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Vincent Cant Sleep ❮EPUB❯ ❄ Vincent Cant Sleep ✿ Author Barb Rosenstock – Vincent can't sleep out out out he runs flying through the garden marigold geranium blackberry raspberry past the church with its tall steeple down rolling hills and sandy paths meant for sheep He div Vincent can't sleep out out out he runs flying through the garden marigold geranium blackberry raspberry past the church with its tall steeple down rolling hills and sandy paths meant for sheep He dives at last into the velvety violet heath snuggles under a blanket of sapphire sky Vincent Cant eBook µ and looks up up up to visit with the stars Vincent van Gogh often found himself unable to sleep and wandered under starlit skies Those nighttime experiences provided the inspiration for many of his paintings including his most famous The Starry Night Van Gogh sold only one painting in his lifetime but he continued to pursue his uniue vision and ultimately became one of the most beloved artists of all time.

  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Vincent Cant Sleep
  • Barb Rosenstock
  • English
  • 28 August 2016
  • 9781101937112

10 thoughts on “Vincent Cant Sleep

  1. Lauren Lauren says:

    35I read this book to my dogs apart of a series on my YT channel called reading experiments ep 2Find out what happened here

  2. Aliza Werner Aliza Werner says:

    Besides the textured illustrations in the style of Van Gogh I love how this book focuses on his strengths and the talented side of his genius the asset based perspective of mental illness

  3. A. A. says:

    Lyrical beautiful biography of VanGogh that has artistry in the narrative structure the telling and the art

  4. Becky Becky says:

    First sentence Vincent can't sleepso while the sturdy Dutch village of Zundert slumbers he lies rocking in his wooden cradle flame haired a constellation of freckles sprinkling his cheeksPremiseplot Vincent Can't Sleep is a picture book biography of artist Vincent Van Gogh It is not a straightforward biography but brief narrative sketches that give readers insight into his life and work Many if not all of the sketches begin with the phrase Vincent can't sleepMy thoughts I read a biography of Vincent Van Gogh last year and found it fascinating It was for young adultsadults This picture book biography remains true to who he was but is age appropriate The narrative is great Vincent can't sleepand won't stop painting He's found his light After scattered lessons from proper artists he takes off canvas and paints strapped to his back Flashing brushstrokes capture country cottages at dusk city cafes at midnight canvas after canvas like radiant chapters in a book only Vincent can read He discovers that darkness is not plain black galaxies of color float on the night airI would recommend this oneText 4 out of 5Illustrations 5 out of 5Total 9 out of 10

  5. Tasha Tasha says:

    The duo that created The Noisy Paint Box which won a Caldecott Honor return with this look at the childhood and work of Van Gogh The book focuses on the insomnia that plagued Van Gogh his entire life even in his childhood when he would head outside in the middle of the night and go out into the heath to watch the stars He spends much of his time at board school alone and working on his art As a young man he has problems working in his uncle’s gallery because of his moods The book shows him becoming a full time artist and heading into the countrysides of Belgium and England He is a man who understands darkness and night profoundly than most This picture book carefully captures the symptoms of Van Gogh’s mental illness showing him struggling with mood and even hospitalized for a time The book doesn’t dwell on this but shows it as part of the complexity of the artist and his gifts The illustrations are rich and layered paying homage at times to Van Gogh’s work but at other times standing apart as a witness Another strong artist biography from this pair that is worth the read and the space on your shelves Appropriate for ages 6 9

  6. Lynn Davidson Lynn Davidson says:

    Vincent Van Gogh although famous now was a mostly overlooked talent in his time His mental and physical health problems didn't keep him from his passion of painting so that today his works of art are among the most highly regarded This book is beautifully told and illustrated about a man who couldn't sleep at night so that time was devoted to wandering and painting

  7. Lauren Hall Lauren Hall says:

    This book would be such a great option if you are studying art history with your students Read alone it would be great for third grade and up because of the word amount for each page The story and picture detail is great if you wanted to use this as a whole class read aloud book as well This can be Read to a student of any age I loved it

  8. Ashley Ashley says:

    This book is beautifully written and illustrated There's something poetic about the story and there are some things that are heartbreaking especially the last page of the story This is a great inspiring read

  9. Sandy Brehl Sandy Brehl says:

    This is a charming take on the childhood of a renowned artist whose adult life is less than kid friendly The illustrations manage to be reflective of his most famous painting STARRY NIGHT without appearing to simply copy his work Kids especially the youngest would enjoy sharing this book and then viewing images of his work seems like a useful tool for exploring the impressionists' approach to an interpretive view of nature

  10. Kris Kris says:

    Unspeakably gorgeous An honest yet age appropriate look at a troubled artist with a beautiful vision The illustrations are magical

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