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  1. Paromjit Paromjit says:

    The Secrets of Wishtide is an engaging and atmospheric Victorian historical crime story set in 1850 Laetitia Letty Rodd is the widow of an archdeacon She has to work as she has been reduced to living in genteel poverty with her landlady and close companion Mary Bentley Mary helps Letty with her cases Letty is a discreet level headed compassionate and intelligent woman Her brother Fred Tyson is a successful criminal barrister and is the source of the cases that she gets Letty goes to Wishtide in Lincolnshire to look into Helen Orme Charles Calderstone the son of Sir James Calderstone has fallen in love with Helen who is deemed to be a unsuitable match for Charles I thought that the narrative was a little too mannered in its style but once I got into the story I found it perfect for the story for Letty and the other characters On arriving at Wishtide Letty discovers that there are many secrets in the Calderstone family Sir James is being blackmailed Letty likes the gentle Helen whose secrets tug at Letty's heart and arouses her compassion It becomes clear that despite Helen loving Charles she is no position to marry Charles Helen intends to let him know that she cannot marry him Helen is brutally murdered and Charles is arrested for her murder Letty is convinced of his innocence and investigates With a number of murders that include Winifred Savile and Lady Calderstone's french maid Letty becomes aware of the existence of the Prince a dangerous and ruthless character Who is he? Will Letty be able to save Charles? This is a story of twists and deception Letty finds herself becoming better acuainted with Inspector Blackbeard who comes to believe that Charles is innocentThis is a well plotted compelling and gripping story that captures Victorian Britain and its attitudes The precarious positions of women is highlighted and how women and their lives can be blighted and ruined by men The poverty of so many can be observed through some of the characters in the novel The book is a take on David Copperfield A wonderful story which I can recommend without hesitation Thanks to Bloomsbury for an ARC

  2. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* says:

    I am vacillating between 3 stars and 35 stars for The Secrets of Wishtide by Kate SaundersIt was a perfectly pleasant read that got awfully complicated by the end but it never really grabbed me I never felt involved or moved by anything I read but neither did I ever contemplate not finishing this read I liked Laetitia and her landlady Mrs Benson Letty's brother Freddy I blew hot and cold on I did wonder with all his money why he didn't help his sister out a bit other than by giving her cases to solve subsidise her living I generally liked the Calderstones and Inspector Blackbeard But as I said the story did become unnecessarily complicated and I felt also uite unrealisticAlso the titleWishtide is the country house of the Calderstones and features only in the first part of the story Although the Calderstones do have a few secrets the major secret belongs to someone else entirelySo all up I think 3 stars is a fair ratingThank you to NetGalley and Bloomsbury Publishing for a digital ARC of The Secrets of the Wishtides by Kate Saunders in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

  3. Jane Jane says:

    This book brings together a number of my literary loves• Victorian England• Crime and detection• Literary allusions and• A companion to take me through the storyIt’s the kind of recipe that it is easy get very wrong and so I was delighted to find that Kate Saunders gets it very rightLaetitia Rodd was the widow of an archdeacon and with limited means she had taken lodgings with Mrs Mary Bentley and they had become good friendsShe had been offered a home by her brother Frederick Tyson He was one of London’s most celebrated criminal barristers but was is also the father of ten children with another expected and his wife was a little inclined to see Laetitia as a poor relation and to expect her to take on the role of nurse of governess rather often She loved the children she was sorry that she had none of her own and so she made diplomatic excuses and moved outFred understood and he did what he could to help her He knew that ladies could move in circles that gentlemen could not and that they could find out things that no gentleman could ever find out for himself And so from time to time he called on her services for work she described as ‘Management and Prevention of Scandal’That role suited her well She was what my mother would call ‘a people person’ and at fifty two with many years as a minister’s wife behind her she had the life experience as well as the good sense to deal with whatever was reuired her She missed her husband and was glad to be kept busy; and that she had a little money to make life comfortable for herself and her landlady was a lovely bonusI had been worried that this would feel a little contrived but it didn’t at all I was delighted that Fred had thought of a wonderful way to help both his sister and himself and I was caught up with a wonderful band of characters all so very well drawn from the very startI was a little sorry that all of this had happened before the story began and that Laetitia already had a number of cases behind her but the story had such promise I was so taken with Laetitia’s storytelling that I was eager to keep reading and to find out what her next case involvedSir James Calderstone head of the Calderstone family of Wishtide in Lincolnshire had a problem that he wanted to be handled with tact and discretion His only son Charles was set on marrying a lady who he believed was most unsuitable Sir James wanted a wedding to be prevented at all costs but he did not want his son to know what he was doing and he did not want a breath of scandalCharles is independently wealthy thanks to an inheritance from his mother’s side of the family so he had no need of his father’s approval Except that the lady in uestion – Helen Orme a young widow who had arrived at Wishtide to teach those same two girls to speak Italian before catching the eye of their brother – had said that she would not marry him without his family’s consentLaetitia was to travel to Wishtide as a new governess to ‘finish’ the two daughters of the house before they went out into society And by way of what her brother described as ‘a little genteel probing and perhaps a modicum of eavesdropping’ to uncover the past of which Helen would say very littleShe found that there was a great deal wrong in the Calderstone family that there was a great deal that Sir James hadn’t told her that there was a great family secret; and when she met Helen she liked her very much I won’t say too much about the story but I will say that it was very well constructed that it drew in a wonderful range of characters and settings and that I was always eager to keep turning the pagesThe literary allusions are very well done If you spot them you’ll appreciate them but if you don’t it won’t spoil the story at allThere’s a nice streak of feminism; well planted in the story because the characters and the events are firmly rooted in their own eraThose events escalated to a wonderfully dramatic endingIf I was picky I would say that I would have liked a few less crime fiction tropes in that ending but I don’t want to be picky because I was engaged and entertained very well by this historical mysteryI was sorry when the story was over; but I’m very glad that this is the first book of a series and I’m looking forward to meeting Laetitia and her family and friends again

  4. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    This was a very enjoyable Victorian murder mystery in what appears to be a new series Our sleuth is a middle aged widow Laetitia Rodd Letty living in reduced circumstances whose brother Fred a barrister pays her to help investigate his cases His current case involves a wealthy family the Calderstones whose son Charles wants to marry a woman his parents feel certain has a shady past Acting as a governess to the Calderstone daughters at Wishtide Letty soon discovers that both the parents have secrets and someone is blackmailing Sir James Calderstone The plot is uite complex with secrets dating back many years and several murders ensuing after Letty starts her investigations Letty is a lovely character very charming and able to find out information from witnesses where the police have failed She even wins over the rather dour and grumpy detective on the case and there are some amusing exchanges between them I look forward to publication of a seuel

  5. Bonnie Shores Bonnie Shores says:

    Compared to many of my goodreads friends I'm old Even so I have a thing for YA paranormal romance It's my absolute favorite genre and given a choice I will always choose it firstThat being said I've also always had a thing for tv shows like Murder She Wrote Matlock and Perry Mason I guess I've always been an old soul That must be why I absolutely LOVED this bookSet in Victoria era England the story is told by Mrs Rodd a widow who is intelligent intuitive and independent Her brother is a criminal barrister with wealthy and influential friends who employs his sister's talents by placing her undercover as a governess for the daughters of one such friend so she can get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding their son's love interestMrs Rodd is a proper lady Her manners are impeccable She tries to see the good in everyone and everything showing kindess to all regardless of their social status or lack thereof I really loved seeing how she maneuvered effortlessly through the customs of that time in which women were basically second class citizens always managing to boldly speak her mind without offendingThe story was well written and engaging The characters were well developed and interesting The plot had plenty of interesting twists and although I was hoping for a different ending the ending was satisfying neverthelessIf you're looking for a seriously good mystery without unnecessary gore and vulgar language and enjoy historical fiction you'll love The Secrets of Wishtide

  6. Diane Barnes Diane Barnes says:

    Finally I happened upon the first book of an excellent Victorian mystery series just weeks after publication instead of playing catch up when the author gets a head start of several years on meLetitia Rodd is the widow of a curate and lives in reduced circumstances in a rundown section of London Her brother is a successful attorney who gets her cases as a discreet investigator for pay to supplement her income It seems a 52 year old widow dressed in black can go a lot of places and ask a lot of uestions without raising any suspicions Pair that with a great women''s intuition and a logical mind and voila a perfect little mystery with lots of Victorian era details She is helped by her landlady Mary the elderly owner of her rental home who once rented rooms to Keats and knows how to boil confusing facts down to their essenceThe author explains in an afterward that Dickens is her favorite authorand David Copperfield her favorite book In fact several of the characters in this book are based on minor characters from that one; she simply imagined a different ending for them I thought the mystery was very well done and will look forward to the next one Lots of humor here as well always a plus with me

  7. Susan Susan says:

    Set in 1850 this novel introduces us to Laetitia Rodd a widow who lives in ‘reduced circumstances’ with Mrs Mary Bentley her previous tenants included Keats Laetitia Rodd has moved out from her beloved brother Frederick Tyson’s house Fred is one of London’s most celebrated criminal barristers but he is also the father of ten children with another on the way and childless widowed sisters are too often expected to act as nurse or governess for Laetitia’s likingOne way in which Laetitia does help her brother is in the ‘management and prevention of scandal’ So when a note arrives saying “Dear Letty a matter has arisen” she wastes no time in jumping in his coach and heading to his house Sir James Calderstone head of the Calderstone family of Wishtide in Lincolnshire has a problem and needs someone discreet to investigate His son Charles wants to make a bad marriage and Sir James wishes it to be prevented at all costs Charles is independently wealthy so does not need his father’s approval but the lady in uestion will not marry him without his family’s consent The woman that Charles has fallen for Helen Orme had arrived at Wishtide to teach the two daughters of the family to speak Italian Now Laetitia heads to Lincolnshire to go undercover as a new governess to ‘finish’ the girls before they go into society She determines to discover the truth but manages to uncover far than she anticipated before the end of this delightful novel I loved Laetitia and all of the characters in this book Although it is the first in a series it is obvious that we meet Laetitia after she has already taken place in than one investigation and so we meet Inspector Thomas Blackbeard for example who is already known to Fred and his sisterThis is a really excellent historical mystery I liked the setting the characters and the storyline Although much of the story takes place in the genteel settings of dining rooms and great houses we are also taken to dangerous backstreet London inns and the depths of Newgate prison With blackmail murder and to deal with Laetitia needs her wits about her to solve the mystery of what is really going on at Wishtide Hopefully this will become a series and I really look forward to reading on I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for review

  8. Primrose Jess Primrose Jess says:

    What a treat of story wrapped in its pages I found the characters to be well developed the story to flow smoothly and the layers built into the mystery thick enough to leave a surprise at the end The Secrets of Wishtide is my first introduction to Kate Saunders and her clever heroine Laetitia Rodd What a terrific way to be introduced as we delve into the first layer of the mystery set in Victorian England in 1850 Laetitia Letty Rodd the widow of a beloved archdeacon has not been left with a comfortable stipend Teetering on the edge of poverty and frugality she is determined not to end up as the poor female relation turned nursemaid to her brother Frederick's brood of children She cannot allow her sister in law that satisfaction She loves her brother Frederick Tyson prominent criminal barrister and eagerly helps him with the cases he consults her on The money she makes from consulting helps a bit too Fred brings her a new case which reuires a delicate handling of matters that only a woman has Wealthy coal industrialist Sir James Calderstone has a most distressing family matter that needs to be handled with all manner of discretion His twenty one year old son Charles has fallen in love with a most unsuitable woman Mrs Helen Orme is a widow with an unclear past Charles is determined to tear the family apart in his pursuit of her and their pure love Letty disguises herself as a governess in the Calderstone household to discover Mrs Orme's true intentions and background As Letty begins to take an accounting of the workings of the Calderstone home she uickly realizes there is far to this tale than prevention of true love Sir James is being blackmailed There are other secrets the Calderstone family does not want made known Letty feels she has adeuately discovered Mrs Orme's true intentions and sets things right according to Sir Calderstone's wishes; yet she still feels like there is to this that is unresolved A string of murders soon occur that leads her to believe there is to Mrs Orme than met the eye She soon finds herself and Fred working to absolve an innocent Charles Calderstone of murders he professes to not committing Evidence is mounting against him but Letty is determined to have justice be done A lovely read with the poise and mannerisms of a true Victorian I particularly enjoyed Letty's letters home to her companion Mary I was left with the wanting to try her mincemeat pie after the glowing description of it The childhood game of Snapdragon between Letty and Fred was also extremely interesting The historical references seem to be on point and it is evident much research went into crafting the details of this tale A delightful way to spend an afternoon My many thanks to Netgalley and Bloomsbury USA for allowing me to read this novel in exchange for my honest review

  9. Claire Huston Claire Huston says:

    An entertaining if unremarkable mystery 355 starsThis review was originally posted on my book blogThis is a mysterywhodunnit set in the Victorian period and narrated in first person by Laetitia Rodd an unusual cross of Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes although Marple than Holmes When choosing this book I was hoping for an entertaining story with a strong heroine that would be a “break” after the dark psychological thrillers and fantasy novels I’ve been reading recently and that’s exactly what I got I’ve always enjoyed reading detective style mysteries set in Victorian England No matter how dastardly the crime there’s always something peculiarly genteel and comforting about the rational forces of good tracking down and putting away the villains of the piece usually without gallons of blood and goreI would recommend this book particularly to readers who enjoy murder mysteries but have had enough of stories which appear to be about the investigator than the actual crime Mrs Rodd is an easy detective to get along with and a personable narrative voice but her own personality takes a back seat to her investigations Sometimes this is a good thing however sometimes I did wish we knew about her More than once I felt as if I were reading the third or fourth book in a series and had missed some vital previous episodes which would have shown me how Mrs Rodd got into the business of being a private investigator We are told how she came into her new career but it would have been fun to see this and getting to watch her struggle and triumph in her first few cases might have made her character sympatheticThe period detail is impressive and the author has clearly done her research The plot is well structured and we’re given information gradually in carefully applied layers of intrigue When all is finally revealed events accelerate nicely towards the conclusion I say “nicely” because I’m a firm believer that once we know everything there is to know it’s time to skip to the endOverall a solid if unremarkable series opener which fans of Victorian period mysteries will enjoy

  10. Judy Lesley Judy Lesley says:

    I received an e ARC of this novel through NetGalley and Bloomsbury USAI absolutely enjoyed this novel from first page to last I read a lot of historical mysteries and I'm delighted to say that Kate Saunders pleased me in all aspects of this novel The only thing which would add to my enjoyment was knowing there will be Laetitia Rodd stories What a well constructed character she was old enough to be settled and solid without being stodgy 52 and yet having the intelligence to work out feasible answers to the mysteries she investigated Mrs Rodd is the widow of a clergyman living in reduced circumstances but making the best of any difficulty she faces Two years into her widowhood she still misses her husband dreadfully but has found that she can earn money to add to her meager income by helping her brother a criminal barrister in the investigations for his cases Fred one time called her services Management and Prevention of Scandal He wasn't far from wrong In this first book in the series Mrs Rodd is hired to go to Wishtide in Lincolnshire on behalf of Sir James Calderstone It seems that the son of Sir James has gotten himself involved with a woman his parents deem unsuitable and they want Mrs Rodd to investigate and find out the true history of this woman It all sounded so simple in the beginningTaking place in 1850 1851 this wonderfully written period mystery novel has a reasonableness often missed by other authors I've read I know the times were different then but I still need to see the characters in a novel react to circumstances in a level headed way Too much flightiness and the characters seem to be caricatures of the times too much stodginess and they are dull and boring Ms Saunders hit just the right note for me to like the characters she invented That is what I always look for because I can't enjoy helping solve a mystery if I don't like the people I'm reading about This book provided me with some lovely reading time and I'm looking forward to novels in the future

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