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  1. Tina Tina says:

    Walk You There # 5 Savannah Sweethearts by Jan ThompsonTamsyn Pendegrast of Tamsyn Tours loves living in Savannah it's rich history and the family home she lives in Her home is in danger—a developer who has won awards for his developments wants her home along with the other homes on her block—Rosa Pendegrast Lane she has a fight on her hands He plans to tear it down and put one of his glass and metal buildings there She won't allow it But can she make him see things from her way? Ryan Ruttledge V of Ruttledge Yamada Uruhart Commercial Properties—RYUCP is determined to have all the homes on and near Rosa Pendegrast Lane including Tamsyn Pendegrast's But what will it take to convince her to sell to his company? He travels to Savannah and meets Tamsyn to see why she is holding on to her family home and what it will take for her to sell it to him However he didn't count on his heart betraying himTamsyn and Ryan's story captured my heart At first I thought Ryan was all about the money awards and fame his buildings would bring But as I read along he grew on me and I found myself hoping he would have a change of heart regarding Tamsyn's homeand ultimately her Of course I was behind Tamsyn 100% in keeping her beloved home it held a very special place in her heart I enjoyed the secondary characters and the parts they played in Tamsyn and Ryan's lives and the story When tragic strikes Tamsyn I loved the way her friends including Ryan supported her as she grieved Ryan and Tamsyn are both Christians and I like the way they turned to God in all things even the what to do about Tamsyn's home Great ending to a wonderful heartwarming storyI received an ARC advanced readers copy e book of this book from the author for my review this is my honest review

  2. Trixi Trixi says:

    This is the 5th book in the Savanna Sweethearts series Here we meet Tamsyn Pendegrast Ryan Ruttledge V She wants to preserve history by saving a historical block of old Georgia including the Victorian family home she lives in He wants to tear down the same block to make modern buildings expand his Atlanta business Trouble brews when Ryan is forced to take a vacation to Savanna book every tour that Tamsyn Tour Company offers Will these two ever see eye to eye and meld past history with contemporary ideas? And of course what to do about the romantic undercurrents brewing between them?Another winner in this series I really connected with both Tamsyn Ryan and saw the conflict from both sides of these two characters They both want opposite things and were unwilling to budge either way I loved when they started to get to know one another shared their points of view The author kept me on my toes as to how the story would end up For me it was very satisfactory I enjoyed all the twists and turns also seeing how they relied on God to work out all things for both of them I enjoyed the fact that they were strong Christians a must for me in any inspirational story From the scripture threaded throughout to the characters growth revisiting some old friends from previous booksI relished it all Be sure to check out this series I think any reader of Inspirational fiction will enjoy each oneI received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review which I have provided here Thank you Jan for another fantastic installment in this series I look forward to

  3. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Walk You There A Multiethnic Christian Romance Celebrating Faith Hope and Love Savannah Sweethearts Book 5By Jan ThompsonWalk You There A Multiethnic Christian Romance Celebrating Faith Hope and Love is the fifth book in the Savanna Sweetheart Series I have really enjoyed reading this series by Jan Thompson These are good clean Christian romance stories She has done a fantastic job on her story and characters I had no problems following either one of them I have read all five of the books in this series Savannah Sweethearts and loved everyone of them Thompson brings her stories and characters alive and you feel like you are right there with them on the tour guide of Savanna GA Tamsin is a tour guide of Savannah and she really knows her history of Savannah She also lives in one of these old homes Ryan is in Savannah to buy a whole city block What does Tamsin have to say about this? Can these two come to some kind of terms? I really love Walk You There and you will meet back up with some of the characters from the other books in this series I also love the spiritual threads running throughout the story I was given a complimentary copy of this book by the author for my honest review

  4. Bhriv Bhriv says:

    Walk You There A Multiethnic Christian Romance Celebrating Faith Hope and Love is book 5 of the Savannah Sweethearts Series written by Jan Thompson and is a great addition to the Savannah Sweethearts Series I love the setting of these stories in Savannah GA and all of the local information being placed within the story I feel like I've had the privilege of traveling without leaving my home This story is about Ryan and Tamsyn and I love a verse that seems to come up throughout it Romans 828 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God to them who are the called according to his purpose In the midst of getting to know Ryan and Tamsyn in this book the scripture that is sprinkled throughout is so encouraging I believe my favorite character in the story is Ryan He come in as the villain for the most part but yet he may not be? He has a great relationship with the Lord and is capable of seeing the Lord's hand throughout most of the circumstances that come up in the storyline I did find myself tearing up at a part of the story that was a huge struggle for Ryan and Tamsyn It was wonderful to see how it all turned out After reading this story I'd love to take a jaunt to Savannah and hop on Tamsyn's Tours trolley and see the historic homes tour I recommend this read I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest review

  5. Linda Rainey Linda Rainey says:

    Walk You There is an inspirational love story in the Savannah Sweethearts seriesTamsyn is a Savannah tour guide and Ryan is an architect and developer that wants to buy three houses on Tamsyn's street in Old SavannahThe problem is Tamsyn lives in one of the houses and doesn't want to sell She is also attracted to RyanWhat should she do?I love the story and how these two Christians work to solve the problem of the house and there attractionOne verse that called to me was Prov1620 He that handelth a matter wisely shall find good and who so trusteth in the Lord happy is heThe characters and their interaction amidst the scenery of one of the most beautiful cities in the South was very entertainingAnother wonderful story by a wonderful author

  6. Wilani Wahl Wilani Wahl says:

    A wonderful book that was difficult to put down I fell in love with Ryan and Tamsyn This is the 5th book in the series but can stand alone It is well written and the characters are real I especially loved the inspirational theme through out the book

  7. Emily Emily says:

    Two and a half stars maybe The relationship between the two main characters went from enemies to love interests in no time flat It just didn't make a lot of sense And then there was the over the top religious dialogue As I have said before I consider myself to be very religious but real people just don't talk this way Way too preachy

  8. Virginia L Virginia L says:

    From Atlanta to Savannah I've been to Savannah several times and enjoyed this story very much I fell in love with the characters and admired the way they dealt with the problems they encountered along the way They honored God with their businesses and their love for each other

  9. Embgram Embgram says:

    A history buff a guy who flunked history?What an odd couple God brought together in this book by Jan Thompson God truly does do the impossible in the lives of His children Walk You There is a book for anyone who loves a great romance where the Lord is in control

  10. June June says:

    Ryan was such a pain in Tamsyn's back side But he was also such a great guy Plenty of emotion and tension in this story

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Walk You There [PDF / Epub] ☁ Walk You There Author Jan Thompson – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Alternate cover edition for ASIN B01AOKYBK0A local tour guide who makes a living off Savannah history goes to battle against an award winning developer who wants to raze the old city block she lives i Alternate cover edition for ASIN BAOKYBKA local tour guide who makes a living off Savannah history goes to battle against an award winning developer who wants to raze the old city block she lives in Tamsyn’s Troubles Tamsyn Pendegrast’s troubles can be summed up in one word Ryan Okay three words Ryan Ruttledge V A nightmare to her historical preservation efforts an enemy of her fledgling Tamsyn Tours travel agency and tour company Ryan seems to have it all funding support awards and the deeds to half the properties on Rosa Pendegrast Lane in old town Savannah Only Walk You PDF/EPUB or three historic homes remain unsold One of them is the Pendegrast family home where Tamsyn has lived since she was a baby Savannah residents will not take this destruction sitting down Tamsyn is sure of it No way will they let Ruttledge Yamada Uruhart Commercial Properties turn that nineteenth century block into a ghastly sprawl of glass and steel sculpture It’s Tamsyn’s duty to Savannah history and to the memory of the Pendegrast family in the area to educate that Ryan dude on why he should just leave the past alone There Her task is set If only he weren’t so charming Ryan’s Ruckus Three houses to buy and the city block will belong to his commercial property company Then he will reshape the area into a modernist architectural creation One award to win and one plaue to hang on the wall of his Atlanta office Easy peasy right All he has to do is get past Tamsyn Pendegrast That small town tour guide has a property he wants One house How hard can it be to get one house If she sells her ramshackle old house her two neighbors will follow Why is she holding out His company has offered Tamsyn three times the value of her property That worn and weary ueen Anne style Victorian house isn’t going to last through the twenty first century anyway Its foundation has been reinforced twice and no amount of paint will restore it to its old glory Tamsyn is simply holding on to a past that cannot be regained She might as well give it up And yet Tamsyn’s tenacity intrigues him It’s messing with his mind And heart Uh oh.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 139 pages
  • Walk You There
  • Jan Thompson
  • English
  • 05 March 2014

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