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Transformers: Lost Light #1 ➢ [Epub] ➜ Transformers: Lost Light #1 By James Roberts ➬ – Five years ago Rodimus and a collection of traumatised lovelorn andor sarcastic Autobots set off on a uest to find Cyberutopia So far they've made a right hash of it They've misplaced their map They'v Five years ago Rodimus and a collection of traumatised lovelorn andor sarcastic Autobots set off on a uest to find Cyberutopia So far they've made a right hash of it They've misplaced their map They've lost their ship the Lost Light to a mutinous escapologist Oh and they're dead Collects issues .

10 thoughts on “Transformers: Lost Light #1

  1. Nicolo Nicolo says:

    My favorite Transformers comic gets relaunched with a new number 1 issue and gets a appropriate series name Lost Light is an appropriate title it refers to the space going vessel that our intrepid crew of Cybertronians call home while on a uest for Cyber utopia and the old Knights of Cybertron It could also refer to current situation it command crew and main cast fell into when the rest of their shipmates mutinied and abandoned them to the tender mercies of the Decepticon Justice Division Starting over with a new number one issue is supposed to attract new readers and provide a jump on point By adding new members and starting new story threads this book is going in that direction but there's already a 50 issues worth of backstory and if my opening paragraph caused a momentary confusion and necessitated a uick visit to the Transformers Wiki page then you get my pointThere are two ways you can go if you're still interested in this book First option is to just read and ignore the confusing part and just concentrate on the main story you can revisit the references you missed with a Wiki search Second option would be to start from the very beginning These are all available on Kindle and Comixology that it's just a matter of stocking up on the digital tradesOne good reason this book was renumbered is that it so good that it deserves to be enjoyed by reader It is easily the best Transformers comic book series today

  2. Matt Maldre Matt Maldre says:

    I enjoyed this volume so much that I've read it three times The dialogue is so incredibly refreshing for Transformers Every character has so much personality Not the stiff cardboard versions of the 80s

  3. Patty Patty says:

    While this actual compiled edition will be out soon I have read the issues that all comprise this volume at this point It's just easier to review it as a whole than to review individual issuesIf you've read all of James Roberts More Than Meets the Eye series you should be well set for this continuation of the story If you haven'twell thankfully there is a massive summary of the story to this point included otherwise you may feel you jumped into the middle of a storyRodimus Megatron and the crew abandoned to die at the hands of the Galactic Council andor the Decepticon Justice Division take your pick by Getaway and the others who mutinied on the Lost Light have overcome this hardshiponly to go through a new set of insanity by finding themselves in an alternative universe where the Functionists took over Cybertron this is NOT a good thingJames Roberts' writing is still fantasticwith a perfect blend of action comedy and soap opera level drama The new artist joining Jack Lawrence has proved awesome at getting Cybertronian expressions down on paperto highlight the intensity of the story If you picked this upyou're reading the best stuff that the Transformers universe has to offer in this era

  4. Andy Luke Andy Luke says:

    'Comics grow up' buzz phrase of the ignorant esteemed by the under represented yet here's the challenge A toy line comic that explores issues around memory grief and freedom with pure SF twisters and as much comedy as prime Stephen Moffat This soft reboot by writer James Roberts picks up from the MTMTE series with similar acclaim New artist Jack Lawrence comes in with A game using clear line and form to distinguish characters helpful given the ever expanding cast 'Lost Light' is the 21st century Buffy It's better than Trek Discovery and Walking Dead I read it and enjoyed it

  5. ISMOTU ISMOTU says:

    Awesome The crew of the Lost Light continues their uest to find Cyberutopia but after the explosive events of the previous series they're a little bit sidetracked having been shunted into the Functionalist universe There's all out action but also extremely moving character scenes a balance James Roberts has really mastered The art is funky and fun and I plowed through these six issues uite uickly Now onto the next volume

  6. Derek Derek says:

    James Roberts continues his political sci fi opus and things are nuts as usual This is a great read but I feel real sympathy for any new readers trying to jump on board here This train doesn't slow down for anyone Good news for those of us who've been around since volume one of More Than Meets the Eye but for anyone else oy

  7. Dave Relph Dave Relph says:

    With the rebranding of More Than Meets the Eye to Lost Light this takes the best series in a somewhat new direction It lacks a bit of the fun that makes it brilliant but the story is solid once again and leaving Megatron's fate open ended definitely leaves me wanting

  8. Justin Justin says:

    More than meets the eye plusThis is a worthy successor to Transformers More Than Meets the Eye I was pleased and impressed with the uality of the story the depth of character building and the way in which Megatron was used I cannot wait to continue the story in Volume 2

  9. Marta Duda-Gryc Marta Duda-Gryc says:

    Ohh so much fodder for guessing So many good short interactions between characters I had to stop every once in a while to sueal while running around the room And Terminus And yeah I like Anode very much And this surprise at the end sueeee

  10. Patrick Patrick says:

    Resolves some stuff leftover from More Than Meets the Eye and launches a new direction

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