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Indulekha [Reading] ➸ Indulekha Author O. Chandu Menon – ഇന്ദുലേഖ ഒ ചന്തുമേനോൻ Indulekha by OChandu Menon Pages 586 മലയാളത്തിലെ ലക്ഷണമൊത്ത ആദ്യത്തെ നോവൽ ഇന്ദുലേഖ ഒ ചന്തുമേനോൻ Indulekha by OChandu Menon Pages മലയാളത്തിലെ ലക്ഷണമൊത്ത ആദ്യത്തെ നോവൽ എന്നു് വിശേഷിപ്പിക്കപ്പെടുന്ന കൃതിയാണു് ഒ ചന്തുമേനോന്റെ.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 583 pages
  • Indulekha
  • O. Chandu Menon
  • 10 September 2015

About the Author: O. Chandu Menon

Rao Bahadur Oyyarathu Chandu Menon also known as O Chandu Menon – was a Malayalam language novelist from Kerala state India He is the author of Indlulekha the first major novel in Malayalam.

10 thoughts on “Indulekha

  1. Jessy John Jessy John says:

    Nice novel The character of INDHULEKHA clearly describes what meant by the word female

  2. Vivek G Vivek G says:

    It is really amazing how I could relate so easily to the characters in the book who belonged to the generation of my great great grand parents at least And a story woven in such a simple and detailed manner

  3. Parvathy Parvathy says:

    In keeping with my resolution to read translations Supposedly this was the first novel in Malayalam The period description of a late 19th century Kerala tharavaad is fascinating The English translation isn't terribly inspiring and the story is a pretty tame love story in the context of today's times But some of the views expressed must have been revolutionary for the times debates about atheism women being English educated the Nair marriage system etc uite an introduction to Malayalam literary history

  4. Mohamad Mohamad says:

    a little boring almost like reading an old drama script

  5. Revanth Ukkalam Revanth Ukkalam says:

    This book could as well have been called Nirmalyam the MTV classic The book the first novel in Malayalam after all is about the decaying world of Kerala orthodoxy and Brahminism in the face of modernity and colonialism Instead the author chooses the heroine 'Indulekha' for the title The character of Indulekha is at the centre of all the interests politics and forces that run in this novel She is an educated and well spoken Nair woman whom a Namboothiri household attempts to thrust into the business of Sambandham an institution by which Namboothiri men fathered children from Nair women outside marriage so to speak Meanwhile she is in love with a well meaning and intelligent young Nair man Indulekha has to be USP of this book One can only imagine Malayali youth being swayed in the day by the way the woman is written She is intelligent talented and best of all says a firm no The book has to be read for its historical value It builds a window to look at the fears of the orthodoxy the impact English education had on the upper strata of Kerala towns the heroine is consistently wild and subversive by the characters in the novel because of her interest in the English language and prominently uestions of faith two entire chapters are structured around the West vs Rest debates Even the Indian National Congress which was barely half a decade old finds mention too in this book The texture of the novel transported me to my experience of reading Tagore's Gora All said I found the translation odd

  6. Arun Arun says:

    3 for the plot itself which isn't anything great I gave it a 4 for two reasons primarily First it was very interesting to know about the Nair and Namboodri practices in the 19th century While I was aware about the matrilineal system I understood a good deal through this book and the inevitable googlingwikipedia that followed Secondly the translation is uite wonderful really it brings alive the complicated relationships in a village and Tharavad the rumour mongering the native cunning and innocence the peculiar nature of conversations the friction caused by modern English education in a traditional setup and finally the emotional silliness of young love aspects which can be easily lost in a translation done by someone who hasn't closely seenlived in such an environment or known people like that

  7. Ajith Ashokkumar Ajith Ashokkumar says:

    Awesome I can't just believe this epic written nearly 120 years before The author's perspective about euality is praiseworthy At that period he thought about the importance of education for women This is a beautifully written marvelous love story This novel represents the cultural discriminative mentality of people who lived in Kerala before some decades Even today we can see people of this mentality He beautifully describes the way IndiansKeralites can change by giving education to Women Also the humor sense of the author is amazing he describes the idiotic mindset of people humorously so that no specific community will get hurt by the statement A must read for every individual of this century

  8. Arunaa Arunaa says:

    This is an exuisite masterpiece A revolutionary work with conviction as it's crux I wished I read this brilliant work in my 20s because it certainly would have shaped my mind and thoughts in becoming a refined being Thank you O Chandu Menon and thank you so very much Anitha Devasia for this remarkable standard of translation You've singlehandedly uplifted Chandu Menon's actual intent of his story Thank you This book is close to my heart from here on And I'll vouch for this anyday

  9. Annie Annie says:

    Conuered the first Malayalam novelApart from the love story of Indulekha and Madhavan around which the story revolves what attracted me the most was the 18th chapter to be preciseThe discussion about atheism about educating girl child which surprisingly is still a very hot topic The fact that the first ever edition of this book got sold out in a few months speaks for the bookI would say Indulekha as a novel deals with matters that are still relevant

  10. Sruthi Sahasranaman (whatshruyireads) Sruthi Sahasranaman (whatshruyireads) says:

    Love the book and reflects the times Nair women lived in absolute freedom where they got to choose their life partner and the things they generally wanted to do with their lives Speaking her mind was no alien concept to Indulekha the protagonist and you would only end up being in awe of her I read the translated version which was rich with descriptions of everything and I am sure the Malayalam version and the original is nothing short of a masterpiece

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