The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fourth Annual

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fourth Annual Collection ✅ The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fourth Annual Collection PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Gardner Dozois – The Year's Best Science Fiction July edition | The Year's Best Science Fiction by Gardner R Dozois July St Martins Pr edition Hardcover in English th edition The Year's Best Science Fiction Thirty Fir The Year's Best Science MOBI ò Best Science Fiction July edition | The Year's Best Science Fiction by Gardner R Dozois July St Martins Pr edition Hardcover in English th edition The Year's Best Science Fiction Thirty First Annual Achetez The Year's Best Science Fiction Thirty First Annual Collection Walmart Canada Magasinez plus de Littrature et romans disponible en ligne Walmartca The Year's Best Science Fiction hyperleapcom It is the th in The Year's Best Science Fiction series After resigning from his Asimov's position he remained the editor of the anthology series The Year's Best Science Fiction published annually The Year's Kindle - since It is Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fourth eBook ê the st in The Year's Best Science Fiction series Tlcharger】 The Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror Tlchargez ou lisez le livre The Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror English Edition de Herv Prils au format PDF et EPUB Ici vous pouvez tlcharger gratuitement tous les livres au format PDF ou Epub Utilisez le bouton disponible sur cette page pour tlcharger ou lire un livre en ligne Tlcharger】 The Year's Best Science Fiction Fantasy Obtenez le livre The Year's Best Science Fiction Fantasy Edition English Edition au format PDF ou EPUB Vous pouvez Year's Best Science ePUB ☆ lire des livres en ligne ou les enregistrer sur vos appareils Tous les livres sont disponibles au tlchargement sans avoir dpenser de l'argent 【Tlcharger】 The Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Titre de livre The Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror English Edition Tlchargez ou lisez le livre The Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror English Edition de author au format PDF et EPUB Ici vous pouvez tlcharger gratuitement tous les livres au format PDF ou Epub Utilisez le bouton disponible sur cette page pour tlcharger ou lire un livre en ligne 【Tlcharger】 The Year's Best Australian Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fourth eBook ê Fantasy and Titre de livre The Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror English Edition Tlchargez ou lisez le livre The Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror English Edition de authorau format PDF et EPUB Ici vous pouvez tlcharger gratuitement tous les livres au format PDF ou Epub Utilisez le bouton disponible sur cette page pour tlcharger ou lire un livre en ligne com Best books of the Year So Far books More about com's best books of the year so far All year com's editorial team reads with an eye for the best books of the month plus the best books in popular categories including cookbooks food wine literature fiction children's books mystery thriller suspense comics graphic novels romance science fiction fantasy teens and Weebly We picked the year's best gifts created by Weebly We picked the year's best gifts created by Weebly entrepreneurs Share this post on your Facebook page by December th for a chance to win all of them Featuring Kuju Coffee Bomber Jacket A Purely Peer Review™ Methodology | Best Lawyers Recognition by Best Lawyers is based entirely on peer review Our methodology is designed to capture as accurately as possible the consensus opinion of leading lawyers about the professional abilities of their colleagues within the same geographical area and legal practice area The Year's Best Science Fiction Fantasy The Year's The Year's Best Science Fiction Fantasy The Year's Best Science Fiction Fantasy The Year's Best Science Fiction Fantasy Edition Rich Horton Prime books Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction The Year's Best Topic YouTube The Year's Best Topic Playlists; About; Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium The Year's Best Science Fiction rd Annual Collection The Year's Best Science Fiction rd Annual Collection prix bas retrouvez tous les produits disponibles l'achat sur Rakuten New Stories from the South The Year's Best broch New Stories from the South The Year's Best Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction The Year’s Best Science Fiction Fantasy Edition The Year’s Best Science Fiction Fantasy Edition Rich Horton This eleventh volume of the year's best science fiction and fantasy features twenty six stories by some of the genre's greatest authors including David Gerrold Carolyn Ives Gilman James Patrick Kelly Rich Larson Ursula K Le Guin Yoon Ha Lee Sarah Pinsker JustinabrRobson Kelly Robson Lavie Tidhar Juliette The Year's Best Science Fiction Vol The Saga In this restart Vol of the Year’s Best Science Fiction Jonathan Strahan claims the mantle of Gardner’s work including a very long introduction that is a near copy of the form of Gardner’s introductions That said the story selection is completely unlike that of Gardner Dozois and this is an excruciating anthology to read The selection is worse than mediocre given the apparent The Year's Best Science Fiction Fantasy Edition The Year's Best Science Fiction Fantasy Edition Rich Horton This seventh volume of the year's best science fiction and fantasy features over thirty stories by some of the genre's greatest authors including Elizabeth Bear Paul Cornell Cory Doctorow James Patrick Kelly Yoon Ha Lee Kelly Link Ken Liu Sandra MacDonald KJ Parker Robert Reed Peter Watts and many others Download The Year S Best Science Fiction Eighteenth Annual Download The Year S Best Science Fiction Eighteenth Annual Collection by Gardner Dozois in Pdf ePub ebook Collects short stories exploring themes of time and space travel self discovery a Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Wikipedia The first two anthologies were originally published under the name The Year's Best Fantasy before the title was changed beginning with the third book For most of its run the series was edited by Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow with Windling primarily responsible for the fantasy portion of the content and Datlow for the horror portion From the th edition covering works first Best Illusion of the Year Contest | Best Illusion of The Best illusion of the Year Contest is a celebration of the ingenuity and creativity of the world’s premier illusion research community Contestants from all around the world submitted novel illusions unpublished or published no earlier than and an international panel of judges rated them and narrowed them to the TOP TEN the year's best Traduction franaise – Linguee De trs nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant the year's best – Dictionnaire franais anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions franaises The Year's Best Science Fiction Fantasy Edition The Year's Best Science Fiction Fantasy Edition par aux ditions This inaugural volume of the year's best science fiction and fantasy features t Year's Best Science Fiction The Year's Best Science Year's Best Science Fiction The Year's Best Science Fiction Second Annual Collection Gardner Dozois St martin's press Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec The Year's Best Science Fiction Fantasy Edition This fourth volume of the year's best science fiction and fantasy features thirty stories by some of the genre's greatest authors including Jonathan Carroll Neil Gaiman Kij Johnson Kelly Link Paul McAuley KJ Parker Robert Reed Rachel Swirsky The Year’s Best Science Fiction Fantasy Edition The Year's Best Science Fiction Fantasy The Year’s Best Science Fiction Fantasy Edition Rich Horton Prime books Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec The Hot List Honoring the Year’s Best in TV The Hot List Honoring the Year’s Best in TV Publishing Digital and Brands Adweek recognizes the standout people platforms creators and companies in an unprecedented year.

10 thoughts on “The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fourth Annual Collection

  1. Peter Tillman Peter Tillman says:

    Here's the Best SF review which is detailed lengthy and impressive Watson was doing an impressive job of keeping up with all the Year's Best anthologies then and this will be my guide and memory aid hereAnd Alytha's review here is eually long and detailed usual I've previously read a fair number of these stories elsewhere And my library copy is seriously overdue So here's what I have I'll check it out again sometime maybe and read some Links provided when I could find them Special callout to Every Hole Is Outlined a novelette by John Barnes This one is an easy 5 stars for me it's a love story of sorts a captain's biography and the story of a far future relativistic interstellar freighter her odd crew and the increasingly strange galactic society that her crew barely understands A shining example of why I keep reading this stuff and I doubt that many of you have seen it Enjoy• I Row Boat • novelette by Cory Doctorow Previously read Cool story 28 • Julian A Christmas Story • novella by Robert Charles Wilson• Tin Marsh • novelette by Michael Swanwick This is a good story and memorable for me in that I helped Swanwick get the mining stuff right 35 stars • The Djinn's Wife • India 2047 • novelette by Ian McDonald 3 stars Previousy read112 • The House Beyond Your Sky • short story by Benjamin Rosenbaum Online at notes SPOILERS 4 stars? • Where the Golden Apples Grow • Mars Kage Baker • novella by Kage Baker Previousy read partial reread Weak 3 stars164 • Kin • short story by Bruce McAllister 172 • Signal to Noise • novelette by Alastair Reynolds Alt universe romance kinda sorta 25 stars204 • The Big Ice • short story by Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold Partial reread OK story221 • Bow Shock • novelette by Gregory Benford Read OK251 • In the River • short story by Justin Stanchfield266 • Incarnation Day • novella by Walter Jon Williams Good one Not reread295 • Far As You Can Go • short story by Greg van Eekhout305 • Good Mountain • novella by Robert Reed Very odd world Not reread350 • I Hold My Father's Paws • short story by David D Levine 360 • Dead Men Walking • The uiet War • novelette by Paul J McAuley 374 • Home Movies • novelette by Mary Rosenblum Read prior I think395 • Damascus • novelette by Daryl Gregory 418 • Life on the Preservation • short story by Jack Skillingstead One day in a future Seattle Cute431 • Yellow Card Man • The Windup Universe • novelette by Paolo Bacigalupi Prev read I HATED it 457 • Riding the Crocodile • 2005 • novella by Greg Egan Prev read strong story 4 stars?492 • The Ile of Dogges • short story by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette499 • The Highway Men • novelette by Ken MacLeod524 • The Pacific Mystery • novelette by Stephen Baxter540 • Okanoggan Falls • novelette by Carolyn Ives Gilman566 • Every Hole Is Outlined • novelette by John Barnes 5 stars See lede589 • The Town on Blighted Sea • short story by A M Dellamonica After the war We lost and ended up in a refugee camp 4 stars for writing and extrapolation Zero for fun Yuck YMMV606 • Nightingale • Revelation Space • novella by Alastair Reynolds Another postwar story this one about an effort to capture a war criminal who's hiding out in a spooky hidden hospital ship It went on on getting grosser grosser until I gave up DNF Not for meI think I’ve checked all the stories for valid links to online copies Please add others if you find them

  2. Alytha Alytha says:

    Veeery long and detailed review I Row Boat by Cory Doctorow Probably the first science fiction story about scuba diving that I've read The pun in the title is to be taken literally too In the far future Earth is a protected nature reserve Humans have long ago uploaded their consciousnesses to the internet and all kinds of things have become conscious and sentient Robbie the row boat is just taking people who have downloaded into human shells to go diving on a reef as usual when it becomes apparent that the reef has achieved sentience and started to communicate with the internet And it is not happy about having people poke around on it A really interesting story I guess the subject matter arises from itself once you come up with the titular pun but stillalso contains lots of philosophical discussion on Asimovism a religion of AIs 810 Julian A Christmas Story by Robert Charles Wilson In a different and not that far future mankind has regressed to a vaguely 19th century lifestyle du to fossile sources of energy running out The knowledge of these times is regarded as myth and society is ruled by the church Two young men from very different sociological backgrounds try to find their way in life in politically troubled times An OK story but not terribly interesting or groundbreaking 610 Tin Marsh by Michael Swanwick Mr Swanwick is one of my absolutely favourite authors and deserves much attention than he seems to get In this story two prospectors on Venus looking for valuable metals get very bad cabin fever or space suit fever? being stuck out there with only themselves for company for months They find out that you can get to know somebody too well and that that somebody then probably will try to kill you a nice little psychological thriller set in the desolate landscape of Venus 8510 The Djinn's Wife by Ian McDonald Set in the same world as his novel River of Gods ie India in the near future populated by all kinds of aeai's AIs A young dancer falls in love with a suave AI diplomat and in a fit of entitlement issues decides to marry him in order to get some attention At first they have a really good time as the superstars of the moment but soon she notices that her world is shrinking inwards towards a not uite real husband and her art while he as an AI can be everywhere at the same timeit gets worse from there The story is told by the dancer's daughter who may or may not be the daughter of the AI Considering all the other things he can do stimulating an egg to divide shouldn't be that far out And there are some cluesI really like the rich world of River of Gods and this is a good story about being careful what you wish for 910 The House Beyond Your Sky by Benjamin Rosenbaum I honestly have no idea what this story is supposed to be about Nor what the author smoked while writing it 510 Where the Golden Apples Grow by Kage Baker unfortunately I only discovered Kage Baker's work after her death Her two fantasy novels The Anvil of the World and House of the Stag are really good and should definetely by read The story here is about two boys born on Mars one as the son of a trucker the other into a family of farmers Both find that the grass is greener on the other side and that their life as it is sucks uite badly When fate throws them together they both get to know the other side and prepare to make some major changes in their life A good story which looks at both sides pretty realistically On the other hand how often does the grass actually remain greener on the other side once you get there? Maybe you'd have to be an idealistic teenager And maybe that wouldn't be all that bad7510 Kin by Bruce McAllister In yet another far future Earth has made contact with various alien species one of which specialises in assassinations And then there is a corrupt government and a young boy who is not going to take that without a fight And despite being physically as different as they could possibly be the boy and the alien assassin find out that they're not that different in mind after all Pretty solid but not overly spectacular story 6510 Signal to Noise by Alastair Reynolds A couple of scientists have established contact with a parallel and identical dimension when the estranged wife of one of them dies in a freak accident It turns out that at that moment the dimensions start diverging as in the other one Andrea didn't die In a last desperate attempt to seek redemption for himself and the mistakes he made in his relationship Mick travels to the other universe or rather takes over the body of the other Mick for a week The whole thing is morally a bit awkward The Andrea on the other side is not his wife technically and in no way has a duty towards him especially as their counterparts were getting a divorce anyway It's basically just something Mick does in order to make himself feel better and as Andrea is a really nice person she plays along although she feels pretty miserable about it might be a bit of a waste using the first contact to another dimension for that kind of thing Also the description of the decay of the signal between the dimensions and the ensuing gradual loss of senses; touch hearing vision is one of the creepiest things I've ever read 810 The Big Ice by Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold Unfortunately not set in the Flowers universe but still really good A young woman is just trying to life her own life as a scientist on a distant planet when her past as a highly bio engineered pawn of a noble house catches up with her Fighting for her life she finds support from an unforeseen source deep beneath a glacier Good story about dealing with your inheritance whether you want to or not and how to escape it in a rather interesting manner 910 Bow Shock by Gregory Benford An astronomer finds a weird asteroid and travks it for awhile until he finds something even weirder This is what happens when physicists try to write fictionup to the last couple of pages this is not science fiction but just astronomy with a bit of the glamorous life of an astronomer with literary aspirations thrown in Once it gets interesting it's over Even though it has illustrations It should have started about two thirds in and dealt with what happened after Good idea but extremely dry and pretty boring execution for the most part 4510 In the River by Justin Stanchfield A scientist is biologically modified in order to be able to communicate with a species of water dwelling aliens and travel with them for a while to find out about their maths and science After a short time she goes native and when she has to be taken out of the River again because her implants are starting to break up she finds coming home very hard A good story about the meaning of home and the people you belong to and that you sometimes find them in unforeseen places 8510 Incarnation Day by Walter Jon Williams Out on the moons of the gas giants resources are scarce so children are brought up in cyberspace and only incarnated after they've grown up and got the skills to get a job and be a useful member of society Until then they are the property of their parents who can send the Blue Lady not to be confused with the Blue Fairy who does the opposite to terminate their programm if they're not satisfactory This way of growing up of course leads to various mental illnesses being very common out there but pretty much ignored until one young programm child dares to take on the system enttailing the risk of getting herself terminated as her actions are very much against the ideas of her frustrated and very technologically oriented mother Really interesting premise and good execution 8510 Far As You Can Go by Greg Van Eekhout a young boy and his robot friend leave a post apocalyptic city to look for a better life at the beach and have some adventures on the way Solid story about friendship and growing up coupled with a bit of post apocalypse Solid but not terribly exciting 710 Good Mountain by Robert Reed The world is made of living island which travel around the ocean until they eventually hit the Continent and stick to it Thus the Continent gets ever bigger Public transport is done by worm as in inside the living worm which even has windows and everybody has mockmen slaves who seem to be like humans but bred to be barely intelligent enough to perform tasks Now as the Continent gets bigger and bigger it traps rising bubbles of methane gas rising from the ocean under it which leads to explosive blow outs which can devastate whole islands at a time as they're basically made of living wood Currently these blow outs get progressively worse and the whole Continent is going up in flames On the last worm a group of travellers is racing ahead of the flames trying to reach the coast and a ship to outlying islands However a young woman on the worm claims to be a scientist exploring a crashed alien space ship near a station nor far ahead She claims to have discovered that the passengers of that ship seeded life on the planet and were themselves the ancestors of the worms and technologically extremely advanced She proposes to lead the other travellers to the ship to sit out the blaze However the worm driver claims that she is very often on his route and takes a young man along every time to have a look at the spaceship And they're never seen againA really really bizarre world with references to Dan Simmons' Hyperion cycle and Dune The end of the story is not really clear on the woman's claim It all depends on how you see the worm driver On the one hand he does have a long experience about what's happening or rather not happening near the stations And he has no reason to lie about her and the other men However he seems very preoccupied by his worm and getting away from the place is very much in his own interest And the girl's story is really plausible910 I Hold My Father's Paws by David D Levine A tale about what it means to be family and to what extremes some people go to get rid of theirs but in the end come back To be rather concrete a young man finds out that his estranged father is undergoing a series of surgeries to turn himself into a dog and decides to forget all the years of abandonment and go talk to him one last time And thus loses a father but gains a loyal companion Very bizarre but you can't help understanding the father's motivations Being a human is just terrible sometimes all the thoughts and worries and responsibilitesbeing a pet must be much nicer and carefree Personally I'd go for cat though 910 Dead Men Walking by Paul J Mcauley An artificially grown super assassin goes rogue after completing his mission and having found that he actually enjoys life However one day his past catches up with him and altruism doesn't go unpunished Pretty solid average story about the meaning of being a real person 6510 Home Movies by Mary Rosenblum Kayla is a chameleon a person employed to go places on behalf of other people and to record memories which will then be extracted and sold to the client while she forgets everything Her latest contract sends her to a wedding of members of powerful families where she is instructed to pay special attention to a young man who turns out to be uite attractive And little by little she finds out that on this job not everything is what it seemsI really liked this one it has some very interesting ideas and an exploration of what morals mean in the high tech age 8510 Damascus bx Daryl Gregory A harrassed single mother is being taken into the circle of a group of strange women who constantly insist on feeding herand suddenly she has a visit of Christ in the shape of Kurt Cobain which is nice for her and also heavy seizures which isn't The outcome has two very different meanings for two different groups of people to most of society Paula and the sisters are suffering from the mental conseuences of conracting Kuru through eating infected human blood To them however they are a sacred sisterhood that brings Christ to people through the communion of blood Unfortunately they all end up crippled and dying horribly It's not uite clear within the universe of the story which version is true if any Very creepy story about the evils of religion and eating people Doubly disturbing if you think about the fact that Christians believe that they comsume Christ's flesh and blood at communion910 Life on the Preservation by Jack Skillingstead In the far future evil elements have trapped the city of Seattle in a timeloop of an endlessly repeating 9th November 2004 for timetravelling tourists to visit while the world outside is uite postapocalyptic A young woman called Kylie in the real world are there actually any other Kylies apart from Ms Minogue and the little girls named after her? who is sent by the Resistance to destroy the time loop gizmo and return Seattle to the normal timestream On her mission though she meets a nice young man called Toby and suddenly the early 21st century has some nice amenities if you're used to the world after the enduite liked this one although of course Kylie fails but at least she'll have a good day Over and over and over again810 Yellow Card Man by Paolo Bacigalupi set either before The Windup Girl or as an earlier draft idea of the novel with mostly the same characters drifting through a postapocalyptic Bangkok and complaining about bloody foreigners The protagonist is Tranh the unpleasant Chinese immigrant whose total lack of any kind of redeeming character traits as well as the complete lack of any kind of magnificent bastard attributes makes me wonder why I should care about him And if I'm not supposed to care about him what kind of masochist exhibitionistic monster is the author? Still the story is marginally coherent than that of The Windup Girl although that's not saying much 310 Riding the Crocodile by Greg Egan In the far future again the disk of the Milky Way has been colonised people are or less immortal and can get themselves beamed about as datastream The last big secret is the core of the galaxy which is inhabited by the so called Aloof who refuse to be contacted or explored and nicely return probes in perfect condition but without any data Leila and Jasim have been married for millenia have raised kids travelled and researched and now they think they've seen it all and look for one last thrill before ending their existence What better than to finally discover the truth about the mysterious Aloof? Good story about life and love in the high tech age where millenia pass in the blink of an eye while you're in transit and almost everything that is possible has been done and the uest to find meaning in these circumstances 8510 The Ile of Dogges by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette One night Lord Tylney ueen Elizabeth I's censor about to destroy an inacceptable play by Jonson and Nashe receives a visit from a timetravelling historian with a digicamThe first part is actually true The second unfortunately not For Elizabeth Bear going from Shakespeare and fairies to Jonson and timetravellers is not all that far Really nice story with a nice little twist in the end 9510 The Highway Men by Ken MacLeod Years ago a misunderstanding started a war all across the Middle East up to China the extend of which accelerated climate change with the poles thawing and Scotland freezing solid A group of Highwaymen the nice kind find a group of hippies trying to make a living in the desolate hills and there are misunderstandingsOk story but not terribly exciting 6510 The Pacific Mystery by Stephen Baxter In a parallel universe Germany won the Second World War pretty much before it really got going but that is really just the background here as the story is set on a German flying battleship the Goering One of the reasons for the Germans' win is that in this world the Pacific has never been crossed neither by plane nor by ship so that Pearl Harbour never happened and the US were less interested in joining the fun Now the Goering is out to explore the Pacific Mystery and reach the US from the Chinese coast However one year in they've still not reached land againthe only thing they find from time to time are islands populated by ancient life forms starting with mammoths and neanderthals and going back in time further and further as they go eastreally really insane worldbuilding and a very good story 9510 Okanoggan Falls by Carolyn Ives Gilman Earth has been conuered by the alien Wattesoons who in general are not too bad as alien overlords come However they decide to strip mine a couple of small towns in Wisconsin for limestone While riots break out in the other towns the wife of the mayor of Okanoggan Falls has her own plans to make the alien Captain change his mindwith rather unforeseen results Really enjoyed this one as it gives a very different lighter but still serious take on alien invasions Poor Wattesoon women thoughfirst they get the man of their dreams and then they die They should really work on that 910 Every Hole is Outlined by John Barnes I went to uni with a John Barnes but I kinda doubt it was this oneanyway another story set in the far future where mankind is spread so far across the galaxy that travelling takes centuries so that ship's crews become very tight and separated communities where each member has to be replaced through careful processes when they die Thus the young slave Xhrina is bought and immediately released from slavery to replace the ship mathematician's wife Soon she discovers that on certain dates important to the crew the ghosts of dead crewmembers can be seen in the opsball Interesting combination between hard sci fi and spirituality 910 The Town on the Blighted Sea by AM Dellamonica an alien race has taken pity on one side of a civil war on Earth and granted the survivors sanctuary on their planet However the aliens aren't always as nice as they could be and nasty things happen and have to be cleaned up OK story without much of an impact 610 Nightingale by Alastair Reynolds A group of specialists is send to retrieve a wanted war criminal from the hulk of a former hospital spaceship However the ship's AI has suffered uite a bit from the role it had to play during the war and has its own ideas about this mission and dealing with war criminals It also believes in war memorials to scare people off the idea Body horror ensues Creepy verging on horrifying although the ship's intentions are uite understandable 710All in all one of the highest uality short story collections I've come across 2007 seems to have been a good year ;

  3. Timons Esaias Timons Esaias says:

    This is regrettably a 15 grimace 1 incorrect careen 2 loose strands of hair anthology That said these Dozois Year's Best anthologies of which alas there will be no are a tremendous bargain and source of amusement For writers they are a godsend of examples of how things are done and the wide variety of approaches that SF allowsAnd yeah this one sat on my shelf for slightly over a decade before I finally started it but that's another thing about these collections they age only slowly since Gardner tended to pick the stories that were excellent in their year yet would still be excellent two decades laterI gave four stories an exclamation point in the TOCKin Bruce McAllisterGood Mountain Robert ReedLife on the Preservation Jack SkillingsteadFar As You Can Go Greg Van EekhoutI gave two exclams to Kage Baker's Where the Golden Apples Grow and three to Ian McDonald's The Djinn's Wife which I'd read elsewhereSeveral of these stories were also in the Hartwell collection for that year and I may have muted my reactions so see my review on LJ for those There were several very cute pieces like Cory Doctorow's pastiche of both the Three Laws and Uplift; Rosenbaum's Levine's and Baxter'sI made writer's notes on Carolyn Ives Gilman's Okanoggan Falls and A M Dellamonica's The Town on Blighted Sea Gilman's is an excellent example of a big world event boiled down to a much smaller event in a small town and the even personal story of one family through the view of the mother Dellamonica's is a study in how to limit the explanation of the setting in a science fiction story You would not be able to derive the history of the location or explain it to others if pressed say by a Mueller subpoena but you don't need to for understanding the storyI noted that Greg Egan's piece Riding the Crocodile is an example of a Really Big CanvasI recently reviewed a mainstream Best American Short Stories collection and noted the percentages of first person 30% multiple POV 10% and though I don't think I mentioned it in the review present tense 45% It also had one second person story As a comparison this SF collection is 18% first person about 11% multiple POV and only 36% present tense yes less than a tenth of the literary collection

  4. Sandi Sandi says:

    This collection of the best science fiction stories from 2006 is hit and miss Some of the stories were fabulous like Where the Golden Apples Grow by Kage Baker and In the River by Justin Stanchfield I Row Boat by Cory Doctorow the first story in this anthology was a silly story that was mostly a sci fi insider's joke I couldn't even finish Bow Shock by Gregory Benford because it was boring With the exception of the Benford story most of the pieces selected were good to excellent This book is a good overview of the variety of stories available in modern science fiction

  5. Nicholas Whyte Nicholas Whyte says:

    of these stories were indeed fresh for me; four I think were Hugo nominees and I'd read a couple of others in other collections or possibly even in the original magazine publication As usual Dozois shows excellent taste though my 2007 records are not in good enough shape to tell me if I think he got a better or worse result than the Hugo or Nebula nomination system The story that stood out for me as a new discovery was Carolyn Ives Gilman's Okanoggan Falls a disturbing tale of alien occupation and human resistance

  6. Florin Constantinescu Florin Constantinescu says:

    Take me back to 2006 please If the retrospective anthology for the year was so good you can only imagine how good the uncollected stories can also beIn possession of 8 extra ordinary stories the Wilson the Williams the Levine the McAuley the Rosenblum the Baxter the Gilman and the Barnes a lot of above average other stories and few to none useless unreadables this makes the anthology one of the best that GD has edited

  7. Jim S. Jim S. says:

    Best stories Alastair Reynolds NightingaleStephen Baxter The Pacific MysteryRobert Charles Wilson Julian A Christmas StoryGood storiesMichael Swanwick Tin MarshKage Baker Where the Golden Apples GrowBruce McAllister KinGregory Benford Bow ShockRobert Reed Good MountainDavid D Levine I Hold My Father's PawsPaul J McAuley Dead Men WalkingMary Rosenblum Home MoviesDaryl Gregory Damascus

  8. April April says:

    Took a while to work through this It wasn't what I thought it was but found some 'new to me' authors to take a look at

  9. Janet Jay Janet Jay says:

    Standouts were I rowboat Incarnation day and the horror of “nightingale”

  10. Rob Rob says:

    As with many Year's Best type anthologies it's difficult to evaluate the collection as a whole Unlike a themed collection eg Wastelands Stories of the Apocalypse you can't easily ask how each story is helping to advance or otherwise round out the speculation or evaluation of that given theme But that's OK; that's not why we pick up and read a collection like this And it's a hazard we're willing nay happy to take onThat said the rating for the collection here is a computed average of my ratings on the individual stories themselves Out to four decimal places the 24th Annual Collection scores 33929And now the individual ratings with comments where I have them based on the 5 star GoodReads scale1 Cory Doctorow I Row Boat ★★★2 Robert Charles Wilson Julian A Christmas Story ★★★ Not sure how this one sits with me; a re read might better inform whether it's holding up Christianity or vs some ethical secularism but Tough to say on the first hit Also steampunkish and yet not; definitely a post Peak Oil tale and I wonder to myself if it wasn't short listed for inclusion in Wastelands or not3 Michael Swanwick Tin Marsh ★★4 Ian McDonald The Djinn's Wife ★★★★ If you're too intimidated by River of Gods then this will almost serve as a substitute5 Benjamin Rosenbaum The House Beyond Your Sky ★★★ Attempts depth but comes off as a bit opaue A compact dense story though and probably worth a re read sometime6 Kage Baker Where The Golden Apples Grow ★★★ Interesting and twisted take on the Prince and the Pauper fairy tale though with two paupers I wanted to like it a lot but I found the story a bit predictable and maybe just a little pedantic But I'm curious to see by this gifted writer7 Bruce McAllister Kin ★★ Couldn't relate; felt forced Also where's the greater good in exceptions?8 Alastair Reynolds Signal to Noise ★★★★★ Wow; head spinningly good9 Jay Lake Ruth Nestvold The Big Ice ★★★ Action for action; great for what it is10 Gregory Benford Bow Shock ★★★11 Justin Stanchfield In the River ★★★★★ This is a good one to rub up against Blindsight for comparison12 Walter Jon Williams Incarnation Day ★★★★ Nice use of voice and tone; also it's like a post human Pinocchio13 Greg Van Eekhout Far as You Can Go ★★★★14 Robert Reed Good Mountain ★★★ Had trouble getting into this one; too far afield?15 David D Levine I Hold My Father's Paws ★★★16 Paul J McAuley Dead Men Walking ★★17 Mary Rosenblum Home Movies ★★★ A la PKD but not enough D18 Daryl Gregory Damascus ★★★ I liked this better as that X Files episode You know the one I'm talking about? the one from Season Two? Also I don't get the title Seems such a shame had so much potential19 Jack Skillingstead Life on the Preservation ★★ I wanted to like it but it seemed like a bit of a warm up20 Paolo Bacigalupi Yellow Card Man ★★★★ Heavy and cynical and intense and sometimes a little hard to follow Worth a re read to pull it all together21 Greg Egan Riding the Crocodile ★★★22 Elizabeth Bear Sarah Monette The Ile of Dogges ★★ Trying to hard to be exactly what it is?23 Ken MacLeod The Highway Men ★★★★24 Stephen Baxter The Pacific Mystery ★★★★25 Carolyn Ives Gilman Okanoggan Falls ★★★★26 John Barnes Every Hole Is Outlined ★★★★27 AM Dellamonica The Town on Blighted Sea ★★★★★28 Alastair Reynolds Nightingale ★★★★★BONUS ROUND pace of reading for comparison purposes only Click through for full size

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