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  1. Lisa Lisa says:

    Great historical mystery series Since this info was hard for me to find below is a list of the Cadfael novels in order of publicationA Morbid Taste for BonesOne Corpse Too ManyMonk's HoodSt Peter's FairThe Leper of St GilesThe Virgin in the IceThe Sanctuary SparrowThe Devil's NoviceDead Man's RansomThe Pilgrim of HateAn Excellent MysteryThe Raven in the ForegateThe Rose RentThe Hermit of Eyton ForestThe Confession of Brother HaluinThe Heretic's ApprenticeA Rare BenedectineThe Potter's FieldThe Summer of the DanesThe Holy ThiefBrother Cadfael's Penance

  2. Henry Avila Henry Avila says:

    The mid 12th century England in the Abbey of Shrewsbury lives a Welsh Benedictine monk Brother Cadfael an unusual member in as he fought and killed in the Holy Land during a bloody crusade known women intimately a soldier captain of a ship too however now retired to the uiet life of a monastery raising crops to feed his fellow inmates and doing uite interesting experiments to improve them a scientist without a title Weeding unwanted plants may seem a tedious work for a man who experienced astonishing events still this is his wish the tranuil life no problems just live During this era honored saints bones are displayed in churches abbeys and religious institutions to bring the faithful and they will leave a gratuity it is the rage prosperity fame for anyone fortunate enough to find them the cults spring up to benefit all they believe Prior Robert the ambitious intelligent monk is maneuvering to succeed mild mannered Abbott Heribert looking around to discover an appropriate candidate a long process though still Wales a separate country then not conuered until 1288 by the English is a fertile ground and Saint Winifred a 7th century woman who established a convent that brought much fame to her is picked Brother Cadfael is overjoyed to be chosen to join the mission and travel to Wales the rather weak Abbott agrees no surprise there the wonderful relic will soon be back home hopefully in the great Abbey of the blessed church of Saint Peter and Paul and the curious Cadfael is intrigued on visiting his native land besides the only monk who speaks the Welsh language obviously a valuable ability for any uestThis being a murder mystery a victim falls a man who apposed the taking of their local heroine his daughter is anxious to arrest the murderer and the proper punishment to the vile culprit Father Huw the priest of Gwytherin were the grave of Winifred is an amiable man he knows that his people are against the thief yes a crime yet sanctioned by the authorities the bishop and prince don't realize this Cadfael needs to investigate and the killer brought in to pay for his misdeeds but difficulties are many a dagger thrust in his back caused the crime clues are hard to unearth A good book to digest and the atmosphere gives the modern reader a look in what medieval life was like unpleasant yes you feel it My first Ellis Peters mystery and not the last those who enjoy the past will be happy they read this I did

  3. Julie Julie says:

    A Morbid Taste for Bones by Ellis Peters is a 2014 Mysterious Press Open Road Media publication This book was originally published in 1977 I have been curious about this series for a very long time I love the Medieval period in history so it should be right up my alley The series is a long one with at least twenty installments which is one reason why it has taken me this long to finally take the plunge Thankfully my Kindle Unlimited subscription paid off so now it will be easy for me to finally get started on this series In 1137 the head of Shrewsbury Abbey is compelled to acuire the remains of Saint Winifred which will add some prestige to their Benedictine status So an expedition to Wales is arranged of which Brother Cadfael is a part of However upon arrival they are greeted with some opposition But things really take a sinister turn when the main protestor is found murdered It is now up to Brother Cadfael to root out the killer and the true motive behind the murderThese books are super short but this first installment seemed to move at a very slow pace Although the premise is interesting the story didn’t really draw me in until the last uarter of the book I also struggled a bit with the sentence structuring at times unsure if it was meant to read that way or if there was a formatting issue Brother Cadfael’s character eventually grew on me as the story progressed The wry humor is a nice touch and the mystery did have a few interesting developments The author also added some rich details which was enough to encourage me to try the second installment in the series to see how it progresses from here Overall I wasn’t really disappointed in the book per se just a little underwhelmed by it Still I think it shows some promise although I shall proceed from here with cautious optimism

  4. BlackOxford BlackOxford says:

    Affectionate SarcasmThis first Cadfael story is about clerical arrogance deceit vanity pettiness ambition vengefulness and ultimately homicide in a 12th century monastic community It also touches on idolatry and superstition in medieval Britain And it makes several clever swipes at clerical celibacy and misogyny miracles religious piety and the efficacy of prayer Yet for all that it cannot be judged anti religious It is clearly a work in which there is an underlying appreciation for the ideals of medieval Catholic cultureEdith Pargeter’s skill in carrying off such apparently contradictory intentions is probably what makes her Cadfael series so popular What she endorses about Christianity is unstated but understood It is the character of Cadfael himself who after a rather full life of adventure sexual as well as geographical finds monastic life and its routines to be just what he needs It is through his eyes that all the deficiencies of the Church are observed and recorded And yet he implicitly assures the reader that it remains a worthwhile institutionThere is than a touch of Pre Raphaelite sentimentality in Pargeter’s prose captured rather well I think in the cover of my edition Nevertheless it is impossible for me at my stage in life to disagree with Cadfael’s express motivation for adopting the lowly status of monk “When you have done everything else perfecting a conventual herb garden is a fine and satisfying thing to do” I understand entirelyPostscript I suspect that Pargeter’s St Winifred is based on the legend of the 12th century St Frideswide patron saint of Oxford The famous Pre Raphaelite stained glass artist Edward Burne Jones created a large window in Oxford’s Christ Church Cathedral in 1858 depicting scenes from her life The last of these has various of her devotees surrounding her deathbed see below In the background Burne Jones has placed a modern porcelain flush toilet Pargeter emulates just this sort of tongue in cheek humour in her story

  5. Candi Candi says:

    Justice can be arrived at by routes than oneI thought this book was a swell start to this series Brother Cadfael monk by vocation and detective by circumstance is a really delightful character A medieval time Welsh born man Cadfael now carries out his monastic duties at Shrewsbury Abbey in England He has not been in the service of the church his entire life however and that is what makes him such an intriguing fellow For Brother Cadfael had come late to the monastic life like a battered ship settling at last for a uiet harbour A former soldier and captain of a ship Cadfael has even experienced his fair share of sweethearts – he remembered other ladies in lands than one with whom he had enjoyed encounters pleasurable to both parties and no harm to either You can’t help but adore this guyWhile Brother Cadfael may be well liked author Ellis Peters also introduces us to some less agreeable characters as well Prior Robert cuts a splendid and authoritative figure and is well aware of this fact For whatever virtues might be found in Prior Robert humility was not one nor magnanimity He was invariably sure of his own rightness and where it was challenged he was not a forgiving man The prior’s latest ambition is to acuire the relics of a saint in order to advance the prestige of the monastery Thus begins an adventure to Wales in search of the resting place of Saint Winifred Prior Robert bands together a small group of his monks to carry out his mission Brother Cadfael among them due to his Welsh background He will serve as translator between the Shrewsbury brothers and the people of Gwytherin Upon their arrival at Gwytherin the monks uickly realize that despite the fact the saint’s grave has been neglected the villagers are not necessarily keen to give her up to a group of strangers Here we meet another group of interesting men and women; Peters certainly delivers in her characterizations I loved that she also included a strong female figure in a young woman named Sioned Brother Cadfael is not without a great sense of respect and admiration for her as well There are women as strong as any of us and as able When a leading citizen of this uaint Welsh village turns up dead Cadfael will put to use his sleuthing skills to ensure that justice is served But this unconventional monk will not necessarily do everything by the book making for an intriguing sometimes humorous and very enjoyable read I’ve had A Morbid Taste for Bones waiting for me on my kindle for uite some time now I dillydallied about actually reading it thinking that a book about an assortment of monks could be either a snooze fest or too heavy on the religion I was wrong When a GR friend chose this book for me as part of a book swap I finally jumped right in I am so glad that I did because I have now found a fabulous new to me historical mystery series to indulge in – thanks Jen Recommended to those that love historical mysteries with an appealing and bit out of the ordinary leading man

  6. Werner Werner says:

    Note Aug 7 2017 I edited this just now to correct a minor typoDame Edith Pargeter had already by 1977 made a reputation for herself under the pen name of Ellis Peters as a mystery writer; but under her own name she was also a respected author of historical fiction much of it set in medieval Wales When she brought the two genres together in this first of many novels set in the border country between England and Wales where she grew up in the turbulent mid 1100s and featuring Brother Cadfael a former veteran soldier now a monk in his sixties and well versed both in herbology and in solving mysteries she single handedly created the now flourishing historical mystery subgenre Before that the only historical mysteries were Sherlock Holmes pastiches The appeal of the series comes mainly from the character of Cadfael himself wise shrewd caring a bit mischievous and endued with a gentle life affirming faith much like Pargeter's own It also comes from her appealing depiction of the 12th century world her sympathy with her characters and her optimistic and moral view of the world Writers she once said need to depict evil; but for them to take pleasure in evil is mortal sinHere the Welsh born Cadfael finds himself brought along as an interpreter on his prior's expedition into Wales to extract the bones of a saint venerated as holy relics from the unwilling congregation of the little country parish where she's buried But when the most vocal opponent of transferring the bones turns up the victim of a murder Cadfael finds himself called on to do than translate The solution of the mystery will demand detective ability but this is only part of the picture; Pargeter has stated that she was never attracted to the purely intellectual puzzle type of mystery so as much of the focus here is on the human drama of the characters and their interactions

  7. Sara Sara says:

    The first of the Brother Cadfael novels by Ellis Peters which I have just discovered is a pseudonym for Edith Pargeter a Welsh woman by birth and a historian by nature I would not have suspected that these stories were written by a woman because she captures the brothers of the Shrewsbury Abbey a Medieval enclave of male figures perfectly From the stuffy overblown Prior Robert to Brother Cadfael himself every character is believable and interesting You soon realize that it takes all kinds of make a religious just as it takes all kinds to make a secular world Cadfael is a late comer to the calling a sort of retirement job for him and that I think is his primary strength He can see both inside and outside the religious community very clearly and he brings enough of the worldly with him to recognize the emotions and failings of men even those who claim spirituality Back years ago when PBS aired its take on the good brother with Derek Jacobi in the starring role I watched religiously pun intended Of course in reading this I felt I already knew Cadfael and had his face set in my mind I loved the character then and find he is just as comfortable level headed unassuming and easy to admire in the book version I am looking forward to reading the entire series eventually I suspect I am in for a treat with each one

  8. Susan Susan says:

    This is the very first book in the Cadfael series; first published in 1977 and set in 1137 it still reads as though it could has been released this month This is a timeless classic mystery and an enjoyable introduction to the world of Cadfael and his fellow brothers at the Shrewsbury abbey of Saint Peter and Saint PaulBrother Cadfael has arrived late to the cloister after a full and eventful life Now in his mid fifties he has left the world behind him embraced the monastic life and tends his Benedictine garden However as readers will know he is always happy to become involved in interesting events and when Prior Roberts wishes to travel to Wales and secure the relics of a local saint for the monastery he manages to be taken along as interpreter and gain a place for young Brother John whose vows he feels were made for the wrong reasonPrior Robert is not a man who likes opposition and along with his acolytes Brother Jerome and Brother Columbanus he sets out determined to obtain the bones of Saint Winifred for the abbey Local priest Father Huw is disconcerted when he hears of the mission and Rhisiart a local landowner opposes their desire to remove Winifred from Welsh soil When Prior Robert attempts to use bribery to obtain what he wants he finds he has misjudged the local people badly and before long Cadfael has a murder to solve Cadfael is a charming character a man who uses good sense who does his best and who is never afraid of bending the rules if he is sure the outcome is worthwhile If you are just embarking on this series then I am sure you will enjoy them – they are a delight to re read

  9. Willow Willow says:

    This book is actually uite good I must admit though I had a hard time getting through it In fact I pretty much had to sit myself down and force myself to read through to the end I’ve decided that has much to do with me than the book itself conseuently my high rating The truth is I just don’t like mysteries and now I know that even by setting the mystery in a fascinating time period this doesn’t change When I was younger I used to read every Agatha Christi ‘Poirot’ story I could get my hands on and I think I burned myself out Most of the time I just don’t care about ‘whodunit’ This leaves the magnetism of the detective to carry the story which recently just hasn’t been enoughFor people who love mysteries though I think you will love this Peters writes very well She uses dialogue to bring her characters to life and it’s great I was surprised at how funny this book was Cadfael is simply a GREAT character Peters also captures the 1100s with insightful details into monasterial life I think so many authors forget how powerful and important the church truly was during this time This same attention to detail was used on the inner workings of a medieval Welsh village too So many books just make out the villagers out to be ignorant clods but Ellis is much generous than that giving everybody a rounded feel Everybody has a different agenda and a different motive and Cadfael is able to work this out uite clearly and succinctlyMaybe someday I will be in the mood to read another Cadfael book but I think I’m going to skip historical mysteries for a while I do believe this is the crème de la crème of historical mysteries though

  10. Susan in NC Susan in NC says:

    82019 reread listened to the audiobook this time love Patrick Tull’s narration; what a wonderfully satisfying ending makes me chuckle every time2017 I first read Brother Cadfael over 30 years ago during high school and college breaks; I became addicted and thus began a lifelong love of accurate and well written historical mysteriesI’d seen reviews by GR friends and felt it was time to revisit Shrewsbury and the delightful world of Cadfael This was a very satisfying re read for me and I’ll be revisiting this series again in the new year I love Cadfael’s decency warmth and humanity and humor Same reason I enjoyed Margaret Frazer’s Dame Frevisse series; a smart strong experienced religious makes a wonderful detective This visit to a Welsh kingdom to acuire the remains of a saint for Shrewsbury Abbey stirs up unforeseen conflicts and a murder and we are introduced to several wonderful Welsh characters along with Cadfael’s English fellow religious some truly good some cynically manipulative of the faith of othersI love reading novels set in a much slow paced time although I don’t yearn to live in a time before germ theory women’s suffrage and civil rights I do find the portrayal of such a simpler time peaceful and relaxing I look forward to visiting Shrewsbury again soon

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A Morbid Taste for Bones ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ A Morbid Taste for Bones Author Ellis Peters – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Det är i England på 1100 talet Efter ett stormigt förflutet lever broder Cadfael nu ett stilla liv som örtagårdsmästare i ett kloster i Shrewsbury En skarpsinnig och rättrådig munk om än inte Det är i England på talet Efter Taste for eBook ☆ ett stormigt förflutet lever broder Cadfael nu ett stilla liv som örtagårdsmästare i ett kloster i Shrewsbury En skarpsinnig och rättrådig munk om än inte alltid så gudfruktig Tillsammans med några av klosterbröderna ger sig Cadfael iväg till en by i Wales för att hämta kvarlevorna av Sankta Winifred och föra henne till Shrewsbury Men byborna vill inte skiljas från sitt skyddshelgon och missämjan kulminerar i ett mord Dags för Cadfael att gripa in Ett helgon till varje pris A Morbid PDF \ är den första av Ellis Peters många deckare i medeltidsmiljö med broder Cadfael i huvudrollen Det är böcker som vunnit en enorm popularitet världen över.