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  1. JJ Dunaway JJ Dunaway says:

    Wow the third book in the series was exciting The author wrote a well paced action packed continuation of a momentum building story about goodevilor something else The story sees an increase in heroesheroines and some costumingupgrades to current ones I found some surprises on abilities of characters and the broken moral compasses of a few others One character is seeing romantic troubles and another has a blooming romance it seems realistic and entertaining in that sense The main antagonist is still physically about 13 years old in appearance and that makes her story much complicated than it would be for her actual age a 60 something year old women to do the things that she does in the story I enjoy the way that Samantha builds each story with not only the premise of the story menopausal women becoming heroines and in one case a manhero but seeing characters actually face the change in their way of life thinking or just about good and evil concepts I look forward to reading in the series and seeing what changes are to come

  2. Michelle Odland Michelle Odland says:

    I do wish that I had had a uick recap in this book as it had been a long time since I read book one and I missed book two but I went along with it to see how the plot would go without it You do get bits and pieces of the previous books but in order to truly enjoy the humor and storyline I suggest reading the previous books What I enjoyed most about this book was the characters I am a character girl at heart and a few of them stole the show in this novel The book paces well and I enjoyed that you don't just see the hero or villains in this novel but you get their point of view to the point where you may see the good in the bad and vice versa It makes the characters seem even realistic as much as super powered menopausal women and a former 67 year oldnow preteen can be I love how Bryant adds extra touches to her storyline to bring down the pace of the constant actionI look forward to seeing what the UCU will bring next

  3. C.L. C.L. says:

    The book opens with Cindy on the run from a mysterious “Department” She’s been transformed from a 67 year old scientist into a teenage girl and has her father in the back of the van she stole to escape She’d used a formula she’d developed to make her young again Unfortunately her father had been in the midst of a brain transplant which was thwarted when the Department discovered them Now Cindy is stuck in the body of a 13 year old with a decrepit father to lug aroundMeanwhile Mary Braeburn is dealing with her own situation with the Department She has freed her mother Helen from them but they’re still on the run Oh and Helen can make fire As the book progresses we meet all sorts of super powered characters all introduced in compelling situations There’s a lizard woman a flying woman all dealing with their powers in a complicated tapestry of relationships The characters stay grounded but at its heart it's fun escapismThis is one of the most creative original ideas I’ve encountered lately It’s a really fun read It’s the kind of series where you want to start at the beginning and read all of them

  4. Dave Higgins Dave Higgins says:

    Bryant merges dramatic scenery shattering extravaganzas and tense investigations with sympathetic and complex characterisation to create a superhero tale that will appeal to than hardcore fans of the genreThis novel is volume three of the Menopausal Superheroes series So – Kapow SpoilersIn the wake of their – mostly – successful covert operation the Department have made a deal with Springfield to work openly alongside the police All the Director needs now is poster heroes for the big announcement Both Jessica and Leonel share the Department’s desire for action – if not necessarily their definition of photogenic costumes – but each of them must deal with a family focused on the possible downsides joining the Department brings An uncertainty that Patricia never a team player at the best of times shares With Cindy Liu still on the run Helen literally burning a path toward an explosive confrontation with her former friends and a new group of super powered villains throwing Springfield into turmoil will the superheroes find time to save their relationships and the town?As with the previous volumes Bryant skilfully blends classic superhero tropes with the lives of women mature than the traditional superheroine With the protagonists now mostly at ease with their powers and flushed with the desire to use them for good they discover that – while those extra decades of adulthood might have freed them from teenage angst and granted them a support network often lacked by twenty something geniuses – it has also provided them with families who rely on them as they are and the empathy to not simply walk away from their commitmentsAnd a somewhat greater sense of discomfort at the idea of striding around in clothes that cling or gape strategicallyHowever as previously Bryant doesn’t allow the potential realism of being a mature superhero to overwhelm the escapism at the heart of the genre There is an eual thread of exuberantly larger than life action that embraces the absurd without becoming a pasticheThis weaving of the real and the cinematic appears eually in the plot arcs new and old Bryant does not shy away from the horror underlying the ability to hurl fire control people’s will or view others as necessary losses to achieve a worthy goal; but retains the over the top posturing and complex plans of classic supervillainsAs might be expected of a series based on the idea of superheroes who aren’t the generic attractive socially flexible young things the characters are sympathetic and nuanced With the initial shock of developing powers replaced with an acceptance of self they each now struggle with gaining that same acceptance from others Making full use of a varied cast both virtuous and not so Bryant presents several plausible perspectives on both the challenges of new opportunities and responses to themOverall I enjoyed this novel greatly I recommend it to readers seeking fast paced superhero action that’s than just a string of special effects set piecesI received a free copy from the author with a reuest for a fair review

  5. S.J. Higbee S.J. Higbee says:

    I do feel this is one series where a “story so far” prologue would help the reader As I followed the fortunes of our four protagonists and a couple of formidable antagonists it took me a while to recall who was doing what to whom However once I was back in the flow of this entertaining and unusual take on the superhero genre I was able to settle back and thoroughly enjoy the story While the blurb and eye catching cover give the impression this is a humorous parody in fact this isn’t the case Bryant has set up an original scenario whereby for women of a certain age suddenly find themselves endowed with superpowers – what she isn’t doing is playing this situation for laughsIn a genre which historically has been dominated by the likes of Superman Spiderman and Batman Bryant has given us a refreshingly different take on the superhero dynamic when these four women with busy home lives including grandchildren and established careers suddenly find themselves dealing with paranormal powersThe character who has to embrace the biggest change is Leonel who not only is suddenly coping with superstrength but also coming to terms with also becoming a man His very traditional husband is finding it difficult when the household chores aren’t done because Leonel is off chasing down baddies When David demands that Leonel choose between his new crime fighting career or his marriage Leonel is anguished at being forced into such a choice and turns to his daughters for help and advice Whereas Helen who finds herself able to wield fire with lethal conseuences appears to be affected mentally by her newfound ability and increasingly ignores her daughter Always a rather brittle obsessive personality she is now consumed with fury against those who she regards betrayed her and abandoned her and she is determined to get her revengeBryant gives us interesting insights into how these characters interact as we switch between viewpoints I am not always a fan of multiple viewpoint having far too often found that shuttling between a cast of characters means I don’t get a chance to bond or fully understand anyone That isn’t the case here Once I got back into the swing of the story Bryant’s perceptive characterisation built a really interesting dynamic that took this story beyond an escapist romp The primary antagonist also has problems of her own having also been caught up in the inadvertent changes her experimentation has caused and I enjoyed following her story in parallel with those people whose lives she has changed foreverThe climactic denouement satisfactorily resolved the narrative while leaving a few plot points dangling for another adventure At least that is what I am hoping – I have grown fond of this band of menopausal superheroes and very much hope I can revisit their world Recommended for readers who enjoy plenty of adventure featuring strong interesting characters810

  6. Kate M. Colby Kate M. Colby says:

    Disclaimer I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThe third novel in Samantha Bryant's Menopausal Superhero series Face the Change picks up right where the second novel Change of Life left off The plot weaves together three main threads our heroes' uest to find Cindy Liu and other villains Cindy Liu's attempts to help her father and avoid capture and Mary's efforts to protect Helen her mother from The Department and herselfSo far Face the Change is my favorite novel in the series I loved how Bryant pushed me right back into the action and kept the pace uick throughout the book Though obviously connected the different plot lines were each given their due time to develop and came together fluidly at the end They also showed new sides of the ever growing eclectic cast of characters and I enjoyed watching our heroes and villains grow or reaffirm themselves through their strugglesI only have two criticisms of the book The first is that one character's new relationship seemed to come out of nowhere and I wish there had been build up to help it feel natural Second I would have liked the book's final confrontation to last a little longer – after everything the characters went through to get there it felt a bit anticlimactic But to be clear it still brought the main plot lines to a satisfying closeOverall Face the Change is another great installment in the Menopausal Superhero series Eual parts action packed dramatic suspenseful and charming it gives fans exactly what they want strong women awesome powers and a fun read Two thumbs up from me

  7. Sean Duggan Sean Duggan says:

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the third book of Samantha Bryant's series about menopausal superheroes and the chickens are coming to roost Lionel is recovering from his rescue and wounding in the last book and his relationship with David is stained Jessica is delighted with her new powers and the ability it gives her to make a change but her family is leery Cindy is learning just what sort of a man her father is Helen is consumed with the fire of revenge and Patricia has someone from her past inserting themselves in her lifeThings I like about this book The editing is still good The focus is back to relationship drama instead of the bout into spy fiction in the last book And the plot does move things forward so there's advancement of characters Things I like less A new set of villains are introduced that distract from the main plot and are resolved easily The sinister undertones of The Department from the last book are papered over And there are some significant loose ends here including hints that these powers are a lot older than it seemsOverall I liked the book I've just got the set of short stories to finish now

  8. Lucinda Clarke Lucinda Clarke says:

    INTERESTINGI would strongly recommend that you read these books in order or there is a brief update on some of the characters as it took me a while to sort out who was who and what each one could do with their special powers The story moved fast and seamlessly and it flowed well and was an easy read I liked the correlation between well know super heroes and Ms Bryant’s characters Certainly a different read and I’m glad I stumbled across this book

  9. Leigh Leigh says:

    This is the third novel in Bryant's 'Menopausal Superheroes' series and while it advances the storyline it does so at the expense of characterisation New characters are introduced but are dealt with superficially and even the existing characters are given fairly short shrift in character development That said it's an enjoyable read as I've come to expect and there are hijinks galore I'd advise against coming straight to this instalment of the series; the goings on are a bit too bizarre to pick up on the fly Read the full series and you'll get much out of it I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

  10. Zan Marie Steadham Zan Marie Steadham says:

    The third installment in the Menopausal Superheroes series is a fitting addition to a creative storyline Read the first two and come to this one ready to enjoy

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Face the Change (Menopausal Superheroes, #3) ❰Download❯ ➵ Face the Change (Menopausal Superheroes, #3) Author Samantha Bryant – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The Menopausal Superheroes are coming out of the closet and the pressure is high on the job and on the homefrontNow that he knows what it’s like to be a hero Leonel “Fuerte” Alvarez can’t imag The Menopausal Superheroes are coming out of the closet and the pressure is high on the job and on the homefrontNow that he knows what it’s like to be a hero Leonel “Fuerte” Alvarez can’t imagine going back to his former life as a grandmother and housewife But putting his life on the line may cost him his husband even while he saves the cityJessica Face the ePUB í “Flygirl” Roark is holding on to her second chance at love with both hands while learning to balance single parenthood with her new career in crime fightingPatricia “Lizard Woman” O’Neill is blindsided by an unexpected romance just as she signs on to join the teamMeanwhile enemies abound old and new When superpowers alone aren’t enough what a woman really needs are her friends.