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Minnie and Max are OK ❰Read❯ ➵ Minnie and Max are OK Author Chris Calland – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Minnie has had a bad day at school Some children made fun of her looks and she wishes she was like themMax Minnie's dog wishes he looked different too And he doesn't understand why Grandma doesn't lik Minnie has had a Max are PDF Ì bad day at school Some children made fun of her looks and she wishes she was like themMax Minnie's dog wishes he looked different too And he doesn't understand why Grandma doesn't like his singingWhen Grandma sees that Minnie and Max Minnie and PDF or aren't OK she takes them to the park There they see lots of children and dogs all with different shapes sizes colours and special traits If they all looked the same would it be better or worseBody image is an increasingly important issue for young children and Max are eBook ✓ This beautifully illustrated confidence boosting book will help encourage children aged to celebrate their strengths and embrace diversity Included are uestions that adults can ask to see how children relate to Minnie and Max's thoughts and feelings Colourful funny and uplifting this book will help you make sure your child is OK with their body image.

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  1. Jasmine from How Useful It Is Jasmine from How Useful It Is says:

    Read again but this time for my 4 months old daughter It’s an excellent book She talks her baby talks while I read —————y Experience I started reading Minnie Max are OK on 41417 as a story time for my 5 year old son and we finished it on the same day We read it again on 51817 This book is really fun to read I love the purpose of the story My son loves the characters and all of their wild uestions The illustrations are so cute This book brings up an important subject about body image insecurities and I love that I can read and discuss about it with my sonIn this book readers will follow Minnie a little girl with big brown curly hair and Max a dog with short legs and scruffy fur Minnie is always excited when Max and her Grandma comes to pick her up at school She would ask her Grandma all kinds of uestions on their way home Today however she’s feeling miserable and that makes Max sad too Minnie begins to wish she could look like her friends and Max does the same thing by wishing he could have long legs like the other dog at the park Grandma comforts them both by taking them out to the park and stopping by a café for milkshakes Grandma asks them to imagine “how boring it would be if we all looked the same” I like the illustration that shows a picture of many of the same looking dogs and many lookalike MinnieThis book is super cute because not only was the little girl Minnie feeling unhappy about how she looks but also the dog Max I love it when they both looked into the mirror and sounding disappointed of what they see My son likes it when Minnie and Max are at the park and they look around noticing how different each person and dog is and then imagining how it would be if everyone look the same I love the discussion topics at the end of the book I love the ending of this book I will definitely be reading this book so many times already read 2 timesI truly love books that encourages and motivates kids to be positive and to accept who they are This book along with Okay Kevin Review HERE are a must read kids books and they both came from Jessica Kingsley Publishers I highly recommend parentsteachers to pick up a copy of their books You won’t be disappointedPro humor body image confidence comfort illustration diversity encouraging important topic discussion topics with kids motivationCon NoneI rate it 5 starsDisclaimer Many thanks to Jessica Kingsley Publishers for the opportunity to read and review Please assure that my opinions are honestxoxo Jasmine at wwwhowusefulitiswordpresscom for a detailed review

  2. Sandra Sandra says:

    Minnie and her dog Max would like to look different from how they actually look Grandma between milkshakes and visits to the park shows them how their are special just in the way they are Beautiful story that celebrates the magic of being who we areI received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review

  3. Claudia G-D Claudia G-D says:

    Minne is walking home with grandma and her dog max She feels upset because some children at school have told her she looks silly Her dog max starts to look at other dogs and feels upset because they have smart and curly fur and he doesn’t Minnie’s grandma tells her that everyone is different and it would be boring if we all looked the same Minnie looks around the park and realises everyone is different At the end of the story Minnie has accepted that we all look different but that is good and being yourself is fun I think this book is really good tool for use in the classroom particularly with EYFSKS1 classes It addresses issues such as body image teasing diversity and celebrating our uniueness and individuality It is easy to understand for young children because of the lovely illustrations as well as how the authors have used the pet dog Max as another example At the end of the book is a list of suggested uestions around the topic These would be great to use for circle time PSHE sessions to develop children’s understanding further and to promote body confidence If there have been issues in the class around teasing this book could be used to address these issues Both authors have experience of working with children with behaviour and mental health issues and have written the book together to ensure young children are being encouraged to have high self esteem and body confidence

  4. Carla Johnson-Hicks Carla Johnson-Hicks says:

    Minnie is an adorable little girl with a head of curly hair Max is her sheepdog After school everyday Minnie is picked up at school by grandma and Max and follows a routine When some girls make fun of Minnie at school she is upset and grandma notices that she is upset about something Grandma knows just what to do to help Minnie realize that she is fine and looks just the way she is supposed to With her calm nature and smart ideas she gets Minnie to realize that both she and Max are okay just the way they are While Minnie plays with friends at the park she realizes that grandma is right and she has good friends What a great book to use with children who are either being teased or are the ones doing the teasing There are ideas and follow up activities at the end of the book to help reinforce the ideas in the story The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book from Netgalley

  5. Sharon Tyler Sharon Tyler says:

    Minnie and Max are OK A Story to Help Children Develop a Positive Body Image by Chris Calland Nicky Hutchinson Emmi Smid is a children's book that is currently scheduled for release on May 18 2017 Minnie has had a bad day at school Some children made fun of her looks and she wishes she was like them Max Minnie's dog wishes he looked different too And he doesn't understand why Grandma doesn't like his singing When Grandma sees that Minnie and Max aren't OK she takes them to the park There they see lots of children and dogs all with different shapes sizes colors and special traits If they all looked the same would it be better or worse?Minnie and Max are OK is a charming read for children dealing with any self esteem issues While the official blurb for the book focuses on body image I think any child that feels like they are different via physical emotional economical or any difference really can benefit from the book I think readers that might join in on mocking or commenting negatively on others might also benefit from the read since it would help them understand how hurtful their words and actions can be This would be a good book to share with preschool and early elementary school students either through class or one on one reading It would be a great discussion starter on diversity kindness and bullying Best of all there are uestions for parents or other adults to share with children to further enhance the lessons of the story

  6. Stephanie (ITakePicturesOfBooks) Stephanie (ITakePicturesOfBooks) says:

    Disclaimer I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This in no way affected my opinion of the book or the content of my review The story of Minnie and her dog Max Minnie is usually super excited when her grandmother picks her up from school But today she is very uiet Man is sad that she isn't happy to see him Her grandmother asks Minnie what is wrong? At school some girls wouldn't play with her They laughed at her and said that she looked silly Minnie and Max both begin to wish that they looked different Minnie tells her grandmother that she didn't like the way she looked Her grandmother tells her that she loves her just the way she isThis is the most diverse book that I have ever read Right from the second page you are bound to find someone that you can relate to It touches upon self esteem diversity and body image This is the perfect book to read with your child to show them that everyone is different and special in their own way The differences in people is what makes them special In the back of the book there are suggested uestions to discuss with your child to further explore the topic of body positivity and diversity This would be a good book to read with a child that is feeling badly about looking different from their friends My favourite uote from this book is Imagine how boring it would be if we all looked the sameA must must read55 ⭐

  7. Braley Hale Braley Hale says:

    I think this book is great for all younger students to read It's main goal is to promote positive body images in all children which teaches a great lesson I also thought it was cute on how they incorporated the dog and his feelings about his appearance Overall I love the message that this book was sending which was is it is ok to look different from others

  8. Andréa Andréa says:

    Note I accessed a digital review copy of this book through Edelweiss

  9. Library_geek Library_geek says:

    Well I wouldn't change a thing about you I love you just exactly the was your are Grandma exclaimed these words when both Minnie and Max were dealing with a self image crisis brought on by the comments of others In fact grandma goes onto share how people come in all shapes sizes and colour and if we look around us we can see thatThis book is very special Minnie and max person and dog both struggle with their self worth because of comments at school that Minnie looks silly and was laughed at They both uestioned their worth and wished they were something they are not Unfortunately society starting from a very young age in schools have expectations of what one should look like are not accepting of differences and make a point of bullying those that aren't like themWhat I love about this book is that the author shows how differences make the world less boring that differences are all around us and it is what makes the world interesting I also love that the dog has the same feelings as Minnie At the end of the book are some uestions designed to help children explore the topic further uestions such as what could you do or say if someone was unkind to you or teased you and What would it be like if everyone looked the same? There is also a section of uestions called celebrating our skills how often do we celebrate someones skills? I think there should be celebration of people's skills and this is why this set of uestions is my most favourite section of the bookThe authors have beautifully written about this topic of diversity and how we should embrace it Teaching children self worth from a young age and continuing to support them through this as they get older is vital for good mental health I applaud the authors for taking the time to explore this topic and bring the issue to lightThe illustrator has done a lovely job of the illustrations and my favourite is of the playground with all the differences happening around Minnie Max and GrannyOverall I highly recommend this book and feel that it is one that should be on all library and home book shelves Lets build our children's self worth one book at a time

  10. Ryan Ryan says:

    This is very much a lesson book The lesson book is that it’s okay to be who you are and that it is nice that everyone is different While it’s not pushed at the reader it’s also about not teasing anyone because it can hurt their feelings The illustrations are fun and the book is okay But the topic has been done better

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