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Twin Peaks The Final Dossier [Reading] ➸ Twin Peaks The Final Dossier By Mark Frost – The crucial seuel to the New York Times bestselling The Secret History of Twin Peaks this novel bridges the two series and takes you deeper into the mysteries raised by the new seriesThe return of Twi The crucial seuel to the New York Times The Final PDF/EPUB Ä bestselling The Secret History of Twin Peaks Twin Peaks PDF or this novel bridges the two series and takes you deeper into the mysteries raised by the Peaks The Final PDF/EPUB ¿ new seriesThe return of Twin Peaks this May is one of the most anticipated events in the history of television The subject of endless speculation shrouded in mystery fans will come flocking to see Mark Frost and David Lynch's inimitable vision once again grace the screen Featuring all the characters we know and love from the first series as well as a list of high powered actors in new roles the show will be endlessly debated discussed and dissectedWhile The Secret History of Twin Peaks served to expand the mysteries of the town and place the unexplained phenomena that unfolded there into a vastly layered wide ranging history Twin Peaks The Final Dossier tells us what happened to key characters in the twenty five years in between the events of the first series and the second offering details and insights fans will be clamoring for The novel also adds context and commentary to the strange and cosmic happenings of the new series For fans around the world begging for Mark Frost's final take laid out in this novel will be reuired listening.

  • Hardcover
  • 145 pages
  • Twin Peaks The Final Dossier
  • Mark Frost
  • English
  • 04 March 2016
  • 9781250163301

10 thoughts on “Twin Peaks The Final Dossier

  1. Fabian Fabian says:

    So now we are basically calling fan service novels huh Yep these are the days And so this novel's theme is Twin Peaks so all's good I will admit that I've only watched season 1 and the brilliant hard R rated film my ualifications for critiuing this may be suspect IT OK But I do know who killed Laura Palmer The central enigma in this whirlpool of enigmaI suppose this bridges the 25 year gap between the original sensational show and this new Showtime revamp which I will immediately rent from the library when it becomes availablePersonally the Log Lady coming back as an archive in a very astute narrator's case file was my own personal brand of fan service You will have here Frost evokes much in very little Blue Rose?; not a discernible plot at all but people going into comas Heavy Washington State drug use Brilliant villains and brilliant girls with high Is going down various rabbit holes that some monstrous evil force puts thereCompleted the new series recently It's the single most brilliant slice of television gonzo retro terror and drama Uniue and unmissable Ferocious Unmissable

  2. Kemper Kemper says:

    I’m new to the world of Twin Peaks but as someone who holds advanced nerd degrees I’m familiar with a lot of franchises that have decades of continuity intricate histories and scores of characters who have gone through extreme story arcs Yet I think Twin Peaks is the only one that could release a short tie in book that seems like it’s just filling in some story gaps until the very end when it drops a couple of revelations that made me reexamine what I assumed I knew about the story all over againDamn and when I started watching the old show on Netflix last summer I thought it was about solving the mystery of who killed one girlOK just to recap The series ran for only two seasons back in the early ‘90s A preuel movie was done after that and then 25 years later the show returned with 18 episodes that seem not just about a surreal battle between epic forces of good and evil but also what I thought to be a slyly brilliant meta commentary on TV as well as the nostalgia driving the resurrection of old shows The previous tie in book The Secret History of Twin Peaks was released before its return and functioned as a set up for it The Final Dossier is about wrapping up some of the loose ends and acts as a kind of afterword to the seriesFollowing the style of Secret History the story is told in a series of FBI reports from Special Agent Tammy Preston to Deputy Director Gordon Cole that recaps and sorta explains what happened Or at least as much explanation as we’re likely to officially get It also fills in the gaps about what happened to many of the original characters as well as what occurred after the events of the last of the new episodesWhat’s interesting is that a Twin Peaks viewer sometimes knows than Agent Preston so when she has a uestion we often know the answer So it’s like even though the FBI has some pieces of the puzzle only someone who watched Twin Peaks not any of its characters is in a position to see the whole picture Understanding that picture is a whole different story Probably only David Lynch and Mark Frost could do that and it sounds like they’ve said all they have to say on the subjectI was slightly disappointed in this until the ending Secret History did similar things but was also telling us a story we didn’t know at all as well as having its own central mystery to solve This seemed only to exist as a way to tell us all the things the show didn’t have time to get into There’s also a depressing similarity to many of the characters’ fates What happened on the show 25 years ago seemed to have tainted almost everyone and there’s damn few happy endings The best that many of them managed was to maintain the status uo with their lives not getting any worseIt also seems to go out of its way to correct a mistake in Secret History with a weird and unlikely story about how that book said that Norma’s mother had died before the show started even though there’s a whole sub plot with her and her living mother in the original series However it’s odd that Frost goes to such links to correct that gaffe here when there are several other continuity errors and contradictions that aren’t addressed eg The story of how Big Ed and Nadine came to be married is nothing like how Big Ed describes it on the showSo it seemed like this was simply a bit of extra material to answer the uestions of hard core fans but that it hadn’t even been particularly well researched or thought out That’s when the last few chapters kicked me in the head with a very important bit of follow up on the impact of one of the last big events in the return episodes and then came a revelation that pretty much blew my mind and changed my perception about a whole facet of the entire series It’s possible that a dedicated Twin Peaks fan may have twigged to this before I did but it certainly doesn’t seem like information that the series gave us I’m not entirely sure that I like the idea of dropping something that seems so crucial in a follow up book rather than putting it in the series itself but nothing is easy or straight forward when it comes to Twin Peaks The entire show is begging to be picked apart and analyzed with layer after layer of themes and meaning examined so it doesn’t seem like that much of a cheat that one nugget was held back and tossed out laterThis would have exactly zero appeal to anyone who hasn’t the show and it’d be pretty confusing if you haven’t read Secret History either But for those who have it does provide a lot of interesting extras to think about Fair warning Any untagged spoilers about the show in the comments will be deleted

  3. C B C B says:

    More satisfying than The Secret History if only because it is entirely concerned with familiar Twin Peaks faces and not retro fitting historical UFO lore with a TP connection Fills in some blanks between the two series Where's Donna? What kept Ed and Norma from getting together during the intervening 25 years? and fixes some discrepancies created by the Secret History why did SH say Norma's mom died in the early 80s when she showed up in the original series? Did Annie get written out of the narrative altogether? but creates at least one new one Annie was born in 1973 per the Final Dossier but is in her early 20s in the original series set in 1989 An autopsy performed by Albert in 1989 I won't say whose is filled with anachronistic language like trigger warning and craft brewery or did Albert also spend some time unstuck in time? Your big uestions from the new series what's up with Audrey? what's the deal with the final episode? are not authoritatively answered here but you will receive some gentle nudging towards Frost's preferred reading of eventsIn all a pleasing if very brief Goodreads suggests this is 176 pages as a librarian I catalogued it at 137 with a small handful of unnumbered pages final? glance at this universe for fans though as with the Secret History calling it a novel is a bit charitable

  4. Alex Daniel Alex Daniel says:

    sadly For Twin Peaks completionists only No spoilersIf you're reading this you're a Twin Peaks fan Great Me too If you're reading this you've probably watched everything read everything but you're still hungry for I know the feeling and that's why I pre ordered THE FINAL DOSSIER a companion novel to Season 3 But it's hard for me to recommend to you dear reader and here's whyThe White Lodge the good stuffThe final half of the book explores some of the events that make up the ending of Season 3 You're not really going to get anything beyond Episode 18 but some of those topics are explored There are musings on Judy Major Briggs Phillip Jeffries and time Again there's no explosive revelations but there are a few dots that are connected that I missed when I watched Season 3How's Annie? This book talks about Annie who was surprisingly missing from THE SECRET HISTORY OF TWIN PEAKS You may like it you may not I however was satisfied Garmonbozia the bad stuffThere's very little substance Sure the publisher reports that it is 170 pages but a good chunk of that is dossier file cover photos stills from Season 3 and blank pages between chapters Much of the book details loose ends that you didn't probably care much about For example were you left on the edge of your seat in THE SECRET HISTORY OF TWIN PEAKS when there were apparent contradictions between the text and the show regarding Norma Jennings' family lineage? Me neither But hey one of the longest chapters in THE FINAL DOSSIER explains away this continuity error Maybe you're like me and you enjoyed seeing Dr Jacoby's new life in Season 3 But don't you want to know how he got to that point? Not really? Another one of the book's longest chapters follows the sordid events of post Season 2 Jacoby Oh there's Donna and Audrey stuff here too but not much that you haven't already guessed or put together on your ownTHE FINAL DOSSIER has several moments that took me out of the experience Albert Rosenfeld making a trigger warning joke in a 1989 autopsy report? References to a character dating Donald Trump? References like this are jarring and disrupt the usual Twin Peaks experience which often feels timeless and removed from current circumstances Tammy Preston who has assembled THE FINAL DOSSIER doesn't always have a consistent voice either sometimes being overly methodical sometimes mysteriously spiritual and at other times a wise cracking audience stand in It's not as fun as THE SECRET HISTORY OF TWIN PEAKS The epistolary form of SECRET HISTORY was enjoyable and while the retro fitting of American history onto this fictional town wasn't universally loved I liked it a good bit There's none of that in THE FINAL DOSSIER it's just 18 brief chapters written by Tammy Preston Well I guess one of them is written by Albert Rosenfeld but that's it Final RecommendationIf you've seen all of the show twice over read the other books and listened to podcasts about Twin Peaks then I'd recommend THE FINAL DOSSIER For anyone else pick up THE SECRET HISTORY OF TWIN PEAKS or THE SECRET DIARY OF LAURA PALMER first before you consider this one A word of warning As I mentioned some of the cracks are filled in regarding Audrey Sarah Palmer Annie and a few other characters It is my experience that these pre existing gaps are wonderful they allow your imagination to work and writhe THE FINAL DOSSIER will clear up a few of those mysteries making those connections concrete and leaving less room for your imagination

  5. Artemy Artemy says:

    The Final Dossier is a direct seuel to both Mark Frost's The Secret History of Twin Peaks and to the third season of Twin Peaks And I'll just get this right out of the way if you're a fan of the show you need to read this bookTwin Peaks The Return premiered in May of 2017 David Lynch directed every episode and had complete creative control over every aspect of the new season You'd think that he would have every opportunity to tell the story he wanted to tell and you'd be right but that doesn't mean Lynch was going to do that in a way that would please all of his viewers His work was always closer to abstraction and ambiguousness and the finale of The Return was no different out of so many uestions that were left open since the 90's and throughout the new season he answered almost none So Mark Frost the series co creator wrote a book that would do just that answer uestionsSurprisingly The Final Dossier really answers almost all of them or at least gives the reader enough information to draw their own conclusions Written by Tammy Preston everyone's new favourite FBI agent we get the dossiers on almost every single character we've grown to know and love over the course of six three seasons and a movie Want to know what was up with Audrey in The Return? Maybe you were wondering if the little girl at the end of Part 8 was really Sarah Palmer or what was up with Phillip Jeffries or what was that glass box in Part 1 or what happened to Major Briggs or what Evil Coop was up to? Do you want to know how's Annie? Because I am telling you there are answers to all of those uestions right here in The Final Dossier It's priceless informationI don't know if I can call it a downside but this is a very short book I mean I finished it in a day and I never finish books in a day There are only about 100 actual pages of text here excluding the illustrations and the publishing information On the one hand you really don't need than that — add and the book would feel bloated and artificially stretched out On the other hand it's not a cheap book but that surely won't stop any Peaks fan especially considering how valuable the information in this book will beSo if you're a Peaks fan what are you waiting for? You don't need me to tell you just go and read it

  6. Ksenia Ksenia says:

    thanks but i like my david lynch content as incoherent as possible

  7. Jeffry van der Goot Jeffry van der Goot says:

    This book entirely misunderstands the appeal of Twin Peaks It does not clarify anything one could not speculate on from a close look at the third season of the show instead it is interested in demystifying and destroying any sense of personal interpretation in the interest of LoreIf one is the person who loves wikias and timelines this is the book for you but that is not what Twin Peaks is aboutNot to mention the annoying things like a trigger warning joke in 1989 the only bisexual character being a depressed drug addict and totally unnecessary attempts to turn Donald Trump into some kind of supernaturally evil man instead of the totally mundane evil man he isWhereas the ending of Twin Peaks season 3 left me with a sense of wonder mystery and dread this book left me with nothing but a sour taste in my mouth

  8. Brooke - One Woman& Brooke - One Woman& says:

    wwwonewomansbbrwordpresscomwwwfacebookcomonewomansbbr35 starsTwin Peaks The Final Dossier by Mark Frost 2017Some followers of mine may recall that I read The Secret History of Twin Peaks a few months earlier by the same author This novel is much easier to read than the previous one the formatting is clear the book is significantly shorter and the narrative is simple to work through I wouldn't suggest reading this if you haven't watched all of the tv series including the 2017 one and the movie There would be spoilers everywhere if you choose to ignore this advice haha I enjoyed this book clarifying some events from the series that weren't clear to me at the time of watching and tying up some loose ends But at the end of the day it is Twin Peaks so some things are left unexplainable and random I personally liked this novel but it wouldn't be something I would re read

  9. Kevin Cecil Kevin Cecil says:

    It's a little bit Twin Peaks for DummiesBut hey I'm a dummy

  10. Lyubov Lyubov says:

    The core fundamental of human existence is wonder and its analogue is fear You can`t have one without the other flip sides of the coinAnd even as we wonder at what we`re doing here so do we also fear so deep down below the surface of our lives that few can bear to look at it that life is a meaningless jest an extravagant exercise in morbidity a tale of sorrow and suffering lit by flashes and made bearable only by moments of companionship and unsustainable joy Along the way as we struggle to comprehend why this strange fate has befallen us time becomes no longer our ally but our executioner

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