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The Wild Country (The Wild Country #1) [Reading] ➸ The Wild Country (The Wild Country #1) Author Bobby Underwood – As a boy Wyn watches helplessly as raiders kill his parents Saved by his sister in a terrible bargain struck with their leader Wyn dedicates his life to finding her He becomes a legend in a time when As a boy Wyn watches helplessly as raiders kill his parents Saved by his sister in a terrible bargain struck with their leader Wyn dedicates his life to finding her He becomes a legend in a time when the country was wild and free and full of bad men as well as pioneer spirit As the lonely cowboy metes out justice to the men responsible for The Wild PDF/EPUB or changing the course of his life he meets a girl and begins to ponder over a life which might have been Filled with beauty and complexity with plenty of action for western fans The Wild Country is a rip roaring tale in the best tradition of legends told over a campfire.

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  1. Mischenko Mischenko says:

    To see my A with author Bobby Underwood and a few of my reviews for his books please visit wwwreadrantrockandrollcomI love Western films but I personally haven’t read many Western’s as I’ve never considered it one of my favorite book genres but this book has opened up a whole new world for me The Wild Country is a story about a boy named Wyn who along with his older sister witnesses his parents being killed by a gang of evil outlaws To add to the catastrophic events his sister the only person he has left is kidnapped by them Wyn is left alone in hard times and as he gets older he is determined to locate his sister and seek revenge against every man that was involved in killing his parents and kidnapping his sister especially Muerta the main man responsible for it allI knew right away that I would LOVE Wyn the main character I love a good revenge and I was rooting for Wyn from the beginning He builds a reputation for himself and people from all over the lands hear stories about him the man known as “Ghost Rider” On his journey he experiences love violence death and meets new people along the wayI found the book to be written well with beautiful descriptions of the landscape people and even the horses It was smooth to read easy to follow and interesting I enjoyed it from beginning to end and I was pleased with the conclusion If you like stories about the wild west you’ll love The Wild Country5

  2. Fred Shaw Fred Shaw says:

    I loved this book and if I had to guess the author Bobby Underwood had as much fun writing The Wild Country as I did reading it If you like classic westerns you will like this one Reminiscent of Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey all the elements of a good western are hereThe story begins with tragedy A young boy Wyn and older sister Marla watch as their mother and father are murdered by outlaws Later the same day Marla is kidnapped by the outlaws' leader and Wyn left to fend for himself Wyn as he grew older went off to rescue his sister driven by revenge The story is built around his travels and the people he sought and met both friend and foe Their are tragedies camaraderie romance and humor Of course there's Wyn's highly intelligent white horse Tony The writing is highly descriptive where the wild west's beauty and dangers are there as if you could taste see feel and touch them I highly recommend this book and if you are like me nostalgic for the wilder days of the west you'll like it too

  3. Karl Karl says:

    Bobby Underwood's book The Wild Country is like a letter dedicated to the beauty of the unspoiled western environment that existed pre and during the expansion into the unspoiled wilderness of the west coast The book can be examined on a number of levelsThe Wild Country is basically a revenge story A young boy's family is murdered by a band of outlaws and his sister is kidnapped by their leader The bad man is really really bad and becomes a shadowy and evil figure through out the book The young boy named Wyn grows up to seek revenge for the vile acts performed upon him and his family and thus makes it his life's mission to try and rescue his abducted sister while tracking down and killing all of the men responsible The story is uite action packed and fast moving as Wyn ventures his way west to ultimately confront his nemesis One of the things that frustrates me in a story is the dependency to rely heavily of coincidence which here multiply as the story progressesAnother point which I rarely encounter is the lack of page numbering in a book When the book is set down without a book mark it becomes a challenge to resume reading after the first hour of reading a pencil was used to manually page number the beginning of each chapterOverall and all things considered I rather enjoyed this old time story of the old west the first book I have read by Mr Underwood and prompts me to perhaps seek out one of the mysteries he has written

  4. RM(Alwaysdaddygirl) Griffin (alwaysdaddyprincess) RM(Alwaysdaddygirl) Griffin (alwaysdaddyprincess) says:

    5 starsWill try to do a review down the road🇺🇸🤙

  5. Davyne DeSye Davyne DeSye says:

    Very enjoyable It’s been a long time since I’ve read a Western and this one made me wonder why I had stayed away so longThis is a lush story full of history gorgeous descriptions and characters to absolutely love It also brilliantly evokes the simpler but tumultuous time of the classic wild west explorationThis is not the first Bobby Underwood I’ve read and like his other books I just fell in love with the characters They are the obvious strong suit in any Underwood story and because I love character driven stories I can’t help but to come back again and againIn this story Wyn is just a boy when marauders come onto his family’s land kill his parents and kidnap his sister There is a definite implication that kidnapping wasn’t the worse of what happened here but thankfully this is very tastefully handled Wyn grows up determined to avenge his family and rescue his sister from the evil man responsible for Wyn’s misfortunesWyn slowly tracks down other members of band but knows he can never uit until he finds the leader and rescues his sister Along the way Wyn meets or introduces us to some lovely characters – people I would be proud to call friends Better still even though Wyn cannot imagine ever having the time or the lifestyle to take a wife he falls in love along the wayWhile at the beginning the story seemed a relatively simple one the complexity of plot that developed over the course of the narrative was surprising and wonderfulI strongly recommend this book to those who enjoy Westerns or to those who enjoy good story telling

  6. classic reverie classic reverie says:

    Not until later in life did I fully enjoy and appreciate Westerns as a kid I enjoyed the TV series How the West was Won but it was watching Gunsmoke and Bonanza later in my thirties that started my fondness for this genre and then OTR Old Time Radio heightened it So after reading another Western Ox Bow Incident I was looking forward to reading Bobby Underwood's The Wild Country and see his take on the West I have enjoyed all his books thus far but I have a new favorite of his collection and this is it I knew about Wyn Witcomb from a short story in his book Ruff Draft which had me wondering since then about this man's story If you like suspense adventure romance tragedy and the Wild West you will enjoy this story Somethings I guessed at but mostly I was thrown through a loop which was suspenseful to the very last chapter He made the characters so real and their stories were intriguing which made this an excellent read and makes on think about life I am off to read the next in the series to see how that pans out

  7. Goth Gone Grey Goth Gone Grey says:

    I noticed Bobby Underwood on GoodReads when he started following my reviews and enjoyed his book Reuiem As a holiday promotion he offered free downloads for a number of his books which I eagerly leapt on like a cat on a laser dot Thanks to the author for the wonderful chance to read most of his library A disclaimer I haven't read many if any Westerns It wouldn't be my go to genre but with how much I like the first book I read by the same author I wanted to give this one a try The writing is lovely both matter of fact and elegant describing the beautiful country and the people Wyn the hero with the white horse and white hat chasing down the demons of his past is a strong good guy in the classic Western style He just wants to get the job done that he's been working on since he was a child and marry the woman of his fantasies In the style of an old Western movie without a huge budget for casting every character relates to each other to tie the story together neatly at the end In writing however this feels like an awful lot of coincidental ties between characters that seemed too convenient The genre is captured nicely but in modern times it reads almost as sterotypes the strong white hero helped by his Apache friend with broken English the girl he pines for the bad guys he has to defeat the awful things happening to the women in the story At some points I nearly needed my smelling salts the assaults on females left me feeling faint Joking Somewhat it seems that being a woman in this story meant something bad was certainly going to happen to you as your lot in life The writing about the scenery and landscapes is lovely but it could have done without the multiple references to the wild country I got it the first few times though it is sometimes magic to see where the title of a book emerges in the text Would I read from this author? Absolutely But I'm not as eager to read the seuel to this as I am other styles of his work

  8. Edwin Edwin says:

    Essentially a revenge novel that is clearly influenced by Zane Grey with plenty of elegant descriptive prose and several memorable characters A well told tale although not particularly original

  9. john rolfe john rolfe says:

    A Good ReadA fast moving story told just how all good Western should bewith a baddy and a goody to win out with loads of good location descriptions once Started couldn't put it down till finished

  10. D. E. D. E. says:

    A Western Novel Of Kidnapping Murder the Chase Revenge and JusticeBU has written a western novel with a murderer who I travels a far and wide to complete the murders he has planned and been paid for A young man spends a lifetime looking for the killer but as he makers his search his friends close his tracks The young man visits SFO and finds the man their but is startled when he murders one of his call girls The chase ends in SBA By the ocean The murderer is connected to a flame and then burns to death This is a classic western that far exceeds a good novel rating This read is an excellent read for the genreER

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