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The Last Exile [Ebook] ➯ The Last Exile ➮ E.V. Seymour – A year ago acting on faulty intelligence officer Paul Tallis shot an innocent woman suspected of terrorism in a Birmingham shopping center With his career over and his conscience in tatters Tallis lef A year ago acting on faulty intelligence officer Paul Tallis shot an innocent woman suspected of terrorism in a Birmingham shopping center With his career over and his conscience in tatters Tallis left the elite firearms unit utterly disillusionedNow a shadowy figure working for MI approaches Tallis The offer is simple—unearth four dangerous illegal immigrants accidentally released from prison and hand them over to the authorities At first the plan runs like clockwork But then with the authorities demanding their last fugitive he makes an ugly discovery—Tallis suspects he's being The Last MOBI :Ê set upand that The Last Exile is innocent.

About the Author: E.V. Seymour

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10 thoughts on “The Last Exile

  1. Mr. Gottshalk Mr. Gottshalk says:

    I picked up this book for my train ride into New York City on a Saturday morning I had an hour and a half each way to get into the book that day and I admit it was intriguing enough to stick with over the last few nights What's not to like about an ex cop from the West Midlands UK who is approached by an MI5 undercover female operative to clean up four jobs around London? It's a tasty premise However the book just took too many wrong turns for me At times the twists bordered on ridiculousness and the writing wasn't that great So OK for a train ride but not worth it overall

  2. Brian Carrigan Brian Carrigan says:

    Very good looking forward to another

  3. Pauline Ross Pauline Ross says:

    This has uite a bitty opening as the author tries to sueeze in a lot of backstory as well as a dramatic first chapter Inevitably there’s a lot of jumping about as a result However things soon settle down and it’s into the main plotline The main character Paul Tallis a former cop with obligatory tricky past and now down on his luck is recruited for a secretive undercover job track down four criminals recently released from prison and inadvertantly not deported back to their home countries afterwards The four cases are tackled one after the other an unusual approach for a book like this and everything gradually become complicated as Paul realises things are not uite as they seemI rather enjoyed this Each individual storyette is solved relatively easily but there’s enough going on in the background to make this an absorbing read The slow build of tension and the gradual revelations of back scene machinations make for a solidly pacy story Paul is an interesting character with a past which is intriguing while avoiding the usual hackneyed stereotypes he’s not an alcoholic reformed or otherwise he doesn’t have a broken marriage and he’s not a cynical world weary type He’s intelligent and physically fit without being a superhero and his decisions are generally sensible ones albeit slightly naive Perhaps he’s a little too unrealistically good in the moral sense The minor characters are believable too I particularly liked the chainsmoking cop The writing style is nicely unobtrusive and works very well and it was good that not every tricky situation was resolved with a shootoutThe story builds to the inevitable dramatic climax and the usual whirlpool of double crossing and trying to work out just who are the good guys and who are the bad guys in all this I have to say that this wasn’t entirely convincing and the big reveal at the end was just too easy There was also a bit too much political soapboxing over the last few chapters for my taste Yes we get it these are Very Bad People But despite a few minor flaws I found this an enjoyable read which kept me turning the pages Four stars

  4. Crazyjamie Crazyjamie says:

    The Last Exile tells the story of Paul Tallis a former firearms officer who lost his job after killing a suspected terrorist who turned out to be an innocent woman Approached by a mysterious woman working for MI5 and asked to undertake a discreet operation whereby he would track down a number of illegal immigrants who have been accidentally released from prison it seems a straightforward assignment for Tallis But things are not all as they seem and when Tallis makes a number of shocking discoveries he finds himself in a race against time to discover the truth behind this mysterious assignment All in all The Last Exile is a competent thriller that does have some redeeming features The most obvious of these is Tallis who as a main character does remain interesting throughout Unfortunately the plot surrounding him takes a long time to get going and for long periods the book is just a little too bland and lacks imagination in what is a competitive genre Tallis seems to solve the initial tasks with a healthy dose of blind luck which isn't particularly engaging or satisfying The book does gather pace eventually and has a decent enough conclusion and all in all I don't regret reading it but it is very difficult to recommend in a genre which is so competitive and has so many truly uality offerings

  5. Karen Karen says:

    Trust No One used to be a favourite mantra in a previous life so it gave me a bit of a smile to see that as the heading on the back cover of this book when it arrivedThis was one of those books that a few trusted reading compatriots had been discussing so I thought I would buy a copy and see what I thought This note is therefore a little less of a formal review and a little of a memory jog for me as I understand there is a subseuent book in the series could be by now I've not checkedAs the blurb says Paul Tallis in his role as an intelligence officer shoots dead a suspected terrorist in an opening scene that is very reminiscent of the shooting of a suspect in the London Underground a while ago In THE LAST EXILE Tallis is suspended and his career is dead until a year later he is approached by a shadowy figure working for MI5This was one of those books that did a lot of setting up in the early part and it was a bit of a chore to stick with it until about one third in and things start to ramp up Well worth sticking past the initial grind this turned out to be a reasonably good thriller with a nicely complex and flawed central character

  6. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    It's a bit like eating a chocolate bar good for a uick hit of action and excitement but now I want to move on to something a bit deeper and satisfying that I can really get my teeth intofull review on my blog

  7. Debby Debby says:

    I only got to page 45 It seemed sort of amateur ish to me Like an amateur wrote it and was trying to hard to be a real writer Maybe I would have liked it if I had finished it but I kept thinking Why Bother?

  8. Patti Patti says:

    interestingcould be better

  9. Jack Jack says:

    Nice idea for a plot ex policeman recruited by ? the Home office for something deniable but the detail is just not convincing

  10. Jeff Perritt Jeff Perritt says:

    An entertaining read for about two thirds of the book then a total let down ending

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