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  1. Angela (Angel& Angela (Angel& says:

    Ivoth is book seven in the Dragons of Preor series by Clea Kyle as Erin TateI was immediately immersed in Ivoth’s story from the beginning to the bitter end The author made me feel for both Elle and Ivoth She showcased their pain and their struggles She also had me tearing up at times and their where moments that had me stuck on the edge of my seat What I really enjoyed was that the Knowing didn’t come right off the bat It's clear they have feelings for each other and can feel things from one and other but it didn't came into play until around the last 15% of the story You may wonder why? Well you will have to read to find out The delay in the Knowing to me added to the story I also adored the twin dragonlets from a previous couple They where fun to read and they added a little cuteness to the story I also had a blast with Charlie the uasti a little creature that is attached to Ella Ivoth was an emotional up and down rollercoaster With heartfelt and heartbreaking moments The Preor are an interesting race and I do love me some sexy dragon men Rated 4 Stars

  2. Marta Cox Marta Cox says:

    If like me you have followed this series from the beginning you will be only too aware that these dragons are uber possessive and deeply driven by what they refer to as the Knowing I've kind of struggled with that idea as its than a mate bond as seen in shifter stories but something far cerebral with even history of the Preor race being transferred to the human mate That being said these fun stories are than just fluff with sexy times thrown in and as shown in this book there is a journey the characters have to go on before absolute trust is formedOk so briefly I liked the heroine Elle as she is used to putting up a front and can outmanoeuvre most people with her cool attitude Yet she's bravely taken a huge step and no longer works for her despotic father but instead works with the Preor Elle and Ivoth are clearly attracted to each other but as the Knowing hasn't kicked in it seems doomed before it begins Now I did mention that Elle no longer works for her fathers pharmaceutical corporation and pretty soon she finds herself with a target painted on her back Luckily there's a rather aggressive Preor in the shape of Ivoth by her side and he's got no intention of letting anyone harm the human female who drives him insaneThis started in such an interesting way with a character introduced that is frankly bizarre Charlie has been a constant in Elles life since she was a child in an atrocious accident and Charlie might be fluffy but I'd hesitate to call him cute Dangerous is the word that comes to mind yet he is pivotal to this story What really made me sit up and take notice though was the mention of the Ujal who originally saved planet Earth and introduced the Preor Warriors and I'm left wondering if the author intends to write stories involving her particular brand of MermenA copy of this was provided for me with no reuirement for a review which I voluntarily read and means my comments are my own honest opinion

  3. CC CC says:

    Nope cannot say I like this storyline Especially him continuing to search for a mate after he knows he loves Erin Nope nope nope OK he does FINALLY commit but only after she basically diesYes it all works out in the end but I felt so sorry for her and I just wanted to smack Ivoth

  4. Ivy Deluca Ivy Deluca says:

    WTF ery or crackilicious take your pick this entry fits in just fine with the rest of the series I will say really like the direction Ms Kyle is taking this the dragons are getting stronger personalities Ivoth is the very literal slightly dim bulb exploring of the human world since the Preors were pretty isolated for a group of dragons trying to get their Knowing on Also I really dig the twist she introduced with the Pol Mutation because it’s breathing life into a formula that could have gotten way stale by now But it’s all window dressing The dragons are still winged possessive and hot and I’m still on this crazy train If you love sci fi romances I’d say give this a shotFor reviews visit

  5. Tammy Rossitto Tammy Rossitto says:

    I just love the Preor and Ujal SeriesI think this is the best book so far Very strong story line And then there is Charlie I hope Ms Kyle writes one about a certain yellow Preor with a horrible scar on his face

  6. Ruth Hambley Ruth Hambley says:

    TerrificI absolutely loved this one The Dragons of Preor series is wonderful and I can't wait for the next one Well written sci fi romance with a terrific plot It had me on a rollercoaster from start to finish

  7. Patricia Kearns Patricia Kearns says:

    Preor dragons yumYou have got to love these alien dragon Honor and protective to women and childrenWhat would you want or need

  8. Sydney M Neblett Sydney M Neblett says:

    The ultimate survivor Yep this is one of those books sure to make me need a tissue box handy This poor girl has been through so much and the author had to put her through even before she was able to experience the knowing and claim her Preor mate The author could not have done a better job of creating the emotions and experiences that just leapt off the page Every detail was so vivid and clear that I felt like I was experiencing it for myself I am so excited to see who succumbs to the knowing next

  9. Dark Sith Lordette Jennymort ♔ Dark Sith Lordette Jennymort ♔ says:

    It's all about them DRAGON aliens

  10. shannon Stubbs shannon Stubbs says:

    Not badThis one wasn't bad Why not change the popular cultural belief and do what's in your heart? Why can't you marry someone who can't have children especially if you love each other?

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Ivoth Dragons Of Preor #7 [Reading] ➷ Ivoth Dragons Of Preor #7 Author Erin Tate – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk He has to choose love or honour because he can’t have bothElle may be a Davenport but she’s finding she enjoys life as a mostly grey sheep of the Davenport family She kicked off the Daven Bio unif He has to Of Preor ePUB ´ choose love or honour because he can’t have bothElle may be a Davenport but she’s finding she enjoys life as a mostly grey sheep of the Davenport family She kicked off the Daven Bio uniform and now works for their corporate enemy Cole Pharma now headuartered in Preor Tower She’s got massive muscular winged Ivoth Dragons PDF or aliens surrounding her from sun up to sun down But there’s only one Preor warrior who throws her world into a tailspin Ivoth sen Pezet’li Strong Sexy Sinfully seductive Hers No They don’t share the Knowing but that doesn’t stop her from wanting him Bad Ivoth made a vow to his sire the sen Pezet line would not Dragons Of Preor PDF/EPUB ¿ end with him And yet when he speaks with Elle scents her skin and feels her curves against his hard body he does not know if he can let her go He craves her than any other perhaps even than he desires to fulfil his vow and he knows he must make a choice Keep Elle and never have dragonlets or leave her and lose his heart forever Ivoth has to make a choice but first he has to keep Elle alive Someone wants her dead and Ivoth is determined to kill them first He only prays to Syh he is successful.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 250 pages
  • Ivoth Dragons Of Preor #7
  • Erin Tate
  • English
  • 14 September 2016