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Famously Phoebe ❰Reading❯ ➼ Famously Phoebe Author Lori Alexander – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Phoebe was the shining star of her family Then someone came along to take her place    For as long as Phoebe can remember she’s known the clickety click click of a photographer snapping her pictur Phoebe was the shining star of her family Then someone came along to take her place    For as long as Phoebe can remember she’s known the clickety click click of a photographer snapping her picture Thanks to the camera carrying “paparazzi” aka Mom and Dad she’s always been the star of the show until the day a tiny newcomer arrives on set Will Phoebe learn to share the spotlight and assume the role she was born to play big sister This sweet tale of sibling rivalry resolved is perfect for every older brother and sister.

10 thoughts on “Famously Phoebe

  1. Danielle Danielle says:

    Such an inventive take Both hilarious and sweet this book about going from only child to older sibling really shines

  2. Laine Laine says:

    wonderfully dynamic illustrations to accompany a familiar tale of being outshined by a new baby 4 stars

  3. Kabao Lor Kabao Lor says:

    SummaryCameras flashing first class travels photo frames lining every inch of the wall Phoebe has always been the star of the show in her family leading her to believe she is famous She enjoys the love from her fans people at the grocery store at the bank on the street Wherever she goes she receives the special attention she has grown to love and though fame has its downfalls like lack of privacy Phoebe wants her life to remain this way forever But when a newer younger co star named Rose arrives at home Phoebe feels she is fading from the spotlight and Rose is hogging it all Though it appears difficult Phoebe must now learn to share the spotlight and even take on a new leading role Big SisterActivityMake a scrapbook of drawings that shows the journey of Phoebe’s life before Rose was born and after Rose was born The pictures should progress from only having Phoebe in them to having both Phoebe and Rose You can even add pictures of both the girls with the rest of their family but keep in mind what Phoebe’s new leading role is Think of things big sisters and little sisters doAlexander L 2017  Famously Phoebe New York NY Sterling Childrens Books

  4. Carol Baldwin Carol Baldwin says:

    Every child wants to be the star of the show In fact first born children usually ARE the stars that are photographed cuddled and made to feel famous by relatives grocery store attendants and even ordinary people walking down the street Everything was perfect for Phoebe until a co star is born Life suddenly goes downhill when Phoebe is like a personal assistant than a star UntilPhoebe gets her big break steals the show and gets her baby sister to laugh for the first time This delightful book by Lori Alexander is a perfect present for a first child dealing with the birth of a sibling That's why I'm saving it for my granddaughter when her baby brother is born

  5. Becky Becky says:

    A solid picture book for kids becoming an older sibling I wish there had been a bit parent Phoebe interaction post baby but I'm not gonna be picky about it It still reminds an older sibling that they'll be important to their little sister or brother once they figure out how they can get along A great book for any public library and certainly one to include on a new baby booklist to help older siblings along on the journeySide note I was relieved to see cell phones and an ipad dead being used as cameras in the illustrations though I think the ratio was still off

  6. Sheri Sheri says:

    I loved this book because all kids feel like they are in the spotlight all the time at home school and play Cameras are everywhere but what the illustrator did with the text was fantastic and fun and what probably was happening even though Phoebe thought she was a famous star Fun for kids with little siblings and only children to read Good read aloud for kids too Wish I had found this for Thanksgiving to show my kids

  7. Juliana Lee Juliana Lee says:

    Phoebe was a star Her fans took pictures applauded her performances and showered her with gifts THEN the baby arrived and stole the spotlight Phoebe couldn't get their attention at all until one day she entertained them and in the process entertained her baby sister Now Phoebe knew she was a natural big sister She was born to the role

  8. Smschade Smschade says:

    In Famously Phoebe a sister is used to be the one at the center of attention until everything changes This is a clever story of the homecoming of a new baby and how the main character deals with this big change and learns something new about herself in the end Nicely written

  9. Aileen Stewart Aileen Stewart says:

    This story of an only child losing her status because of the arrival of a sister is incredibly well written beautifully illustrated and just plain fun So whether or not you have an only or a passel of kids I'm pretty sure they will all enjoy Famously Phoebe

  10. Jo Oehrlein Jo Oehrlein says:

    Cute book about a little girl who is the star wherever she is due to her adoring family Then a little sister is born and the cameras are all aimed at someone else But it turns out that Phoebe is the one who can make the new star smile and a relationship is born

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