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1,000 Facts About the White House [Read] ➪ 1,000 Facts About the White House Author Sarah Wassner Flynn – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Welcome to the White House Go behind the scenes to get a 360 degree view of America's most famous president's residence from how it was built in 1792 and the fire of 1812 to today's state dinners cele Welcome to the White House About the PDF/EPUB ¼ Go behind the scenes to get a degree view of America's most famous president's 1,000 Facts PDF or residence from how it was built in and the fire of to today's state dinners celebrations celebrity pets and Facts About the eBook ☆ Discover through fun to read facts what it's like to live and work at Pennsylvania Avenue the uirky rules of the house and how the Secret Service keeps it safe Find out how the kids who have lived there play watch movies and entertain friends With a treasure trove of material from the White House Historical Association this book presents a fascinating story of the building and the many people who have shaped its year history.

  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages
  • 1,000 Facts About the White House
  • Sarah Wassner Flynn
  • 06 August 2016
  • 9781426328749

About the Author: Sarah Wassner Flynn

Sarah Wassner Flynn is a About the PDF/EPUB ¼ fitness and sports writer a children's book author a runner and a mother.

10 thoughts on “1,000 Facts About the White House

  1. Stacie Stacie says:

    In celebration of President's Day this week I'm featuring a book that gives you a personal tour inside the White House This book is full of interesting facts history secrets related to privacy and funny anecdotes Kids and parents will enjoy reading this book and learning much about the most famous house in our countryWith over 40 sections of this book there are facts on everything from the building and grounds to state dinners food Christmas the Easter Egg Roll rituals decor and security Nothing is missed in this book full of fun information History and political fans will love reading through this book Some neat things I learned from this book include At the flick of a switch windows in the Situation Room frost over to give the president privacy President Theodore Roosevelt's daughter Alice kept a pet garter snake named Emily Spinach in the White House First daughter Susan Ford held her school's senior prom in the East Room of the White House in 1975 There are 35 bathrooms among the six levels of the White House and they also have low flush toilets to save water Each year some 300000 people enter the lottery for the annual Easter Egg Roll Just 35000 tickets are available Ticket holders get a two hour time slot to play and roll before they are ushered out and the next group brought in President Thomas Jefferson had an ice house built on the White House Grounds so that he could have ice cream all year long The book ends with a glossary of keywords a timeline of dates in White House history and a listing of all the Presidents including their name nickname term of office political party and First Lady Hundreds of photos are included in the book featuring Presidents their families and their staff It's definitely an inside look into the private world of the White House I have family that works in the White House and I still learned so much about the White House from this book Now I have all kinds of uestions to ask them this summer when I see themThis is a bigger hardcover book and one that stands out on the shelf The paper is high uality and glossy The photographs are clear and detailed and give the reader even to learn besides the facts on the pages I highly recommend this book for libraries classrooms and homes Planning a family vacation to Washington DC? Get this book first

  2. Vera Godley Vera Godley says:

    Visiting America's beloved White House should not just be an occasion to see spectacular or grand objects It should be a learning experience about what is behind these things and why they are where they are So before visiting grab a book and learn about what's inside the White House so it will be meaningful If you don't have that option grab a book and do a bit of hindsight learningIn 1000 Facts About the White House National Geographic brings the reader face to face with the history and current life that transpires within its beloved walls As home of the United States President during the term of office it is the often the location for State occasions as well as a place the President and his family abideThe book is jam packed with bits of information laid out in information blocks and interspersed with photographs or drawings The book is not just about the objects within rooms it has bits and pieces of information about fashion food pets and daily lifeThe book is designed for the age 8 12 reader and will provide interesting information that adults will find entertaining and enlightening as wellI think this is a grand book for anyone about to visit or who has visited the White House I think too that every school and public library needs to be certain they have a copy for their readers I recommend this bookI received a complimentary copy to facilitate a review of my opinion which is freely given

  3. Beth Rodgers Beth Rodgers says:

    '1000 Facts about the White House' by Sarah Wassner Flynn is definitely worth reading From facts about why the rooms are named as they are in the White House to interesting facts about first ladies pets and food as related to the presidency there is something for everyoneThere are plenty of interesting facts that even the most well versed presidential fanatics can find at least one that they may not have known before It is also nice how the facts are arranged so that the connections are pretty seuential Learning the layout of the White House and when certain wings were added adds a lot to the points being made showing that the home has evolved as time has passedNo matter whether your favorite president is George Washington Abraham Lincoln Franklin Delano Roosevelt John F Kennedy Bill Clinton or anyone who has come before or after you are sure to find something that will engage your interest and round out your understanding of not only the White House but also the importance of the highest office one can hold in the United StatesBeth Rodgers Author of 'Freshman Fourteen' and 'Sweet Fifteen' Young Adult NovelsReview originally posted at YABooksCentralcom

  4. Kristi Bernard Kristi Bernard says:

    There are a lot of things about the White House that you may not be aware of This fun fact filled treasure has over 1000 fun facts for readers The first pages share a map of the White House buildings and gardens There are a host of interesting facts about the rooms the West Wing where all official business takes place and Readers can also learn about the art in the White House and what presidential families did during the holidays There are some White House rituals like turkey pardons super bowl events and placing a wreath on the tombstone of the Unknown Soldier The helicopter the president flies in is built for travel and rescue events in case of an emergencyThis amazing guide has colorful photos and illustrations that share the history and traditions of the White House and all the people who give it so much personality and character Parents and teachers will enjoy this guide too The back pages have a keywords glossary and important dates in a timeline style presenting the White House’s history

  5. Natalie Natalie says:

    Super fun book all about the one of the most iconic landmarks in the world Facts are organized into sections such as Pets State Dinners Gardens and Decor There is lots of interesting information and some that is kind of meh and you can tell they put it in to get up to 1000 The pages are gorgeously laid out with brights colors and the facts are easy to see Bet you didn't know that Thomas Jefferson used to walk his two grizzly bears around the gardensRecommended for school and class libraries or for anyone who really loves the White House

  6. Heidi Heidi says:

    This browsing book presents 1000 fascinating facts about the White House The facts are grouped into various topics such as25 Delectable Facts about Food in the White House50 Priceless Facts About White House Treasures15 Blooming Facts About the White House Gardens and GroundsOn each two page spread the facts are numbered and spaced in a neat and appealing fashion Along with the attractive presentation and the fascinating facts the editors have included gorgeous photographs just as you would expect from National Geographic A fabulous resource for reports or just for browsing

  7. June Jacobs June Jacobs says:

    I learned so much about the White House the Presidents and their families and the traditions which continue to this day in the executive mansion in this colorful book targeting middle grade students

  8. Two BookWorms Blog Two BookWorms Blog says:

    Here's a uestion you'll learn the answer to in this book Abigail Adams’ ghost has been seen in the East Room What is she doing?Check out this book to learn the answerFor the full review

  9. Elizabeth Reid Elizabeth Reid says:

    Here's my review

  10. Chrissy Chrissy says:

    This is a great children's book A must for elementary classrooms

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