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  1. Shasha Shasha says:

    Gah While there are some good erotic scenes the plot didn't go where I thought and I was disappointed The heroine sells her virginity so she can go to college for drama How dramatic It's also a no safe word deal so Vash goes all bdsm on her Good thing she is getting paid not to say noDoes she take the money and get into the school she wants? No She goes home where she lives with her mother and 'dates' a nice boy Wait what? What happened to her plans? I kept reading just to see what happened After much eye rolling it ends a HEA but I don't want to read it againmature content bdsm

  2. Candice Candice says:

    Really enjoyed this book Has so much to keep you interested Love the drama between the main characters Bash seems super sexy would love if he was actually real This book should almost even be made into a movie Would so watch that Great book Can't wait to see what else this author creates

  3. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    This is a take on the young girl selling her virginity to an unknown man Aubrey is an 18 year old girl who wants to go to school for acting but who's mother does not want to pay for it So to make the money she sells herself to the highest bidder Vash Vash is a doctor who has had a tough two years since his wife died This is his one last hooray before he returns to doctoring seriously He didn't expect to find a girl who would capture his heartAfter their one night neither Vash nor Aubrey can stop thinking of each other when they discover they are connected outside the auction by Aubrey's mother their journey beginsVash trie to deny that he wants Aubrey Aubrey knows she wants Vash but isn't sure how to go about getting himHer mother stands in the way You won't really like the mother characterSteamy and a uick readI received this ARC in return for an honest voluntary review

  4. Ruth B Ruth B says:

    Aubrey has decided to do something drastic to get the money for Art School Vash wants to get off some steam before getting his life back on track A hot sexy passional and dark night together is all they need but life has a way of messing with your plans Some secrets are hard to stay buriedThis one is a twisted and dark love story Aubrey is just eighteen and uite mature for her age despite acting a bit impulsive from time to time Vash is the typical bad boy we love in this type of books He is dark sexy handsome and rich Of course he has some baggage that makes him broken and afraid of what might happen I enjoyed the tension between them it was uite electrifying and was a constant in the storyThe book has some cliches in it but it is good anyway The writing is good and easy to read

  5. Wendy Wendy says:

    35 This book was decent and was worth the time The actions of the heroine were very far fetched for an 18 year old virgin but whatever If you can get past the unbelievable elements in the story then it was pretty good The H and h didn’t spend much time together They were always avoiding each other which took away from the story I think if there was a time that they were actually together in secret it would’ve made the book much better The book was also too short and ended before we got to see the reactions from the mother or them together but things were explained in the epilogue not the same The narrator was very confusing since it was a male voice speaking for the female I was always confused over who was who Also the heroes name is Vash but it always sounded like Vag

  6. Pansy Pansy says:

    I found a spicey book by Sky Corgan last week It tickled my sexy bone so went looking for Surprise I had this one buried in my tbr mountain I have had it for years More than time to get it read don't you think? Now that I have I have mixed emotions about it There were some very hot scenes which I liked Even the voluntary selling of her virginity was titillating But the barely legal aspect made me a bit sueamish Especially when mom came into the picture The whole motherdaughter think kind of creeped me out The author writes an entertaining story that holds the interest I was up half the night reading this in spite of the sueamishness and being creeped out I can't say that about most books Good job

  7. Honestly Honest Bookworm Honestly Honest Bookworm says:

    Favorite uote No matter which way I place the pieces of us being together I lose the game Side Note I don't like that he never talked to Aubrey about his wife that died seems like something you should mentionI wish the book didn't have so much drama it was a great book but it was exhausting Other than that though the sex and chemistry was A

  8. Zara Quintana Zara Quintana says:

    Truly a Sold Innocence to a Bad Boy Romance I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author publisher andor narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom I wasn't sure I would enjoy this audiobook due to a male narrator performing both the male and female POV I'm not a fan unless the story is written in 3rd person Despite this I ended up enjoying the story and would say it's worth at least a listen

  9. Chantel Chantel says:

    Sky Corgan is a really talent author and one of my favorites Sold Innocence is a hot steamy read proving when it come to love she is just a number I absolutely feel in love with Vash and Aubrey story and I'm pretty sure you will to if you take the time to read it

  10. Nicole Walter Nicole Walter says:

    It was okI am a huge fan of Sky Corgan but this was a least favorite of mine Aubrey is going but way to immature for my female leads Vash was a better character then her though I would not read this one again

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Sold Innocence ➽ [Reading] ➿ Sold Innocence By Sky Corgan ➲ – VASH It was supposed to be just one night One last sin before I went back on the straight and narrow The worst kind of sin taking an innocent girl and unleashing all of my darkest fantasies on her No VASH It was supposed to be just one night One last sin before I went back on the straight and narrow The worst kind of sin taking an innocent girl and unleashing all of my darkest fantasies on her No safety word Completely confidential AUBREY He wore a mask but I still remember so many things The color of his eyes The scent of his cologne And the two gun tattoos on his hips pointing straight at his dck He was the devil incarnate devastatingly handsome and making me crave things that had always been forbidden to me I wasn't supposed to like it I was supposed to loathe his touch and hate that I sold myself to such a wicked man But I didn't This is a full length stand alone novel Heat level Smokin' Hot.