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  • Kindle Edition
  • 247 pages
  • ZC One Zombie Castle #1
  • Chris Harris
  • 10 October 2016

10 thoughts on “ZC One Zombie Castle #1

  1. Sade Sade says:

    Trying to decide if i should actually waste my time reviewing this book is a valid uestion at this pointNot going to lie this book actually started out great I thought i had a gem of Zombie book on my hand and based on that i almost went and bought the other 2 books going for £299 a pop Gosh i'd have been so gaddamn mad if i did thatBased on this book plot all i can say is if a zombie apocalypse happens you'd probably want to be in England cos everyone is so nice and they'll share their provisions with you cos hello everyone is so nice and you'll DEFINITELY DEFINITELY can't stress this enough get tea never mind that the world is falling apart and chances are the people you'll run into are OBVIOUSLY OBVIOUSLY going to have skills that you'll need to surviveAnyways Chris Harris

  2. Jeanette Jeanette says:

    English zombiesuite a read I really liked the storyline and I can't wait to read about their stay in the CastleLots of action characters are good but maybe need to be fleshed out a little bit With England's no gun law it's interesting how they've got around this problemOk ready for the next book

  3. Ozsaur Ozsaur says:

    A meh kind of three stars No serious issues but I've read a lot of books like this one The thing that stood out to me when I picked it was the idea of people defending a castle against zombies Well there's a castle in this book but not a real castle I was okay with that because they are fighting through a zombie apocalypse to get to a castle Thing is I might not read the next book when they actually get to the castleNone of the characters stood out In fact they all had the same basic attitude way of speaking and were or less different versions of the narrator The thing that really bugged me was the way all the women went around making sandwiches and tea for the fighters who were mainly men One woman got a gun The wife of the narrator doesn't even get a weapon until after her 10 year old son kills a zombie Like really? A grown woman is going to stand back and let a 10 year old fight for her? Really?It wasn't a terrible book Smooth fast paced writing Some cool zombie scenes And the occasional side bit showing what was happening in the rest of the world was good I might pick up the second book to see what happens once they reach the castle Or if I'm in a desperate need for a readable zombie novelSorry for not being enthusiastic There needed to be and this book didn't uite get there

  4. Natasha Garside Natasha Garside says:

    Excellent Brilliant story Just like the emp book I couldn't put it down I found it strange but uniue that the characters of both books have the same names but loved the storyline and makes you want All in alllove it x

  5. TP TP says:

    An entertaining bookThere were small inconsistencies and little errors in details But all in all not so badWhat I found refreshing was that the book was set without the trigger happy Americans and their tendencies to see every human being as a threat presented in most of the apocalyptic stories I have read so far The black and white mentality as well as the “everyone for themselves” attitudeMany people do not know that but from my own experiences I can tell you that the Scots and Irish are very hospitable and generous people On various occasions on holidays we traveled with a horse drawn caravan through the countrysides and they all offered us to stay on their lands over night you simply had to ask even invited us to eat with them without any conditions We were just strangers on a holiday Those were ones of the best holidays I can remember to this dayIt is just a different cultureThe writing style wasn’t really to my liking It irritated me when you present a single persons point of view and the person acts at times as a story teller Commenting on their own actions and explaining them Which also leads to less dialogues and takes the action away from me as a reader And when those few dialogues mostly repeat what we got told before it makes for a boring book revealing not much substance and depth to the charactersThe short episodes where we got information about the background and spreading of the virus were goodI sometimes wished the author would have taken the time to add personal interactions and dialogues instead of summarising it almost all the time One time he described them sitting together and getting to know each other And I thought to myself yes I would have liked that too But it wasn’t meant to beCharacters need to talk to express themselves to interact with each other so as a reader I can get to know them better How they tick and their different personalities This book had potential but the execution was too simplified in that aspect to give it a higher ratingIt is on kindle unlimited and therefore I will happily read on

  6. Mrs L Mrs L says:

    I really enjoyed this book You can't go wrong with a good zombie book I particularly liked that this one was set in the UK and that characters in the novel referred to the zombies as zombies not as walkers the undead the creatures or other euphemisms as well as making reference to other zombie films and series especially The Walking Dead which is unusual as most books about zombies don't do this and the characters are completely taken aback and have no idea of what they are and how to survive There was also a character who is a semi prepper and who has a lot of useful information on how to help his group survive The main characters are Tom and Becky and their two children but the cast grows as they try to make their way to safety Interesting characters good story line and lots of helpful info for if when the apocalypse happens Will be moving straight onto book 2 I liked it that much

  7. Samantha Price Samantha Price says:

    Read all 4 so farI read all 4 before leaving a review Do you know why? Because i couldn't put the books down I honestly read this and needed to know i needed to see where it went and i didn't spend the 1 minute it takes to leave a review after the first book I just needed to read the next oneIt is really hard to get a good UK based Zombie book and Chris Harris nails it on the head He doesn't skirt around what most zompoc authors do it is the pure realities of every day families and what homes would contain The plot is easy to follow but you can't predict it The main characters and secondary characters are all believable relatable and stay in your heart If your 'rooting' for them then you know the author has done a good job Descriptions of locations ways of life and community are spot on Absolutely brilliant thank you

  8. Karen Lloyd Karen Lloyd says:

    GreatI loved this book It's a fast paced story that keeps you on the edge of your seat How would you react if the zombie apocalypse happened right now? In this story the ones that survive are either very very lucky or are willing to fightThe idea of getting to a castle is one that I admit I've thought about yes I probably watch read too many zombie stories but who doesn't like to? If like me you love zombie stories you will love this one It's full of nods to the Walking Dead Mad Max The A Team It has ideas on how to kill zombies How to survive an outbreak how an outbreak could occur how uickly the outbreak would spread Just a fantastic zombie novel Now I need to get read the next book to see if they all get to Warwick Castle

  9. Jane Mercer Jane Mercer says:

    Interesting zombie book For a change you get a thorough description of the cause of the zombie virus and how it had spread as well as some interesting What Ifs? how the Apocalypse could have been avoided The hero has a family and planning to return home when the virus hits they pick up firstly someone well prepared for the apocalypse and others on the way to Warwick Castle where they hope to have a defensible place to liveThe book finishes with them not even half way thereI liked the characters the ingenuity on making zombie proof vehicles the weapons a lot based on Walking Dead a good read

  10. Lori Spier Lori Spier says:

    For a zombie novel the book does start a tad slow butthat gives it a sort of charm I did hold my breath a bit when the first person Tom ran in to was a prepper but UK preppers are a different being than US preppers Shawn had the knowledge but wasn't loaded for bear with all the weapons and high tech gadgetry That was a nice change Not sure if it's because so many characters were added uickly but I kept confusing Shawn Simon Dave and Chet Overall book one is a good read Not overly gory or violent at least from a US point of view I'm intrigued enough to continue on with book two

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ZC One Zombie Castle #1[Reading] ➼ ZC One Zombie Castle #1 Author Chris Harris – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk It was intended to eradicate the common cold; instead it eradicated most of the human race A genetically modified virus killer mutates transforming everyone it infects into zombies As it rapidly sprea It was intended to eradicate Zombie Castle Kindle Õ the common cold; instead it eradicated most of the human race A genetically modified virus killer ZC One Kindle - mutates transforming everyone it infects into zombies As it rapidly spreads across the globe small groups of survivors battle to stay alive One Zombie Castle PDF/EPUB Á and escape the growing hordes of flesh eaters Tom Becky and their two children are on a family holiday when the virus hits Follow them as they try to fight their way to safety gathering others along the way They soon realise that their best chance of survival will be to reach an ancient symbol of power and strength Their future and safety lie behind a castle’s walls Together they must undertake a daunting one hundred mile journey Will they make it.