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  1. karen karen says:

    But still the story creature revealed Itself to me until I understood that now It covered every surface every space and even though I thought I had been alone down in the basement among the rat things and the other things I wanted very much to be rats and weren’tI had not been alone The story creature had always been there silent beside me breathing beneath me waiting for me to wake to its presence to understand where I really was But I would never understand How could I? I had not understood the story to begin withi have no idea what i just read and it made me feel a little dumb yet i enjoyed it review to come ?read it for yourself here

  2. Claudia Claudia says:

    The story that meant the end arrived late one night A tiny story covered in green fur or lichen shaky on its legs It fit in the palm of my hand I stared at the story for a long time trying to understand The story had large eyes that could see in the dark and sharp teeth It purred and the purr grew louder and louder a beautiful flower bud opening and opening until I was filled up I heard the thrush and pull of the darkness grown so mighty inside my headI grew wearyThe story of a story’s creation in the unmistakable weird style of Vandermeer beautiful mesmerizing lyrical and nightmarish at the same time Simply brilliantSame for the artwork One the best on TorcomHere’s the link for it

  3. Fiona Fiona says:

    I had not been alone The story creature had always been there silent beside me breathing beneath me waiting for me to wake to its presence to understand where I really was But I would never understand How could I? I had not understood the story to begin withRead it free here

  4. Gabrielle Gabrielle says:

    Probably my least favorite of any work by VanderMeer I've read so far I'm disappointedThe prose is gorgeous and poetic and I am sure that with a little digging a lot of metaphors and deep meanings could be unearth but to be honest I just don't feel inclined to tryThis short story is the inner monologue of a human who gets attacked and taken over by some unknown entity that causes him to mutate and transform over and over again as the world ends and his memories of his old life slowly fadeSome people have interpreted it as linked to the Southern Reach trilogy which I finished a few weeks ago personally I don't see the connection at allWell written but kind of a bummer

  5. Katie Gallagher Katie Gallagher says:

    Read this review and others on my blog This week I returned once to Tor to look at another piece of short fiction I was especially intrigued to read a story by Jeff VanderMeer since he’s actually been on my radar for a while as one of the editors of The Weird Side note that his wife Ann VanderMeer also edited The Weird as well as some of the other Tor stories I’ve read for Short Tuesday thus far plus edited this story as well which adds a whole different layer of interesting You can read the short story for free hereI’ll be honest—I’m a bit flummoxed by this story It documents one man’s interactions with an alien force that has engulfed the Earth; the narrative focuses on the MC’s discovery of the world and the realization of what is happening than on any kind of plot The aliens are of the parasitic variety rather than laser gun toting sort and the focus throughout is on the natural progression of the parasite—what happens to Earth’s flora and fauna as well as how the parasite called the “story creature” physically and mentally manifests itself in the MCAnd while I stood there in the shadows of the moonless night beyond the street lamps beyond the circling moths and with the nighthawks gliding silent overheadwhile I stood there and pleaded the story creature sprouted out of the top of my skull in a riot of wildflowers goldenrod and coarse weedsThere are many instances throughout where it’s difficult to get a sense of what’s happening which adds to the story in my opinion With a kind of Lovecraftian flair the MC is presented with beings and creatures that don’t really make sense and all he can do is relay what’s happening as best he can based on his human capacities At the same time he is uncovering truths about himself; contact with the alien parasite has changed him in irreparable unexpected waysI think this is the kind of story that really needs a few reads The prose has such a driving momentum that you kind of can’t help reading onward even as your brain is trying to parse what’s happening so I felt like there was uite a lot I was missing Even so I like to think that there would be so many unknowns in the event of actual extraterrestrial contact that this story conveys that uncertain feeling exceedingly well Who knows—maybe I’ll read through it again sometime and see how the story hits me a second time around

  6. Hayley Hayley says:

    Wonderfully strangeSuch a bizarre wonderful story than reuires than one reading to fully appreciate the created worlds beautiful language and characters

  7. daisy daisy says:

    CAWPILE rating 510STAR rating ★★★Read on Torcom hereMe reading this short story Me after reading this short story REVIEW There's a lot to unpack here especially considering this story's length but I'm not uite sure where to begin The writing is beautiful but that's to be expected because Jeff Vandermeer's writing is always beautiful A lot of elements reminded me of the Southern Reach trilogy but it was also very different from those books I finished it around an hour ago and I'm still thinking about it; I'm probably going to be thinking about it for a very long while yetI don't even know if I enjoyed reading this short story exactly but it was definitely an Experience

  8. Alec Lyons Alec Lyons says:

    Beautiful and strange The story of The Story weaves twists and blooms within and owing to the beautiful fluidity of the flowering and haunting prose An absolute stunning pallet cleanser bursting with vibrancy of a harrowed world beyond humanity as we know it but not bereft of it serving as an ode to memory new beginnings and reconciliation to profound loss in the face of utter alienation

  9. Jen Jen says:

    Just a short story but couldn't finish it I just didn't appreciate the style of writing Too odd for me No star rating

  10. Tim Pendry Tim Pendry says:

    Jeff Vandermeer is uite definitely a writer of the weird This is one of those cases where I admire the writer greatly while not being 'simpatico' with the underlying thought processes for Vandermeer is very much a child of his time worrying about the anthropocene and the naturalThis work which I experienced alongside the eually remarkable 'Secret Life' positions like 'Secret Life' the human in the context of the alien where the alien is the natural force Indeed his alien worlds are really expositions of the power of the natural to overcome the humanFrom this perspective Vandermeer is not a trans humanist writer at least in these two stories but rather a writer of the post human where the displacement of humanity into the alien natural is a consummation devoutly to be wished for not at all my view since I don't like human self hatredOne might compare this implicit negativity towards his own species the despair perhaps of the intellectual in a world he no longer controls with the very different and overt conservative pessimism of Ligotti One is a green the other a nihilist Sometimes I don't see the differenceThese are two sides of the same despairing class one sinking into the despond of the occult and meaningless and the other sidling into a green preference for anything living that is not human Both seem to prefer the company of the alienHaving said that and prejudices aside both stories are very finely written taking enormous risks with narrative and the suspension of disbelief and managing to get away with it because the worlds being drawn have a coherence that pulls you in as the narrative unfolds'Secret Life' does not follow a simple narrative trajectory The setting is an office block whose initial caricatured corporatism is brother to Ballard's High Rise and sister to Ligotti's corporate tales of sinister meaningless doings behind the doors of the offices of 'managers'But it rapidly moves on from there into high weird fantasy as individuals come to terms with the appropriation of the human by the alien natural becoming integrated with nature in some cases as the corporate structure becomes the jungle The influence of Ballard is clear enough'This World is Full of Monsters' takes another approach Here the alien natural is truly alien but is an alien invading the world of man through bending time and space in monstrous evolutionary adaptations of familiar biological forms It is the unnatural naturalThis novella has in common with Lovecraft than with Ballard though the influence is there but the tone is still very different There is none of Lovecraft's cold detachment Vandermeer is engaged with his alien worlds and sympathetic to them He wants to make them real for usThe narrator goes through terrors and horrors that are presented ultimately as a rebirth into something new and post human in tune with 'creation' in pre scientific parlance or with 'nature' if nature is taken to be all possible evolved formsThe writing in 'Secret Life' is simple and readable In 'The World is Full of Monsters' it is lush and allusive although the tale hooks you despite the jump starts from one state of being to another And yet it is not over literary though some will find it 'difficult'The narrator is not the detached observer of H G Wells' 'War of the Worlds' ironically doing precisely what he says the Martians have dispassionately done to us before the invasion but an emotional being trying to cope with radical horrible changes that could be mistaken for madnessJeff Vandermeer is a fine writer and I was happy to ignore what I consider to be the negativity of wanting 'nature' perhaps existence itself to conuer and transform humanity I prefer things to be the other way around but I know that is now unfashionable amongst depressed liberal intellectuals

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This World Is Full of Monsters [Ebook] ➨ This World Is Full of Monsters By Jeff VanderMeer – An alien invasion comes to one man’s doorstep in the form of a story creature followed by death and rebirth in a transformed EarthAt the Publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital R An alien invasion comes to one man’s Is Full Kindle × doorstep in the form of a story creature followed by death and rebirth in a transformed EarthAt the Publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied.

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NYT bestselling writer Jeff VanderMeer has been Is Full Kindle × called “the weird Thoreau” by the New Yorker for his engagement with ecological issues His most recent novel the national bestseller Borne received wide spread critical acclaim and his prior novels include the Southern Reach trilogy Annihilation Authority and Acceptance Annihilation won the Nebula and Shirley Jackson Awards has been translat.