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Beasts & Geeks (Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting #2) ➽ [Reading] ➿ Beasts & Geeks (Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting #2) By Joe Ballarini ➲ – Goosebumps meets The Last Kids on Earth in the second action packed adventure in a hilariously scary series about a secret society of monster bashing babysittersKelly’s been a celebrity ever since s Goosebumps meets The Last Kids on Earth in the second action packed adventure in a hilariously scary series about a secret society of monster bashing babysittersKelly’s been a celebrity ever since she defeated the Boogeyman and his army of nightmares on Halloween But now all the other monsters want revengeAnd if Kelly’s going to survive Babysitter Bootcamp she’ll have to face the Spider ueen whose wicked web turns her parents BFF and middle school teachers into mindless minions All in a night’s work.

10 thoughts on “Beasts & Geeks (Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting #2)

  1. Mehsi Mehsi says:

    This was an amazing awesome fabulous OMG YOU NEED TO READ THIS book I was so excited when this book came out and I just had to read it instantly And I am happy I did as I couldn't stop reading it was just too good too exciting Sure there were a few things that made me roll my eyes Kelly is back and we instantly jump into the action as Kelly is at a very important camp She wants to become a babysitter for real and has to show all she can to be allowed Yep this girl defeated a boogeymen in the previous book but that is just not enough And yes I can kind of understand that they wouldn't just give her babysitter instantly but it would be kind of nice as she does deserve it Yes she has a lot to learn Yes she needs to practice her skills in both fighting and babysitting especially babies but throughout the book I was definitely seeing her as one of the best babysitters there is in the area She shows that even when faced with something new a baby she still does her best cares for him the best she can and protects him with all her might She loves him and I was just so happy to see her find out new skills Plus dang this girl is just kick ass She also tries to get over her fear of spiders something that is definitely needed given who Serena is and what she employs as minions I loved that this book focused on two boogeymen Serena and Gonzalo Mostly we see Serena and all the crimes she has committed what she is and how far she will go to get what she wants really really really far in many creepy ways but we also see Gonzalo and all the horrors he is committing and dang I am guessing he will be the next boogeymen on the list? For next book? How Serena discovered our babysitter's hideout was just the dumbest You would think that a babysitter would know to cover up her tracks especially when one of the biggest enemies is wandering around nearby Instead she apparently cared about a certain person which OK is kind cute especially as she hasn't seen that person in years and thought he was dead or not healthy But still come on Sorry but I was seriously shaking my head when our girl goes to say that she doesn't call boogeymen boogeymen but instead calls them boogeypeople For crying out loud People pulease Really is it needed to make everything neutral? It just seemed a bit too forced Oh hey this is a topic that is hot and happening let me just make my character say this and that Totally not out of place or anything rolls eyesI also thought it was a bit harsh that everyone was uite mean towards Kelly regarding her babysittingher becoming a babysitter officially I mean she did all that for them and and does even in this current book and what does she get? Nothing Well not til the end that is I do have the feeling they may have partially done it because they wanted to protect her but still I didn't uite like this attitude We also see Tammy and I just hope that this girl will see the light and drop the mean girls for once She seems like such a sweet girl with some faults but we all got our faults And she does seem to understand about Kelly's situation she even believed her during one moment in the book when things went wrong And then near the ending she shared a knowing look with KellyThe ending battle that takes place at Serena's mansion oh man that sure was one that I couldn't stop reading It was so exciting so well written I already flew through the book at top speed but now I went even faster Great that we see some POVs from others Not many but definitely a few that gave even insight on the story and what was going onPlus we also have the guide that pops up with some creepy monsters and fantastic storiesinformation about them Can we please have a book just about this? A whole guide about the monsters? Separate from the normal books? The romance between Victor and Kelly oh my gosh I was just awwwing the whole time Though I had to say I was a bit eh when she started about the Fault in the Stars Oh good grief Romantic moment and you ruin it with that reference Good job | But other than that love love love it I am also happy that Kelly lets Victor come with her He is definitely a help to the team and I think he could also become a babysitter if he wants to Phew I probably missed some things I still wanted to say but I think I got the important things down I would recommend this book to everyone looking for a creepy supernatural fun read with great characters Review first posted at

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    Kelly is the kid I wanted to be at that age She is so relatable with her dorky ways and curly hair and still having a crush and wanting friends to like her The adventures in this book keeps you glued to it and has great humor to accompany it Read this is also going to be an animated series Excited to read the next in the series

  3. Becky Osmon Becky Osmon says:

    Such a clever and fun series the 2nd is as good as the first If Buffy started as a babysitter

  4. Mark Buxton Mark Buxton says:

    My name is Liz and I am a babysitter sworn to protect innocent kids from deadly monsters Kelly defeated the Grand Guignol last month so the other six Boogeymen will be seeking revenge against her She babysat baby Theo for me while I searched for the Spider ueen Serena but I wasn't prepared for the anger I felt when I found my little brother changed into a big blue furry monster Serena is biting humans to create an army of minions so it looks like war has already been declared She always seems to be one step ahead of us and Mama Vee is missing too Luckily Kelly does a pretty good job for a newb and the Spider ueen hasn't gotten her fangs into Theo yet He's destined to grow up and become a great monster killer Unfortunately right now monsters have a super sense of smell that can detect his stinky diapersI continue to be amazed at the entertainment value of this series I never would have imagined being enad by a worldwide group of young babysitters I'm impressed by the adventure action and humor in the fast paced plot Kelly is the main character and everyone can relate to her life as a middle school student There are moments of forgetting her homework problems with an old friendship and complications of first love However most of the story focuses on the monsters' efforts to capture little Theo You must keep reminding yourself that this diapered baby is supposed to grow up and defeat all of the monsters In addition his unexplained wails are actually warnings that monsters are nearby An unusual twist to the plot is that Serena is transforming most of the minor characters into her puppets Conseuently readers must constantly uestion everyone Kelly meets along the way Are they under Serena's control Another emotional complication pops up early in the story when Kelly fails to pass her babysitter training How can she be a special monster hunter when she can't even pass her classes? I can highly recommend this series to you; you don't really need to read the first book in order to enjoy this one

  5. Meg Ryan Meg Ryan says:

    Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting Beasts and Geeks was uite a good read Kelly is famous for taking out the Great Guignol yet she can't pass Heck Weekend and what's her babysitter gig is interfering with her life at school and her love life with Victor while she thinks Tammy ditched her to hang with the Princess PackYet as she tries to juggle her new responsibilities Liz is on the hunt of tracking down her brother and her traces link to the next Boogey person aka Serena the Spider ueen who has big plans for Kelly's town and her main target is a cute little baby named Theo which Kelly must protect but how can she protect the child when mind controlling spiders are turning those closest to her against herIt was uite a good read like watching a seuel movie in the mind there were some good parts cheesy romantic parts between Kelly and Victor scary images Even what Serena truly looks like and the creepy spiders on a kid's face I didn't like the whole scat bits throughout the book even when a giant Suatch took a dump on the ground NOT A big fan of crap skits written in scenes OR A PICTURE OF different scatAnyway this was a fun book to read and I can't wait for the third book

  6. Persephonie Persephonie says:

    Still a fun read but I feel like a little bit of magic from the first book was missing here All of the character's motivations felt a little bit hollow and I wasn't as sold on the Boogey person this go around However this was still a good seuel all things considered I wish that there would have been of Liz in this book and honestly just of the other sitters in general The teamwork aspect of the first book was part of what I loved so much I think Ballarini was trying to keep them out to develop Kelly a bit as a character and babysitter but I missed our suad We just got so emotionally invested in them during book 1 and they were mostly MIA here

  7. Erika Van Wagenen Erika Van Wagenen says:

    I really loved this book “Middle school books” are often very immature and just obnoxious in general But this series so far has been such a good mix of fun scary and thrilling Kelly is such a fun heroine to follow as she tries to figure out her place in all of the different aspects of her life She is both strong but realistically insecure which again is not something I often find in middle grade books

  8. Dobie9 Library Dobie9 Library says:

    Kelly and the Order of the Babysitters are back in action in this fast paced thrill ride of a second installment to the series Kelly is up against another Boogieperson as Serena the spider ueen seeks revenge for the death of the Grand Guignol Charged with “protecting the turtle hatchling” an adorable baby named Theo Kelly has to prove she has what it takes to be a full fledged babysitter and save her entire town along the way

  9. Lisa D Lisa D says:

    Loved it Another great book in this series

  10. Andy Li Andy Li says:

    This book was good It had a lot of action and depicts some of the scenes

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