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  • Enigma Otiliei
  • George Călinescu
  • Romanian
  • 26 June 2019

10 thoughts on “Enigma Otiliei

  1. Mina Soare Mina Soare says:

    The paragraph is a rant Romanians are so good at making books I, at least, love to hate I hear Americans complaining about having to read Beowulf That one may be written in old english, a little boring in style, but man, I d read it several times over, Scarlet Letter and then add a full Shakespeare for good measure rather than go through this one time and whatever s in next for me Adela, Morome ii, Cel mai iubit dintre pamanteni Oh, woe to me, to quote a sweet Greek lady End of rant Now, to add some fairness, the book is good in regards to the technical aspects, no complaints there It doesn t feel forced, actually, chronologically speaking, the narration flows naturally from one moment to the next The characters are few, but very well defined mostly through indirect means and their interactions are strictly based on the two main conflicts financial and romantic In a true balzacian fasion, they represent the few but great typologies and are rarely shown in situations that would give them particularity.My particular are to answer for the missing two stars I intensely dislike literary realism and its representatives The characters often brought to mind a soap opera They also brought to mind family members, too I ve never been able to find any beauty in realism What to do The Baccalaureate is coming and I m blessing my memory six ways to Sunday

  2. Diana Diana says:

    Honestly, I started reading this book with a deep breath I was very sceptical and I expected this book to be way boring C linescu turned out to be a lot different than all the other Romanian authors who are, to be honest, boring, mostly because almost every one of them considered the village an interesting place to develop an action and mostly could not develop the so called interesting action George C linescu took a big step, he took a chance with moving the whole action in the capital He was able to actually give birth to situations filled with drama.After his father s death, Felix comes to stay with his uncle, Costache, who turnes out to be a miser, and with Costache s step daughter, Otilia with whom Felix eventually falls in love with I see Otilia as a young girl who thinks she s independent, but she is basically addicted to older men s company Costache and Pascalopol are a necessity to her, they are those who have seen the world with its good and bad and, I suppose, she finds in them her guide in life I find Otilia really clever, but the stereotype that the woman must not be an erudite is planted so deeply in her mind that it makes her look stupid and foolish for most of the time She places Felix above her and that is why she chooses to leave him, to give him the opportunity to become someone important, although, like a fool that she is, she does not have the ability to perceive him as a person that can love her enough and bring her presents She is hypnotised by Pascalopol s valuable gifts which makes her snobbish.On the other side, Felix is the type that has never encountered love before, so he falls in love with the first woman that shows him a little bit of interest Otilia I think that he s being emotionally manipulated by Otilia She keeps promising Felix that she will marry him eventually which she does not and to trust her Like a romantic person that he is, he falls for it and trusts her, which is bringing him only disappointment because she has left him every time when she promised him otherwise I see Felix of an introvert he puts up with everyone s opinion, but does never say what he is thinking of, except to Otilia He focuses on his studies despite of being heartbroken and, eventually, he succeeds in being a successful doctor.Costache is an old man, full of secret wealth hidden inside his house Probably inspired by Moliere s miser, C linescu novelizes this character in Costache.Pascalopol is a chic gentleman, always ready to do anything for Otilia He would die for her if she asked him to He s a rich single man, full of love for Otilia, both parental and erotic He cannot explain what he feels, but he cannot leave Otilia and ends up marrying her, but lets her go when she finds a wealthy Argentine Tulea family represents the bad in the story Greed, grudge, jealousy, bitterness Everyone in the family waits for Costache s death and says that instead of paralyzing, he had better die Aglae, Costache s own sister, waits for his death day after day, hoping that she gets all his money after that They are all parasites, living one after one s tragedy, begging for anything In the end, Otilia still remains an enigma for Felix, who, after years and years, returns to the house where he had suffered a lot, seeing that a lot have not been worth it.This book is of a 3.5 stars, but not 4 For a scholarly programa, it was quite good and unexpected.

  3. Ella Dincă Ella Dincă says:

    I enjoyed the story, the historical colour, the characters, and I even was influenced to create similar charaters in my short story writing exercises.

  4. Andreea Andreea says:

    I found this to be one of the better school reads I had to read in quite some time although, I certainly did have a lot of issues with this Yes, this book was written ages ago and yes it s a male author but that doesn t make the issues I ve had okay While I can understand that, it doesn t mean I have to agree with it, hence my rating I enjoyed reading about rich people instead of the old drunk romanian villagers, for a change I liked the whole conflict surrounding the legacy of Costache Giurgiuveanu and I overall liked the romance would have liked a better ending for that also I really liked our protagonist Felix but that one phrase of his rubbed me the wrong way But one thing about the romance that I hated was the co depency between the characters, Felix and Otilia More on Felix s part I can t stand that It s unhealthy but in a way I think it was also the purpose of the novel to showcase an impossible romance My most hated character is of course, St nica Ra iu I hated him So very much Everytime he showed up I was externally groaning because I just wanted him dead and gone Hell, I wanted to kill him myself But again, his purpose in the novel is to be unlikeable He is the type of character who craves status and wealth and would do anything to ascend in his society, using unethical methods to do so The descriptions are long and detailed and they got a little bit boring but that s C linescu s writing style so we can t do much about that I m a little bit excited to analyze this piece than I was to analyze out last required read, Ion John which I hated.

  5. Robert Dylan Robert Dylan says:

    3.5 stars

  6. Asphodel Parker Asphodel Parker says:

    Okay, so I couldn t decide if I should give it 2 stars or leave it at 3, but I decided the book was somehow that it was ok , but less than i liked it , so my real rating would be 2.5 stars mostly because it felt like I would never finish it I don t really know what to say about the book, because it doesn t have a plot It s just Felix s life since he arrives in Bucure ti after his father s death until the moment Costache Giurgiuveanu, his tutor, dies We can see the difference, though, between a novel like Ion and this one, because Enigma Otiliei is set in a Bucharest at the beginning of the 20th century, where we can meet a bourgeois society, still interested in the trousseau a girl has to offer when getting married About the characters well, they represent different typologies of people the intelectual, the enigmatic female, the miser, the landlord, the demagogue etc Costache s avarice goes to extreme, Otilia is as enigmatic as in day one, Felix is studying medicine and has an erotic conflict, St nic is a fraud and Pascalopol is just Pascalopol Well, Leonida was okay at the beginning, but Jesus Christ, man He can t know what s paternal and what s virile in his love for Otilia and that is SO wrong and disgusting, because he knew Otilia since she was a child, and she was eighteen when Felix stepped for the first time in Costache s house and Pascalopol was still going around for her like, ugh, that s just disgusting Anyway, I didn t quite like this book, mostly because it had long and boring descriptions, and it was so mysogynistic on so many levels and I dunno, I liked Ion better.

  7. Ella Link Ella Link says:

    Some have said that the author used Balzac s way of describing interior s of houses, and that for this reason, the book should be dismissed I disagree with this view, and will say that Romanian literature was quite behind western one It was because Romania was conquered by numerous other countries, and fighting off intruders doesn t really give you time to be creative When we finally started rising from the darkness, and started writing, of course we sought out the best of the Western culture, and learned from them Such resemblements of style, sometimes, were inevitable My advice is that one should try to read this book open mindedly, and see behind the form, see and understand all the subtext messages It s an amazing book, and it best describes some quite uncharted conditions of man.

  8. Vlad Rotaru Vlad Rotaru says:

    I read this book around the age of 15 and i read it now again I discovered so much than I thought I would, and all these discoveries gave a new meaning to the book There s to the main characters that meet the eye of a 15 year old boy and I really enjoyed the experience of imagining a Bucharest before the first world war What turned me off was the rushed ending of the novel and the lack of personality of Felix, a boy who doesn t talk much, and when he does, he feels a bit underdeveloped By far, the most developed and juicy character is Stanica I read it in 6 or so months, as I was reading a lot of war journals in between Started reading it to document the dialogue used in that era for a script i m planning

  9. Diana Gligor Diana Gligor says:

    Besides the detailed descriptions and other significant techniques used by the author, this book has a great value by its entire message After you finish it, you just start to think which is the real mistery of Otilia When a girls tells a boy that she loves him, she offers herself to him and then leaves him for another, it is a real mistery to a man The real mistery is of any woman and her meaningless actions in the man s eyes.

  10. Ovidiu Sky Ovidiu Sky says:

    This novel it s about a boy called Felix that fells in love with a girl named Otilia Even if between them it s a strong relation of friendship and affection, Otilia will break his heart in the end.Excellent story, excellent written.

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Enigma Otiliei✯ [PDF] ❤ Enigma Otiliei By George Călinescu ✼ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk T n rul Felix Sima vine de la Ia i la tutorele s u, Costache Giurgiuveanu, la Bucure ti, ca s nceap cursurile Universit ii de Medicin Aici o nt lne te pe fiica acestuia, Otilia Enigma Otiliei este, pe T n rul Felix Sima vine de la Ia i la tutorele s u, Costache Giurgiuveanu, la Bucure ti, ca s nceap cursurile Universit ii de Medicin Aici o nt lne te pe fiica acestuia, Otilia Enigma Otiliei este, pe scurt, un roman puternic, impecabil construit, un roman auctorial cu un narator care tie tot i comenteaz cu mare volubilitate toate actele eroilor i toate situa iile prin care ace tia trec tie chiar ce se afl scris ntr un plic nainte ca adresantul s l deschid Naratorul c linescian este, apoi, informat n toate direc iile, de la arhitectur la moda timpului, i specula iile lui fac parte din substan a epic G C linescu a nnoit i din acest punct de vedere, structura i limbajul romanului rom nesc, prelu nd i reformul nd un model deja clasicizat EUGEN SIMION.