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Genius Ideas (Mostly) ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Genius Ideas (Mostly) By Liz Pichon ✐ – ‫سؤال: چطور نگذارید یک هیولای نان‌شیرینی عظیم‌الجثه شما را بخورد؟
‫جواب: جلد ۴ تام گیتس را بهش بدهید بخوان ‫سؤال: چطور نگذارید یک هیولای نان‌شیرینی عظیم‌الجثه شما را بخورد؟‫جواب: جلد ۴ تام گیتس را بهش بدهید بخواند!.

10 thoughts on “Genius Ideas (Mostly)

  1. Amber Sullivan Amber Sullivan says:

    Great funny book! Check out my book review on it!!

  2. Corinne Austin Corinne Austin says:

    Ben made me do it--but I'm glad he did, it was a highly entertaining kids' book that is a rare thing: genuinely appealing to reluctant-reader boys. (He's since bought two more in the series, so thank you, Tom Gates!)

  3. Titanic Lego Boy Titanic Lego Boy says:

    I really like the Tom Gates book series 👍.I have 6 or 7 books

  4. Shaihak Shaihak says:

    It was a very funny book and it was brilliant

  5. Nehal Jain Nehal Jain says:

    Hilarious. This book came as a surprise as i hadn't expected much from it but I liked it a lot. All I would like to say is LOL

  6. Gavin Sheehan Gavin Sheehan says:

    Great book. You never get bored!

  7. Tammie Tammie says:

    Read- August 2019 for The N.E.W.Ts (My A in Ancient Runes)
    - There isn't much to say about these books really. I'm mainly reading them because my younger brother is making me (I'm making him read Harry Potter though so all is fair). They're quick, enjoyable reads that really help to break up the heavier books that I read.

  8. Stacey Kym Stacey Kym says:

    Ok, so 'Genius Ideas' was a novel I DID enjoy in the 'Tom Gates' series, but probably not as much as the previous novels. For some reason I felt like I was flicking through a boring magazine that holds something interesting for some people but not for me. I also felt like the author had slightly run out of ideas and funny plots to include in her mass of doodles and words. Tom - the main character - thankfully did not irritate me this time. 'Genius Ideas' is very quick read for someone life me who whizzes through novels. Highly recommended for ages 7+ till 12 years of age.
    Congratulations to Liz Pichon on publishing yet another well illustrates novel in the 'Tom Gates' series!

  9. Deedeeboo07 Deedeeboo07 says:

    tom gates is amazing!

  10. Millie Hodgson Millie Hodgson says:

    this book was good but not as good as the other books

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