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Unlawfully Wedded ➽ [Download] ✤ Unlawfully Wedded By Kelsey Roberts ➲ – There ought to be a law against men like J D PorterHell bent on discovering how the body of her long lost father came to be shored up in the walls of The Rose Tattoo the last thing Tory Conway needed There ought to be a law against men like J D PorterHell bent on discovering how the body of her long lost father came to be shored up in the walls of The Rose Tattoo the last thing Tory Conway needed was JD Porter running interference Unfortunately she'd already married the gray eyed gallant even if it was in name onlyJD was used to getting what he wanted from people and he swore he'd use that skill to hunt down Tory's father's killer But JD wanted much than gratitude from his sassy blond bride and hell if he was going to clue her in She'd find out soon enough if she survived to hear about it.

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Unlawfully Wedded
  • Kelsey Roberts
  • English
  • 04 August 2016
  • 9780373223305

About the Author: Kelsey Roberts

Rhonda PolleroRhonda Harding Pollero aka Kelsey Roberts is a sought after lecturer and workshop presenter as well as a muchreuestedmedia guest She has been featured in COSMOPOLITIANMagazine The New York Times and The Washington Post among others andmakes freuent appearances on both radio and television She founded TheWriters Workshop at Anne Arundel College in Maryland and was the leadinstructor in the areas of craft and genre writing courses for three yearsShe is considered an expert in why women read and write crime fiction aswell as an excellent authority on plotting and structuring the novel.

10 thoughts on “Unlawfully Wedded

  1. Saly Saly says:

    I enjoyed this very much the heroine has a great nick name for the hero who is helping in renovating the Rose Tattoo a place owned by his mother with whom he has an estranged relationshipThe hero is a big shot architect who came to town for his mother and the heroine doesn't like it that the hero is charging his mother She's a waitress pursuing her PHD when she gets the bad news that she won't get any grants and then the same day they find a body the body that turns out to be of her father's a man she thought abandoned their family and was the former owner of the Rose tattooThe hero is there the next day when she gets up and he sees the poverty she lives in and he against her wishes takes her to tell her mother who he learns is in a convalescent home and has been in a vegetative state ever since her father disappeared He hears the heroine asking her mother if she killed her fatherLater on he makes the heroine an offer is she marries him she will be eligible for grant and even though she keeps saying no he keeps besting the offer and somehow the heroine finds herself being rail roaded having a wedding with a gown and everythingThe hero wants her that is no secret but she has no intention of giving in The heroine was an early developer and voluptuous so she hides herself but somehow things changeThe heroine thinks the hero is doing so much for her but he has other reasons for marrying her and when their marriage becomes a reality feels guilty Then there is also her father's murder and the sinister calls she has been getting telling her to back offI actually uite enjoyed the endview spoilerThe hero's secret was that his mother wanted him to marry her to get ownership of the Rose tattoo fully but well it turns out to be a trick she already owns the Tattoo hide spoiler

  2. C. C. says:

    The mystery in this book was really good I didn't figure out who did it until I read it However the romance was terrible I can not figure out why any woman would fall for the main male characterI disliked him so intensly I could never refer to him as the hero The female main character let everyone push her around with only a token complaint I would never recommend this book to anyone

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