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Double Dirty Quarterbacks [Reading] ➿ Double Dirty Quarterbacks Author Alexa Good – A small town girl two famous bad boy uarterbacks than she could have ever hoped forColtonZach and I have been sharing women since college We’re both famous starting uarterbacks and the women can’t A small town girl two famous bad boy uarterbacks than she Double Dirty MOBI :Ê could have ever hoped forColtonZach and I have been sharing women since college We’re both famous starting uarterbacks and the women can’t stay away from us Aly’s the girl the one girl from my hometown that I didn’t hook up She was too stuck up then to mess around with me the jock football star Now she’s in trouble a lost small town girl in the big city and I’m supposed to help her settle in I’m going to do a lot than that She's a real woman now with real curvesLet’s see if she can resist me now that it's me and Zach together there’s no way she can resist the two of usAlyColton and I are from the same hometown I was too shy to ever talk to him After all he ruled the school and every girl wanted himI still watch Colton’s games on TVand I don’t watch them for the football I still fantasize about him constantlyNow Colton shows up at my door my constant and secret crush is standing here in the flesh looking hotter than ever And he’s got his best friend with him Two famous muscular uarterbacks who want meat the same time ZachThe rumors are true Colton and I like to share women They simply can’t resist us

 Aly took me completely by surprise She’s the hottest woman I’ve ever seen and she seems so innocentI just didn’t think this would turn into something so real so fast something intense than any of us could have imaginedDouble Dirty uarterbacks is a full length MFM ménage romance No cheating no cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA There are no MM scenes—it’s all about her Very high heat level This e book also contains a bonus copy of Final Play A Secret Baby Romance.

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  1. Tamara Harrington Tamara Harrington says:

    This book is just truth to the fact that two is better than one It's a menage story that will have you knickers melting and you reaching for your man or favorite BOB This story is all about satisfying Aly so there are no male on male scenes but it is still super hot If you are looking for a smutty sexy read that has a HEA then this book is for you

  2. Christie Christie says:

    I nearly DNF this one I found the characters all really immature the guys were speaking and acting like high schoolers than adult professional footballers having to sneak out of their parents houses etc

  3. Melissa friend Melissa friend says:

    I voluntarily reviewed this Advanced Reader Copy of this book I really enjoyed Colton Aly Zach together I liked how Colton Aly knew each other but never interacted to each until she moved to NY and having Zach in the picture was perfect This is a great read and will have you hooked from the start

  4. Courtney Courtney says:

    A hot and sweet read with a little danger thrown in from Alexa Good Aly knew Colton from their hometown now he's a famous uarterback and she's moved to New York City for a new job With the loss of her father trying to help her mom out financially and dealing with a crazy roommate she feels herself drowning in the big city When Colton's dad asks him to check on Aly he agrees she is the one girl he still can't get out of his head even though she never gave him the time of day When his best friend Zach also a famous uarterback comes to town for a visit and they both see Aly the two men are drawn to her instantly With a history of sharing women in the past they both want that with Aly but as the three get closer the feelings show on all their parts When Colton gets a call from home he and Zach leave Aly behind to help out When Aly fails in NYC she also returns home but when the truth about what the three are up to come out and the danger from the problem Colton's dad is dealing with transfer to the three they will be tested in ways that will only bring them closer together Both Colton and Zach love Aly and she can't imagine her life without either of them none of them caring what others think of their relationship I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book

  5. Michelle Mulvey Michelle Mulvey says:

    Aly and Colton know eachother from high school Colton was the hot jock that all the girls were after Aly was the uiet shy girl She always thought Colton was hot and vice versa Colton always worked for Aly's dad making some money which actually put him thru collegeWhen Aly's dad suddenly passes away she moves to NYC to find a job Colton lives in NYC and his parents called him to ask him to call her and show her around the big city being she's from a small townZach Colton's best friend is in town They are both professional uarterbacks and have a habit of being with girls together When they go to visit Aly they all realize that they want eachother Alt and Colton have never stopped fantasizing over eachother so that was easy Zach is just a big sexy goof that speaks his mind and goes after what he wants Who knew that being together wasn't a one time thing Zach and Colton go back to Coltons hometown to help his dad with something Then Aly shows up Her mom along with Coltons parents find out the news about them in the paper and things go south for a bit This book has a HEA and is one steamy read This may be a MFM book but Zack and Colton have no desire to be with eachother It's all about Aly and her pleasure which the shy timid girl finds out uickly just how much better two is then one

  6. Stacey Timmons Stacey Timmons says:

    Aly has moved to New York to get a job so she can help her mother with her finances She lives with crazy woman who always seems to be off her face But Aly thinks this is how New Yorkers are Colton is a uarterback and a hot famous one at that along with his best friend Zach Colton has been asked to check on her and make sure she is safe and show he the sitesAly has been fantasising about Colton since high school So when he calls she can't help those fantasises especially when Zach says that they should all be together When all 3 come together though sparks fly and none of them can resist One night when Aly's crazy roommate goes one step to far Colton and Zach step in to help and she says with them until she finds a replacement place to stayColton and Zach go back home to Colton's home town to help his ungrateful father This book was okay but at times I felt it was to over the top The sex scenes were hot but for me there were just maybe one too many so I ended up skipping The chemistry between the 3 of them was hot and them seem perfectly suited for each other I would have liked to have seen feelings being showed or discussed instead of sweeping over it lightly I liked how they stood up for each other over their relationship and didn't care what anyone thought of it including their parentsI don't know if it was because I had received an ARC but some sentences need better structure and the grammar could do with tidying up too I voluntarily reviewed this book in exchange for an advanced copy

  7. Books Laid Bare Books Laid Bare says:

    Aly has always had a bit of a thing for Colton from the time they were in high school she would have given her right arm to have been bold enough to let him know what she felt for him but painfully shy her opportunity never arose but now following the death of her father she’s living in New York and Colton is her city guidesince he already lives there playing professional football Aly wasn’t the only one harbouring unreuited feelings during high school she may have thought that she was invisible to Colton but nothing could have been further from the truth he knew exactly who she was and if truth be told he was sure that she would want nothing to do with a guy like himif only they had spoken to each otherBut now it is years later and Colton is everything you could imagine a smoking hot uarterback to be well except for one little detailZach A fellow uarterback and roommate this pair go all the way back to their time in college which saw them not only share a room but also share their women Now this was all going to get very interesting since Colton now had a decision to make let Zach who was far from shy at propositioning Aly almost as soon as they met have the woman that he has wanted forever or potentially sharing her?Aly ends up staying with Colton and Zach for a while and it is during that time that everything comes to a head so to speak because both of the guys come to realise that they both have feelings for Aly but she too develops feelings but for who? Which way will she jumpZachColtonthem bothor neither?As far as a ménage story goes this was everything that you would expect and probably a little the author wasn’t shy with the details and you may very well need to make sure that you have a fan and a tissue close to hand Well written this flowed at a pace that will keep you not only engaged but on your toes the story worked the characters were super and from start to finish I was hooked

  8. Jackie D Jackie D says:

    This book we have Aly new to New York trying to earn money for her mother since her father's passing is living in a strange situation with a crazy roommatewhile coincidently her high school crush and now Professional football player Colton lives in New York as well he looked up to Alys father back in highschool wanted Aly as well but didn't think she wanted anything to do with him now Colton has his chance to make the move he never did in highschool his Father has asked him to check in on Aly see how she is faring in New York he will get some help with said move making his college best friend professional footballer and threesome partner extraordinaire is in town Zach and he plans on going with to meet this Aly Will small town Aly be able to handle both these uarterbacks?So this is the second book I have read by Alexa Good I found this book to be good fast paced full of MfM scenes and some interesting plot twists bit of humor and romance along the wayI am looking forward to reading from Alexa Good soon

  9. bookbroken17 bookbroken17 says:

    Wow Aly is one seriously lucky girl Colton and Zach are two sexy as hell uarterback's and they both want hertogether at the same time and she wants them too Theirs is an intense relationship with some ups and downs and some seriously hot sex The characters are likeable the story line is well written and developed and the chemistry between these three is off the charts Definitely worth a read

  10. Janet Hammons Janet Hammons says:

    I voluntarily read this book as an ARCI normally don't read the MFM Romances But this one is great I think it had some humor romance and steamAlly has her hands full these sexy uarterbacks There are twists and turns along their journey It is sort of a second chance for Colton He liked Ally in High School better never made his move Now is his chance I recommend this book to everyone

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