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The Escape Healing Hearts #3 ❰EPUB❯ ✸ The Escape Healing Hearts #3 Author Nicky James – Dancing loud music drinking and sex Who wouldn’t love a job that entailed all these thingsAfter giving up on school and being cast aside by an unsupportive family Soren Matheson figured he’d lande Dancing loud music Healing Hearts PDF/EPUB Ä drinking and sex Who wouldn’t love a job that entailed all these thingsAfter giving The Escape Kindle - up on school and being cast aside by an unsupportive family Soren Matheson figured he’d landed every young Escape Healing Hearts Epub á man’s dream jobBut there is a catch Not everything is as it seems and at the end of the day Maybe even dream jobs don’t existRemy Moretti lives in a world of precision and order When a chance run in with a sassy sarcastic blond one evening upsets his structured world Remy needs to find out who he isWhat he discovers makes his hair stand on end The defeat and fear hidden behind the young man’s eyes gives him nightmaresSomeone needs to get to the bottom of thisUntil then Remy will need to do whatever it takes to keep Soren safe.

  • Paperback
  • 270 pages
  • The Escape Healing Hearts #3
  • Nicky James
  • 27 October 2015

About the Author: Nicky James

I live in Healing Hearts PDF/EPUB Ä the small town of Petrolia Ontario Canada and I am a mother to a The Escape Kindle - wonderful teenage boy didn't think those words could be typed togethersurprise and wife to a truly supportive and Escape Healing Hearts Epub á understanding husband who thankfully doesn't think I'm crazyI have always had two profound dreams in life To fall back hundreds of years in time and live in a simpler world not bogged down by technolo.

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  1. Susan Susan says:

    Re read September 2018I forgot how angsty this was I still liked it but darn the first half was pretty bleak This was amazing Painful at first but fortunately there was some lovely comfort to balance all this hurtSoren has been dancing at club The Escape since he was 16 Dancing and servicing men in the backrooms But lately he’s so tired of it He is 22 years old but doesn’t enjoy sex at all He knows something needs to change but he doesn’t have a way out with the way the club owner keeps all the boys on a tight leashBut then Soren meets Remy Remy who is immediately taken with the sassy blond But who also struggles uite a bit with his OCD Once Remy sees Soren he doesn’t mind going to the dirty club where the tables aren’t even wiped and where there are germs everywhere just to see SorenSoren makes it clear to Remy that he’s wasting his time because Soren doesn’t date How can he with his line of work? Then Remy finds out what Soren does when the club owner tells Soren to invite Remy to the backrooms and service himRemy feels sick to his stomach to learn that the beautiful young man is forced to prostitute himself And that’s why he pays Soren but just to talk They do this for several weeks until Soren isn’t uite so sure about his no dating ruleI loved these guys Soren was sassy and so strong despite everything he went through And Remy Remy was just perfect for Soren I also loved how Soren dealth with Remy’s OCD He constantly challenged Remy to let go a little and messed up his apartment on purposeI want to give this 5 stars but the first half felt so dark that I had a bit of trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel But fortunately the second half was a bit lighter and everything worked out great for these guysThis can be read as a stand alone This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews

  2. Elsbeth Elsbeth says:

    I feel like I can not give this any less than 5 stars Soren's book was the cherry on the cake in this series No Regrets and New Beginnings dealt with so much loss it was excruciating But that's what I love most in reading I love that stories touch my heart that it's painful And losing Landon en seeing Abel struggling with this loss was all that In these stories Soren was a character Soren also being kicked out of his home for being gay comes to live with his brother Abel In the beginning they get along but Abel goes through some dark times and they kind of lose their connection Soren is on his own has to take care of himselfWe know from previous books that Soren danced at a nightclub Abel hated him working there cause he didn't trust the owner It seems that dancing is not all Soren is doing He's stuck in his life and doesn't know how to escape When Remy meets Soren for the first time he's captivated And after he understands what trouble Soren is in he'll do anything to keep him safeI loved the differences between them Soren's sassiness was able to get Remy out of his ODD comfortzone “We balance each other out don’t you see? Remy Remy “Your heart is racing” he said “I can hear it”I chuckled and traced my fingers up and down his back“Because you drive me crazy”“I know” He smiled into my chest “But you like it” “I love it” I'll be revisiting this series oftenHIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  3. Francesca Francesca says:

    Sooooo well this book uhmI forgot the other book I am reading at home yesterday this was on my kindle and I said why not and started reading on my commute and finished it at homeI am not going to rate this book the story was fine the characters were fine and their romantic journey believable in the context of a romantic plot I am even curious to read the previous two books possibly when I am in the right mood So let's call it a solid romance and a possible 3 stars BUT I am faced with the challenge of having read a book in which my native language was misused and I am going to be that person and make an issue out of itMC1 is Italian 35 years old moved to US at 14 visits family regularly in Italy; therefore as a native speaker and a first gen immigrant myself I expect this character and his brother to actually speak Italian properly But alas we live in the age of Google translate and every time this MC who otherwise was a good MC spoke Italian which was often I really felt like throwing the kindle to the wall or having a tantrum of eually dramatic proportions Why use a language other than English as an identifier if it is done poorly and ultimately does not help the plot along? This happens so often in romancelandia that I do think it bears repeating how wrong it feels to see languages thrown into a book as a haphazard way to make characters ethnic and exotic To be honest I blame google translate and I blame people who think that translation is just a matter of changing words from one language to the other I am so annoyed at this that I am actually in need of a long explanatory post which probably will bore people to death but I need to get it outLet's see then it starts from the very beginning with this pearl Giuseppe Smettere di essere un flirt as literal translations go of the sentence Stop being a flirt that's as literal as they come Only we Italians don't speak like that I mean we don't speak in infinite tenses when we are asking people to stop beingdoing something A accurate version of the sentence which would have made the character's voice authentic would have been Giuseppeuando finisci di rimorchiare or se hai finito di provarci Spoken languages nuances in the way we use them cannot naturally come from google translate or even from a student of said language to be credible a language other than your own needs to looked at by a native speaker and put into the right context I perhaps should have gave up on the book there and then cause such lack of accuracy did irk me as to me it signals the diversity box being ticked by making one of the characters an ethnicity To the above the answer is culo arse or ass if you are usian which we Italians really do not use or better we do at around 78yo when we as children all over the world become fascinated with sprouting naughty words like peearsetits etc At 35? Not so much without an article or context not at all Culo I said under my breath I am not flirting With the I am not flirting in Italics am I suppose to understand that culo means I am not flirting? uhm so in this case the right word would have been Stronzo if the MC meant to call his brother a arse or Vaffanculofanculo if the MC meant to tell his brother to fuck off This exchange happens at 5% and sets the scene for the use of my language throughout There's the arbitrary use of double letters all over the shop stronzzo nah nope only one z in that word and even arbitrary use of infinite tenses and gerunds And I mean folks grammar does not get thrown into the rubbish just because you are using a language other than yours it makes the story you are trying to tell as unauthentic as possible I get it I mean what are the chances that an actual native speaker will read this book in English? Well the answer is very high as many readers are from Europe and many of us are multilingual so tough luck eh?I have examples I feel I need to use them all Devi essere scherzando again literal translation of you must be kidding would never pass the lips of an Italian or even a beginner student of my native language the right way would have been Stai scherzando?Prendi il tuo dannato telefono literally Pick up your phone which very rarely we use the word dannato to start with when the right way would have been Rispondi al telefono per dio andor several variations of that My favourite sarcastically speaking was the use of the endearments of MC1 for MC2 one was mio tesoro which maybe in 1877 could have been heard from an Italian's mouth but not really The same way as adjectives are placed in a certain way in English sentences so they are in Italian therefore the correct way is tesoro mio; the other endearment was caro dear which irrespective of whether it was used at the beginning the middle or the end of a sentence was always capitalized which gave the impression that MC1 was talking to somebody called Carolina That one really really grated my nervesIn summary it is great to see languages other than English in English books; what is unacceptable is using Google translate I mean it is sloppy and disingenuous and ends up conveying the fact that it is used only to tick the diversity check box There are authors who go seek native speakers help and work as hard on a couple of sentences in another language as they do on the millions in their own language These are real professionals and it is not a fluke that these people's books sound authentic through and through their foundations are solid I helped somebody who used a couple of words and to do so wanted to know did they make sense linguistically speaking and in the context of the character's backstory and their job and where they were at that moment And that is commendableAnd you know the same way as the interwebz has given us google translate it has also given us an almost infinite pool of resources to approach to throw an eye out on a language that isn't your own but that you plan to use in a book Your Italians your Spanish your Germans etc they must sound authentic even if all that is used is one word otherwise all you are doing is checking the diversity box and delivering the flattest of stereotypes

  4. Dia Dia says:

    425 actually ❤️

  5. Katerina Katerina says:

    And the circle closes This is the third part in the No Regrets series The main message of this book is this one “We balance each other out don’t you see?”And although The Escape can be read as a standalone much of its impact is lost if you get to know its characters only with this book The three parts are also balancedSome readers are presumably frightened by the fact that in No Regrets one of the main characters is fatal ill I have respect that not many people would like to read something like that Although the subject matter is difficult it is one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever read In New Beginnings we experience up close Abel's absolute low point and unbearable suffering as a mourning partner This book was the hardest to handle for me The Escape is much easier from the mood It's a love story without dramatic twists Remy is so sensitive and understanding that he may seem almost out of the world for some readers I think those who know Soren for some time now will not perceive it as disadvantageous Others who read this book as a standalone may find the story a little too sweet But I think it's also about balance here You already know what I'm going to say The Escape was my dessert and I don't mind the sweetness However if you only eat the dessert you can feel still hungry and unsatisfied Yes Soren's book can be read as a standalone but you don't get the full menu only the dessert I know there are people who eat their dessert always at the beginning Let me hope you belong to them Because the menu as a whole was just perfectNicky gave us something very special And for that I am so grateful to her She made my heart fly With Landon Abel and now with Soren too Oh my dear Nicky eternal romantic this trip was wonderful and you left me joyful and happy Thank you You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have

  6. Lost in a Book Lost in a Book says:

    35ish Stars

  7. Amanda Amanda says:

    45 starsThis is my first Nicky James and I'm glad I decided to The Escape Soren's Sage From the title I was expecting this to have an unresolved ending But it turns out to be a standalone with a sweet HEA to boot The underlying theme of this book sounds dark but the delivery isn't Soren is a bartender during the weekdays and go go dancer during the weekend But most importantly he is a rent boy who provide special service at the back room He had been doing it for years and until recently Soren started to dread his work but felt that he was trapped without a way outRemy is 35 year old Italian who work as an editor and he let his OCD rule his life Remy is very meticulous and a clean freak His uirks is a constant running joke in the story and Soren constantly trying to upheaval his orderly life Soren is like the sunshine that attract Remy and after learning about Soren's job instead of feeling disgusted Remy only want to save him from the hellhole Naturally Soren keep pushing Remy away due to his status and work nature but Remy persistence wore him out There are many instances whereby I feel that Soren isn't as trapped as he want me to believe I read many stories whereby uneducated young man manage to survive with dead end job without selling their body but Soren seems too afraid to even try But as I learn about his past I starts to understand how he was practically brainwashed since young by his evil employer Anyway despite the reference to his prostitution work this story isn't graphic and I don't even feel like there is any cheating going on emotionally or physically There is a lot of development going on between Soren and Remy's relationship in this story From Soren's cold attitude towards Remy to them being friendly and Remy wanting to save him and them exploring their relationship together It sounds like a long emotional journey to be told in a book yet the progression feel natural to me

  8. True Loveislovereview True Loveislovereview says:

    Awesome written story with a lot of feelings Soren finally has a chance to leave his present life'serving' people in the back of the barAnd this all because Remy set his eyes on himRemy spotless perfect Remyat first sight When you get to know him you will love himHe is head over heels for Soren but Soren is suspicious very low self esteem and hates what he is doing with his life only he can't get outRemy only wants the best for Soren helping him guiding him and make him feel human againSoren is smitten by Remy and his ocd sides they are perfect togetherSoren's two roles he will never date and will never kiss This story is also about the slow burn of letting go of his rulesOf course there is much in this story we will meet Abel and Kieran again yeahhhhFlawless smoothly written story which will warm your heart

  9. Claudia Claudia says:

    When I met Soren in the previous books I had the impression that he was a person that had no worries in life besides dancing and enjoying his days without second guessing his decisions or major worries in lifeWhat I found out in this book is that I couldn't be far from the truthSoren is living a lie He's at the limit of his endurance and no one is the wiser He won't let anyone see that what he shows to the world is just a facade He can't let himself slip into caring for someone because who would love someone like him?Remy has everything ordered in his life and the one thing that he doesn't need is a tornado called Soren to turn his life upside down That is until he really look into his eyes and see what Soren tries valiantly to hide from the world All the hurting hopelessness and misery that no one seems to notice besides RemyThe story of these amazing flawed and imperfect guys will keep you glued to this book from the first page to the last one And in the end you'll realise that what some people may call imperfections and flaws the right person will call a chance to grow and a trait that will make them perfect for each otherDon't miss the chance to fall in love by Soren and Remy on this amazing bookOne great read from Nicole JamesI received an advanced reading copy in exchanged of an honest and unbiased review

  10. Tina Tina says:

    45 starsLoved Soren and Remy Now looking forward to AJ and Trystainˋs story

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