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  1. Iset Iset says:

    After a bit of a dip in Volumes 2 and 3 the series is most definitely back on track Volume 5 has five stories in total Dead Ends – One of the things I like best about this graphic series is how it delves into and fleshes out the stories of those who aren’t the main characters often generating the most interest and twists through their tales but in a way that makes sense It fills in the gaps giving these side characters agency and putting them in active roles making the universe feel active and with far much going on than just the Skywalker saga This story casts light upon Bail Organa’s struggles and brings back a character to where you feel they always ought to have been and were strangely absent in other media An interesting opener to the volume Bloodlines – This story is both lovely and chilling all at once The artwork is lavish and gorgeous and the story makes fascinating use of in media res and story within story constructs to lead us on a path of flashbacks that at first seem confusing but in the end or should I say the beginning? eventually makes neat and satisfying sense of the patterns in one Jedi’s life The perfect circle makes it sound like a nice tale but it isn’t It’s chilling And that’s what makes this short entry so compelling Hate and Fear – At last we’re back with Obi Wan getting the continuation of his story and he’s without Anakin so as per most instances where the two are separated we get a pretty interesting story of daring survival against the odds with a sympathetic protagonist The only problem with this one is that it continues the threads set up in Volume 3 with the dull and grim battle of Jabiim No Man’s Land – And we’re back with Anakin Thankfully this one is a pretty short and straightforward tale so there isn’t much opportunity for Anakin to be annoying It also contains the payoff to Obi Wan’s preceding story so it’s a necessary follow on The Best Blades – This might just snatch the top spot for this particular collection even though Dead Ends and Bloodlines are very good Master Yoda once again attempts to bring the Jedi Order back to their grounded principles by going in to negotiate a hostile situation The problem is he’s thwarted by two young and very foolish Padawans Oh my god these padawans were irritating To be clear I didn’t hate them but they literally made everything worse and were a lesson in how inexperience and impetuousness can lead good people to do bad things They were so easy for nefarious agents to manipulate in doing what they wanted them to do without stopping to ask uestions or even without the discipline of obeying a wiser superior’s orders It’s a story that’s masterfully crafted but it’s also like watching a wreck in slow motion I especially appreciated having another long lived character relating to Yoda and making him reconsider his whole position There’s nothing personal in this conflict and the two are able to maintain civility and respect while Alaric in fact I would say for once has one up on Yoda’s famed wisdom when he warns about the patterns of history and how past governments have slid into corruption like the Republic The self doubt it causes Yoda to reflect upon in the aftermath feels like another very necessary addition to his character that we just don’t get to see in the films8 out of 10

  2. DiscoSpacePanther DiscoSpacePanther says:

    The first story in Star Wars Clone Wars Volume 5 The Best Blades entitled Dead Ends is great It gives some fascinating political machinations of the kind that are sorely lacking from the new canon showing that ex chancellor Finis Valorum has realised that some ongoing conspiracy was responsible for his ouster during the crisis on Naboo from The Phantom Menace The intrigue in the Senate and some good action with Bail Organa works really well especially the climax of the storyThe middle section of the volume is also pretty good dealing with Obi Wan and Alpha's escape from the clutches of Asajj Ventress on Rattatak where she has been keeping the Jedi prisoner in a Sith gimp mask It is a fun little escapade although nothing too original or groundbreakingIt is the last story The Best Blades which also lends its name to the entire volume where things fall apart The artwork is hideous airbrushed animé esue original characters and a horrendously off model Yoda coupled with backgrounds that look to have been made with a 1990s era CGI 3D clip art packageThe plot of this final story is nothing to write home about either a generic world has seceded and a couple of kamikaze locals have killed some disposable no name Jedi masters leaving their hotheaded padawans to wait until Yoda can arrive to find a peaceful solution as the king of the planet is an old friend of his Not impressed with this oneI can only give this volume an average rating it is a must read only by dint of the fact that it shows Obi Wan's escape from Ventress

  3. Garrett Garrett says:

    Ah to be back at the height of Dark Horse's Star Wars comic days If it weren't for the sometimes awkward illustrated characters I'd give this one five stars They are a series of short stories all taking place in the Clone Wars era obviously Some have uite a bit of action but for the most part the stories are related because they are all about diplomacy This might sound boring to some but I love when the EU explains backstory from the movies which this collection does and does well

  4. Jared Jared says:

    Star Wars Legends Project #124 Background The Best Blades released in November of 2004 collects issues 60 62 and 64 of Republic and the fifth and final issue of the Jedi series of one shots Republic Dead Ends 1 issue February 2004 and Republic Bloodlines 1 issue April 2004 were both written by John Ostrander and drawn by Brandon Badeaux Republic Hate and Fear 1 issue January 2004 was written by W Haden Blackman and pencilled by Tomás Giorello Republic No Man's Land was written by Ostrander with art by Giorello Jedi Yoda 1 issue July 2004 was written by Jeremy Barlow and drawn by HOONAll but Barlow and HOON contributed to earlier issues of Republic Barlow is the writer of a few dozen other Star Wars comics and also served as the editor for the and the first half of Knights of the Old Republic HOON's only other Star Wars work was drawing the covers for a few issues of Knights of the Old RepublicAll 5 stories are set 16 17 months after the Battle of Geonosis 21 years before the Battle of Yavin and variously feature Bail Organa Palpatine Obi Wan Anakin Yoda and Asajj Ventress They are set mostly on Coruscant and Rattatak along with a few other one off planetsSummary In Dead Ends Senator Organa is warned by an old friend that Palpatine cannot be trusted which coincides with his observation that the Republic seems to be fundamentally changing But is he already too late to make a difference?In Bloodlines Palpatine publicly mourns the loss of an old friend and member of the Jedi Order but a look back through key moments in their friendship tells a much different storyIn Hate and Fear and No Man's Land Obi Wan presumed dead on Jabiim by the Jedi nears the breaking point as a captive of Asajj Ventress on Rattatak But he remains hopeful of finding an opportunity for escape Meanwhile Anakin now under the care of Jedi Master Ki Adi Mundi can't shake the certainty that Obi Wan somehow survived He would certainly cross the galaxy to save his master if only he knew where to lookIn Yoda the venerable Jedi Master undertakes a mission to negotiate with an old friend the ruler of a planet who is determined to leave the Republic and seems likely to take the entire system with him Although he finds their friendship as strong as ever the scheming of a corrupt senator and the arrogance of a youthful padawan threaten to unravel everythingReview Dead Ends and I have no idea what the title is referring to is probably the least substantial of the lot It isn't bad but it's one of those comics where you pretty much get the full effect from a 1 paragraph summary Bloodlines is better with an interesting nested flashback plot structure that delves a bit deeply into the long game Palpatine is playingThe two parter that returns Obi Wan to active duty in the land of the living is fairly mediocre A merely okay ending to a pretty lame storyline Actually I call it a storyline Obi Wan vanishes without trace or explanation from the Battle of Jabiim and we get one panel at the end of that story explaining that he's a captive of Ventress though not how that makes any sense And then nothing about what's going on with Obi Wan until this point so not really a storyline per se Just like we knew Obi Wan wasn't dead we also know he'll escape Ventress and Anakin will find him in time and beyond that nothing particularly exciting happens Yoda is probably the best of the bunch because it gives him a chance to go do something a little different from the sitting on Coruscant at the beginning and end of others' stories routine I liked the way this story balances Yoda's wisdom and compassion with his inability to step outside of his narrow perspective about how compromised the Republic is I didn't care for the main padawan character and I don't think I was supposed to but I also just didn't think his character made any sense I mean he looks like he's about 13 years old and he somehow thinks he's wiser and experienced than Yoda Seemed like a stretch even for a teenager Plus he looks like a refugee from mangaNone of these stories stand out as particularly important or memorable although a few of them are at least diverting There really just isn't much to this collection and it seems like it's definitely for completists onlyC

  5. Adam Adam says:

    Hate and Fear 1 starProvides an asinine backstory for Asajj and little elseNo Man's Land 2 star Once again the moving gears are too bare here; a lot of things are accomplished here Obi wan is rescued the bounty on Jedi is set up for later issues they show conseuences to the new security legislation but they all feel like box ticking than storytelling like they're still over halfway into the series just setting up stuff for later arcs Dead Ends 3 starsBail Organa moving the subplot of Palpatine's political machinations forward giving the first realizations that there might be a darker shadow looming beyond the end of the Clone War The whole warcivil rights thing maybe felt on the nose at the time of the Patriot Act than it should have but in retrospect isn't maybe as specific as it felt The scheming here is a bit blunt as usual for these comics and it almost seems like Palpatine should be tipping his hand but I guess that's only obvious when you already know I love Palpatine though and it's fun to see of him in this issueBloodlines 4 starsAnother attempt to show the scope and depth of Palpatine's scheming and ramp up the tension by threatening to unmask him This time it works There's the tragedy of Kim coming so close to determining the truth but trusting Palpatine too much to follow through The layered narrative here works well fleshing out both that personal relationship and the timeline of Palpatine's manipulations his foresight in befriending those who could be useful or dangerous The art in this one is also superb The colors jump out a lot than other issues and there's some neat angles on the architecture that opening shot of the Senate chamber is almost vertiginous

  6. Zachary Hatton Zachary Hatton says:

    Many different stories with different ualities Politics retrospective history escape and liberation I'll go through each story seperatelyDead Ends Okay a senate story about Bail Organa and Mon Mothma buddying up with the ex supreme counselor to figure out how politely power enthused Palpatine is Kinda boring deals with stuff we already know about I mean yay characters that are hardly mentioned but there's a reason they aren't prevalent in the comics; they're boring politicians not force wielding Jedi Good characterization of Palpatine he's so politely threatening 2 starsBloodlines I liked this story a lot It's organized uniuely in that it starts at the end and ends with the beginning It works very well I actually wish this character Master Ronhar Kim was not just a one shot character him and Palpatines character relation is really cool His apprentice really reminded me of Super Buu from Dragon Ball Z by the way he's portrayed Anyway there were some New republic references that I was like a ha at such as Captain Pellaeon and the planet Bakura I also liked how it shows us how Palpatine first became a senator Overall pretty good 4 starsNo Man's Land A neccesary plot story and a bit than that it adds depth to Asajj Ventress who I really don't give much thought for anyway It's funny how in Truce at Bakura Luke deals peaceably with body destroying worms where as Obi wan just kills them Makes me wonder about Jedi's view about protecting ALL life Anyway it's too bad the way Ki Adi Mundi's families demise was brought up I actually read that story and it is was cool I really hate how flippantly people die in the clone wars like it's no big deal It as aight 3 starsThe Best Blades A Yoda story and a liberation story Liberating planet clone wars stories for some reason always end terribly in than one way For one the victory is never a true victory and all the defeats are the most pathetic defeats you could think of It's really hard going through story after story of the theme is the republic worth saving? Like this is the 10th story with that theme can there just be one just ONE story where the good guys save the day like Star Wars IV? What made this story stand out a whole lot is the art Woah man it's like something out of avatar the last airbender but way better Definately feeling the asian vibe Now I had some WTF moments reading this comic book such asHurray pathetic and meaningless Jedi Master deathsIs Cal Padawan learner seriously back talking Yoda the Grand Master Jedi? This is like something I'd expect to see between Anakin and Obi wanYou've got to be kidding Yoda just stands there letting Cal die taking on like 40 house guards? Yoda respect seriously droppedLast page include nonchalant side boob and chick's bare buttocks What part of the Jedi temple are Yoda and Mace in? I have mixed feelings about Yoda in this story mainly about how he freaking let a padawan take on 40 house guards with out intervening Cal was right when his dying words to Yoda is It's your fault Other than that great characterization This deserves 3 stars but I want to give it 4 for the art 35 Stars?Overall I guess I'd give it a 34

  7. Teresa Teresa says:

    21BBYThis volume contains Republic issues 60 61 62 64 and Jedi Yoda Each issue in the collection has various artists and writers In Republic 60 Hate and Fear Obi wan and Alpha aim for a daring escape from Ventress We also learn a little bit about Ventress's origins and how she became so hateful In Republic 61 Dead Ends Bail Organa's ship is attacked by pirates It is speculated that Palpatine set it up in order to bring back a certain law Bail is warned against opposing Palpatine but he also knows that he too has great influence in the Senate making him a great threat to Palpatine's growing power In Republic 62 No Man's Land after Obi wan and Alpha's escape from Ventress they encounter a number of bounty hunters that Ventress has sent after hem With the aid of the Force Obi wan is able to escape and be reunited with Anakin who sensed Obi wan vitality through the Force knowing he was surely still alive In Republic 64 Bloodlines we meet Jedi Rhonr Kim who aims to befriend Palpatine Being a Jedi Rhonar has always been distant from his family and his father was always concerned about their bloodline living on When It is suggested that Palpatine have his midi chlorian count be taken as an example to find the Sith Lord Palpatine finds this threatening and assures Rhonar's defeat on his next mission In Jedi Yoda Toda takes a personal mission to meet with n old friend whose planet refuses to aid the Republic Through this meet up Yoda works with a young Padawan involved in the war on that planet and they find themselves being hunted down by a relative of the king Yoda is saddened that peace could not be madeJedi Yoda was definitely the best of this bunch with an interesting story to part of Yoda's past and a uniue anime esue art style that differs from previous issues The other stories were still good demonstrating some of the political issues and things going on behind the scenes with Palpatine and other senate and Jedi members but we do not see a whole lot of front lines or interesting Jedi in this volume At least we finally found out what happened to Obi wan

  8. Malcolm Cox Malcolm Cox says:

    The volume actually contains five stories1 Dead Ends – Bail Organa and Finis Valorum explore the lies and corruption that surrounds the senate If it weren’t for the fact that we all already know it’s Palpatine this would have been uite interesting Instead it was merely a thing2 Bloodlines – Upon the imminent death of a Jedi we watch as his recent life flashes before his eyes and we see all the tricks and lies culminating at the end at the beginning of the seuence with his forming a friendship with Palpatine Told in a way that kept the narrative interesting this was a poignant story showcasing the damage that high level corruption can do3 Hate And Fear – Obi Wan Kenobi presumed dead by the Jedi order joins forces with fellow captive ARC clone trooper Alpha in a bid to escape the clutches of Asajj Ventress Beautifully illustrated and very exciting this story make reading this book so much worth it4 No Mans’ Land – Sees Anakin Skywalker lead a rescue mission to rescue Obi Wan Kenobi despite being told that he must already be dead This is really of the closing chapter to the previous story as Obi Wan fights he way out Anakin fights his way in Not sure why this has a separate title to be honest5 The Best Blades – Yoda visits an old friend in a bid to convince him not to split his planet from the Republic Using of a Manga style of artwork this is very wordy and uite slow paced with an almost inevitable conclusion

  9. Andrew Andrew says:

    This books is both good and bad hence the hung judgement The good the story as predicted is show signs of tipping and not for the good There are cracks showing not only in the war effort but also in the Jedi order and you can start to see how a once noble and unified order appears to be simply all but wiped out and now sadly the bad the artwork changes style and swings towards a style I am not so comfortable with Don't get me wrong a story on its now I am sure I would love but here in the middle of a book in the middle of a series I am sorry but it jars The style accentuates contrast practically putting harsh straight lines to almost everything I am no expert I will be the first to admit it so forgive my observation but it almost feels like the artist has tried to take on Manga styles and it does not uite work But on the whole the book is a good read and I like how you can see the cracks yet they are not so obvious as you want to scream at the characters What you really cannot see what is happen

  10. Victor Orozco Victor Orozco says:

    Nice Love how this leaves off from what happened after Jabiim in that we discover Obi Wan in Asajj Ventriss' prison Learning what happened to Ventriss one does pity her But in the end I am glad for Obi Wan's escape Cool reading on Bail Organa as the defender of democracy in the Republic I found his story interesting in the not only why he and his wife adopt but also finding out what had happened to the former Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum Interesting look into Palpatine's relationship with a Jedi that he used to obtain information on the Jedi Council particularly since the story was told uniuely backwards from the Jedi's death announcement his death the setup to his death so forth Tragic end with Yoda discovering what happened to an old friend who was the ruler of a planet that believed in Dooku's message and had to force Yoda in a terrible predicament Great collection B

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