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  1. Chad Chad says:

    Separated into 3 two issue arcs we get stories from three different times What's great about that is you get to see both shows in all their eras The WWII period of Wonder Woman '77 season 1 the era of Batman '66 and then Wonder Woman '77 Ra's al Ghul is the villain across all three stories Catwoman also appears in all three stories and slyly is replaced in each story with one of the 3 actresses who played herIn the first story Bruce is a kid and his parents are holding an auction at Wayne Manor Young Bruce and Talia meet and have an adventure while escaping both Nazis and Ra's Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor show up as well since WW doesn't age in the show's mythology Next up Batman and Robin head to Paradise Island during the Batman '66 era Wonder Girl even makes an appearanceThe last story takes place during Wonder Woman '77 and is very disco centric Robin has taken over for Batman as Nightwing in his disco costume from the George Perez New Titans era There's even a new Batmobile It is a Trans Am which I found hilarious That should be the next crossover Batman '66 Meets Smokey and the Bandit

  2. Jerry Jerry says:

    I love Lynda Carter's portrayal of Wonder Woman and the old Adam West Batman is fun too Put them together and you've got a blast of a superhero story With fabulous artwork great action and delightful dialogue this made for exciting reading

  3. Louis Skye Louis Skye says:

    This was so much fun I still love the Batman 66 show and even though I've never properly seen the Wonder Woman show I know how important it was in terms of representation This TPB was action packed than I expected I love that it spans so many eras the 40s the 60s and the 70s The artists manage to render each decade extremely well One gets a real sense of time and place throughout the book I didn't expect as many characters as we get in this series Alongside Batman Robin and Wonder Woman there's also Catwoman who plays a very large role in the story And the League of Shadows who never appeared in the show only in the comics There are other characters who I can't mention without spoiling the storyThe 60s show had three actors playing Catwoman Julie Newmar Lee Meriwether and Eartha Kitt The story opens with Kitt's Catwoman which I thought was a brilliant choice Kitt was a trailblazer in her time and her take on the supervillain has been of immense culture relevance I have to admit I couldn't uite tell the difference between the artists' renditions of Meriwether and Newmar I thought they were the same Catwoman but apparently not I remember being just as confused while watching the show so it isn't really the artists' fault The two actors looked surprisingly alike especially in costumeThere are a lot of female characters here which is great They also lead the action so that's even better No simpering damsels in this book I love that these once maligned shows are making a comeback in comics where their lives began Plus the comic medium allows for the characters to exist with updated sensibilities even if their style is still rooted in the past Most of all this was a fun book to read I am actually going to find now

  4. J. Kevin J. Kevin says:

    I had high hopes for this team up perhaps unreasonably so but ended up feeling a bit underwhelmedThe story is split into three parts The 1940s coinciding with Wonder Woman's first season the 1960s Batman's heyday and the 1970s as per Wonder Woman's later seasons Which sounds good in theory but in practice means that the first third of the book consists of a pre teen Bruce Wayne being chased through a hedge maze by Nazis which is just not that interestingPart two has a lot going for it Both heroes are in their prime and the action takes place in an ancient Greek labyrinth sort of Raiders of the Lost Ark by way of Ray Harryhausen the sort of thing the tv shows' budget would never have allowed but comics can do with relative ease This was my favorite sectionThe conclusion unfortunately falls back into being pretty mundane There's a sub plot about Batman having retired due to some Bad Stuff that happened between chapters This is a plotline we see in Batman comics all the time The Caped Crusader finally gives in to his inner darkness etc etc But it rings really false when applied to the unflappable Adam West versionPerhaps my biggest problem with the story is that the main villain Ra's Al Ghul is just dull He doesn't show much personality he doesn't have much of a grand scheme beyond trying to stay alive and his ninja minions are about as generic as they come There have been some great Ra's stories over the years but this one doesn't bring anything new to the tableThe artwork by David Hahn is good but he does fall on the cartoonystylized end of the spectrum so it doesn't uite sell the feeling of Hey it's Lynda Carter and Adam West in an adventure together the way Alex Ross' cover does It's not a terrible book by any means but it does feel like a bit of a missed opportunity

  5. Alex Sarll Alex Sarll says:

    It would have been easy enough to play Adam West meeting Lynda Carter as a camp romp; plenty of other Batman '66 crossovers went that way and they were mostly lots of fun And sure this is happy to do things like have Catwoman change actress unremarked between issues But it's something bolder too a generational saga going from a young Bruce Wayne's meeting with the wartime Diana through to a 1977 Gotham exactly as cheesily seventies as it would have been if the Batman TV show had somehow kept going with the same daft zip And looming over it all the shadow of a R'as al Ghul who manages to work as a threat without breaking the upbeat mood

  6. Paul Paul says:

    A fun trip to the alternate universe populated by memory lane

  7. Michael Emond Michael Emond says:

    Jeff Parker wowed me so much with his writing on Future uest I thought I would check out some of his other work This didn't wow me as much and the first story arc was kind of underwhelming but by the end of the volume I was actually enjoying this new take on some old characters The art is good but not great I wish it captured of the feel of the Tv series that inspired this book Wonder Woman kinda looked like Linda Carter but the Batman characters didn't look anything like Adam West Burt Ward or Yvonne CraigJeff Parker has an interesting take on the charactershe writes it from a weird perspective as if the TV shows existed but also the characters grew olderso WW 77 we have an older Batman a Nightwing from the disco era and a Batwoman who became the Commissioner The three 2 parters see our heroes grow from young Bruce Wayne to Batman of the TV series to older retired Batman Wonder Woman remains the same age because she is immortal All three stories are linked with Ra's Al Gul as the villain with his daughter Talia and the League of Assassins As I said the first 2 parter was a bit flat but the final 2 parter worked nicely These aren't deep stories but they aren't supposed to they are supposed to be lighter like the TV series In fact I feel they maybe were a bit too complex in comparison to the TV series but as a light read it was fun Especially nice were the insertions from the TV series DrusillaWonder girl for example that a fan of the shows would recognize

  8. LdyLiberty LdyLiberty says:

    I've never been a fan of the Adam West TV series so I haven't read any of the previous books; I picked this up for the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman After reading it I'm going to have to go back and look up the previous volumes; this book was fun I liked how they showed Batman getting older througout the three storylines without following the same Frank Miller dystopia everyone seems to copy And the bit with Catwoman's appearance changing to a different actress from the show for each storyline was a nice touch

  9. John Yelverton John Yelverton says:

    This was a very enjoyable team up of the two great DC Comics television shows of the 1960's and 1970's A great nod to the fans is the use of all three Catwomen Eartha Kitt Lee Meriwether and Julie Newmar interchangeably without the other characters noticing or making note of the change

  10. Sarah B Sarah B says:

    This was a fun nostalgic love letter to the super heroes fans that grew up with the Adam West's Batman and the 1970's Wonder Woman I could hear the actors voices as I read the dialogue Enjoyable from start to finish I hope that there will be of this awesome team up in the near future

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Batman 66 Meets Wonder Woman 77 [Epub] ❧ Batman 66 Meets Wonder Woman 77 By Jeff Parker – The creative team of Jeff Parker BATMAN '66 AUAMAN Marc Andreyko BATWOMAN MANHUNTER Karl Kesel HARLEY UINN and David Hahn Spider Man Loves Mary Jane bring the greatest superheroes in the history of th The creative Meets Wonder PDF/EPUB å team of Jeff Parker BATMAN ' AUAMAN Marc Andreyko BATWOMAN MANHUNTER Karl Kesel HARLEY UINN and David Hahn Spider Man Loves Mary Jane bring the greatest superheroes in the history of Batman 66 eBook Û the small screen together at last in BATMAN ' MEETS WONDER WOMAN ' an all new adventure that effortlessly captures the thrills chills and nonstop fun of two legendary TV seriesThe world knows them 66 Meets Wonder PDF ´ as Bruce Wayne his youthful ward Dick Grayson and American agent Diana Prince To grateful citizens and fearful villains they're none other than Batman Robin and Wonder Woman But the paths of the Dynamic Duo and the Princess have never crosseduntil nowThe all powerful enemy known as Ra's al Ghul and his League of Shadows are on the move hunting for everlasting life and bent on world domination Batman and Wonder Woman's uest to stop him will span the globe and the decades alike from the time a year old Bruce Wayne faced the Nazi hordes to the first full fledged team up between the heroes in to their reunion in the seventies when Batman's former proteges Robin and Batgirl have taken over their mentor's war on crimeCan these incredible guardians of goodness stop an immortal madman Tune in er we mean turn the page and find outCollects BATMAN ' MEETS WONDER WOMAN ' .

  • Hardcover
  • 144 pages
  • Batman 66 Meets Wonder Woman 77
  • Jeff Parker
  • English
  • 12 February 2014
  • 9781401273859

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