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Missionary Monks ❮Read❯ ➸ Missionary Monks ➻ Author Edward L. Smither – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Missionaries go into all the world and make disciples of all nations while monks live cloistered in a monastery and focus their lives on prayer and studying Scripture correct Not exactly When we study Missionaries go into all the world and make disciples of all nations while monks live cloistered in a monastery and focus their lives on prayer and studying Scripture correct Not exactly When we study the history of Christian mission especially from around to CE the key missionaries that we constantly encounter are monks In fact if we don't have monks in this period then we have very little in the way of Christian mission Our aim in this book is to examine the phenomenon of Missionary Monks those who pursued both a monastic and missionary calling We will meet the monks and monastic orders narrate their journeys in mission and evaluate their approaches to and thoughts about mission Church historian and missiologist Ed Smither is the perfect person to bridge two academic fields and offer us a comprehensive look at monastic Christian missions His historical overview covers all the bases with readability and depth Perhaps his most important contribution is the 'theology of mission' that calls us to imitate the globe trotting monks in their love for God and lives of sacrifice Everyone interested in contemporary missions needs to read this book; for in its pages we come face to face with our great predecessors who first took the Gospel to faraway lands These are friends we need to know and Smither offers them to you Don't miss out Bryan Litfin Professor of Theology Moody Bible Institute Some Christians falsely conclude that monks are of little earthly good because they are so preoccupied with prayer that they do little for the kingdom of God This book definitively shows that this is an incorrect conclusion In an easily readable and accessible manner Smither demonstrates that monks from all areas and eras of the Christian world have been engaged in mission bringing the gospel to all people It will change your view of monasticism Greg Peters Biola University; author of  Reforming the Monastery and  The Story of Monasticism In Missionary Monks Edward L Smither has taken the Protestant Reformation lid off a treasure trove of God's intriguing missional history and theology with scholarly authority and rich prose that enlightens contemporary adventures in the expansion of Christ's kingdom Robert L Gallagher Chair and Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies Wheaton College Graduate School Having studied the life and thought of the monk Basil of Caesarea intensely and having traveled to Iona and Lindisfarne two key Celtic monastic settlements this book struck a responsive key with me One need not agree with ‎all that monasticism stood for to appreciate elements of the piety and theology of these remarkable 'Missionary Monks' as Smither describes them A much needed history that fills a great lacuna  Michael A G Haykin The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Edward L Smither is Professor of Intercultural Studies and History of Global Christianity and Dean of the College of Intercultural Studies at Columbia International University.

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  1. Andrew Hillaker Andrew Hillaker says:

    “Why would anyone ever want to be a monk?” I’ve asked myself this a number of times and I’m sure you have as well It is a reasonable uestion for one in the “hyper social” 21st century world in which we find ourselves now This also displays an enormous misunderstanding of the monastic lifestyleI have almost always viewed monasticism as many others probably do—monks and nuns in their own respective castles with little to no contact with the outside world Dr Ed Smither PhD University of Wales University of Pretoria provides great insight into the world of early Christian missions and monasticism and breaks down many of those misconceptions in his book Missionary Monks Smither provides a brief background of the “mission” of the early Church “Mission” has become a buzz word of sorts in contemporary Christianity So much so that it is necessary to provide a clear definition of exactly what one means by this term so that it is not misunderstood by the reader Smither wastes no time in providing his definition of mission for this very reason Smither defines mission as “the divine activity of sending intermediariesto speak or to do God’s will so that God’s purpose for judgment or redemption are furthered” 4 Smither then uses the rest of his book to show how various monks took this “divine activity” to heart as they traveled the world sharing the Gospel of Jesus ChristThe book flows in chronological order from the Early Church ca 33 299 AD –or CE if you prefer Smither not only explains the reason that early Christians went to the ends of the earth with the Gospel message but also what highlighted their task of mission The early Church’s mission was not an easy one They encountered persecution at various levels and to different degrees However the early Church experienced an exponential growth that has been unparalleled in historySmither then provides the heavy groundwork for the rest of the book I say “heavy” but it is not at all a difficult read nor are the concepts difficult to understand They are the necessary foundation for what “monasticism” was and how it arose in the early Church Monasticism is not what we view it asEach of the historical figures Smither discusses were mission minded Beginning with Basil of Caesarea Smither discusses the life and mission of ten individuals and four groups that were involved in providing for the needs of the people around them Basil of Caesarea ran a food pantry during a famine in Caesarea 37; Martin of Tours was called a healer 47; Patrick went back to the country that stole his childhood and preached the Gospel 57 Each individual or group mentioned desired to serve God through loving their neighbors suffering preaching the Gospel engaging culture and love for the Church 181 182For those who believe that mission work is for “missionaries” I would suggest they pick up a copy of Dr Smither’s book For those who know that mission work is for every believer pick up a copy of Dr Smither’s book Missionary Monks is a very easy read and will challenge your understanding of mission work and will challenge you to evaluate how you are engaging your cultureI had the pleasure of meeting Dr Smither a few months ago this in no way influenced my review He was a joy to converse with about the PhD journey and the process that I have begun and I look forward to reading of his works throughout the years

  2. Zach Hollifield Zach Hollifield says:

    An excellent concise and get comprehensive study of monastic world Christian mission

  3. Ruth Ruth says:

    I had the opportunity this week to review a pre publication version of this book Given my thin knowledge of very early missionary work this proved an informative and valuable read The application section in the last chapter provides thought provoking implications for modern day ministryAs is generally my practice when I'm acuainted with the author I've chosen to forego assigning a star rating

  4. Marti Wade Marti Wade says:

    You may remember the desert fathers from church history and if you’re a mission history buff also recall the significant role monastic movements played in reaching Europe or have some stories about the Celtic church the Eastern church or the Jesuits In this new book we can “journey with monks and monastic orders who led the way in global mission from the fourth to the seventeenth centuries” uite the scope Meet mystics and leaders like Patrick Boniface Anskar Cyril and exploring their ministries in context as well as drawing lessons for today from their approaches to mission This book is a good read Academic for sure but engaging It draws from and comments on the reliability of a variety of original and secondary sources and imposes enough structure on the content to make it a very usable resource for those who may teach on these topics especially with an end toward seeking parallels with conditions and efforts today eg anyone teaching or studying mission history I guess that's not a very big niche Still a uniue book and I hope it sells well for use in and out of the classroomThe author is Professor of Intercultural Studies and History of Global Christianity and Dean of the College of Intercultural Studies at Columbia International University my recent alma mater

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