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Echo (The Halo Series, #2) ➻ Echo (The Halo Series, #2) Download ➼ Author Melody Robinette – After leaving the magical oblivion known as Etheria Aurora feels like she’s been thrown back into reality Even though Arx Isle is nothing like reality it’s still solid ground And Aurora can’t wa After leaving the magical oblivion known as Etheria Aurora feels like she’s been thrown back into reality Even though Arx Isle is nothing like reality it’s still solid ground And Aurora can’t walk on solid ground when she allows herself to be blinded by her feelings for Gray So what does she do Stifles them of course Gray is certainly unsurprised by her sudden avoidance of him during daily Halo training and angel lessons But his way of coping may cause Aurora to regret pushing him away Luna Langley and her twin Logan have joined their Halo group and Luna has her eyes and heart on Gray Distractions in the form of devastating deaths and attacks on non angel land pull the Halos away from Arx Isle sending them on a uest to protect the unsuspecting humans in London and New York City Even the heat and danger of battle—or Gray’s new girlfriend—can’t keep Aurora and Gray’s magnetic feelings for one another stifled for long But when Aurora’s past comes back to haunt her Gray will be faced with an impossible decision Will he make the right choice In this breathtaking seuel to Etheria Melody Robinette pulls readers back to the surprisingly dark world of Halos where light and darkness are muddled by shadows and love always comes with a price.

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  1. Lene Blackthorn Lene Blackthorn says:

    The downfall of an angel is coming And hell is about to burn the worldAfter their epic world saving kiss things between Aurora and Gray have gone awkward until Gray ends in a relationship with Luna another Halo now belonging to their group Aurora feels relaxed and willing to cooperate with her Stellar company But with Caducus' fall approaching fast demons and Horns are wreaking havoc on the Earth and Halos as angelic warriors must lock down the souls of living people to protect them Using another angelic ship Echo to travel around the world the group of our heroes is on a mission that decides the fates of manyAfter reading Etheria I was totally intrigued and wanted to read the next installment as soon as possible The plot introduced in the first book now escalated to a whole new level making the story darker violent and even suspenseful Action packed and adventurous it makes a hell of an emotional rolllercoaster and if one makes attachments to the lead characters you are living the story by yourself The vivid descriptions and magic create a uniue atmosphere and I let myself lose in the story for the whole timeNew characters added in this book complement the already known ones very well The twins are nothing alike personality or looks wise Where Logan is sociable adventurous and a bit mischievous with her secual orientation now set up on Brielle Luna is the calm and uiet one peaceful and open but also jealous of Aurora since Luna is in love with her Stellar boy Gray The relationships among lead characters became so entangled that I am curious where this endsI read the ARC copy and all opinions are my own

  2. Christinaraven Christinaraven says:

    Aurora and Gray and the rest of the gang are back This time they have reached Arx Isle and the story starts out with halo training with a few new additions that make the story interesting in terms of everyone's interactions Add human nature and tense situations and you get some wild scenes that mad m laugh and groan I really wanted to head slap a few of them and say grow up but did make for a good story We also got to learn back stories for the gang amid the fighting I received a free copy and my honest review is a good seuel to book 1 that gives background to this addicting world that exits along side our usual one I got hooked and had to see how it would end and who would survive to the end this time

  3. Ola Adamska Ola Adamska says:

    This one was really good but for me it started hmmm when I read about 30% of the book From that point I was digging my way to get to know the end with all my mightEach character had hisher own story to make here but action is still concetrated on Aurora and Gray Everyone wasn't black or white everyrhing had a lot of different sidesReally good book 2 with interesting characters and fight with evil

  4. Marie Fraser Marie Fraser says:

    An excellent follow on from the first book This is an excellent read It is well written and has a well developed storyline that carries on from book number one I love all the characters and their individual personalities Can't wait for the next book I received an arc of this book in return for a voluntary review An excellent bookwell worth a read

  5. Rachael Rachael says:

    A great follow on from book 1 in the series Full of action as we follow Aurora and Gray on their journey it starts out a little slowly but soon becomes enthralling I'm looking forward to book 3I received an ARC of Echo and this is my honest review

  6. Jeremy Spring Jeremy Spring says:

    A little slow to start with due to scene setting needing to be done but afte rthat it picks up wonderfully Loved it

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