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Wicked Intentions (Wicked Games, #3) [PDF / Epub] ☆ Wicked Intentions (Wicked Games, #3) ✩ J.T. Geissinger – Ex special ops officer and security expert Ryan McLean is getting a much needed vacation In the Caribbean for his best friend's wedding his plans include nothing strenuous than working on his tan But Ex special ops officer and security expert Ryan McLean is getting a much needed vacation In the Caribbean for his best friend's wedding his plans include nothing strenuous than working on his tan But when he meets a beautiful woman in the hotel bar their connection is immediate and intense and they spend a passionate night together with pleasure as their only goalUntil Ryan wakes the following morning to discover the beautiful woman has vanished along with millions worth of jewels from the safe of the Saudi prince staying in the suite next door Realizing he was duped Ryan becomes determined to find the mystery woman and bring her to justice If only he could forget how explosive their chemistry was how her kisses drove him wild like no other woman beforeA notorious thief known to authorities only as the Dragonfly Mariana Lora only has one score to settle until she can retire but the sexy as hell Marine she spent one explosive tropical night with is hot on her heels at every turn She has to outwit him to stay out of jail but fighting their magnetic attraction soon becomes a game neither one of them can resistWhen Mariana’s last job goes dangerously wrong and she needs Ryan’s help to survive he has to decide if their game of cat and mouse is only a game or if he can trust this beautiful thief with something no woman has ever stolen his heart.

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  1. Bibi Bibi says:

    5 Wicked starsIt bears repeating that JTG writes enthralling and smart stories which are oftentimes over laced with humour and suspense She is also unapologetic in eschewing the usual gazillionaire heropoverty stricken untouched heroine let's not forget the BDSM trope in favour of characters that are multi faceted with prose that is fast paced and clever Wicked Intentions does not disappoint Highly recommend

  2. Shayna Shayna says:

    This book was absolutely INCREDIBLE to read cover to cover I never wanted it to end Ryan McLean has got to be one of THE BEST heroes I've ever come across in my years of reading romance He was undeniably sexy incredibly sweet and charming and oh so cocky and gorgeous It makes me smile just thinking about his sweet ways and his southern charm and we can't forget the dirty talk Everything about WICKED INTENTIONS pushed my buttons AMAZING writing INCREDIBLE characters enough ACTION and SUSPENSE to keep me on the edge of my seat Once I picked this book up I knew there was no going back  After dinner you and I will go up to my room we'll talk we'll have a drink we'll pretend like you're not already madly in love with me and wild to have my babies I have to say this ex special ops officer and security expert does NOT mess around when he sets his eyes on something he wants and when he sees a beautiful woman across the pool it's game time Instant attraction Instant combustible chemistry These two were just having a chat and fireworks were going off The back and forth between these twothe flirtatious banter was just EVERYTHING throughout this book At first sight these two were a match made in heaven but the gorgeous woman who brings Ryan to his knees than once might I add is FAR MORE than what she seemsSex secrets deception action suspense romance this book HAD IT ALL You're not the boss of me you know that right?As soon as you get those goddamn panties off I'm gonna prove you wrong darlin' OMG Ryan is just so damn swoon worthy and sweet and dirty He makes than my tooth ache if you know what I mean I'm going to be honest and say I had no idea who JT Geissinger was before I started this read But now I want nothing than to read every single thing she's ever written Since each book is a stand alone I'm going to start with the first two books in the Wicked Games Series because I'm so IN LOVE with these characters and I just want MORE I'm also addicted to Geissinger's writing so she definitely scored a HUGE FAN with the awesomeness that is WICKED INTENTIONS

  3. Bookgasms Book Blog Bookgasms Book Blog says:

    Whenever I start a JT Geissinger book I know that I am going to be blown away by an amazing story a hot Alpha male and the sassy strong woman that will bring him to his knees This is exactly what we received with Wicked Intentions I FLOVED every minute of this book It was fastpaced filled with exhilarating action and SCORCHING sexy times Ryan and Mariana had COMBUSTIBLE chemistry that would not uit JT seriously broke the mold with Mariana and Ryan They were amazing and I was left mindblown and wanting Wicked Intentions was the third book in the Wicked Games series While it is a complete standalone I would recommend you read the prior two books in this series as there are recurring and familiar characters alongside Ryan and Mariana When Ex special ops officer and security expert Ryan McLean meets a mysterious and gorgeous woman on vacation in the Caribbean the attraction is instant and intense and his interest is picued But after a passionate night of pleasure he discovers the beautiful woman has vanished along with millions worth of jewels from the safe of the Saudi prince staying in the suite below him When he realizes his mysterious woman is Dragonfly a notorious and world wanted thief who used him what follows is a game of cat and mouse where Ryan is on the tail of the mysterious woman who blew his mind and moved his heart I absolutely FLOVED this book I was lost in Ryan and Mariana's passionate love story and adventure to stay one step ahead of each other and their uest to capture the monster of Mari's nightmares I loved their sexy story and how Mari kept Ryan on his toes the entire time It was fantastic and i never wanted it to end It was seriously JT's best book and I know it will stay with me for a very long time Bravo 5 stars Ratula

  4. Maria✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦ Maria✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦ says:

    ➦This series has been thoroughly entertaining and this book certainly did not disappoint A kick ass hero AND a kick ass heroine? Yes please ➦When these two badasses meet at a resort they know they are both lying to each other about who they are but they both play their little game ➦She wants to be in his hotel room because well it's very conveniently located She has a job to do and she never fails Because she's a most wanted thief She will stop at nothing even if it means seducing this sexy stranger then be it ➦She might like him than she cares to admit though And he juuuuuust might be able to find her after she escapes Because he's awesome And he states so on numerous occasions➦I really enjoyed this story It had romance and steam but also tons of action and a pretty interesting plot with some twists Some were pretty unexpected and took me by surprise but you know I might just be easily fooled D I was going with the flow and got immersed in this world of crazy excitement for a little while Recommended to those who like their romance with a side of humor action and suspense

  5. Dilek VT Dilek VT says:

    This is the 3rd book in the WICKED GAMES seriesI fell in love with Book 1Loved Book 2 very muchAnd once again I fell in love with Book 3I FLOVED every minute of this bookThis is an awesome series my type of booksNormally I do not have many favorite authors but Ms JT Geissinger is one of the few writers I feel I can count onThis book has everything It is emotional hot and funnyMy kind of emotionalMy kind of hotAnd my kind of funnyIntelligent and fun banter wrapped up in vulnerable sweetness and nuclear chemistry Yummy It is also a bit action packed Normally I do not prefer suspense and action in my romance but this one was good and there was not even one moment that I got bored so its action is I guess my type of action too 😊The book balances everything the emotions the steam the humor and the suspenseaction The heroine is a sassy smart woman with an awesome sense of humorShe is sweet so very sweetMy type of heroineAnd the hero is THE BEST Can a guy be adorable than Ryan I don’t know No no one can I had already fallen for his charm in Book 2Again my type of heroOur hero RYAN is not only a hot protective alpha male but also a big softie with his sensitive side His boyish charm is off the charts Ryan is a very intelligent guy a genius He is an ex special ops officer and a security expert He is also a mercenary now He reads people like a book He is undeniably beautiful and sexy He is loyal caring and determined; when he sets his eyes on something he wants he doesn’t mess around he goes after it He is confident and cocky but even his swagger is adorable He is such a sweet guy just gorgeous Everything he does and everything he says made me grin and giggle and swoon Just thinking about him makes me smile with hearts in my eyes yeap I am definitely fangirling nowBelieve me Ryan is the TOTAL PACKAGE One of the best heroes ever He is now at the top of my “Best Book Boyfriends” List With his blond hair and blue eyes he is the Golden Boy you cannot resist And his wicked sense of humor just increases his appeal Oh my he is everything I would want in a man Gah swoooooooonnnn I could go on and on and on about Ryan 😊 but I think you've already got how enoad I am by him so now let’s talk about our beautiful heroine I loved Mariana so very much She is a sassy strong woman with a vulnerable side Perfect combination Mariana is a notorious thief known as The Dragonfly and she is on the Interpol's “Most Wanted List” She is clever resourceful educated and intuitive She has an exotic beauty and a very witty sense of humor She is such a good match to my beautiful Ryan I wouldn’t give him to anyone else but Mariana is the best match for him so I am letting this couple be 😊Mariana is a genius too She is the best When she has to steal something nothing can stop her And no one has been able to catch her so far She has countless identities and she changes her appearance all the time Mariana is this bad ass female character and she makes impossible missions possible Her skills are mind blowing She has a cunning side but we soon see that she has no time or luxury to be her real self She has always had to live a life that has been forced to her She hasn’t chosen to be a thief she has had to steal to stay alive She can’t be anything else no matter how much she wants to Her hands are tied by a much bigger force Mariana's life story will make you ugly cry She has lived such a horrible life that it is a miracle she is still alive It is a miracle that she still can smile and make jokes It is a miracle that she has become this strong woman despite all her broken pieces Mariana is a woman who is super sexy and could easily pass for a supermodel but she is also incredibly sweet and funny Her witty sense of humor matches that of Ryan’s and their banter is incredibly fun Mariana meets Ryan when she is on a mission to steal jewels from the safe of a Saudi Prince Ryan becomes Mariana’s target because his room is the only way she can use to enter the Prince’s room because the front door of the Prince is heavily guarded Mariana plans to seduce Ryan and go to his room making him think that they will get intimate Then she will drug him so that she can climb to the Prince’s room from that of Ryan’s However there is instant real attraction between them And instant combustible chemistry They collide and they burn Some nuclear chemistry it isThe interaction of Ryan and Mariana begins with a flirtatious banter and Ms Geissenger writes one of the best banters They are incredibly funny and witty There are hilarious conversations filled with sweetness and I was laughing out loud with a swooning smile on my face all the timeRyan is first intrigued by Mariana’s beauty and smart ass personality but he also uickly sees that there is to Mariana than she wants to show to the world He can see her tortured soul through her fearful eyes at her vulnerable moments He is knocked off his feet by this puzzling woman and he wants to have her he wants to help her and he wants to save her Mariana had initially decided not to get intimate with Ryan but Ryan has this irresistible charm and she is infatuated by him so she wants to do something she wants at least for once in her life and she gives herself a few hours of freedom with this delicious man Then of course she drugs him steals the jewels and vanishes Think of how shocked Ryan is in the morningFrom then on a cat mouse game begins He finds her but then she vanishes again but soon she begins to trust him Still there is too much at stake and she has to do things she doesn’t want to doThere are good plot twists in the book It keeps your attention Some of the events may feel as over the top but this is a fantasy world where I didn’t feel like uestioning the probability of everything so I just sat and enjoyed the ride We see our beloved characters from the previous books and they try to help Ryan to save Mariana from the helpless situation she is in When finally Mariana agrees to let them help her something awful happens and she is thrown into the rabbit hole once again Ryan never gives up on her He is this guy you want to hug; he is one of those rare guys who loves with his whole heart and soul He is ready to sacrifice his life to save hers but in the end view spoilerit is Mariana that saves herself one kick ass lady she is hide spoiler

  6. Alex ♈ Alex ♈ says:

    35 stars for the story rounded to 4 because of this uote I’m so grateful I’m a woman We can get turned on without completely losing our intellect to our genitals It happens when I have high expectationsI floved previous book and I anticipated this one for monthsWell it was good but not brilliantShe wasn’t weak but she wasn’t a badassI don’t have an I of 156 as a hero but I also don’t make jokes like nuns don’t ovulate so I kinda got lost in the storyLast 20% were aka mafia meets soap opera I understand that the books are fiction but my brain still needs a bit of plausibilityFor a strong and apparently wise woman she had too many silly moments I’d rather not to scrutinize how he and his team could “fool” all others with the robbery of the diamond Why wasn’t she searched through before she faced the mob aka villain? Yeah FBI couldn’t get him for years and she shot him like a sniperBefore I embarrass myself by uestioning all the things which were supposedly self explanatory and confirm the lack of my I I’d rather move to romanceInsta Insta La la laI actually liked their first encounter but unfortunately not their first sexWarning Personal preferenceThe man who wants a woman to submit in bed it’s getting old IMOWhat’s wrong with fcking as euals?Pardon Excuse my French shame on meWhat’s wrong with having sex as eual partners?The whole scene with him trying to break her walls and other counseling stuff – people you just met it was your 1st time probably ONS She even lost a tear This scene were perfect for later like at least one month together let me in your heart babe It wasn’t bad or disturbing I just needed a connectionI guess he was funny Ok I didn’t get the joke about nuns and also the flashbacks about how he was “scared” of period bloodBut when he told her “Who’s your daddy now?” while fu ups sorry while making love to her I chocked on my coffeeBut it was safe Not many details about his past but it was mentioned that he had his share of women He was instantly in lustlove with her and instantly wanted to have than ONSMany sweet momentsHeroine stronger than average in CR She was sassy floved some of her witty comebacksview spoilerHe didn’t use condom when they had sex for the 2nd time and she wasn’t on birth control You’ll never guess what happened lol hide spoiler

  7. Mindy Lou& Mindy Lou& says:

    This was such a fantastic read I've not been disappointed by this author so as soon as I got my hands on this I dived right in To say she outdid herself is an understatement This book checked off so many of my book wantsneeds that I could have easily re read it as soon as I finished This whole series has been such a great ride and to know an author just gets it better with each book is icing on the cake I think it's pretty obvious I would recommend this book to everyone It has suspense action a little bit of dark but also fun and humor That is not an easy combination to make JT Geissinger not only makes it work she perfected it My greedy little hands are asking for ARC provided by author

  8. Hulya Kara Yuksel Hulya Kara Yuksel says:

    LOVED it 3 Oh my sweet god This series gave me the best days of my life I loved all 3 books so freaking much D Dilek thank you sooooo much for recommending this series to me my love You're the best 3Please give a chance this awesome series and before that pls read Dilek's awesome review ;

  9. TJ *Book Twins Reviews* TJ *Book Twins Reviews* says:

    Wicked Intentions is action packed sexy as sin and sprinkled with humor What a thrilling read It's the perfect mix of action adventure espionage grit humor and steam It grabs the reader's attention from the very beginning and doesn't let up until the very end Here's the breakdown Ryan meets Mariana while vacationing He immediately reads her body language and deduces she's not who she seems Likewise Mariana does the same with Ryan It doesn't matter that they both lie to one another because the instant attraction can't be denied Their passionate one night stand sets off a chain of events that are thrilling What I loved The main characters Marianna is beautiful strong compassionate and loyal She's the total package Ryan is cocky conceited completely over the top and an alpha badass His over the top antics were simultaneously sweet and crazy That's what heroes do baby we save the motherfuckin' day He's completely over the top and falls instantly for Mariana I love sexy bad boy alphas who take charge so he's definitely a favoriteThese two together are so much fun Mariana doesn't take crap from Ryan and gives as good or better than she gets The secondary characters are a motley crew of misfits that are closer than family They're funny and extremely inappropriate at times I loved seeing Marianna integrate into the fold The storyline is brilliant It blew me away There were so many unexpected twists and turns By the end I had no idea what to expect It's not often I'm caught off guard but this book took me by surprise The ending is fantastic I won't spoil it for you by telling you what happened so go read the book Recommended to fans of insta lovelust suspense mystery and action For of my reviewsMy Blog Book Twins Reviews Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe to Blog

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    5 Million Dragonfly StarsIf I could give only ONE BOOK RECOMMENDATION this whole year it would be THIS BOOK Holy Book Perfection I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again JT Geissinger is a genius You know those authors that are underestimated and not nearly enough people know about them or read their books? That’s JT Geissinger I read Wicked Sexy last year and was blown away After reading Wicked Intentions my brain and heart and body are bursting These books are the whole package pun intended What I love about this book? EVERYTHING It seriously has everything you ever want in a perfect book The feels The humor The sex The dirty talk The amazing story The words The dark The light All wrapped up in one perfectly packaged book I discovered love was nothing like a fairy tale It was like a bad poem written in indecipherable meter by a drunken poet who couldn’t keep a job so he lived with his mother his whole life while writing the most outrageous roadblocks and outcomes based on nothing but the whims of his own inebriated brain It had an awkward beginning a wildly improbable middle and an awful painful end And nothing rhymed Love was the worstInconveniently it was also the best Mariana BAD ASS HEROINE It’s impossible for JT to write a weak heroine Mariana is a genius thief The best She has a sordid past and was raised to become the best thief the world has ever known Riddled with secrets she steals in order to keep herself safe She meets Ryan when she is on a mission and she has to seduce him but the tables turn and he ends up seducing her instead and THE CHASE IS ON “Wrap your legs around my back” I say panting too “and tell me how much you hate me while I make you come”Her thighs become a vise around my waist Her eyes burn “I do hate you”I flex my hips and her lashes flutter She whispers “I do” Ryan BEST HERO EVER JT writes the best heroes I loved Ryan’s natural humor and laid back personality But at the same time he is a genius I love all the geniuses Ryan is irresistible I am just grinning and giggling thinking about him He is part of a top notch security firm that is very well connected Mariana continues to underestimate him in the book but Ryan doesn’t give up on her His confidence His swagger His humor Gah He melted my mind He comes like he does everything else one thousand percent committed Crying out until he’s hoarse praising me making me feel beautiful like fairy tales could be true and happily every afters might be an actual possibility When it’s over and he’s spent lying motionless and panting his chest slick with sweat I sit back on my heels and just look at him I drink him in with my eyes memorizing every golden line of his bodyBecause in some dark part of my heart no matter how much I want to believe in them I know that fairy tales aren’t true Ryan chases Mariana in this book and this chase is delicious Mariana cannot resist him every time he catches her who could? It’s a game of trust issues The beginning of this book is perfect The middle is perfect The end is perfectAre you annoyed yet about how much I love this book?My work here is done ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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