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ueen of Thieves ❮EPUB❯ ✰ ueen of Thieves Author M. Kane – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Liana Mason has a life that anyone would envy Rags to riches Pauper to princess A girl with beauty and brains and power Nobody suspects that the once orphaned girl grew up to be the city's most notori Liana Mason has a life that anyone would envy Rags to riches Pauper to princess A girl with beauty and brains and power Nobody suspects that ueen of Kindle - the once orphaned girl grew up to be the city's most notorious thiefBut that's what she is A thief A con artist A criminal It's what she's been for a long time Something she once did for the sake of surviving became a habit somewhere along the way a source of pleasure Even now even will all the money in the world nothing's changed Not really Lia has no desire to change that not even a little bit She hasn't known anything else not for a long timeMost of her life she's dwindled along the line of good and evil never uite crossing over to one side or the other The line was blurred her moral skewed the rules broken but through it all she was never seduced by either sideBut when an assassin arrives in her city with ill intentions the thief's life is no longer in her hands With her world spinning out of control she's forced to play a role she never imagined she'd chooseHeroA Robin Hood retelling ➵ Ranked in MysteryThriller➵ Selected by Universal Pictures' the Visit as a Top Mysterious Thriller➵ Selected by Fullscreen as a Top Thriller➵ Wattys Award Collector's EditionTrigger Warning While this book isn't too dark there are themes that may be uncomfortable for some readers violence sexual assault etc.

  • ueen of Thieves
  • M. Kane
  • English
  • 23 June 2015

About the Author: M. Kane

M Kane is a twenty year old YA author studying health sciences A large amount of her life is dedicated to caffeine consumption theme parks books ueen of Kindle - and unfortunately college tuition She enjoys taking amateurish photos on her smartphone writing stories and instant validation Despite the fact that she’s been alive for twenty years she has yet to learn how to write a bio without sounding ent.

10 thoughts on “ueen of Thieves

  1. Amanda Amanda says:

    Please don't let my babies die in the rewrite

  2. Crystal Crystal says:

    Must read Just loved it so much1

  3. Ray Ray says:

    This was all over Wattpad but I kept ignoring it even though it was on my reading list Thought I was going to hate it but fell in love with the characters the plot everything Especially Jacian His character development was fantastic At the beginning I thought that the author would just throw the romance in out of nowhere but they were a slow burn It came naturally I was determined NOT to ship him with Lia but the chemistry and the banter just won me over to the point where they became my OTP If I wasn't afraid that Lia would stick an arrow in me I'd want him for myself The pairing os so different from what I'm used to on a good way They aren't the good girl and bad boy cliche or vice versa I'm not sure either of them could classify as good or bad considering that their characters are far from black and white Their relationship was epicAnd Lia Holy fucking shit I love her She's sassy badass feminine and smart Though she does have her flaws she can be cold and cruel and lies to the people that love her Still underneath the cold exterior she's a softie She just tries very hard not to show it for a good reason She's somebody who has lost far too much and sacrifices everything for the people she cares forThe beginning of the story felt similar to Arrow but it took on its own plotcharactersenvironment as I went on Thought it was going to be some cheap rip off but it was far from it In the A the author explained that it was based off Robin Hood and so the similarity at the beginning made sense A couple chapters in Jace adopted the nickname 'Robin' for Lia so I feel stupid for not realizing it was a retelling soonerFor a story that was actually uite dark there was a lot of humor There was a certain chapter where I was bawling my eyes out and ended up bursting out laughing Here are a couple bit I especially adoredOne “JesusI thought you were JewishHe pressed his lips together for a second before looking at me Fine I'll say Moses Or Abraham Happy?I doubt Jesus is”Two I'm not saying to trust her Logan said I'm saying to trust meI scoffed Because that's always worked out so wellName one time The time you let me be tortured the time you slit my mother's thr She wasn't your real mother he reminded me getting defensiveThree Wow Talented This is the best stick figure I've seen since primary school

  4. Jocelyn Gates Jocelyn Gates says:

    HELLO This is my first 'in depth' review so bear with me Finished this yesterday and loved it I'll admit it I was skeptical But only because I'm a die hard Arrow fan The first chapter gave off this huge arrow vibe to me a thiefvigilante that's also an archer but as I read on the similarities just felt like a coincidence Liana Mason the hero or well antihero is her own woman The plot is uniue It made a fantastic read once you got past the few typos found out the author is dyslexic via her bio and considering this is technically first draft and there were minimal mistakes I let it go There were three things that stuck out to me while reading this the humor the characters and the emotion Starting off with the humor it was probably the best I've read in a while There were certain lines that still make me laugh like an idiot when I think about them There aren't many people who can make jokes about religion that happen to be nonoffensive and totally hilarious The banter was between Lia and Jace felt natural and adorable and ridiculously funnyNow the characters Jesus Christ I will never in my life forget Liana Mason That girl is forever embedded into my memory like she's the real person someone i actually know She was a total badass brave loyal witty But she could also be cruel and insensitive Most of all she's incredibly strong i know it sound cliche but it's true A beautiful character full of flaws that made her humanThe emotions I cried a couple times I don't know where else to go with this without spoiling it but GOD Total rollercoaster And also worth it But my favorite thing? The honest PTSD portrayal Nightmares lots of anger being untrusting of others the flurry of emotions that follow certain events Still she's not a helpless little bird She is a vigilante after all Just one with alcohol abuse issues It's well written IMO I also like that Lia's love interest very clearly tells her that he's going to make no attempt to 'fix her' that there was nothing wrong with her and that while he'd be there for her getting better was entirely up to her There was none of that i'm in loooove so i'm better now bullcrap

  5. Isabelle Conrad Isabelle Conrad says:

    This book is goals I mean be it mystery horror thrill suspense action adventure romance this book has it all When I was reading this book the only thing I could think of was What's going to happen next? It has raw emotions emotions that hit you straight in the heart and the author has captured it impossibly well This book made me feel the feelings of Liana the MC which I think is a great thing an author can ever give to a readerLiana Mason is a character I'd totally die for to be in my imagination I mean the girl knows what she's doing what can a reader want She's a strong character and doesn't bitch about wearing a dress actually the girl can kick ass in stilettoes She feels like a normal person without any exaggeration and importantly is not drowning in self pity And she's not a pathetic person who constantly whines about her problemsMost of all she's not a stereotypically broken person who forgets everything once prince charming comes into her life And the best thing it's not a cliché ridden hopeless girl's story where she's has no control The story has a touch of unpredictability to it which will definitely intrigue the readers oT has control and realismAlso I got to know that the author is dyslexic when I read through it and I think it such a beautiful gift that she wrote a book that got inside my mind and wrapped itself around it I seriously loved the book and un cliché ness

  6. Saffron Mavros Saffron Mavros says:

    What a fabulous story The characters are strong and charismatic each with their own uniue personality And the way their lives touch each other the readers literally go ooohhhhhHSo yes it has all the Oomph factor one could look for in a story The way Liana Mason finds herself throughout the story The little bits and pieces of her life revealed over the story What really kept me hooked was the backgrounds of the main characters It is not revealed at one go But slowly through different chapters Kind of allows you to savor the entire story as one whole plot interwoven with so many others intricately and beautifully However I was really rooting for Liana to end up with the king Of hell Jason just seemed too weak a being to handle a headstrong girl like Liana Even though the readers can literally feel their passion and love throughout the book it feels like a compromise on Liana's part It is actually uite amazing how Jacian accepts that she is stronger and better than him I mean in a world where it is pretty hard for men to do so but stillLiana is just too much for the mild Jacian Even though he changed towards the end fitted to Liana's lifestyleyetBut on the whole this story is a must read It has everything; from brewing romances to action to mystery and everything in between One solid piece of entertainment from the beginning to the end

  7. Pierre Pierre says:

    like a 45 than a 5 but apparently half stars aren't a thing on Goodreads someone get on that i'll be the first to say I went in prepared to hate this book I don't know why and I did hate it for a little while if I'm honest it reminded me too much of the current superhero trend vigilantes but it grew on me or Lia did she came off as an entitled little brat at first but she really wasn't her character is why I changed my mind about the book halfway through she's really raw really smart and so fucking messed up i never cried for a WP character before but jfc my heart broke over and over for her the love story was a cute slow burn it added to the story and the plot without being annoying i think my favorite bit of the relationship was in chapter 53 when she was told by her love interest that he had no interest in fixing her bc she wasn't broken to begin with that resonated with me and felt really fucking important it made it clear the relationship between them had no intention in romanticising what Lia had suffered through as a child it addresses issues that are still taboo and I'm sure the popular this story gets the people will bitch about it all I can say is that the I personally feel that these issues were addressed properly in a way that was not romanticised

  8. Emily Pena Emily Pena says:

    I've read this book three times since it's been completed The first few chapters you feel like you know exactly what's going to happen but then things take a turn and then another and then another Basically you think that it's going to be predictable but once you reach a certain point you realize it's the complete opposite And I lived for the banter in this book Lia caught sight of it immediately and glared at him You gave me your word You swore you wouldn't tell himI'm a mass murderer he said pointedly Not exactly trustworthy”

  9. M. Kane M. Kane says:

    I might be self deprecating but I'm not about to give myself anything less than five stars

  10. Hailey Hailey says:

    Loved this on Wattpad The first book I read on there Hoping it ends up published sooner or later because I'd like to have an actual copy of it

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