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Loves Atonement ✿ [EPUB] ✷ Loves Atonement By Victoria Barbour ❥ – IT TAKES MORE THAN A CHILD TO MAKE A FAMILYAfter five years of heartbreaking fertility treatment and loss Laura Cleary can't bear to leave her husband Dixon childless Abandoning her marriage vow Laura IT TAKES MORE THAN A CHILD TO MAKE A FAMILYAfter five years of heartbreaking fertility treatment and loss Laura Cleary can't bear to leave her husband Dixon childless Abandoning her marriage vow Laura moves out hoping Dixon will start againDixon Cleary’s commitment to his wife and faith runs deeper than the roots that reside under the family ranch in Sweet Grove Texas Heartbroken from a loss that took not only his chance for fatherhood but the love of his life he’s willing to lose the ranch if it means bringing Laura homeWhen fate intervenes Laura and Dixon are left to honour their vows to their friends and God and take a baby into their home But there's a long road ahead to go from having a child to becoming a family once.

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  1. Nicole Laverdure Nicole Laverdure says:

    Sweet clean and romantic love story Victoria Barbour's novella Love's Atonement is my first Christian romance Honestly I didn't know what to expect What a nice surprise I'm used to Ms Barbour “steamy” romance but this short story really pleased me It's perfect for a uiet summer afternoon It’s all about lost hope and loveIt tells the journey of Laura who after five years of fertility treatments without success moves away from her husband Dixon thinking he will have better chances with another woman in his life However Dixon really wants her back he loves her so much Fate will intervene Is there hope for these two gentle souls?Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book from the author I was not reuired to write a positive review and have not been compensated for this This is my honest opinion

  2. Melissa Storm Melissa Storm says:

    Wow LOVE'S ATONEMENT had everything I love in a book memorable characters beautiful writing true to life situations a bit of local flavor a personal connection with the author and a plot so tight every word counted A touching story of love loss and moving forward fans of the First Street Church Romances will devour this book and likely immediately move on to look for great fiction from Victoria Barbour One thing if you loved the movie LIFE AS WE KNOW IT as much as I did you cannot miss LOVE'S ATONEMENT Time to get reading Did not provide a rating because this story is set in my Kindle World but I still wanted to share my thoughts

  3. Penny Harmon Penny Harmon says:

    I started this earlier today and couldn't put it down until I finished Love's Atonement is a story that brings out all your emotions within the first few pages Barbour did an amazing job of making the reader feel like they are part of the story I am looking forward to reading from this author

  4. Jasmine Jasmine says:

    Love's Atonement is the first book I've ever read by Victoria Barbour It's a sweet romantic novella that showcases a couple dealing with infertility Having never dealt with that myself I couldn't even imagine how hard it would be to go through Dixon and Laura the couple are struggling Laura blames herself and Dixon just wants his wife to stop hurting When tragedy strikes the couple must learn to work together as well as love together once This novella is short and sweet There were moments where I teared up and one scene even triggered a negative memory from my past where Laura makes dinner but Dixon refuses to join her; my ex husband did that a lot Overall I really enjoyed Love's Atonement although I would have liked with this couple and with Dixon's grandmother Even though she seemed like a hard woman I uite liked her characterI give it 45 stars and I'm definitely going to have to check out the author's other books

  5. Jane Lebak Jane Lebak says:

    You know the truism that if a marriage is in trouble having a child won't make things better Well we've got a couple whose marriage is in trouble plus they're dealing with infertility and bereavementI had issues with the inital setup Dixon and Laura needed to have an honest conversation but once we're past the first two chapters the story takes off I liked Dixon and Laura both and I thought the scenes where they started connecting were heartfelt The writing was solid throughout and the conclusion was satisfying All in all it was an enjoyable addition to the First Street Church kindle world

  6. Nati Nati says:

    A very intense story about love and loos Laura is struggling to recover from her infertility problems and is running from her husband Dixon because she thinks he deserves a real family with a woman who can give him children While she is stayingwith her cousin Nicole and her husband Caleb Dixon's brother and suddenly Laura and Caleb are force to face their love and their marriage in order to help their godson Adam Nicole and Caleb's child Love is what really matters in lifeI received this book for free in exchange of my honest review

  7. Jenny T. Jenny T. says:

    This is a romance novella which is part of the First Street Church Kindle World Laura Dixon Cleary's marriage has become strained after their struggles with infertility An accident suddenly claims close family members and the Cleary's relationship faces one of the biggest tests that life can present including a decision about a 5 month old boy left in their care This read did a good job capturing the characters' range of emotions during periods of stressI received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion

  8. Robin Robin says:

    This was a sweet faith based novella Laura has gone through five years of attempts to bear a child and she can't bear the thought of her husband Dixon never having a child She moves out to allow him to begin again Dion is heartbroken to lose the love of his life Then fate intervenes and they have to come together to meet God's challenge This novella can be read as a standalone story though it is part of the First Street Church Romances series I enjoyed this novella and look forward to reading stories in this series

  9. Elissa Elissa says:

    This is a beautifully textured tale of infertility and life's tragedies with carefully nuanced characters set in the small town of Sweet Grove Texas The town itself as well as its main church First Street are characters in their own right and play important roles in the story which carefully integrates townfolks from the core series to seamlessly incorporate this novel into the larger Kindle World in which it resides Sweet and heartwarming

  10. Anne Blyth Anne Blyth says:

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this bookThis one truly tugged at the heart strings It was well written and the despair and loss Laura and Dixon experience wanting a family is sadly all too common Add to that the utter tragedy that finally gives them a child and you have an amazing story This is a great addition to Sweet Grove and the First Street Church World

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