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Clouds Let's Read and Find Out Science 1 ❆ [KINDLE] ✿ Clouds Let's Read and Find Out Science 1 By Anne Rockwell ➟ – Do you ever wake up and wonder what the weather will be Instead of turning on the TV to find out you can just look out your window at the clouds How do you know what type of clouds can forecast a chan Do you ever wake Read and Epub µ up and wonder what the weather Clouds Let's Epub / will be Instead of turning on the TV to find out Let's read and ePUB ¹ you can just look out your window at the clouds How Let's read and Find Out PDF/EPUB ² do you know what type of clouds can forecast a change of weather read and find out This nonfiction picture book is an excellent choice to share during homeschooling in particular for children ages to It’s a fun way to learn to read and as a supplement for activity books for childrenThis is a Level One Let’s read and Find Out Science title which means the book explores challenging concepts for children in the primary grades and supports the Common Core Learning Standards Next Generation Science Standards and the Science Technology Engineering and Math STEM standards Let’s read and Find Out is the winner of the American Association for the Advancement of ScienceSubaru Science books Films Prize for Outstanding Science Series.

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  1. Tonya Morrison Tonya Morrison says:

    Text to teaching connection KindergartensLearning Objective Students will be able to observe describe and draw cloudsThis book is about the different types of clouds cirrus cumulus and stratus using pictures to show students the differences in the three clouds visually During science I will read the book and discuss the pattern of weather that is associated with each type of cloud rain sun storm etc by showing pictures and weather words of the associated weather patterns The students will be given a cloud observer and weather words to create cloud artwork and identify what kind of pattern is associated with the cloud

  2. Annalisa Annalisa says:

    This is a nicely detailed very informative book about clouds that will not only interest the young child but also the adult The illustrations are similar to folk art paintings and are very appealingIn this book you will learn what clouds are made up of the different kinds of clouds what their names tell us what they will do or not do if you see them which clouds tell you it will get colder which clouds tell you it will rain or snow which tell you that it will rain or snow steadily which ones tell you a thunderstorm is coming the importance of clouds and how you can tell the weather is going to change If you learn all about clouds you will be able to tell what the weather will be in advance just like a meteorologist In the back of the book there some helpful cloud facts and will find instructions on how to Create a Cloud This is a Stage 1 book that explains simple science concepts for young children I would use this book in the science center with a weather unit content statements1The process of condensation results in the formation of clouds2Clouds can tell us what the weather is going to be like3Fog is a cloud

  3. Amy Amy says:

    My niece studied clouds last year so I thought that she'd enjoy this book She did enjoy it to some degree but apparently she knows everything about clouds now so I don't think that this book really impressed Her Majesty as much as it would have had she been a complete rube Nevertheless she did listen to the book and seemed most interested when we were able to take the information from the book and compare it to the kinds of clouds we see most often where we live vs the kinds of clouds that can be seen most often in Colorado her mother's and my place of origin She also seemed extremely interested in the cloud creation expriment at the end of the book and I'm sure she'd have not hesitated to try this if we'd have had the materials on hand This would be a great book for inclusion in the elementary classroom's science shelf

  4. Meredith Trotter Meredith Trotter says:

    Publication 2008GradeAge Ages 3 6Annotation This book describes different kinds of clouds and teaches readers how to identify them Themes Clouds weather scienceWays to use the bookHave students look through magazines for photos that include clouds Clip the pictures and post them on the classroom wall in a Cloud Gallery As a class identify the types of clouds in each photo in the Cloud Gallery and label each photo with the correct cloud nameKeep track of the temperature outside of the classroom three times over the course of a school day for one week Have each child record the temperature and draw a sketch of the type of clouds they observe in the sky each time They should also identify what kind of cloud it is After one week of data collection discuss any patterns the class might see between the temperature and the types of clouds

  5. Amber Amber says:

    This would be a great book for a science lesson on clouds Either as a refresher or as a new intro this book would be good It talks about meterologists and tornadoes Also it talks about each clouds brings different weather and talks about it They describe how the clouds look before they bring rain or bad weather and how they look if it is sunny outside I was surprised at all the information this book had about clouds because I did not even know that much Also in the back of the book it has a discrepant event that Karissa and I looked into and it was about how to make a cloud in a bottle This was was a pretty amazing book and to the children it would probably be interesting

  6. Bridget Bridget says:

    Clouds is part of the Let’s Read and Find Out Science Stage 1 series of books In this book young readers are introduced to basic information on 11 different types of clouds and what types of weather events are associated with each cloud The layout is well done and the text easy to read The book is charmingly illustrated with vivid folk art type paintings that look like children’s paintingsI liked this book because it not only gives facts but opportunities for tactile student learning There is a simple experiment that students may follow to make their own cloudsI would recommend this book to young readers from 1st 3rd grades Watching clouds can be a fun way to introduce children to science the climate and meteorology

  7. Susan Menk Susan Menk says:

    Tags science non fiction series Let's Read and Find Out Science weather clouds folk art inclusive Step 1Gives an overview of clouds the various types of clouds and the weather they bring Shows children in various activities that fit with the weather patterns Illustrations include one of clouds in the appropriate distance in the sky and the clouds are labeled Excellent open ended experiment at the end Geared for early elementary children may be a bit hard for preschool childrenRockwell Anne F illustrated by Frane Lessac Clouds from series Let's Read and Find Out Science New York HarperCollins 2008551576 Rockwell

  8. Shelli Shelli says:

    On its own this book was not that helpful with our lesson on identifying the various types of clouds However this book with youtube videos was perfect My daughter took notes from the videos on each cloud and portion of the sky each cloud is located then went through this book and added any additional information to the corresponding section in her notes Later I typed all her notes and put a Date Seen area next to each cloud description and put them in a folder to keep in the car when we are cloud watching on trips Super fun

  9. Helene Ananou Helene Ananou says:

    This book gives us a lot of information about clouds Their scientific names how far they are from earth their shapes and colors and how they indicate what kind of weather we are having It also gives information about how clouds hide the sun to protect living creatures on earth Although this book may be useful in Science class in the elementary and a good tool to teach vocabulary about clouds scientific names it also a good fit for adults because of the detailed information it gives us about clouds and weather This may come handy on a camping or hiking day

  10. Erin Erin says:

    Clouds is a story that teaches children the different types of clouds It teaches the purpose of each cloud and when you might find them in the sky There is a page that is repeated throughout the story that provides the name and picture of each type of cloud which is a great way to continuously expose children to the different types of clouds At the end of the book you will find directions for making your own cloud

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