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Your Tempting Love ✪ Your Tempting Love Books ✬ Author Layla Hagen – A sizzling romance from a USA TODAY BESTSELLING Author This book is a standalone Each book in The Bennett Family series follows a different couple Christopher Bennett is a persuasive man With his magn A sizzling romance from a USA TODAY BESTSELLING Author This book is a standalone Each book in The Bennett Family series follows a different couple Christopher Bennett is a persuasive man With his magnetic charm and undeniable wit he plays a key role in the international success of his family’s company Christopher adores his family even if they can be too meddling sometimes like when attempt to set him up with Victoria by recommending him to employ her decorating services Christopher isn’t looking to settle down Your Tempting Kindle - but meeting Victoria turns his world upside down Her laughter is contagious and her beautiful lips and curves are too tempting Victoria Hensley is determined not to fall under Christopher’s spell even though the man is hotter than sin and his flirty banter makes her toes curl But as her client Christopher is off limits After her parents’ death Victoria is focusing on raising her much younger siblings and she can’t afford any mistakes But Victoria and Christopher’s chemistry is not just the sparks flying kindIt’s the downright explosive kind Before she knows it Christopher is training her brother Lucas for soccer tryouts and reading bedtime stories to her sister Chloe Victoria wants to resist him but Christopher is determined stubborn and oh so persuasive When their attraction and connection both spiral out of control will they be able to risk it all for a love that is far too tempting.

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  1. TJ *Book Twins Reviews* TJ *Book Twins Reviews* says:

    May include spoilersThis is such a sweet romance It was so perfect for me Everything I love about romance serials is incorporated here Christopher and Victoria are instantly attracted to one another The chemistry and banter is so good Each of the main characters has a uniue understanding of where they are in life but they can’t deny what’s happening right in front of themHere’s the breakdown Victoria an interior designer is referred to Christopher Bennet by his sister to decorate his new apartment Little does he know he’s being setup Victoria just wants to grow her business Landing another account with the Bennett family is her main focus but her initial meeting with Christopher was such a funny little catastrophe Luckily their chemistry is undeniableThis is a low angst super sweet romance with lots of sweet sexy times Although part of a series it can be read and enjoyed as a standaloneHere’s what I absolutely loved I loved the main characters but the secondary characters stole the show I’m a big softy and adore books with kids Victoria’s siblingswards are precious I loved how committed she is to providing a home for them The emotional aspect of her story is so haunting and drew me to her characterChristopher is super sweet and considerate He’s an all around good guy who makes the decision to help Victoria and her siblings anyway he can Totally loved himEach kid had a distinctive personality and role to play in the story I really enjoyed getting to know them over the course of the novel Overall if you’re in the mood for a sweet sexy romance this is your gig

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Layla Hagen is back at it again as she reunites readers with the beloved and charming Bennett family in the fifth installment Your Tempting Love With four of the Bennett siblings living their happily ever after Pippa Bennett is back at her favorite hobby matchmaking and of course Christopher is her next target Unlike his other siblings Christopher easily steals the spotlight His sexy charming and playful personality will have anyone wrapped around his finger and so it didn’t take long for him to charm his way into his interior decorator’s heart and panties Victoria Hensley has been hired to decorate Christopher’s new apartment Designing his apartment is no problem but keeping her attraction to Christopher at bay will be hard to do since Christopher has made it known to her that he finds her a temptation that he can’t seem to resistVictoria Hensley is unlike any woman that Christopher has met Her bubbly and caring personality is something that makes her even attractive Christopher is well aware that Victoria is the sole guardian of her three younger siblings after the death of their parents As Christopher befriends Victoria and charms his way into her life he easily wins the hearts of her siblings as well as Victoria But as she and Christopher gets close to one another will they find themselves mixing business with pleasure? And will Christopher realize that Victoria Hensley might be the game changer that will end his bachelor status? For so many months Victoria has been shouldering all the family responsibilities will Christopher show her that he is willing to be her shoulder that she can lean on and partner in life?Your Tempting Love is a very sweet sexy and beautiful love story I love the overall theme and message this book portrays The simplicity of love and sacrifices is a beauty that radiates throughout the story I love how strong Victoria is and how playful Christopher is And in such these two complement one another in ways that will make any hearts swoon So if you are looking for a story that was beautifully well written that incorporates love family and steam then this book is definitely for you Layla Hagen

  3. Tanya (Girl Plus Books) Tanya (Girl Plus Books) says:

    35 STARSAfter the sudden loss of her parents a year ago Victoria is now raising her three younger siblings while also trying to grow her fledgling decorator business She's excited to meet with potential new client Christopher Bennett after his sisters recommended her Sparks fly at the very first meeting and despite her misgivings at getting involved with a client it doesn't take long for Victoria to know Christopher is someone specialChristopher isn't interested in a serious relationship or at least that's what he's been telling himself But meeting Victoria changes his tune and he finds himself completely taken with her and growing attached to her sisters and brotherVictoria was such a down to earth and likable character She had so much on her shoulders between her business and caring for her siblings but she handled it all remarkably well She was full of self doubt when it came to raising her siblings but she didn't give herself enough credit She was patient and loving and always put their needs ahead of her own I had such much respect for her She was cautious about getting involved with Christopher aware of how a new relationship might effect her brother and sisters but once she did I loved how open and giving she was with him Christopher was impossible to resist He was handsome and funny and so full of charm I loved that he wasn't put off by Victoria's responsibility to her family and instead took an active role and made himself available especially to the two younger children My favorite thing about about their relationship was the total absence of artifice They were so open and honest with one another there was no game playing no coyness just two people who were so supportive of one another and willing to take a chance on the possibility of a future together Their relationship wasn't without its challenges and they didn't always get it right the first time but it was impossible not to pull for Christopher and Victoria and the happiness they deservedIf you're a fan of contemporary romance I wholeheartedly recommend Your Tempting Love and the entire Bennett Family series This review was originally published at Girl Plus Books

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  5. Somia Somia says:

    35 StarsVictoria Hensley an interior designer is referred to Christopher Bennet by his sister to decorate his new apartment and of course it's part of his sisters' matchmaking plans Focused on growing her business in order to prove to social services she can take care of her siblings from her she is surprised by the attraction she feels to Christopher The way in which she would blurt certain things out in her first few interactions with Christopher didn't always work but it wasn't too bad The background on his last serious relationship didn't feel very necessary especially as the wariness and unease he may have felt entering another relationship didn't really manifestVictoria's siblings were a nice additions to scenes I wanted oomph to the banter between the MCsThis is a light low angst and sweet romance I think I may have enjoyed it if I had read it a few months after reading the other book in the series I had read rather than a da or so after I may re read this at some point in the very distant future99p on

  6. Lexy Lexy says:

    I thought that this book was sweet

  7. Tania& Tania& says:

    ARC received voluntarily for reviewAnother Bennett that catches Bennettitis lol Christopher Bennett has seen his older brothers get married his identical twin brother get engaged and his oldest sister get married He said he wasn't going to catch the Bennettitis epidemic of falling in love Until he met the beautiful Victoria HensleyVictoria was a decorator that did work for both of Christopher's sisters and they recommended her to decorate his new apartment but with the hidden agenda of playing matchmaker When they meet it's instant attraction but Victoria fights it because she has custody of her minor siblings after her parents died and two of those siblings are adopted and have a social worker from hell assigned to the case Christopher not only falls for Victoria but also for the kids He steps in and helps out as much as he can Once the kids approve of their relationship that's when they give in completelyThis was a sweet story with little drama and those wonderful Bennett banters

  8. Jackie (Jackie& Jackie (Jackie& says:

    Review can also be found at Jackie's Book World Your Tempting Love is a heartwarming story about new beginnings in love and at life From the very start I was immediately drawn to Christopher and Victoria's chemistry it's hard to ignore and as you start reading the difficult it gets to put the book down After the death of her parents Victoria has been put in charge of her younger siblings they mean the whole world to her and that also means that she can't screw anything put When she gets the chance to decorate Christopher's apartment she jumps to the opportunity that this would give her Not only will she get to decorate for another Bennett but their influence could bring her work to her interior decorating business Needless to say Victoria wasn't expecting to find Christopher Bennett a very persuasive man whose charm could get them both in trouble especially if she starts to fall for him Christopher Bennett is a very wealthy and handsome man He has anything he could ever want but his family can be too meddling when it comes to his love life They are constantly setting him up with beautiful women but nothing beats meeting Victoria for the first time It's their instant connection that has turned his life upside down Now he can't wait to see her and spend time together and having her decorate his house is just perfect for him Yet when the two begin to get close after spending way too many nights together secrets comes out and it'll be up to them to make it work if they want a future togetherI thoroughly enjoyed reading this book it was funny and sweet The characters fit so well with each other that it makes you want to keep reading until the very end Victoria has been through a lot ever since her parents passed away she had to take care of her siblings all while being in charge of her business She had to sacrifice a lot in her life but the kids make her all worth it and that is why she jumps at the chance to work with Christopher Bennett As a hardworking business woman Victoria has only time to succeed and nothing else There is no way she could get into another relationship but that all changes when she meet Christopher Christopher Bennett plays a huge role in the international success of his family's company and although that takes him away for a lengths of time he is still not willing to settle down He is too busy to even think about having a relationship but Victoria is different he can see himself being with her and he will not stop at nothing until he gets her in the end As the characters go through a series of trials to test their relationship the end will literally melt your heart Hagen delivers a great story filled with hardworking characters whose lives ultimately collide in the end I would highly recommend reading this book you will not regret it ; ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

  9. Ashley Hampton Ashley Hampton says:

    ARC provided by the authorI will start off by saying I have loved every book that I have read from Layla Hagen and this one is no different Consider me smitten charmed and utterly romanced by this story as it entails heart soul passion and most importantly devotion If you are aware of the other books in the Bennett series then you are aware that the Bennett women have a thing for match making and this book is no different We start with the 29 year old Victoria who owns her own business and who also inherited raising her 3 siblings Sienna 17 Lucas 9 and Chole 4 when their parents were killed in a boating accident While running her business she has Children's Services breathing down her back trying to prove she is not capable of raising her siblings As a decorator her business relays basically on word of mouth and she recently decorated Alice's restaurant Alice's brother Christopher recently purchased an apartment and needs a decorator to make it feel like home So Alice sets them up to have a clientboss relationship What starts as a business relationship turns into a fast friendship And Christopher not only becomes a very important part of her life but her siblings lives too He starts helping Lucas with soccer and spending time with the other siblings and Victoria as well But from there their feelings grow through twists and turns ups and downs can they really make a relationship work with everything else that is going on? But most importantly is it best for Victoria and her siblings?

  10. Livia Livia says:

    ‘I was the girl with the plan to put my personal life on standstill until the kids were older but there you go Sometimes letting go of the plan and taking a chance leads to wonderful things’ VictoriaMinor spoilers alertChristopher Bennett should kiss his sister Alice for recommending he hire interior designer Victoria Hensley to decorate his new place They hit it off immediately and little by little Christopher became very important to Victoria and to her 3 siblings under her guardianship I liked the realistic pacing of their romance enjoyed their sexy banter and cheered in relief at how they dealt with the misguided social worker Hervis Jackson’s attempt to remove Victoria’s 3 younger siblings from her custody ♥♥♥♥I’m not sure whose love story will be next – Alice’s or Blake’s perhaps? But anytime spent with the Bennett family is a good time to me

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