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Quick Fix ➼ [Reading] ➾ Quick Fix By Ashley Suzanne ➱ – I had it all a job I loved a home I built and a husband who couldn’t keep it in his pants After months of storing up evidence of his infidelity I finally grew a pair and filed for divorce ensuring I I had it all a job I loved a home I built and a husband who couldn’t keep it in his pants After months of storing up evidence of his infidelity I finally grew a pair and filed for divorce ensuring I got everything This isn’t about me being vindictive it’s about getting my fair share I put in much than he ever did On a night out with my best friend to celebrate the sudden loss of two hundred pounds of dead weight I met a much younger guy Tanner who made me feel things my pathetic excuse of an ex husband ever did ever I wasn’t looking for than one night and that’s all Tanner promised I can tell you this even with my lack of experience not all men are created eual Some just have I may not be the youngest model in the showroom but Tanner made sure to remind me that I was just as sexy as I was in my youth We all need something to get us through and Tanner was my uick fix.

  • Kindle Edition
  • Quick Fix
  • Ashley Suzanne
  • English
  • 20 April 2016

10 thoughts on “Quick Fix

  1. Natasha Natasha says:

    45 read I have to admit this was one of those books that you go in not really expecting much but by the end you've been completly gripped and pulled into the story Thats nothing against the author or anything like that I just read the blurb and thought it sounded interesting I just didnt think I'd fall in love with it as much as I didEven though this was a short read it was jam pacted with depth which I sometimes find lacking in novella length reads A hot short read that leaves you wanting Miranda was a character I instanly connected with and was rooting forIf you want a uick read that is still full of depth and great characters then you need to pick up this book

  2. Gloria: Little Shop of Readers Gloria: Little Shop of Readers says:

    Loved this hot novella by Ashley Suzanne Miranda meets Tanner at a night club and he is definitely what she needed That morning she had just signed the final papers divorcing her cheating husband Tanner was a one night stand but he gave Miranda so much Sometimes you meet that one person and you click

  3. Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’ Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’ says:

    I Voluntarily reviewed a copy of this bookI enjoyed this uick hot steamy romanceA Women who's finally divorced from her cheating husband So her friend takes her out on the night and she meets a hot younger man who is only too willing to help her move on from her cheating exI loved Tanner He was sexy confident and he was attracted to Miranda and he had no ualms about standing up for her So how does a one night stand work Isn't it just one night What happens when it turns into a weekend? Miranda wouldn't know as this is her first 'one night stand'uick easy sexy read

  4. Kylie Kylie says:

    I need like right now TANNER swoons This was a uick easy and steamy read Once Miranda seals the deal a divorce from her cheating ass of husband Ben her best friend Nikki takes her out for a fun night to celebrate her new found freedomCue Tanner and all his sexiness he shows Miranda what she's been missing out on I LOVED Tanner he was so confident sexy and he stood up for Miranda like a bossI also really loved Nikki's character she was spunky witty and fun I highly recommend this book

  5. Jessica Jessica says:

    A uick and easy read Which leaves you hot and wanting

  6. Tia Thomas-Blakey Tia Thomas-Blakey says:

    let me tell yall this uick Fix was so good even though it was a short read it was soooo hot Tanner have mercy and all thats holy he was wicked delicious Miranda I loved Totally recommend

  7. Jody Jody says:

    This is a uick read that is steamy and absolutely wonderful Miranda meets Tanner after her divorce is final and she is out for a girls night out The way Tanner treats her and defends her is amazing I could definitely go for of their story

  8. Chrissy Chrissy says:

    45 Starshttprpmbt blogcomrpmbtreview uLooking for a hot sexy uick read? Then you MUST pick up uick Fix by Ashley Suzanne today Most novella’s don’t have a lot of meat or depth in the story but uick Fix definitely does This book even though a uick read had a story that gripped me from the very first paragraph all the way to the end I loved Miranda’s character and Tanner OMG we all need a Tanner in our lifeAfter divorcing her cheating husband Miranda’s best friend Nikki takes her out on the town to celebrate when Miranda runs in to Tanner and has the opportunity for a night of wild passionate sex she isn’t one to turn it down and one night turns into a weekend she’ll never forget Watching Miranda and Tanner explore each others bodies and connect on multiple levels was amazing Seeing her come out of her shell and experience things she’s never experience was awesome and how Tanner was with her was HOT I didn’t want their weekend to end but when it did I thought ok this is the end but fate had something else in mindThis was a uick hot read and the ending was PERFECT I couldn’t have asked for a better story and I loved every single second of it I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Miranda and Tanner yet but how things left off was amazing These two are perfect for one another and shows that maybe those one nights can definitely turn out to be so much Definitely pick this one up if you’re looking for a uick and hot read

  9. Ashley Jasper Ashley Jasper says:

    In the mood for something sassy and steamy? Then you want to meet Tanner and Miranda Ashley Suzanne delivered big time with this short story uick Fix hit every single noteWhat's better than a little revenge romp to feel better about yourself? After a bit of a shaky start Miranda and Tanner steam it up all over the place I loved seeing her confidence in herself grow despite what had happened to her It was all due to Tanner's encouragement and praise That man knows exactly what he's working withFingers and toes crossed that I'll hopefully see these two again somewhere down the line Oh And Nikki too That woman had me in stitches

  10. Jade Jade says:

    I received an Arc of uick Fix from Ashley SuzanneThis is a story about newly divorced Miranda and a younger man Tanner who hook up for a one night stand on the night that Miranda finalizes the divorce from her cheating ex husband This story started off really well and has a lot of promise I was really enjoying this story Until I reached the endingMy biggest pet peeve is a book that feels like it has been stopped all of a sudden The ending was over and done with to uickly No wrap up Not really a HEA nothing In saying this I am really happy to see Ashley writing again She has some great books that I love

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