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Stargazing with Binoculars [PDF / Epub] ☆ Stargazing with Binoculars By Robin Scagell – A practical concise beginner's guide to viewing the night sky through binocularsStargazing with Binoculars is ideal for newcomers to astronomy Authors Robin Scagell and David Frydman include the wide A practical concise beginner's guide to viewing the night sky through binocularsStargazing with Binoculars is ideal for newcomers to astronomy Authors Robin Scagell and David Frydman include the wide range of binoculars Stargazing with PDF/EPUB ² on the market and provide advice on features to consider when making a purchase The book guides the beginner through the first steps of using binoculars to observe the night sky describes what will be visible and shows how to find specific objectsIllustrated throughout and filled with handy tips the book coversWhat to expect from binoculars and how they actually work Buying binoculars for the first time Upgrading after the first purchase Observing the sun the moon planets comets asteroids stars clusters variable stars double stars novas nebulas and galaxies The effects of light pollution Observing from the city and from the countryside Terminology Stargazing with Binoculars is a practical easy to read handbook for newcomers to astronomy whatever their age.

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  1. Milan Milan says:

    Basic guide for amateur stargazers using binoculars Includes basic map of constellations and useful tips about how to select the best binoculars for specific needs Ideal for all my needs

  2. Harith Siddhartha Harith Siddhartha says:

    The monthly star charts are very helpful This books is a very basic giude Perfect for beginners

  3. Laurie Laurie says:

    page 50

  4. Tacitus Tacitus says:

    As typical for guides like this I've been reading this off and on in pieces depending on my interest time and need Given spring clouds and COVID 19 uarantines I've had time to read about astronomy than actually doing itI found this to be one of the better guides I've picked up from the library and probably the best of the Firefly guides I've seen so far Basically that's because it's brief and focused on practical matters what to look for and how to choose binocularsI had already owned a pair of binoculars before I got this but I think that section will be useful for many newcomers At first glance the idea of astronomy with binoculars vs a telescope may seem limited However most guides and tips for beginners actually suggest starting with binoculars before getting a telescope; in fact depending on your level of interest and commitment you may not ever need a telescope You can also use binoculars for other activities sporting events or wildlife observation for example and this book will help you weigh the pros and cons of different types depending on your needsBut the book isn't just about how to buy binoculars Indeed once you've bought your binoculars what good would a book like this be? Fortunately as a guide it offers than that The centerpiece in terms of enduring content for stargazers are the monthly guides to the night sky The maps and inset pictures of stars and constellations were easy to read I started with Orion in January for example Scagell picks out a few other objects in each month mainly those observable with binoculars This is a shorter and focused and therefore maybe easier to follow walk through than Scagell provides in his larger longer Complete Guide to StargazingBeyond that the book contains obligatory science y sections on the solar system and a glossary Wherever I turn I find some tip or section I overlooked the first time For example Scagell provides some suggestions on things like sketching and binocular mounts which I personally found helpful At the same time I continue to be mystified by the apparent absence of anything related to integrating smartphones into this hobby I've found some useful star charts apps and given that most people will bring smartphones and other mobile devices into the hobby and not optics it seems like a good bridge to connect people to astronomy No doubt Scagell will one day write a book on astronomy from that angle Until then this book provides a useful introduction for a beginner looking to make a low cost investment in astronomy and to learn how to start observing

  5. Jamey Crook Jamey Crook says:

    Technically I read the Firefly 2014 editionI found this accessible useful and enjoyable than the Urban Stargazing book This one was also uestionably structured and certainly useful as a reference manual than any kind of teaching text to work straight throughStill sections on specific times of year and what the binocular showpieces are in the sky at that time and the explanation of binoculars functions components etc were uite goodAlso they slipped in a clever Star Trek joke or two which lightened the reading experience Nice

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