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The Snow Leopards Heart (Glacier Leopards, #4) [EPUB] ✺ The Snow Leopards Heart (Glacier Leopards, #4) ✽ Zoe Chant – A curvy waitress who’s hiding a secret a snow leopard shifter who just wants to be left alone a sudden undeniable passion one exhilarating romance Curvy Nina Williams has given up on finding a famil A curvy waitress who’s hiding a secret a snow leopard shifter who just wants to be left alone a sudden undeniable passion one exhilarating romance Curvy Nina Williams has given up on finding a family Ever since she was kicked out of her parents’ house for being a shifter she’s been searching for a pack that will accept her—with no success Finally she heads to the middle of nowhere to live out her life alone She’s learned the hard way that she can’t trust anyone so The Snow eBook ☆ she’s just going to have to rely on herself Snow leopard shifter Joel Miller has everything he’s ever wanted in his life his dream job of being a park ranger and a cabin deep in the mountains to fix up and call home He’s never wanted to let anyone get too close not even his family so his lonely cabin is perfect But one day he scents a strange leopard nearby And then the new waitress in town catches his eye Nina is shocked to find another snow leopard in her lonely getaway—and even shocked to realize that Joel is her mate Can Nina learn to put her trust in others and accept that she’s found her pack And can Joel open his heart to Nina after keeping it closed off for so long The Snow Leopard’s Heart is a sizzling hot standalone BBW BWWM interracial shifter romance No cliffhangers.

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  1. Marsha Keeper Bookshelf Marsha Keeper Bookshelf says:

    Reviewed at Shifter HavenSometimes stories simply tear you apart emotionally and I admit that’s what The Snow Leopard’s Heart did to me I’ve read and loved the entire Glacier Snow Leopards series so far but I think this one hit a bit deeper because of the people involved Oh there is no doubt that several characters in this series have been to hell and back and survived with their mates Nina and Joel have than surface troubles they have deeply ingrained mental anguish to add to how the world has treated them Joel has always been angry at this parents’ fated love When his mother took sick they lived in the city with no shifter medical care available to them At her death he blamed fate and the thought of fated mates for bringing on the pain and suffering she endured And he vows to never ever fall for a woman who is his so called mate for he will not tie someone to him through pheromones and need Nina was rejected by her adoptive parents when she had her first shift Called a monster by her father he kicked her out of her home at seventeen to survive or perish in the world without his protection Since then Nina has been traveling around the country searching out small towns near woods in the hope of finding a pack that would accept her She’s lonely tired and a bit afraid while holding onto her stubbornness and determination to survive She believes she’s found the perfect place to settle down if possible The Glacier National Park’s grounds offer such beauty and the chance to run free as well as sheltering her for the moment She’s hoping to find a pack – what she discovered was a mate one who would not allow their bond to flourishWe will meet up with all the previous couples again as they help in their own ways Nina to deal with how Joel is acting about their bond Some harsh realities some rethinking how to react to life and the love that is behind the mate bond will eventually allow Nina and Joel to find their happiness But it will be a battle to get to that point I enjoyed their story so much and would recommend it for any Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance reader This one is full of emotions comfortable friends and facing one’s deepest fearsI read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription

  2. ZETTER ZETTER says:

    A Change of HeartNina a Snow Leopard Shifter who'd been searching for a place where she'd belong She was happy when she found out that there were other shifters out there and that she wasn't a freak She tried different packs but found out that she didn't fit in anywhereShe decided she didn't need a pack to survive and had given up searching for one She was willing to put herself out there to get hurt again Nina had a plan find a job keep to herself and earned enough money to get an apartment That's how she ended up in Montana Joel Miller a Snow Leopard Shifter worked at the Glacier Park as a ranger with his brother Zach THE SNOW LEOPARD'S HOME He was a loner while he was glad his btother found his mate tgeir past stopped him from being a hundred percent happy for him When he scented a new leopard Joel didn't resist until he found out who it was and what the leopard wanted He just didn't expect to find his mate Nina found a waitressing job at the local diner Her Leopard was always relaxed whenever she was close to Alethia and Grey Zach and Teri That little tidbit confused her but not confusing as when she first saw Joel and she couldn't conttol herself around himBoth Joel and Nina were loners the former had people who loved him while the latter was completely alone And that didn't sit well with Joel and his Leopard They got closer yet Joel wanted to pull away from his mate which set a chain reaction in motion When all was said and done Nina had the home she had always been looking for She had a mate a job and friends but most importantly she had unconditional love THE SNOW LEOPARD'S HEART is the fourth installment in Zoe Chant's GLACIER LEOPARDS series It was heartwarming Excellent job by Zoe Chant I received a free copy from the author without any obligation to review

  3. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    My Thoughts 5 out of 5 Unicorns I loved it I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me Yes I got a review copy of this book and no one tells me what to think feel or write about any book I have bought this book because I loved it and I own most of Zoe’s booksThe cover is beautiful My favorite covers always have both man and beast and they are both breathtakingThis is the 4th book in the series and it is for adults only due to the steamy content While not reuired I recommend reading all the books in order because you definitely understand the characters a whole lot and it is a much richer experience I do love Zoe Chant’s style of shifter HEAs They always make me smile and happy to readThis is Joel’s story who is Zach’s brother He has a lot of emotional baggage from growing up which you’ve seen in previous books Nina is new to the scene and she has baggage than Joel has with her rough life My heart was breaking for both of them They are a perfect match as far as mates go because they are both very leery of everyone Joel definitely makes some bone headed mistakes but it all works out in the endI highly recommend this book to all the big cat shifter fans especially if you love mate bonds and HEA stories

  4. Buffy Kennedy Buffy Kennedy says:

    Nina is a skittish cynic though with darn good reason She's resourceful persistent and strong Joel is a protector while also being a little cowardly They are both loners and have a stubborn streak a mile wide but Joel can just plainly be a jerk sometimes He's afraid of the mate bond and she's afraid of being rejected so you can imagine their issues The resolution was satisfying but I still didn't love these characters as much as previous onesThe romance itself is good cute even They really make sense and you can just feel that My favorite part is actually a conversation that Alethia and Nina have while my least is Joel's run Oh and I really enjoyed Nina's final confrontation with her parents though that's left a little open ended While all these books stand alone fine this one in particular is actually helped by having read at least the last book about Zack and Teri It's also great that it definitely leads up to Cal The Snow Leopard's Heart is gratifying despite how anti social both Nina and Joel are with great character growth through some very foolish moments

  5. Joetta Spurling Joetta Spurling says:

    Mate bond troubleKindle Unlimited PurchaseBy Zoe ChantJoel's mom died when he was still in high school after his father died of a broken mate bond He was raised by his brother who worked 3 jobs to support them Now Joel is all grown up and a forest ranger at the Glacier National Park He does want a mate because of what happened with his parents so when Nina shows up in his life he is overwhelmed by all of it Nina was adopted and didn't know she was a shifter until she shifted in front of her parents at the age of 16 Her parents took it well not they kicked her out Not understanding what she was are even knowing there were others like her She tried to find a place but everything fell through one way or another Now she is in Glacier National Park looking for a safe place to call homeThere was a little bit of boohooing but it's not overly done I feel for Nina and the life she had to lead after her parents kicked her out Every time I think about a parent treating a child like this it makes my head ache

  6. Denise R. Smith Denise R. Smith says:

    Two Lost SoulsJoel and Nina were both lost souls and upon meeting each other they didn't realize that they were fated mates Not by choice Nina was constantly moving from place to place She couldn't trust anyone She was on her own since her parents kicked her out of the house when she was 16 She managed to get a waitress job and when some rowdy men tried to get fresh with her Joel stepped in and to old them to leave her alone After her shift ended those same men came at her outside and Joel was close enough that he could stop them Nina escaped into the forest to get away OK I've told you enough to peak your interest You'll need to read this wonderful story to find out what happens next It has a wonderful storyline great complex characters and plenty of twists and turns that you will think the story wasn't long enough I definitely recommend this book Enjoy

  7. Elaine Kirby Elaine Kirby says:

    Very GoodWe met Joel in Book 3 as he's Zach's little brother Joel is also the loner in the family because of the way his parents died he's not really a fan of the mate bondNina had been adopted so neither her mom or dad knew that she was a shifter she didn't either until she hit puberty At 1st she shifted when no one was around but one day her parents found out her father disowned her threw her out of the house; she was 16 at the timeNina finally after moving from place to place landed in Glacier Park thought that she had found the place to stayOne night she Joel met when he saved her from some drunks after that he then followed her to see where she lived but then lost her trail That is the beginning of their relationship; but you will need to read the book to find out what happens between themThis book was very good because of the story line the sex scenes the reunion at the end

  8. Busybeth76 Busybeth76 says:

    Healing Broken HeartsJoel is a bona fide loner He's also a snow leopard shape shifter and new ranger at Glacier Park He works with other shifters including his older brother Zach Zach is recently mated and Joel is adjusting to a new reality He is not his brother's full focus any They were orphaned young and this seems another loss to Joel Nina is also a leopard shifter But she's been alone for 7 years after being thrown out by her adopted parents She's lived a life on the run roaming small towns looking for a home It's been a harrowing and lonely experience Now she's in Glacier Park waitressing and trying to lay low But when she and Joel cross paths it's clear that these two broken hearts have a chance at healing Although both have pain and past scars united they have a chance at love and true community Overcoming fears and finding trust make this book remarkable

  9. Dmcl Dmcl says:

    Another wonderful story about the Glacier National Park pack This is a sweet paranormal romance that will leave the reader smiling and satisfied Zoe Chant has written a book about two fated mates both of whom had resigned themselves to being alone for the rest of their lives Nina was rejected by everyone including her family when she began to shift; Joel is filled with anger over what happened to his parents and avoids the company of other shifters whose lives are entwined with others They meet one fateful night and sparks fly Now they must decide whether they are drawn to each other simply because of the mate bond or if their union is something they really want Will they fight the bond or follow their hearts? Grab a copy to find out the answer I was given an advanced reader's copy with no obligation to review

  10. Lynn Vincent Lynn Vincent says:

    This is book 4 in the Glacier Leopards series It is another great read by Zoe ChantIt is a well written story with wonderful characters and story line Nina Williams is a snow leopard looking for a place to call home She has had a hard life since she shifted Her adopted parents throw her out and she has been alone since Joel is a park ranger at Glacier National Park He has caught a scent of a strange leopard in the park He realizes she is his mate when he attends a dinner with his brother and spouse Nina feels the need to run away again in fear of what they will do Will she run or stay and be part of the pack? Will Joel be able to overcome his fear of having a mate? Will he be able to overcome his need to be a loner? I give it 5 stars I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy without pressure to do so

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