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The Land Founding [Read] ➮ The Land Founding By Aleron Kong – Welcome my friendsWelcome to The LandTricked into a world of banished gods demons goblins sprites and magic Richter must learn to meet the perils of The Land and begin to forge his own kingdom Actions Welcome my friendsWelcome to The LandTricked into a world of banished gods demons goblins sprites and magic Richter must learn to meet the perils of The Land and begin to forge his own kingdom Actions have conseuences across The Land with powerful creatures and factions now hell bent on Richter's destructionCan Richter forge allegiances to survive this harsh and unforgiving world or will he fall to the dark denizens of this ancient and unforgiving realmA The Land eBook · tale to shake The Land itself measuring on the Richter scale how will Richter's choices shape the future of The Land and all who reside in it Can he grow his power to meet the deadliest of beings of the land When choices are often a shade of grey how will Richter ensure he does not become what he seeks to destroyps Gnomes Rule.

  • Paperback
  • 252 pages
  • The Land Founding
  • Aleron Kong
  • English
  • 08 January 2015
  • 9781535020701

About the Author: Aleron Kong

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10 thoughts on “The Land Founding

  1. Bradley Bradley says:

    In the age old spirit of reading some of the easiest and most enjoyable popcorn fiction ever designed for old RPG gamers like myself I've fallen off the wagon of anything normally regarded as proper fiction and now I'm wallowing like a pig in the mudI'm in heavenOkay I've been reading LitRPG novels for some time now and I've loved them ever since I first turned on the TV back in the 80's Do you remember that old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon? Yeah That one Let's get transported away into a wide world of adventure dragging us out of our everyday slog But most of allLET'S LEVEL UPI think that's the main draw for people like me The stories in the games and in this book in particular are all boilerplate standard uest stuff but who cares The joy is in the challenge the discovery and the enhancement of our skills If we get to destroy a tribe of goblins or get embroiled in deeper and darker intrigues it's all bonus From Matthew Stover and Cline's Ready Player One I'm thrilled to see that this is now a thing The fact that I've already read a few along the pure popcorn lines of a whole new established genre just means that it's not a one offI'm beginning to think that I can expect to enjoy this kind of thing forever WOOO And to think I once thought it would be trash The uality of everything I've read all the way up to this novel has been uite good I now can ignore dystopias sparkly vampires and all those other flavors of the day I've got myself a new flavor giddy dance And there's so much to choose from too They're all pretty much the same of course but that's okay I'm not sick of it 30 years of these games in RL has pretty much made me become an insta fan And yes I brought up a few authors and such in this review for a particular reason I've come to the easy realization that Aleron Kong the Father LitRPG is entirely sardonic and the unmitigated level of ego has got to be level 20 I can appreciate that A woman as a father is pretty telling after all Go Aleron

  2. Daemondice Daemondice says:

    Warning this is a review of the whole series published so far books 1–6 not just the first bookI guess the story was supposed to be about an inexperienced and careless character who gradually grows into a wise ruler but damn The protagonist not only has a rather annoying personality and impulsive behaviour he also makes one stupid mistake after another and very often doesn’t learn anything from his mistakes repeating the same ones over and over again Worse than that the universe often rewards him for such poorly made decisions retroactively making them look like somewhat good ones Overall even though this series had some good elements it would greatly benefit from an editorial proofreading and overhaul if not even a total revamp I’ll divide the problems into writing related and plot related categoriesPlot related problems this series has I’ve counted at least 25 extremely powerful artefacts and abilities that the low level protagonist keeps finding for himself Too many WhatAnIdiot and IdiotBall moments to mention any of them specifically The protag doesn’t think even once about devising some fail safe mechanism for ensuring that he can’t be captured and tortured Same with the Absolute Soul Stones which he himself thinks could be useful for capturing entities like him who are able to resurrect given how relatively easy it is to get to level 10–15 and the benefits that each level up could give eg bump in profession charisma vitality etc it’s strange that ordinary people do not try to secure some level ups for themselves often the protagonist changes in personality from a videogame player to a local lord too uickly the protagonist never gets bothered by the fact that his thoughts and emotions can directly get affected and even changed by both active spells and passive RPG mechanics at work eg by opponent’s Battle Cry ability Charisma stat trade skill etc He himself also never takes the initiative to find out how such effects can be negated the Brain drain’s memory capturing property activates only when it’s plot relevant and the captured memories themselves are always plot relevant as well protag never bothers to max his analyse skill even though it was later shown that just analysing some 100 200 people would be enough to significantly boost that skill in levels and often doesn’t use the best available attacks during fights concentrating too much on ineffective sword wielding and arrow shooting some monsters and opponents were ridiculously easy to kill given the differences between them and the protagonist in level and species uality Such enemies include the Crypt Mistress the lv30 human duo the Crystal Guardian the Rock Giant the Decaemur Knight etc lack of deconstruction elements and experimentation with the universe also almost no attempts to introduce sci tech from his native world — the only thing he tried creating was an alcohol still from the get go the protag somehow knows how to decently use a bow soul bonds and destiny are a thingWriting related problems this series has missing commas apostrophes uestions marks words etc needless over explanations repetitions and reiterations — Often whole sentences and even paragraphs could be cut out from the story without damaging it whatsoever 1 When faced with a choice the protag will often go over the list of all available options and describe why he thinks each of them would be good or bad to choose This commentary usually doesn’t involve any smart or extraordinary reasoning or even just straight out repeats what the flavour text has just been telling 2 Especially in the later books there is an annoyingly large amount of PreviouslyOn moments when the narrator reminds about one event or another that has happened earlier in the story a whole bunch of pop culture references that are not only annoying by themselves but also would be out of character for someone from 2037 some of the times when the narrator’s describing protagonist’s train of thought it generates inane commentary like this “He had followed George Takei on facebook and one day it had showed a pressure point called ‘Shen Men’” “it still didn’t make sense to him why one type of person could research something that another group could not That was the entire point of science It was immutable and indiscriminate Of course that was based upon his view of Earth science The same science that would say waving his hand and speaking an incantation shouldn’t make fire shoot from his fingers Ultimately he decided not to pull too hard on the logic thread Scientists back home couldn’t even explain how a bumblebee could fly” too much empty talking frat boy shit talk and bickering lame sex innuendoes and jokes America related grandstanding and chest beating prejudice against women in form of derogatory and condescending comments — again nothing severe enough to be “offending” material but it’s still rather annoying conversion of the in game property value to monetary value euivalent back on earth — it’s mentioned that back when the protag was playing a VRMMORPG and had not yet been transported into the real RPG universe the VR game had in game currency that could be purchased with real life money For some reason though even after getting transported into the RPG universe the protag often keeps calculating the hypothetical amount of US dollars that items in his possession would be worth of and being impressed with the results biased flavour texts — in several cases the flavour texts are either clearly being biased against some of the game’s inhabitants eg goblins or just are written in such a way that makes you think their author has a specific personality Both of these are not what one usually associates with a RPG’s flavour text in the later books especially too often does the narrator refer to protag as to “the chaos seed” It gets old pretty fastGood things about this story nice environment and creature descriptions; nice character designs and descriptions; nice and specific formulaic descriptions of game mechanics spells exp char properties etc although the plot armour often trumps it and makes it meaningless; self consistent exp per level grid though I’d expect for the higher uality creatures to need exp than lower tier monsters for reaching the same level For instance the Crypt Mistress at level 26 had almost as much exp accumulated as a level 26 Bugbear Ranger; same with lvl15 Rock Giant compared to lvl15 River Skath nice description of social dynamics corruption and slavery in the city of Law though once the protag gets a village of his own most of the realism in this regard gets poured down the drainMiscellaneous but noteworthy things the narrative had a weird way of distinguishing between creatures that were supposed to have basic rights and creatures that were not One example of this is the protag’s interaction with kobolds when he shows having no ualms about mind controlling and killing them even when other options were available compared to his interaction with forest wild game when he suddenly starts having uestions about his morality and possibly deteriorating principles the logic of the magic in this world as well as of the thinking process of its inhabitants is akin to DD universe than a VRRPG the effects of the RPG mechanics themselves are not reconstructed well enough to make them blend well with the literary format of storytelling Among some other thing this also results in many opponents having poor videogame AI level intelligence and lack of cunning the story features many scenes and descriptions of gore violence and rape

  3. Zippington Zippington says:

    I really enjoyed this book a lot than I thought I would As an rpg player I loved getting all the info stats on all the loot seeing character level progression Oddly satisfying I'm looking forward to seeing a lot where this came from Definitely recommended for any fans of the mmorpgadventure genres

  4. Allan Allan says:

    FunThis is a pleasant romp for anyone that's played Everuest or DD The levelingspells and npc's are well thought out I was unsure about the village partbut it did add to the story

  5. Kirkus Kirkus says:

    Feeling like a moron Richter just gave a short nod Indeed meet the moron Richter who most likely failed primary school and is now at the age 24 in another world Recommended for readers between age 10 15Why the writer didn't place the MC in the age bracket of 14 16 I will never know It would have been the perfect excuse for the character´s ignorance

  6. Diamond Stafford Diamond Stafford says:

    AmazingSucks you into this dream like world were the worst might be occurring in the background but nothing but limitless potential stirs on the surface

  7. David McBride David McBride says:

    This entire series is definitely worth a read I had a lot of fun with it and am eagerly anticipating the 7th This isn't the first LitRPG I've read but it's definitely one of the best Kong captures the spirit and magic of RPGs and this book should appeal to most red blooded gamers out there

  8. Enzo Enzo says:

    First I must mention that I use to play a lot of DD and this is almost as fun Having said that I feel I enjoy LitRPG titles because they remind me of good times plus work those corners of my mind that keep tallies on scores attributes races etcThe book is simply a lot of fun had I started reading in a weekend I might have marathon through it As it is I think I went to fast wish I could go straight to book 2 in the series but my promise to not do that because I like switching genres often enough keeps the challenges fun So how does this book compare to others Its a typical fantasy story with the hero getting about in a fantasy location but the added RPG and the constant reminder that this is so much like DD As the story and characters grow on you they grow in stats in page The inner voice of the characters makes a lot of sense not only his actions This is for the action junkie little happens that is not action related and when its not he is building or growing his characterI mentioned it to a fellow player and I have to now send him the book so he can have at it Highly recommended if you liked Dungeons and Dragons or RPG games in general A solid 2020 roll

  9. Jeff Rogers Jeff Rogers says:

    Good fantasy readA slightly off beat fantasy book that is one of the best things I have read in uite a while Congratulations to Mr Kong someone's finally written a storyline that I feel compelled to follow

  10. Geli Geli says:

    Truthfully I bought the book when I had just finished Awaken Online Catharsis and I wanted needed Nice of the Awaken Online author to recomment this book and so I went and bought itSo I might have started reading with too high expectations yes But then I might also have not as this is far from my first Litrpg ride and there are lots of okay to very enjoyable books out thereSadly this wasn't one of them to meThe reason is simple While the setting with the gods and the game is interesting and the writing is okay too the main character as the emotional response of a cardboard cut outSo yeah transported to a different world? Sucked out of a game into somewhere else? Reaction Zero Thinking about family friends? Nope Wondering about returning home? As if He didn't even waste a thought towards the game group he had just leftIt was such a wasted potential for some real angst for some character development for being than average even Instead there was just nothing But I read on after all many in the litrpg genre became better Hope dies last right? In this case the character died with it Seriously crying on the floor in pain and then suddenly homicidal rage? It came so out of the blue I was tempted to laugh Instead I read a few pages on and then started to skip and skip and skip Until the book was over and I was left wondering how an author like the one from Awaken Online could think this on one level with his own work Recommended Nope

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