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  1. Patricia Kemp Blackmon Patricia Kemp Blackmon says:

    Sammy the suirrel was all excited that his cousins Silly and Sassy were coming for a visit to Walnut Grove He remembered they could be a little mischievous but hopefully they would not cause any trouble When Silly and Sassy arrived Sammy introduced them to his friends and then they all started playing games Sure enough right off the bat Silly and Sassy were playing around and one of them got hurt They admitted that they knew they should not have been playing a game that could possibly cause harm to someone Sassy admitted that Silly dared her Then she apologized for hurting Silly and they were off to play another game As Bucky and Silly took off together Silly decided to not only dare Bucky the beaver to do something Bucky knew he should not do Silly double dared Bucky Bucky took the double dare and it put him in great dangerIf you would like to find out just what it was that Silly dared Bucky to do grab a copy of the book and find out all the trouble Silly and Sassy caused at Walnut GroveWhat would you do if someone double dared you to do something that you knew you should not do? In this story the author teaches children to go with their own instincts when choosing between right and wrong She also emphasizes to never dare anyone to do something the other person is uncomfortable doing I have now read the first two books in the series and they both teach good values The illustrations will stir the imagination while reading about the characters as they play games and yes get themselves into some bad situations I highly recommend this bookI rated this book 5 out of 5DisclosureI received a free copy of this book from Lehman Publishing for review I was in no way compensated for this review It is my own opinionIf you found this review helpful vote yes or no here

  2. Ionia Ionia says:

    Having four children I read a lot of kid's books I was immediately impressed with this story I have read the beautifully illustrated hardcover edition of this book and it is outstanding in a lot of ways By using the adorable animal characters the author and illustrator managed to capture the attention of my children while teaching them a valuable lesson about saying no The story in this book brought me back to when my own mother would say if everyone else jumped off a bridge would you? but in a much nicer less confrontational wayThe text is large and that made it easy for my early readers to enjoy My children were happy to read the book on their own and have now reuested it as their favorite bedtime story For me this book was impressive as an icebreaker for a conversation with my children about right and wrong the value of making up your own mind and not blaming others for your own actionsThe illustrations in this book fill the entire page and are bright and colorful These are truly some of the best pictures I have seen in any children's book The illustrator clearly worked hand in hand with the author to bring expression to the faces of the characters as they match the story perfectly I have two year old twins as well as a seven and eight year old and they all enjoyed this story The young ones were fascinated by the pictures and the older kids loved the story and the animalsI would recommend this to any parent teacher or grandparent This would be a good choice for any child under ten in my opinion What a wonderful book

  3. VS Grenier VS Grenier says:

    Synopsis From the author of Adventures at Walnut Grove A Lesson about Teasing comes a story about taking responsibility for our own actions Silly and Sassy come to Walnut Grove to visit Sammy one of their cousins They spend their time playing hide and seek have frog races and play double dare All seems to be going well until Silly double dared Bucky to jump off a high bridge despite the fact that he couldn't swim Was this a right decision for Bucky to make? Overall Thoughts Dana's story shows us the importance of taking responsibility for our own actions We have to say NO if we're uncertain of things Just because someone double dares us to do something it doesn't mean that we should do it We should decide ourselves when and if we're going to do something This is a great lesson for kids to learn from the earliest of ages

  4. Hemantkumar Jain Hemantkumar Jain says:

    A tiny little picture book to teach some important lessons to childrenNice illustrations and good choice of words

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I DOUBLE Dare You [BOOKS] ✪ I DOUBLE Dare You Author Dana Lehman – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk From the author of Adventures at Walnut Grove A Lesson about Teasing comes a tale about taking responsibility for your own actions Silly and Sassy come to Walnut Grove to visit their cousin Sammy Sill From the author of Adventures at Walnut Grove A Lesson about Teasing comes a tale about taking responsibility for your own actions Silly and Sassy come to Walnut Grove to visit their cousin Sammy Silly and Sassy are always getting into trouble They play hide 'n seek have frog races and play dare or double dare How does this lead to jumping off a bridge read I DOUBLE Dare You to find out how everyone learns that it's not always wise to follow your I DOUBLE PDF/EPUB ² friends.