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  1. Bev Walkling Bev Walkling says:

    35 stars I received this as a free e book from Holocaust memoirs do not tend to make for happy reading or good bedtime reading but they are vitally important in helping society to remember just what happened This book does that and rates 5 stars for the story Clearly the author was not writing in his mother tongue and that no doubt made the job much difficult Unfortunately there were many errors and problems with sentence structure that just detracted from the book as a whole A run past a good editor would go a long way into improving this book

  2. Liesbeth Liesbeth says:

    A painful read At times I didn't want to carry on Other times I couldn't put it down Selfishly I kept waiting for the liberation details as I knew reading would then become easier These horrific accounts need to be told over and over again And should be compulsory reading for all teenage children The past cannot and must not be forgotten Lessons are still to be learned Manny's descriptions are graphic and gruesomeHonesty prevails in all his writing I am in awe of him and his family Their strength their love their survival

  3. Agnes (BeaderBubbe) Agnes (BeaderBubbe) says:

    One cannot read this book without feeling the atrocities that Manny went through Having heard and read about the Holocaust this story brought out things you dont read in papersmy only thought was that G d had other plans for Manny and gave him the strength to go through it all Bless him and his family and may none of us know anything like italthough it does bring 911 to mind May we all attain peace in this world

  4. Deborah Sulkowski Deborah Sulkowski says:

    A true story of love and hope prevailing in the midst of hatred and evilEven though this had some very difficult content I found Manny's account of the horrendous experiences he had to endure deeply moving This was one of those rare reads that I found very hard to stop reading each of the four nights it took me to finish it I think anyone sixteen years and older should read this We all need to never forget the atrocities that befell so many innocent men women and precious little children who lost their lives during Hitler's evil reign Manny puts you right their with him throughout the four years he spent in concentration camps He also tells of his childhood before the terror began He does such a good job of describing the people and events I came away feeling like I really got to know him and his family They were all so loving and caring toward one another Thank you Manny for sharing your amazing story

  5. Lisa Spadini Lisa Spadini says:

    I was so involved with this familythis book was very well written I feel as if I were there with Manny through his experiences my heart goes out to him and his family l y

  6. Emma Stockwell Emma Stockwell says:

    I cried cried at the atrocities that this poor man and his family endured at the hands of the Nazi's I didn't think things could get any worse and there were times when I thought I could not bear to read any I did however go on to read this courageous brutal and ultimately inspiring story to the end and I am so glad I didI don't want to dwell on the utter barbarity suffering and mind boggling evil that Manny his family friends and fellow Jews experienced while in the camps Instead I want to tell Manny how very grateful I am that he shared his story today and how much joy I had when he found his freedom with his brother and father There are still many lessons to be learned today You can't help comparing what happened then to what is happening today in so many parts of the world When will innocent and ordinary people be allowed to live in peace free from inhumane injustices?I applaud Manny and his faith and resilience His belief in his faith and his love of his family carried him through the darkest hell that many of us will never thankfully have to go toMannylive long and prosper

  7. Mikel Rhodes Mikel Rhodes says:

    True courage in the face of real evilI am forever grateful to Manny for writing this book Your courage honor integrity and perseverance in the face of such horrors and evil are and will always be an inspiration to me I spent a year in the jungles of Vietnam and my time there was a walk in the park compared to what you and so many other innocent people had to endure every day for than twelve years Thank you for sharing your life's story

  8. Gina Johnson Gina Johnson says:

    This book has filled me with amazement at how God spared the author both physically from death on many occasions but also emotionally from hate and bitterness He even speaks of the pity he felt for the Germans in the town they were brought to upon gaining their freedom This is a boon that needs to be read so that we never forget

  9. Aurora Aurora says:

    This was heart breaking which was to be expected It made me uestion humanity again and at the same time gave me hope

  10. Rob Hood Rob Hood says:

    I learned a lot about the Holocaust that was not included in many other such horrible memoirs The book told all

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Outcry memoirs of Manny Steinberg ✎ Outcry memoirs of Manny Steinberg pdf ✐ Author Manny Steinberg – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Manny Steinberg 1925 2015 verbrachte seine Jugendzeit in den Konzentrationslagern Auschwitz Vaihingen an der Enz und Dachau Steinberg war insgesamt sechs Jahre in diesen Konzentrationslagern internier Manny Steinberg verbrachte of Manny Kindle Ô seine Jugendzeit in den Konzentrationslagern Auschwitz Vaihingen an der Enz und Dachau Steinberg war insgesamt sechs Jahre in diesen Konzentrationslagern interniert und nahm sich nach seiner Befreiung vor seine Autobiographie Aufschrei gegen das Vergessen Erinnerungen an den Holocaust zu schreiben Damit erfüllte er sich ein selbst auferlegtes Versprechen Es dauerte zehn Jahre bis er seine Lebensgeschichte zu Papier gebracht hatte und jetzt wird Aufschrei gegen das Vergessen“ von so vielen Lesern auf Outcry memoirs MOBI :Ê der ganzen Welt gelesen Es erfüllt den Autor mit Dankbarkeit dass seine Stimme gehört wird Steinberg wollte Deutschland nie wieder besuchen änderte aber jüngst seine Meinung im April Der jährige wurde mit weiteren sieben Überlebenden eingeladen um an der Gedenkfeier zur jährigen Befreiung des Konzentrationslagers Vaihingen an der Enz beizuwohnen dem letzten Konzentrationslager in dem Steinberg inhaftiert war Begleitet wurde er auf dem für ihn sehr bewegenden Besuch von seiner Familie und von Freunden Er memoirs of Manny MOBI ô besuchte mit ihnen auch das Konzentrationslager Dachau Steinbergs Lebensgeschichte umfasst das Wunder wie ein Mann dazu bestimmt war zu überleben Das Buch ist einerseits zwangsläufig ein Bericht menschlicher Grausamkeit andererseits ein Zeugnis der Kraft von Liebe und Hoffnung Durch die Veröffentlichung seiner Holocausterinnerungen wollte der Autor sicherstellen dass auf der Welt niemals vergessen wird was sich während des Zweiten Weltkriegs ereignete „Es vergeht kein Tag an dem ich nicht an meine Kindheit oder an meine Familie denke aber so lange es mir erlaubt ist auf dieser Erde zu sein wache ich jeden Morgen mit dem Gefühl von Glück und Segen auf Als die deutschen Soldaten die Menschen töteten die ich liebte erkannte ich dass mein Lebenszweck nicht bloß darin bestand auf der Welt zu sein sondern zu leben“.