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10 thoughts on “Know You More (Savannah Sweethearts, #1)

  1. ElizrdbthSpeaks ElizrdbthSpeaks says:

    I am new to Jan's writing love finding new authors to me awesome cover love her writing style and how uick it was to read the writing flooded easily and I was easily sucked into her read I will look forward to of her books very very soon Loved it ;

  2. Lillie Lillie says:

    A story of two young people in love who put God's will above their own selfish desires; what a joy that God's will and their desires are the same

  3. Deana Dick Deana Dick says:

    I was given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review Ming and his sister Heidi are sister and brother They tragically lost their parents in a plane crash while they were on a mission trip to the South Pacific The relationship between Ming and Heidi is very strong and they look out for each other Ming is a strong and hardworking man who wants the best for his sister Heidi seems to have made a career out of going to college and can be a bit stubborn at times Ming gently tells her it is time to put her degrees to use and get a job The dynamics between brother and sister are very well written by the author She describes their closeness as family that loves each other respects each other but not afraid to speak up when necessary Diego is the pastor of Riverside Chapel where Ming and Heidi attend They have been friends for awhile but what no one knows is that Diego has loved Heidi for five years He knows he is called to pastor a church but thinks he is not suppose to marry The authors shows how dedicated he is to the call on his life but is struggling with his feelings for Heidi They find themselves working closely together when a new place to have church open up for them It is an answer to prayer Where is the new church to be held? Will it be a place to draw people in ? I started reading this book and found myself so deeply connected to each character Jan writes Diego has a caring loving pastor who wants to hear from God but has doubts about what to do about marriage He has an opportunity to kiss Heidi one evening and as he does so she says don't miss What does he do? With a slight grin he kisses her on the forehead This made me laugh as I imagined this shy man who has been called to share the gospel afraid to kiss the woman he loves Is he unsure of Heidi's feelings? Does he think it's wrong to pursue a relationship that may disappoint God? Throughout the book the author has scattered verses that help each character turn to the Word for answers The scriptures help Diego with his struggles deciding is it God's will for him to take a wife He is reminded that God wants him to have a helpmate Will Diego realize that he has turned away from the one the Lord has given to him? Will Heidi ever stop worrying about her brother as he goes undercover to help the FBI? Heidi must learn to trust God to keep her brother safe and is given scriptures to help her rely on God's promises He will never leave us nor forsake us Will Heidi share her deep feelings with Diego or will she turn away so she doesn't cause him to stumble in his faith? If they ever kiss again will Diego miss??The story has all the elements that show us how people struggle with their faith learn to trust help others and along the way find the purpose God has for them I read this book as soon as I received it because it has such a great message of men and women who seek God turn to the Word to give them answers and along the way they find out that He is the one to turn to when in doubt It is a beautiful story of love between a man and a woman a brother an a sisters love for each other people and most importanly the unconditional love the father has for each of us I look forward for to the next book in this series called Tell You Soon

  4. Trixi Trixi says:

    This was my first story by Jan Thompson but certainly not my lastIt's a story about Heidi and Ming who are siblings and trying to live life after the tragic accident that killed their parents 2 years before in a plane accident You can see the strong bond from the first introduction they would do anything for each other They also live a life of strong faith in the Lord and let Him have rule in their lives Pastor Deigo Flores calling is to start a church in Savanna GA called Riverside Chapel He worries that he isn't doing his job well because the church isn't growing the way he envisioned it Deigo and Heidi have known each other for a while and I think in the background is a sweet romance brewing He doesn't want it to interfere with his calling she isn't sure if she has time fall in love while trying to finish her schooling Can God overcome these obstacles to put these two together? You'll have to find out for yourselfI loved this strong faith filled story how the author wove scripture throughout There were side characters that added to the depth I so appreciate in a book I loved seeing how each person related to one another and how I connected with them I can't wait to read of the Savannah Sweethearts novellasI received a complimentary copy from the author for my honest review Thank you Jan for a wonderful read

  5. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Know You More A Contemporary Christian Romance Novella Savannah Sweethearts #1 By Jan ThompsonKnow You More is the first book in Savannah Sweethearts series This is my first book to read by Jan Thompson and I really enjoyed it and it want be my last I was drawn into this story right from the start and did not want to put it down I loved the story and the characters Diego has been in love with his best friends sister since they were in college together Has he told Heidi ? How does she feel about him? Heidi and Ming her brother are very close Diego is the Pastor of Riverside Chapel and has big plans for the church Is he free to love Heidi ? This is a beautiful heartwarming romance and at times I felt my eyes teared up and could hardly see to read Diego is a very caring Pastor and wants to do right and be the best Pastor for the Church What does this mean for Heidi ? I really enjoyed Heidi and Diego story Be sure and get your copy so you can find out about them I can’t wait to read the next book in this series I was given a copy of this book by the author for my honest review which I have given

  6. Linda Rainey Linda Rainey says:

    God is with usI loved this book about Diego Flores a young pastor of Riverside Chapel in Savannah and Heidi Wei a college studentmember of his church and friend for nine yearsHeidi is a faithful member of the church along with her brother Ming They volunteer in all activities to grow the churchMing is injured and needs lots of help and Diego and Heidi are thrown together I am intrigued how Diego struggles with his feelings for Heidi and how Heidi respondsThis novella shows the characters strong walk with God We are shown that God goes before us he will be with us he will not fail us nor will he forsake us This is such a comforting feelingI look forward to reading the entire series Being an avid readerI like the fact I can read these in a single settingThanks for an enjoyable read and I'm giving my honest opinion in exchange for a review copy

  7. Bhriv Bhriv says:

    Pastor Diego is best friends with Ming and his sister Heidi They've known each other for years and Diego has loved Heidi for the last five years with out telling her He's always thoughtful and sweet yet never going over the line as friend and Pastor Ming gets wounded due to his job and Diego and Heidi have to be together while Ming heals Diego doesn't think he can be a Pastor and date Heidi as he feels his first calling is to be a Pastor Heidi feels her calling is to help him serve Can they get past the Pastor Deigo and Heidi and find love? A great read as al of Jan Thompson's other books A great beginning to this series I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest review

  8. Christina Li Christina Li says:

    This was a very sweet story with likable characters I wanted to hit Diego the hero over the head a few times but that's a good thing I liked the way both Diego and Heidi changed over the course of the story dealing with their issues and getting counsel and ultimately making good choices finally getting to the happily ever after Their faith showed through without being preachy There's a lot of hope in this story

  9. Mara Mara says:

    Book #2 is Know You More about Diego and Heidi Diego and Heidi have been friends since college days Diego has felt the call by the Lord to be a church planter And feels as though if he gives in to his feelings of love for Heidi that he may not be doing what God wants of him Can he be God's servant and have the marriage he wants with Heidi?Fantastic read and would love

  10. Sandra Sandra says:

    This was my first read by Jan Thompson and I certainly will read by her The story is what it says a sweet romance situated in Savannah Ga environment Young Diego Flores is a church planting pastor working in a small area starting from scratch to get a new church off the ground Heidi Wei is an active church member and supporter who not only feels called to support Diego but who is also working on her second doctorate I loved how the story shows energy dedication and perseverance as all the congregation work towards growth while the seniors and shut ins are visited hospitals are visited needs of the shut ins are taken care of from mowing lawns and providing meals and needed transportation When there is a need for cleaning and preparing a new site members participate from scheduling vacuuming moping or whatever The Love of Christ is 'taught from the pulpit' as well as 'caught from the service to others' While all this is going on Diego strives to get to know Heidi A tender sweet story of love and dedication

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Know You More (Savannah Sweethearts, #1)❰Download❯ ➵ Know You More (Savannah Sweethearts, #1) Author Jan Thompson – This is an alternative cover edition for ASIN B01092PN7IDiego Flores has been in love with his best friend’s younger sister since their college days but his calling to start Riverside Chapel in Sava This is an alternative cover edition for ASIN BPNIDiego Flores has been in love with his best friend’s younger sister since their college days but his calling to start Riverside Chapel in Savannah takes up most of his time When Heidi Wei becomes his strongest supporter in his church planting ministry how does Diego show his interest in her without her getting the wrong idea Does she see him as potential husband material or just the pastor of their church Heidi has suspected that Diego is sweet on her but he seems to Know You Epub / believe that his divine calling prevents him from acting on it If it isn’t meant to be she’s not going to push for it Yet every time they are together something happens between them Have they moved beyond the platonic relationship they have enjoyed the last nine years to something personal When a crisis hits Heidi’s family Diego has to balance pastoring his congregation and ministering to Heidi without losing either one Falling in love while planting a new church is difficult for him to juggle Which path is important to him Which one should he focus on KNOW YOU MORE is the first book in Jan Thompson’s SAVANNAH SWEETHEARTS series of contemporary Christian novellas celebrating faith hope and love.

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