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Body of Evidence [PDF / Epub] ✪ Body of Evidence ☆ Patricia Cornwell – ualcuno perseguita Beryl Madison ualcuno che la spia e la minaccia con telefonate oscene La donna terrorizzata e stanca di scappare finisce una sera con l'aprire la porta a colui che poi sarà il suo ualcuno perseguita Beryl Madison ualcuno che la spia e la minaccia con telefonate oscene La donna Body of PDF or terrorizzata e stanca di scappare finisce una sera con l'aprire la porta a colui che poi sarà il suo assassino Gli indizi che emergono sotto il microscopio della dottoressa Kay Scarpetta capo dell'ufficio di medicina legale si trasformano poco a poco in un incubo che minaccia la sua vita stessa.

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  1. Kylie D Kylie D says:

    An enjoyable book that sees Kay Scarpetta looking for the killer of a young author The author was working on her memoirs but the potentially explosive manuscript goes missing and several high profile people are invested in finding and hiding it's whereabouts As the body count starts to climb Scarpetta finds herself under siege and scared I found this book to be easy to read and highly entertaining A worthy addition to the series

  2. James James says:

    I was such a gruesome kid in that I loved to read this series Blood never bothered me and the psychopaths you throw at me the happier of a reader I am I think I learned some anatomy from this book The descriptions are vivid not for the faint hearted Hits close to him when it's about a writer being murdered Almost decapitated The MC Scarpetta is a challenging character She's so honest and raw you have to respect and love her But she's also got this side of her where I'd be a little scared to be her friendVery complex mystery Lots of clues Very intense read

  3. Meags Meags says:

    3 StarsI don't know whether it's the writing itself or the time when it was written early 90s but Kay Scarpetta is one silly broad who constantly makes choices that had me scratching my head in confusion and frustration For a character that is so beloved I can't uite find the appeal yet And her detective friend ? Marino is wholly unlikable with his gruff assholish demeanour and his constant prejudice slurs and harsh judgements of nearly everyone he comes into contact with who isn't like him What a prick If I had to witness one homophobic rant I would have gone off my tree Luckily I enjoy a good murder mystery arc and this one kept me entertained and intrigued enough to plough on through the character bullshit I'll probably continue the series at some point just not immediately

  4. cam ♥ cam ♥ says:

    The first book was good this one's even better It amazes me how Patricia Cornwell can make everything look so unclear at first then shows you the big picture when she pieces it all together in the end This book kept me at the edge of my seat and I have learned to become genuinely interested in every character Definitely worth reading especially for CSI fans like meuotable uotesSome people simply want companyI didn't know what I wanted Maybe I never hadThe older I got the I was of the opinion that love can be experienced in many different ways There is no right or wrong way to love only in how it is expressedYou can never be real sure who's all right and who ain't It's real hard to know these days that's for damn sure

  5. S.P. Aruna S.P. Aruna says:

    As a standalone this book rates 5 stars As number 2 in the series it gets only 3WARNING SPOILERS AHEADI've already read the first book in the series Post Mortem and I thoroughly enjoyed it I found Kay Scarpetta a realistic sober and intelligent protagonist and the forensic pathology parts are fascinating However reading this one book 2 in the Kay Scarpetta series I found it so similar to the first book in plot structure that its formulaic construction is all too obvious including the endings in which Ms Scarpetta a Chief Medical Examiner becomes a target of the killer in the end How unlikely is that the killer going after the CME? Scarpetta must have really bad luck to have it happen twice and so soon I imagine the time setting between books 1 2 are not long apart In fact I'm finding that both novels are now so mixed up in my mind it's beginning to become a blur as to what happened in which novel that's how similar they are So my advice is only read one either Post Mortem or this one not both My take on series where books follow the same formula is that the author is only interested in making money with minimal effort and assumes readers are just mindless sheep Considering the success that these types of books have maybe we are

  6. Matt Matt says:

    Cornwell brings Dr Kay Scarpetta back in the critically acclaimed series to test her wiles in a new and disturbing manner When a murdered author is found in her home investigators are left with little to know insight which bothers Scarpetta almost as much as the slaying itself uestions grow exponentially while answers remain deftly hidden behind layers of the victim’s past Scarpetta and the police being piecing things together discovering a deeper back story related to her current piece of work and a collection of letters she wrote to a mysterious ‘M’ After a related murder Scarpetta realises there is to the story than meets the eye When an old flame resurfaces he could be the key to putting it all together or the impediment that the killer needs to make a clean getaway As things begin to come together on one level they unravel before Scarpetta can make sense of all the gathered evidence Will the killer slide back into obscurity before being called out to face justice? A brilliant thought provoking novel that will lead fans of the genre begging for Great character back story strengthens the foundation of both the novel and the series still in its infancyCornwell does a fabulous job with all aspects of the novel I must keep reminding myself that she forged the way in the genre where characters such as Tempe Brennan and Megan Hunt followed suit with their own medical sleuthing Scarpetta does defy the modern female protagonist with her crass perspective and vices galore A great series for Reichs’ fans to try while waiting for the next novel Sure not to disappoint the reader who keeps an open mind Any fan loving a great murder mystery with a hands on medical professional will surely eat this upKudos Madam Cornwell I am a fan and cannot get enough of these books

  7. Judy Judy says:

    This series is what I call a guilty pleasure Not at all high brow but easy to read thrillers with some mystery and I have to admit that I enjoy the gruesome details about forensic pathology Being an engineering type I like to know the details behind things how things work in particular when it comes to problem solving or investigative techniuesI do love the character of Kay Scarpetta; she's a strong smart woman who is also attractive She makes me nuts sometimes when she does risky things that her superior brain should be telling her not to do but then there wouldn't be a story would there?

  8. Mlpmom (Book Reviewer) Mlpmom (Book Reviewer) says:

    Definitely enjoyed this one than I did the first and can see how this series would get better as it goes Loved that the mystery kept me on my toes and I didn't uite figure out whodunit until towards the end Will definitely keep reading these

  9. Noriko Noriko says:

    I believe everybody has books that are near and dear to their hearts like comfort food that they cannot help but love and embrace despite some issues and flawsFor me this Kay Scarpetta series on the whole falls into that category I remember devouring this series up until the 5th book when translated editions came out Although it’s been uite a while since I last read this series this ‘Body of Evidence’ the second book in the Scarpetta series confirmed my conviction that I love and probably will continue to love this series irrespective of potential issues in respective books The plot is intricately and well contemplated As usual the book kicks off with Scarpetta arriving a murder scene of the victim Beryl Madison and the retrace of the murder well depicts how ghoulish the murder could have been the dialogues and banter between Marino reeled me in the story immediately Although there are a lot of jargon relating to forensic investigation pathology and such it didn’t thwart my getting invested or immersed in the book Using Marino as one of us laymen Partrica Cornwell did a great job explaining such things in a prossessable way so that we get to understand what was going on and how things work One of the uality I liked about this book is the details and realism in the police procedurals and investigations Given Cornwell’s background before becoming an author it stands to reason yet it doesn’t cease to amaze me how painstakingly small clues and hints are hinted and sprawled out throughout the book and how they get connected in the end like puzzle pieces snugly falling into place I must admit that I was a bit impatient while I was In the midst of reading the ‘rather lengthy yet painstakingly detailed’ descriptions of the investigations and testing I was also feeling a bit disoriented by how far fetched the whole thing seemed with several clues and hits that could hardly be in any way connected are somewhat aligned But seeing how those dots get connected and explained it made a total sense to me and everything went down uite naturally to me I think this is one of those books that you don’t necessarily need to play detective I am speaking from my own perspective but I felt totally comfortable in letting Kay explain how the case gets solved and how all the clues get connected instead of trying to figuring them out myself This book didn’t frustrate me in that regard and I was uite happy with that Kay Scarpetta is really an interesting character in my eyes; to be perfectly honest I neither like or dislike her I’m on the fence as far as she is concerned She does come across a bit aloof and stolid not stolid but too cool and collected for my liking and she only shows her emotions in the form of her outbursts when she was pushed over the edge frankly speaking I have never been emotionally attached to her YET there’s something to her that makes me rooting for her before I even know it myself hoping that she nails down the murderer as well as escape the wicked hands of them She is smart competent and efficient There are a lot of ualities that make her an interesting and an alluring character as well as makes me want to be like her and I cannot wait to revisit this series and see how she entices me down the road The face off between Kay and the villain is the highlight of this book exhilarating and thrilling The pacing perfectly matches with the mounting tension making this book uite a unputdownable read As I said in the beginning of my review this book made me want to read of this series The road to complete this series seems uite daunting with than 20 books in store for me but I will at least read the next 4 books to see if I feel any different about the series since my last visit I cannot wait I gave this book 45 out of 5 stars

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