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Transformers [Ebook] ➦ Transformers By Mairghread Scott – Starscream rules Cybertron He and Windblade vie for control of the Council of Worlds each aligning themselves with as many long lost colonies as they can But Starscream's secret police keep increasing Starscream rules Cybertron He and Windblade vie for control of the Council of Worlds each aligning themselves with as many long lost colonies as they can But Starscream's secret police keep increasing the tension destabilizing the fragile peace that has been established Collects issues –.

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  1. Chloë Chloë says:

    My brother grew up watching the G1 Transformers cartoon and so through that I sort of grew up with the series too So when he bought the Transformers Till All Are One graphic novel series I could not resist reading them and I actually really enjoyed itStarscream is the ruler of Cybertron however he is facing plenty of problems in his new leadership The Badgeless an elite division in the Cybertronian Security Force who serve as Starscream's secret police appear to have been taking their duties a bit too far I really enjoyed all of the political intrigue as well as the various interactions between some of the prominent characters uite a lot of the plot relies on previous volumes which I have not read so there were some things I was unable to understand but that did not stop me from enjoying the story at all and it has actually encouraged me to read the Windblade graphic series that is a precursor to this oneIf I am being honest I did find the characters to be uite a bit confusing which was a little irritating although that was mostly me forgetting the characters rather than a problem with the story or artwork Starscream has always been my favourite so I obviously loved him in this especially as he is in charge He was uite a badass and really manipulative and a bit paranoid too Windblade was a new character for me She appeared to be there to keep Starscream in check mainly although she was uite key to the main plot as well She was not my favourite character in this but I did not dislike her either Like Windblade Chromia was another character that was new to me however I knew very little about her as her backstory was presumably featured in a previous volume that I have yet to read Knock Out was easily my favourite in Transformers Prime so I was extremely excited to see him appear in this series however he did not do a great deal and I really wanted to see him take on a prominent role It was also nice to see Blurr and Bumblebee in this volume as they are also two of my favourites but like Knock Out they actually did very little I have not come across the Combaticons before but they were actually pretty interesting Vortex was probably my favourite as he was incredibly funny and witty Onslaught was very impulsive while Blast Off was perhaps the most fascinating as he was the most involved in the plotOverall I really enjoyed Transformers Till All Are One The artwork was great the plot was intriguing and it was fantastic to see some of my favourite characters too It has also encouraged me to read some of the volumes that come before this series especially Windblade's series of graphic novelsRating 45★★★★There is also a link to this review on my blog here

  2. Derek Derek says:

    Starscream continues to cling to power but his grip might be slipping This first volume is engagingly fast paced but it is not for the uninitiated There's no introduction or setup given and the reader is dropped immediately into the midst of a political crisis boiling over with tension However readers who are familiar with modern Transformers lore are in for a treat

  3. ...cats? ...cats? says:

    Transformers Till All Are One is not a good jumping on point for IDW newbies It’s heavily grounded in the original Windblade miniseries which I enjoyed and following crossover events which I avoided Still for anyone who has a general understanding of the events of Mairghread Scott’s previous Windblade comics Till All Are One is excellent funTAAO Vol 1 picks up with after the death of Swindle as tensions boil over between Starscream’s anonymous Badgeless police force and Cybertron’s Decepticon population The book is plot dense with each character’s uniue motivations and ambitions intersecting with every other character’s Starscream is as always trying to maintain his tenuous position as leader of Cybertron through manipulation and political scheming Windblade tries to protect Chromia even as their relationship suffers from the events of the miniseries Half of the Combaticons desperately seek revenge for perceived injustices the other half just wants to kill people and have a good time TAAO tells a deftly woven story of politics and friendships and injustice and peace It never falters in its storytelling never meanders or peters out or loses sight of its end goalOne of my favorite aspects of the first Windblade comics was Sarah Stone’s art The artwork by Sara Pitre Durocher in TAAO is eually gorgeous Pitre Durocher’s robots are expressive particularly impressive in the case of the Combaticons with their covered eyes and mouthplates; they’re also very pretty Her Starscream may be my all time favorite There are also some amazing panel layouts the two page Bruticus spread off the top of my head Priscilla Tramontano and Joana Lafunete’s attractive clean coloring add to the dynamism of each page Overall TAAO is beautiful and intense and engaging and made me grin like a little kid even as it made me gasp in shock and horror; basically it’s an ideal action comic RecommendedMiscellaneous thoughts might include spoilers1 I’ll be honest – I haven’t really kept up with the Windblade comics since the first miniseries mainly because all the IDW crossover events confused me TAAO sounded particularly good though and I decided to loosely brush up on previous events so that I could read it with minimal confusion I have no regrets 2 Before reading TAAO I was skeptical of fan love for the Combaticons After reading TAAO I have taken to dramatically staring out of windows while feeling intense emotions about Blast Off’s life These boys are terrible and messed up and utterly fascinating 3 Seriously – the tragedy of Blast Off is positively Shakespearean 4 On a less serious Combaticons note Vortex balancing a soda can on his face That is all5 The police brutality incident that opens TAAO’s first issue is clearly based on real events and I’m not sure how I feel about those events being replicated with fictional robot aliens and robbed of their real life significance 6 Mairghread Scott recently announced Till All Are One’s cancellation; it’s pretty awful news Not only does this mean that IDW’s only female led Transformers comic has ended but also that we don’t get to see what the Windblade comics might have developed into as a regular series without crossover interruptions 7 Even if TAAO has come to a close I will definitely be picking up Volume 2 Excited to see what’s in store for all these angry sad robot kids

  4. Christopher Christopher says:

    Transformers Till All Are One Vol 1 kicks off with the political situation on Cybertron in Flux as Starscream tries to hold onto power while fending off potential rivals such as Elita One who is another Megatron in the making D At the same time on the streets of Cybertron the 'badge less' police force is making itself known in not a great way and this leaves it up to Ironhide to short out D This makes for clover plot interactions between all the storylines going on as you get to see the high level politics but at the same time what is happening on the ground D Starscream's 'conscious' of Bumblebee popping up as well makes scenes very suspicious as well and you never really sure what 'Bumblebee' actually is DWindblade get her time in the limelight and her ongoing conflict with Starscream works brilliantly as the way that they flip flop from rivals to allies works organically and never seems false D This forms the feel of the book with everything seeming at stake at every stage as Starscream attempts to blackmail Windblade and how she twists neatly out of the way at every turn D Windblade and Starscream appear to be polar opposites but the way Starscream is operating you can see Windblade having influence on him which balances thing out for them DScott and Pitre Durocher do a cracking jobs throughout the script really flies along taking twists and turns that you would not expect and conversely the art works brilliantly with it D Throughout the characters are clearly visible and the colour palette leaps off the page D Every scene is reflected in this way lending gravitas to the events D The action and politicking leap off the page giving a really feel for the events making Transformers Till All Are One Vol 1 work on every level DTransformers Till All Are One Vol 1 is a great continuation an set up book that will leave you making sure you have the next one D Transformers Till All Are One Vol 1 is full of political hi jinks plotting action adventure and action packed throughout D Crisp High Five D Go and get D

  5. Clint the Cool Guy Clint the Cool Guy says:

    DoneThe art is just okay Not great Some of the panels looked pretty cool thoughThe story is so so I've come to realize that I don't like Mairghread Scott's Transformers stories They're all kind of the same Starscream is evil and scheming Or so we are constantly told; we are rarely ever SHOWN him doing anything wrong Windblade is noble and good Chromia is loyal and brave That's about all there is to these characters I don't like any of them I don't care what happens to any of them And it doesn't matter because the stories all just kind of go nowhere anywayIt was cool to see Bruticus finally For so long I've been looking forward to that But one and done??? He and all the Combaticons are killed with ONE shot I mean come on Really? One shot? One of the biggest baddies of G1 and he goes down with one shot You cannot be serious here Sigh Once again IDW drops the ballWhat happens with this particular series? I don't care any Not enough to spend any money that's for sure These stories been getting weaker and weaker for a long time now starting with the lost colonies thing I had a sinking feeling ever since I read that issue with the city on wheels that kept ahead of the burning sunlight an idea stolen straight out of Kim Stanley Robinson's book Blue Mars Maybe it wasn't intentionally ripped off but the rest of the stories have been similarly uninspiredI've got a few Lost Light issues left to read and then I'm done with IDW They can take the Transformers I loved as a kid and do whatever they want with it I'm done watching this slow motion train wreck Even the old animated series was better than this and it had some stinkers Does anyone remember The Girl who Loved Powerglide? Oof

  6. Jason Tanner Jason Tanner says:

    I am not familiar with the Transformers canon outside of my vague memories of the original cartoon but I became aware of this story through a comic panels without context post and it looked intriguing to me And to be honest it was pretty good The status uo is vastly different than the one I am used to Optimus Prime and Megatron out of the picture Starscream ruling Cybertron and the war between the Autobots and Decepticons apparently over though there is still lingering resentment The story is not exactly new reader friendly; it is very dense and primarily features characters that the casual fan may not be familiar with but I'm okay with that This is a political intrigue story at heart and one I am enjoying so far I don't really know most of the characters or what exactly is going on but I want to and that is the sign of a good opening chapter

  7. Patty Patty says:

    The addition of Sara Pitre Durocher as artist to this last arc of the Windblade series despite it just gaining a generic Transformers title it is still pretty much the Windblade series just really levelled up this series overall To be honest as I was collecting these in issue format being a person rarely specifying which covers I want I actually asked for the Pitre Durocher painted covers The interior art though a clearly comic book panel style still shows the artist's detail and flair for bringing these robots to life and enhancing Maigread Scott's great story telling

  8. Marta Duda-Gryc Marta Duda-Gryc says:

    35 It's too short a story to merit 4 stars but I really liked it the constant unrest on Cybertron Starscream's intrigues and blackmails and conversations with his Bumble conscience that is or is it?; Windblade and Chromia unresolved ? tension resulting from Chromia's past actions; Onslaught and other Combaticons Blast Off my two faced baby

  9. Simeon Scott Simeon Scott says:

    A wonderful continuation of everything Scott has been doing since she started on Transformers comics with some pretty nice art that helps provide a somewhat lightened feel for what at times can be a very heavy story

  10. Neurocomp Neurocomp says:

    as much as I don't like windblade or rattrapthe other story lines are interesting and the titan backstory is pretty good And even though its got newer transformers than the G1's i'm use to i do like the mixture of titanianprimal races

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