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Friend or Foe ➠ [Epub] ➚ Friend or Foe By Samantha Bryant ➪ – There’s always to the story hidden in the white space between chapters in the time gaps between novels There’s what came before and after and meanwhile when our attention was elsewhere The other s There’s always to the story hidden in the white space between chapters in the time Friend or PDF or gaps between novels There’s what came before and after and meanwhile when our attention was elsewhere The other side of the story including the part our heroines didn’t know This collection peeks around those corners and explores the dark alleys of the Menopausal Superhero seriesPeer into the past to discover how Cindy Liu became a mad scientist Follow the bus at the end of Going Through the Change Find out how Patricia “Lizard Woman” O’Neill spent her Christmas holidays Flash forward for a hint of where the series may yet leadThese aren’t your father’s superheroes Whether you’re already a fan or are just meeting these characters for the first time Friend or Foe A Menopausal Superhero Short Story Collection explores what it means to be a hero at any age or stage of life.

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  1. Kate M. Colby Kate M. Colby says:

    Disclaimer I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Friend or Foe compiles four short stories from Samantha Bryant's Menopausal Superhero series into one convenient anthology It also includes previews of the first two novels in the series Going Through the Change and Change of Life While the stories could be read in isolation each is a complete satisfying story and Bryant provides ample background information I would strongly encourage the reader to read the first three novels in the series first Not only do some of the short stories contain spoilers for the books but their full depth would be lost on someone who hasn't read the novelsThe short stories in Friend or Foe focus mainly on the characters of Cindy Liu and Patricia lifelong friends turned into foes by the events of Going Through the Change Here are my uick thoughts on eachFirst in the group Intervention provides a glimpse into Cindy Liu and Patricia's backstory and shows the inspiration behind Cindy Liu's mad science I found this story fascinating and it added richness to the characters' motivations and their relationshipThe title story Friend or Foe fills in some gaps about what happened to Cindy Liu and our heroes after the first novel This might have been my favorite of the collection as it satisfied my curiosity and helped the characters work through some serious issues O Scaly Night positions Patricia as a Monster of Christmas Present and further demonstrates her innate desire to help others Probably the most fun of the anthologyLast The Right Thing occurs after the events of the third book To avoid spoilers I'll simply say it once again depicts Cindy Liu and Patricia's relationship in creative contrast to Intervention I really loved what Bryant did with these two storiesThe complete verdict? Four fun and insightful additions to the Menopausal Superhero universe Highly recommended for fans of the series

  2. David Watson David Watson says:

    Friend Or Foe by Samantha Bryant is a collection of 4 short stories that bridges the gaps in the menopausal superhero novel series In comics they sometimes have story arcs that last several issues but sometimes they will have a one shot between stories This book is all about giving you little details that you didn't get in the novelsThe first story set before book 1 is Intervention and it goes back in time to when Patricia and Cindy Lu were friends You could say it's an orgin story for Cindy as we see what made her decide to be a mad scientist In this one you feel sympathy for her but in the future you see her as caring about science and progress than people The theme here could be that the road to hell is paved with good intentions You also see Patricia already acting like a heroThe second story takes place between the first and second novel Its called Friend of Foe and gets into what happened with Cindy and the other characters right after the battle that ended book one I liked that this story focused on Cindy and her reactions to all the changes that the characters have gone through I found myself debating if I should feel sympathy for Cindy or not while she shows that she is working for a greater good she also shows that she doesn't mind using people to get to where she wants to be You also get a good glimpse of the rift that is forming between the other charactersStory three is O' Scaly Night and it follows Patricia on a Christmas Day adventure If you want a good and simple superhero story this one fits the bill This tale gets into what goes on in Patricia's mind and you get to follow her as she puts her skills to use  One thing that I took away from this story is that out of all the menopausal superheroes Patricia has done the best job of accepting who she is and playing the hero roleThe Final story takes place after the third book in the series and is called The Right Thing I don't want to give any spoilers away on this one because if you haven't read the three novels in the series you would be lost What I will say though is that it's about a damaged friendship and what happens when someone's former friend needs to be rescued The main idea is if you're a hero would you still be willing to help a former friend that you don't care for any? Friend Or Foe is a good read if you are a fan of the menopausal superhero series The stories are short and give you info that you won't know from the novels It also could be a good way to get to know the characters if you are new to the series and don't mind a few spoilers

  3. JJ Dunaway JJ Dunaway says:

    If you are a fan of the Menopausal Superhero series you will enjoy the short story collection; it fills in some early years on the two of the main characters Patricia and Cindy 1980s The backstory was enlightening to understand the history between these two characters and also understand the distance between the characters in a sense; unlikely friends in the past in the present were not sure what they are to each other The next short story focuses on the now villain from the novels Cindy It takes up where the 2nd novel left off right after the big fight scene at the college; which I applaud the author for doing this as a short story to encourage readers to read this story before you move on to the 3rd book O'Scaly night concentrates on Patricia and her 'lizard woman' powers but in an off duty scenario It was entertaining and led to some uestions for me on her relationship with a small character from book 1 which is explained in book 3 Next story The Right Thing concentrates again on both characters Patricia and Cindy and where they stand with each other in the current period between books 2 and 3 'Friend of Foe' indeed is the theme and well thought up I feel that the author has really captured these two characters not just individually but as they relate to each other throughout the years and the stories

  4. C.L. C.L. says:

    I really enjoy the clever premise of these stories It’s great to see fully realized strong older women getting in on the superhero genre They’re interesting characters and the superhero aspects stand up to comparison with other familiar stories also The stories in this collection follow some of the characters in the books They bridge the “gaps” in the stories—moments that might not have been necessary for the novels but that are still interesting These stories span decades in the characters’ lives and serve to further characterize themProbably the most fully realized story is the longest one—the novella With some of these stories I think it would be best to read the novels before you come to them I don’t think most of them would be fulfilling because the events described aren’t necessarily major plot points But if you know the characters it’s really fun to see these bits of their lives filled in

  5. Dave Higgins Dave Higgins says:

    Combining diverse characters with the comic book action Bryant creates a series of tales of realistic people in a world of superhero physicsThen when the reader looks at the review my mechanical suid drops the spoiler bucket over their headThis collection contains four short stories set in Bryant’s Menopausal Superheroes universe ‘Intervention’ When Patricia goes to visit Dr Cindy Liu after the death of Cindy’s boyfriend she discovers a radical change in behaviour And witnesses the first step toward Cindy’s superhero making uest ‘Friend or Foe’ – Immediately after the events of Going Through the Change Dr Cindy Liu escapes the Department only to be scooped up by a sinister stranger who claims to be her father Meanwhile Patricia decides to strike out on her own rather than accept a job offer from the Department assuming she can get them to accept her decision ‘O Scaly Night’ Patricia gives a man the sort of present only a nigh indestructible lizard woman can ‘The Right Thing’ With Cindy having agreed a deal to work with the Department Patricia thinks her uest to track her friend down is over Until Cindy mysteriously disappears from her roomBryant opens the collection with a short introduction that places each story within the arc of the novels This includes a warning that readers might wish to read the appropriate novels before the later stories While Bryant does seek to avoid obvious spoilers within this introduction her entirely reasonable decision to include a small amount of context for those readers who are not familiar with the novels does mean that astute readers wishing to avoid any spoilers will need to put even the introduction aside temporarilyAs with all collections that fill in the spaces between existing works it is hard for a single reviewer to assess accurately whether the stories both stand on their own for readers who have not read the novels and maintain tension and freshness for readers who have However Bryant’s choice to not provide vast swathes of backstory in the works and use the introduction to provide context skilfully balances not confusing new readers with not boring established onesPerhaps ironically the sense that these stories are tales in themselves feels slightly weaker in ‘Intervention’ the story set before the first novel While it is a complete arc the sight of a youthful Cindy and Patricia starting along the road toward the first novel is likely to resonate less with those readers who have not been immersed in the modern Cindy and PatriciaAs with Bryant’s other works these stories focus on complex people with real lives who also have powers rather than superheroes who face only the challenges of the young rich or singleWhile there is a decided slant toward Patricia who features as a major protagonist in every story and to a lesser extent Cindy the other main characters also feature in two of the stories so even those readers who find Patricia’s powers and life the least interesting aspect of the world will have plenty to hold their attentionOverall I enjoyed this collection I recommend it to readers who are interested in the human side of superhero talesI received a free copy from the author with a reuest for a fair review

  6. Shirley Penick Shirley Penick says:

    This is a fun book that gives insight into the characters of the three book series They are short stories that intersperse with the timeline of the novels Since I like to read books in order I would recommend having this offering available at the start of reading the series and jump in to read these stories as they fit into the timeline The author has a helpful explanation for where they fit at the beginning of the book That said I did not read it in order with the series and still enjoyed the book So if you want insights on your favorite characters this book is great for that It was an enjoyable read

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