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  1. Emelia Emelia says:

    Well this certainly was not what I expected Ironfoot turned out to be a surprisingly good book Not only was it a uick read but Dave Duncan packed a lot of punch into it Set in the 1164 it is a tale of a young Saxon boy during the years when England was ruled by the Normans Young Durwin grows up in a small school run by Sages He dreams of becoming a Sage but as a crippled Saxon things don't look too promising That is until he has to attend one of his teachers Sage Rolf on a journey to see his brother who contacted him through magic Durwins mentor Sage Guy sends him off to aid Sage Rolf and when they arrive at Sage Rolf's brothers castle Durwin finds himself in the middle of not only one murder but two Soon after arriving Sage Rolf is murdered and Durwin must find out who dunnit Aided by his rival Suire William Leiger they delve into a murder plot that keeps the body count rising I really enjoyed this book it is filled with magic mayhem lots of murder and is one of the most entertaining murder mysteries I have read I liked the idea that it was set in the 11oo's and naturally there is magic involved not just any magic though ancient arcane magic If you like who dunnits I suggest you read this book It really was a fun read

  2. Sadie Forsythe Sadie Forsythe says:

    45I found this surprisingly enjoyable It's much a mystery than anything else so it's not action packed but it kept me interested and I really enjoyed Durwin and William I'll admit that I found William's uick capitulation a tad hard to believe and considering how much Durwin seemed to be discriminated against he faced very little notable resistance Plus he's just a bit too good at everything But I liked the writing the magic system and the plot All in all I just plain had fun with it and look forward to

  3. Milliebot Milliebot says:

    This review and others posted over at my blog Durwin sometimes called Ironfoot because of the boot he wears due to an accident that caused his broken leg to heal shorter than the other is a level headed bright student determined to become a mage Most of his fellow students and all his instructors are Normans and Durwin is constantly aware of his lower social status at twenty he’s older than many suires his age after being skipped over for promotion to adept The social disparity is especially apparent when he finds himself bullied by a new student William Unable to fight back Durwin’s patience is constantly tried by the younger boy and while he longs to fight him he is smarter enough not toWhile Durwin is smart patient determinedand boring He’s not made out to be perfect but he’s a generally shining example of a person and I found him to be incredibly bland He made a few mistakes but nothing with any far reaching conseuences and he seemed to learn from his experiences He’s smart enough to see errors in ancient spells and correct them in order to make the spells work after years of being thought to be uselessDurwin is skilled enough to tackle any task thrown his way with minimal effort or aggravation He’s not truly average yet he doesn’t seem to have any exceptional skills Whatever guys I just found him boring and didn’t connectThe rest of the story worked for me though I enjoyed the character arc and growth of William however – he was a bully with depth and once he’s forced to work with Durwin he’s given considerably depth than Durwin isThe murder mystery added into the story of a student at a magical academy kept the plot from feeling stale I had some suspicions but the twist had me foiled so I was still surprised at the end Granted I’m not one to wrack my brain desperately trying to figure out the killer because I like being surprised at the endThe magic in this book is based on singing or chanting enchantments typically with at least two sages or adepts or suires though some can be sung solo or with three or The academy has many old scrolls and grimoires with spells that the sages have decided no longer work but it is discovered that many were transcribed wrong over the years or contain purposeful errors to trip up the unschooled I liked all of this and wanted to know about the ancient magic and different types of spellsThis novel feels like it falls somewhere halfway between YA and adult fantasy as there’s swearing and a few sex scenes yet Durwin feels young for twenty and his journey from suire to adept feels very coming of age It’s also a stand alone I assume which is refreshing because I already have a zillion series I need to finishIf you’re looking for a one shot fantasy with a pretty compelling bully and a murder mystery set in England in the 1100s I would recommend this

  4. Liadan Liadan says:

    I very much enjoyed this The characters were interesting and Durwin is just the right level of likeable but complex to really root for him I'd call this of a historical mystery than a fantasy but that's fine with me because I love a good mystery And this was a good mystery The magic system is also creative and intriguing and I hope Duncan goes into depth on that in the next book because I'll probably pick it up

  5. Margaret Margaret says:

    Fabulous historical fantasy novel set during the reign of Henry II of England The historical research on it was absolutely wonderfulLoved it

  6. Lorena Lorena says:

    A mystery set in the reign of Henry II but with magic Dave Duncan's writing is always engaging and the plot bubbles along nicely

  7. Richard Radgoski Richard Radgoski says:

    In the 1990's I played a Roleplaying Game called Ars Magica That game was all about playing Mages and other characters who belonged to a like minded group TroopCastlecoven etc with the location being as important as the characters It was set in the time of Richard the Lionheart while away on Crusade I say all of this because this book reminded me of that game throughout And thats a good thingIronfoot is about Adept Durwin a 'Sage' in training He has moved to the middle stages of his training and has a modicum of skill He has become a sage because years ago a riding accident caused damage to his legfoot prompting him to need support Ironfoot is an allusion to this support The book is set in the mid 1100's with King Henry II Richard's father on the throne We do meet Henry in the almost final act of the story but knowing that you know the setting Life is as we expect from a medieval setting Durwin is a Saxon trying to make good in a country where the Norman's are now firmly entrenched He must rely on his wit and skill while dealing with the prejudices of being a Saxon One of his chief antagonists is William a Norman apprentice who is better suited for the battlefield than a Sages robe One of the major differences in this world from our own is that magic does exist spells are performed via chants and songs sung by one or sages Grimoires and other books hold knowledge that is passed from Sage to Sage often with built in mistakes to protect against the wrong people getting their hands on this powerDurwin's story gets started when he discovers that he can read ancient runes that he has found The fortune he reads is one that talks about murder and betrayal As he pursues this meaning he is summoned on a trip to a nearby castle with one of the Sages and of course William as well The Sages brother has died and Sage Randolf must get to him as soon as possibleMost of the novel is centered on the new location and the events there Multiple murders and the mystery they evoke form the core of the novel Throughout Adept Durwin must deal with being less than what everyone wanted but ultimately than anyone expected And William is there to provide a foil and perhaps a grudging ally as the mystery unfoldsIn the end the story was centered on a person rather than a location but throughout my thoughts were all about how like Ars Magica this was It captured the essence of that game in the novel although I have no reason to believe that was the authors intent The novel itself is well written with believable characters and events The magic is understated appropriately and overall the novel was a fun read Highly recommended

  8. Nicole Luiken Nicole Luiken says:

    Excellent historical fantasy set 100 years after the Norman conuest A page turning mystery I especially liked how the author used the conflict Durwin and William to illustrate the conflict between Saxons now mostly serfs and the Normans nobility

  9. Rusty Lloyd Rusty Lloyd says:

    Great spin on historical fictionMr Duncan’s books never disappoint I very much like the way he wove history and fantasy together even bringing together a Saxon and a Norman I’m looking forward to the other books Thanks for a wonderful Sunday morning read sir

  10. Sylvain Reynard Sylvain Reynard says:

    Well written fantasy novel set in the time of the Plantagenets Magic mystery and murder all combine with historical fiction A true page turner

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Ironfoot The Enchanter General #1 [KINDLE] ❅ Ironfoot The Enchanter General #1 ❥ Dave Duncan – Medieval magic murder and mayhemIt is 1164 and for a hundred years England has been ruled by the Normans A young Saxon boy named Durwin crippled by a childhood accident had caught the eye of a Norman Medieval magic murder Enchanter General PDF/EPUB é and mayhemIt is and for a hundred years England has been ruled by the Normans A young Saxon boy named Durwin crippled by a childhood accident had caught the eye of a Norman sage teaching at a rural school of magic Realizing that the boy had promise Durwin was made stable boy and eventually allowed to attend classesNow twenty Durwin is proficient enough that he is assigned to Ironfoot The MOBI :Ê teach but the other sages refuse to promote him and he is hassled by the Norman juniors for his disability But those troubles turn out to be the least of his worries when he manages to corrects errors in an ancient corrupted spell which promptly prophesies murderSure enough word soon reaches the school that one of the local count’s house sage has died perhaps slain by black magic Durwin is whisked away to The Enchanter General PDF/EPUB Ã the family’s castle only to find that one death was only the beginning The young sage uickly learns of a dizzying plot to assassinate King Henry Dropped into the middle of the complex politics of England’s royal courts can Durwin stop them in time.

  • Paperback
  • 344 pages
  • Ironfoot The Enchanter General #1
  • Dave Duncan
  • English
  • 06 October 2015
  • 9781597809177

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