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Blaze Western Series ❄ [EPUB] ✼ Blaze Western Series By Stephen Mertz ➝ – JD and Kate Blaze are two of the deadliest gunfighters the Old West has ever seen They also happen to be husband and wife as passionate in their love for each other as they are in their uest for justi JD and Kate Blaze are two of the deadliest gunfighters the Old West has ever seen They also happen to be husband and wife as passionate in their love for each other as they are in their uest for justice on the violent frontier BLAZE is the first novel in a thrill packed all new Adult Western series created by bestselling actionadventure author Stephen Mertz JD and Kate find themselves facing a deadly ambush by Apaches then they're hired to Blaze Western eBook ´ track down a gang of ruthless outlaws led by the beautiful savage bandit ueen Rosa Diablo It's gun swift excitement all the way in this gritty tale from Stephen Mertz Legendary Western author Robert J Randisi creator of The Gunsmith joins the Blaze team with this fast action novel of treachery revenge passion and blistering gunplay From the finest hotels in Denver to a savage showdown in a ghost town The Deadly Guns is adventure all the way Wayne D Dundee one of today's bestselling and most acclaimed Western authors spins a lightning fast action packed yarn in BITTER VALLEY the third book in the all new BLAZE series Trouble always seems to follow JD and Kate Blaze and they answer with hot lead The only thing JD and Kate Blaze planned to do in the settlement of Wilderness Wyoming was attend the wedding of one of Kate's friends Instead outlaws launch a bloody raid on the church in the middle of the ceremony and kidnap the groom Acclaimed Western author Jackson Lowry THE SONORA NOOSE and WEST OF THE BIG RIVER THE ARTIST spins a colorful action packed yarn in SIX GUN WEDDING the fourth book in the bestselling Adult Western series BLAZE It was one of the most brutal crimes Nevada had ever seen—a stagecoach and everyone in it chopped to pieces by a hail of bullets from a Gatling gun Award winning Western writer Michael Newton joins the BLAZE team with an action packed novel rooted in the bloody history of the Old West One of the most popular and acclaimed authors of Western crime and adventure novels for the past years Newton spins a compelling tale of violence and deadly secrets in AMBUSHED It's the wildest BLAZE adventure yet as JD and Kate investigate the mysterious death of a mine owner and find themselves facing a danger unlike any they've ever encountered From bloodthirsty outlaws to cold blooded killers to marauding Indians they thought they had seen it all—but the looming castle atop a ridge near the settlement of Yonder Arizona holds something new and deadly It's the Old West's only team of husband and wife gunfighters versus a sinister count and his walking dead minions—and hot lead may not be enough to stop them If you like gritty fast paced Western novels seasoned with sexy romps don't miss this amazing deal.

5 thoughts on “Blaze Western Series

  1. Martha Peebles Martha Peebles says:

    BlazeI have really enjoyed reading this series of Blaze As always Kate and her husband are after dangerous men Look forward to books in the Blaze series

  2. John Hayhurst John Hayhurst says:

    I think this could have been a decent read if the author would have just written a western and not added the erotica I prefer not to read about the sexual fantasies of others but do enjoy a good western now and then I laid the book down after the first hour and have not picked it up since I really didn't anticipate all the sex scenes and probably would not have picked it up in the first place if I had For those seeking erotica it seemed I didn't read it all a little soft but for those expecting a western it was too sexually explicit

  3. Arthur Arthur says:

    Blaze Western Series 6 Adult Western NovelsMertz introduces JD and Kate Blaze a husband and wife who are the deadliest gunfigher duo in the west in this time period They have complete confidence and trust in each other and aren't going to cut and run from any situation no matter the odds The action is swift their form of justice the same and if you like tales of the old west you'll find these are spellbinding and will keep you turning pages to the end Thanks for another great read

  4. D. E. D. E. says:

    Blaze WS 6 AWN SM2 RJR WDD JL MNSM; RJR; WDD; JL; and MW have collaborated on the first six novels from to the Blaze series In the novel are the first six novels of the series The basis for the series is a man and woman bounty hunting team that travel the southwest taking on impossible jobs for the rewards This is an excellent series to read It is identified as an adult series However after the first few novel I found nothing offensive enough to rate the adult listing This is an excellent series for the genreDEHS

  5. Thomas Christian Thomas Christian says:

    Passed the timeNot much to recommend unless you enjoy reading about the two hero's sex life The last book was pretty bad 👎👎

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