didn’t know what ‘no good white trash’ meant That goes for both of you” and “Don’t talk to me Ever again I’d rather welcome a common Angeltown whore into this house than you as Stuart Taylor’s wife”804 A bit slowly paced than I remembered814 I seldom 'cast' novels as I read them but in this case I kept seeing Hal Holbrook as no nonsense patriarch Jonas Taylor and Larry Hagman as Stuart Taylor because Stuart is a first cousin if not a brother to JR Ewing And I kept imagining Rock Hudson as Wayne Taylor Stuart's brotherAt 632 pages SOW NOT IN ANGER sort of outstays its welcome the final third sags and overall the book could have been tightly edited the last 100 pages or so should speed by but somehow they don'tAlthough I had a vague memory of one character's fate at the end of the book basically re reading SOW NOT IN ANGER again after 39 years was like reading it for the first time it's the kind of novel that while you recall having read it at some point and enjoyed it you can't really remember a thing about it Nor did it set any burning desire to read the inevitable seuel REAP IN TEARS nor anything else of Hoffenberg's I must have felt that way in 1972 as well

  2. Karen Karen says:

    This is an older book that I reread I love the family story and the historical aspect of the book Very captivating

  3. CarolynAnn CarolynAnn says:

    I read this book back in the 70s and have kept it on my bookshelf since then because while remembering little about it I remembered that I'd loved it back when I first read it and always planned to read it again Just finished it and now I will be able to give it to a used book store While the plot of the story is ok and would have been an ok read had the book been half as long I found it way too descriptive and predictable Basically a generational family drama that early on paints the good guys and 'bad guys too obviously and very 2 dimensionally And then everything gets tied up in a neat package In a word I found the story to be very dated which it is

  4. Pam Pam says:

    Read in 1961 when it was first published I still have it but am cleaning shelves and since I never purchased another book by this author I must not have been overly impressed Too long ago now to say anything about it

  5. Tammy Downing Tammy Downing says:

    An interesting novel that covers the history of the Taylor family from the founder to the current generation I enjoyed this book even though I thought a bit editing would have made it a better read

  6. Renée Frost Renée Frost says:

    I have read and re read it multiple times since finding it on my mother's book shelf when I was 13?Sometimes slow but a great story

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