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  1. Kaylin Beach Kaylin Beach says:

    This is the second book in the End of Eternity series by Loretta Lost This book is told by Owen's point of view and by Carmen's which I really enjoy I love books that allow the reader to see how multiple characters are feeling and thinking In this book we get to see a little about Owen and his relationship with his current girlfriend Caroline We also get to see a different side of Brad in this book Brad is beginning to show us his true colors slowly but surely Carmen is faced with a tragedy and is surprised by which guy ends up being there for her through this tough time But what happens when the man that is there for her may have actually been to blame for Carmen's tragedy? Is Owen ready to give up Caroline for Carmen? What is wrong with Brad? Carmen figures out some dark secrets about Brad and Grayson Does Carmen see Grayson differently now? We get to see how and why Grayson was so obsessed with Helen We also get to see how Brad and Grayson knew each other I could not believe how creepy Brad was becoming I was so grossed out by his apartment I almost thought Carmen was going to find her baby's fetus in his apartment Brad is a creepy man and Loretta did an awesome job portraying him as such I really began to understand Grayson and why he was so obsessed with Helen I found myself almost feeling bad for him but I didn't uite get there I can't feel bad for a rapist Loretta Lost lets out everyone's dirty secrets in this book and you definitely want to hear them If you are a fan of the Clarity series you need End of Eternity in your life Even if you have never read anything by Loretta you NEED to

  2. Paula Paula says:

    I started this book and until I finished it I basically didn't move my behind off the sofa it was that goodIt picked up where End Of Eternity the first book in this series left offWith the last book ending on one hell of a cliffhanger I was holding my breath while trying to find out if Carmen would have to endure another tragedyBut Loretta Lost didn't give it away right from the start so I was reading frantically until my heart broke for Carmen and I nearly wished that I could go back to the uncertainty of the previous pagesI mean how much can one person endure?Carmen's life has become a living nightmare and it is hard for her to find her path As much as I'd like to grab her by the shoulders and give her a good shake for all that she went through she's still admirably strong and sane Who can really blame her that she doesn't want to be alone?It's just a pity that she all too willingly allows assholes like Brad to become a part of her life The best friend of her deceased husband he seems to offer the stability and safety she so desperately craves This makes her slightly blind or even careless when it comes to his flaws The red flags that do come up she ignores trying to believe in the good of people An endearing uality when faced with well meaning people can become potentially threatening with dangerous ones But Carmen needs to cling to any sliver of hope especially since the man that makes her heart sing isn't hers to want Carmen is a character with so many layers and so much hidden strength that she only needs to tap into It'd be so easy to judge her to dismiss her as having a few screws loose but Loretta Lost makes it impossible to do that It's hard to picture what Carmen went through coupled with her desire to be loved and to then not at least acknowledge her behaviour as understandableWith Brad she allowed a man in her lie that seems to be two faced There is something about him that just doesn't seem right and the the book progresses the this proves to be true Yet he can turn on the charm like nobody's business and knows how to exploit Carmen's vulnerability making her dependent on him But he might have underestimated her strength and the fact that she has people looking out for herPeople like Owen Though he can't be hers he is still there for her Sweet caring loyal Owen who seems so perfect and yet is so lost lost in a relationship that doesn't make him happy any A relationship that suffocates him But he is a man of his word and both his promise and his guilt keep him loyal to his girlfriend Caroline It seems though that his heart has left the relationship a while ago and is now falling for Carmen seeing the person she really is and not the person everyone expects her to beWith characters who have an immense amount of depth this story is even intense than the first book It seems like page by page Loretta Lost peels back and layers to their personalities exposing things about them that make them seem human and realBut dear mother of all that's holy does this book end with a cliffhanger that had me shaking my head and mumbling OMG I cannot wait for book three5 get lost in the story stars

  3. Stephanie Quesnelle Stephanie Quesnelle says:

    I still am not sure if I liked this series It was fast paced dynamic and unpredictable However especially in the first book I found the main character to be terrible and unlikeable not in a literary reason kind of way but just in a over the top meh creation I couldn't relate to her in the first book at all

  4. Andrea Mcbride Andrea Mcbride says:

    Although I loved the first one better this series is still very intriguing Can't wait to read the next one

  5. Angela Angela says:

    This book dragged a bit I do like how it ended and had me wanting to read So now I am on to book 3

  6. Melba Turner Melba Turner says:

    More pleaseThis is an awesome series where you get the perspective of the characters in depth and how many layers they have More please

  7. Jo Jo says:

    This book was enjoyable

  8. Lonnie lee shieds Lonnie lee shieds says:

    Loved itCan't wait to read book 3 ad 4 kept me wondering WHY? I will order both books asap Great read

  9. Moon Moon says:

    I literally read book two yesterday straight through I could NOT stop readingMy heart aches for Carmen as she endures tragedy than I think any one person should have to endure She clings to her dead husbands best friend Brad the only guy she thinks cares for her better to have a future with someone rather than no one When she realizes Brad has been lying to her it leads her to some investigative work that uncovers secrets about her husband and Brad and a surprise ending so shocking that made me click to buy the next two books uickly I woke up at 6 am and by 11 I was done with book 3 lol Trust me this series grabs you by the heart and throat and won't let goAs I said in my previous review on book one unless you have survived multiple tragedies much less multiple tragedies so close together do you have any idea of the things that you will do and say Carmen has struggled through multiple tragedies so close together it's no wonder she clings to the first person who seems to care When your world is falling apart someone seemingly willing to help you put the pieces back together is hard to resist even when it's a huge JERK like BradHonestly with every book this series only gets better and better Ok off to write the review for book 3 so I can finally finish this crazy story A

  10. Sam Sam says:

    Book 2 picks up where book 1 ended and doesn't let up until the cliffhanger ending As with all her books this one has you from the first page This book to me was emotional than the first At times I just wanted to shake Carmen for letting someone like Brad into her life so soon after her husbands suicide I would also uestion whether or not he really was the best friend because best friends don't hit on the widow while the body is still warm Then there is Owen who I absolutely loved from the first series Clarity and from End of Eternity 1 I want to shake him also for not seeing what he has in front of him To say he has to stay with his girlfriend because he gave his word to her even though she no longer wants the things he does is ridiculousE of E 2 has of a mystery to solve as Carmen finally opens her eyes and wants to find out of the friendship Brad and her husband had A visit to his apartment adds to the confusion of who Brad really is and when Carmen finally goes to visit Graysons motherwell just hold onto your seat and pray the next book comes out uickly I have said it before I just don't know how Loretta can write one book after the other and make them better than the one before but she does and I hope she never stops I highly recommend this book

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Chasing Eternity End of Eternity #2 [PDF / Epub] ★ Chasing Eternity End of Eternity #2 By Loretta Lost – Tragedy When it rains it always poursCarmen Winters has already lost so much Now she is beyond terrified as she stands to lose the one thing that gave her hope for a better futureShe knows that she ca Tragedy When it End of PDF/EPUB ê rains it always poursCarmen Winters has already lost so much Now she is beyond terrified as she stands to lose the one thing that gave her hope for a better Chasing Eternity Epub / futureShe knows that she can pull through her physical and psychological difficulties if only someone would stand by her But with her father and sister occupied with their own struggles in another state she Eternity End of Epub Û has no family she can lean on Her only options are to turn to Brad a ruthless lawyer mainly concerned with dollar signs or Owen a kind doctor with a jealous and spiteful long term girlfriendWith or without help from the frustrating men in her life Carmen will have to find the strength inside herself to carry on She must make one final journey to say goodbye to her husband once and for all and lay the past to rest foreverBut when Carmen uncovers startling information about what really led to her husband's death everything changes.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 202 pages
  • Chasing Eternity End of Eternity #2
  • Loretta Lost
  • 13 August 2015

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