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His Virgin Bride Wild West #2 [Ebook] ➨ His Virgin Bride Wild West #2 Author Juliette Jones – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Librarian Note Alternate Title Cover Edition for ASIN B015UICPI6This title is not currently available Librarian Note Alternate Title Bride Wild PDF ´ Cover Edition for ASIN BUICPIThis title is not currently available.

10 thoughts on “His Virgin Bride Wild West #2

  1. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Wyatt just got back from the gold mines He’d been searching for gold for 3 months and now that he struck it rich he needs a woman badly The poor guy is so darn horny he heads to the saloon in search of some wild sex Rosie is a down on her luck saloon owner The Saloon is the last thing she has left from her father’s passing and the bank is about to take it away from her In walks a lawyer who tells her that her aunt died and left her a bunch of money but in order to claim it she must be married by her 19th birthday OH MY This is one SCORCHING READ Wyatt is sexy as sin has a dirty mouth a 10 inch cock that is constantly hard and spurtingRosie was a beauty and for a virgin she sure kept up nicely with WyattThese two together had me so wound up my thighs where clenching the hole time and my panties where soaking wetThis is the second short read that I've read by Juliette Jones and let me tell you she sure knows how to write some seriously scorching reads Arc kindly provide by the author in exchange of an honest review

  2. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    LMAOPremature ejaculation galoreMan I laughed and maybe cringed a little on this oneJake the miner has spent three months without a woman He's jealous of his brother Zeke who now has a wife He fantasizes of having an orgy to satiate his lustHowever his plans go awryWhen he goes into a saloon he is spellbound by the innocent owner Rosie who literally makes him cum twice and then due to dire circumstances offers temporary marriage to come into her inheritanceThis was hot at times awkward at others I know readers who LOVE when hero loses control looking the heroine and if you're one of those leaking faucet fans this is for youShort insta love insta wetSO MUCH CUM my eyesSafe355

  3. Grahame Grahame says:

    Sexy gold miner? CheckSweet damsel in distress? CheckRomance of the dirty talking variety? Check Check CheckScenes so hot that they set your Kindle on fire? Break out the firehose You're gonna need itnot just for your e reader but to cool off after this one I read this during my lunch break and I swear by mid afternoon I still needed a fanWyatt is the kind of stud that any girl hopes walks into her bar and Rosie just happens to be the luckiest bartender in the west My favorite thing about this book is that despite how short it is you really get the romance between them Oh and did I mention the hot sex? That Wyatt has a filthy mouth in the most delicious kind of way Love it when I get everything I need from a uick little readA copy of this book was generously provided by the author for an honest review

  4. CC CC says:

    What the hellread another oneMore smut Hero is a bit too desperate to get laid But whatever it was still hot and fun

  5. Diksha Diksha says:

    uick Entertaining Hot

  6. Deserie williams Deserie williams says:

    self note I'll have to think about this one I'm not a big fan of no condoms with previous lovers and this hero always pulled out what about STDs hmmm

  7. Nanci **Warning**IWasASailor⚓️MyMouthisDirty Nanci **Warning**IWasASailor⚓️MyMouthisDirty says:

    Ummm Ok so this book is ridiculous Omg it was so stupid but it's meant to be so I couldnt help but laugh roll my eyes and think wtf are you reading Nanci I blame it on the flu The sex is hot the girl is clueless She knows nothing about sex I mean nothing Whatever it was short sweet and to the pointWould I recommend this? Hmm um I doubt it but I like stupid over the top smut books

  8. Maya Maya says:

    Well that was one uick but hot as hell read I loved it It reminded me a bit of Alexa Rileys books The hero falls head over heels for the heroine and makes her his Also the sex scenes are wow A shame the story isn't longer I'd have loved to read about their journey A great readSafety gang Safe

  9. Astraycat Astraycat says:

    Marriage in convenience and lust at first sight

  10. Lauren Lauren says:

    I really liked this book; I can definitely say that book two is my favourite of the series Wanted Virgin Lover is hot hot hot A short and steamy read that leaves you wanting Rosie Cassidy is in debt she is working night and day to keep her head above water Then all of a sudden Rosie is told that she has been left a lot of money off of an aunt that has passed away Rosie is uick to daydream of what she will spend the money on But then she learns the terms of receiving the money She has to get married before her nineteenth birthday With only a few days until the deadline and no decent men around Rosie is doomed Wyatt Boone has just come back from the goldmines all he wants is to find a bunch of women to get down and dirty with When Wyatt walks into a saloon he spots Rosie straight away Wyatt can tell that she is young and innocent but he has to have her When Rosie spots the handsome man in her saloon she knows she has found her new husband All she has to do is to ask him to marry her Wyatt is uick to agree he will do anything to get his little beauty into bed After a uick marriage and a few hot and steamy days together the pair soon realise that they are in love

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