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Into the Fire [Ebook] ➢ Into the Fire By Jerron Hawley – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The dramatic story of one of the biggest natural disasters in Canadian history the Fort McMurray wildfire of 2016 told by three of the firefighters who fought to save the cityOn May 1 2016 a wildfire The dramatic story of one of the biggest natural disasters Into the PDF \ in Canadian history the Fort McMurray wildfire of told by three of the firefighters who fought to save the cityOn May a wildfire burning to the southwest of Fort McMurray Alberta led to the declaration of a local state of emergency Two days later the fire had reached Fort McMurray forcing the evacuation of citizens and destroying buildings In total the fire would consume than hectares Into the Fire is a remarkable first hand account of fighting a major wildfire as it moved with terrifying speed Over the course of six days firefighters Jerron Hawley Graham Hurley and Steve Sackett of the Fort McMurray Fire Department joined local expert wildfire teams and fire departments from across the country to battle the blaze In photographs and notes made at the time they vividly describe what they witnessed; their own personal losses and triumphs; and the fire's devastating effects With than stunning colour photographs Into the Fire is a dramatic eyewitness account of one of the most catastrophic disasters in recent North American history Intimate in its telling it is above all a testament to the courage pride and extraordinary efforts of the citizens of Fort McMurray who along with emergency personnel came together to save their city.

5 thoughts on “Into the Fire

  1. Noelle Walsh Noelle Walsh says:

    A great book telling a boots to the ground story from three of the firefighters who battled The Beast into submission A big and heartfelt thank you to them for fighting so hard to keep Fort MacMurray safe

  2. Teena in Toronto Teena in Toronto says:

    A year ago Monday a wildfire began southwest of Fort McMurray Alberta about 45 hours northeast of Edmonton A couple days later it swept through the community forcing the largest wildfire evacuation in Alberta's history Personnel from the Canadian military Royal Canadian Mounted Police as well as firefighting forces from Alberta and other Canadian provincial agencies responded After sweeping through Fort McMurray the wildfire spread across about 1500000 acres destroyed about 2400 homes and buildings claimed two lives caused about 36 billion in damage and prompted a citywide evacuation 80000 to 90000 people were forced to flee Aid for evacuees was provided by various governments and via donations through the Canadian Red Cross and other local and national charitable organizationsThis book is written by three of the Fort McMurray firemen who fought the fire Jerron Graham and Steve As they were working around the clock to put out the fire they kept notes and took pictures of what was happening It was one thing to watch it unfolding on the news last year it was another to read the first hand experiences in their own words It was an interesting bookThere are lots of colour pictures in the book taken by the firemen which helps you get a sense of the seriousness of the fireBlog review post

  3. Liralen Liralen says:

    On the ground tale of fighting a wildfire that became a city fire The city was successfully evacuated really leaving only the first responders to tell the tale and these three do a pretty admirable job of pairing photos with wordsIt's a little frustrating at times in terms of the bigger picture which is to say that there isn't a great sense of the bigger picture I suppose that when you're in the thick of it you aren't thinking in terms of city maps and so on but I would have loved some clearer illustrations of where the fire was when or of how many people were 'deployed' in a given section of the city at a given timethere's a very basic map at the beginning that indicates whether each area of the city had seriousminimaletc damage but thatdidn't actually tell me all that muchOn the other hand the photos are pretty great I don't think it says but I imagine most of them were taken with smartphones Dramatic conditions make for dramatic photos of course but there are also some good eyes in here Hard to imagine a whole city burning although I'm perfectly aware that it's happened before but well here you go

  4. Angela Payne Angela Payne says:

    This book gave me chills The personal stories of three brave firefighters as they fought the Fort McMurray “Beast” was exciting and heart wrenching all at once I cannot imagine how it felt to live through the whole event but this book gave me a glimpse and proved to be an emotional read Thankful for those that risk their lives every day to save others

  5. Cassidy Cassidy says:

    Full of powerful photography emotion packed stories I enjoyed the inclusion of the aerial photography of some neighborhoods to better grasp the full context of the fire's destruction really puts a lot into perspective The bravery of all the first responders involved was truly inspiring

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