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Crazy Stupid Love [Read] ➹ Crazy Stupid Love ➵ Cassie Rocca – Are there written rules on how to find a soulmate Or is it better to trust the hands of fate A hilarious romance perfect for the fans of Debbie Johnson and Holly MartinAfter enduring a string of dead Are there written rules on how to find a soulmate Or is it better to trust the hands of fate A hilarious romance perfect for the fans of Debbie Johnson and Holly MartinAfter enduring a string of dead end relationships Zoe Mathison has made a decision Crazy Stupid PDF/EPUB ² – to find a man who truly appreciates her But this is turning out to be complicated than she expected Fed up of being surrounded by insufferably happy couples in love her mission to find the perfect man starts to become an obsessionEric Morgan is pushed to his limits Hopelessly in love with Zoe who sees him as nothing than a best friend to lean on he can't bear seeing his hopes of romance crushed every time the sculpted pecs of a younger man comes along But when a new girl appears on the scene he is determined to prove that he can push his infatuation aside and move on But is it as easy as it seemsIn the romantic and bustling city of New York will Zoe and Eric's hilarious misadventures attract Cupid's arrow.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 272 pages
  • Crazy Stupid Love
  • Cassie Rocca
  • English
  • 25 July 2014

10 thoughts on “Crazy Stupid Love

  1. Bibi Bibi says:

    A new york based unreuited love story that misses the mark by a long mile Four seemingly intelligent friends who all work in a gift shop This book however focuses on Zoe and Eric with Zoe being the object of Eric's 10 yr love interest TBH this story felt dated I mean who on earth still uses a fax machine and the fact that Eric was an MIT graduate who worked as a videographer or something of such makes little sense Additionally I simply couldn't root for either of them It wasn't all bad I just felt it protracted and repetitive

  2. Karlita | Tale Out Loud Karlita | Tale Out Loud says:

    Actual rating 35 out of 5 stars “It is always better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t” Ten years of being friends with Zoe Mathison Eric Morgan never dared to tell what he really felt for his best friend afraid that their relationship would be ruined by telling her the truth He stayed for her even if it hurts that she was having a string of unhealthy relationships with men that wasn't himWhile Zoe desperately searching for her Mr Right was tiresome at times she finally realized that she wanted someone who will only love and appreciate her Too blind that what she's been looking for was just standing in front of her the whole time it never crossed her mind that Eric — her hero her confidant her Brainbox nerdy best friend — has always been in love with her With Valentines day just around the corner will Eric and Zoe finally be able to have their own fairy tale happy endingThe sarcasm and non stop bickering filled my constantly changing mood to read and eat an ice cream But the fact that I truly enjoyed the characters with Clover's optimism and Liberty's bitter lecturing I pick bits and bobs of life's love lessons within the storyThe way I'm rooting for Eric was an understatement Sometimes I pitied him for loving someone who didn't deserve him but at times when I'm on the verge of talking myself into taking his side I started hating him for being a coward letting himself to be a doormat pleaser — a standby who was like a lightning bolt ready to be there with Zoe anytime she needed himI understand where Zoe's insecurities came from but it's unbelievable for me that in their ten years of friendship she never even sense any of Eric's feelings for her or at least maybe she could have assumed that there's some spark between them That was so depressing There were times that I'm hoping that something magical happen and it didn't work I had the impulse in my mind to bang there heads together so just maybe they would realize what were they missingThis is such a fun cute read that I couldn't stop smiling all the way though the last page The writing flow of the story was predictable but relatable — an unreuited love that is eually crazy and entertaining with charming characters— you think how to be young and love again “When you see something uniue the best thing to do is snatch it up before someone else steals it out from under your nose” Thank you NetGalley Aria and Cassie Rocca for providing me an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review Links to buy | Kobo | iBooks | Google PlayAbout the Author Cassie Rocca is a writer of Sicilian origin who has lived in Genoa since the age of three In everyday life she is a child minder a job which gives her plenty of ideas for her modern fairy tales Facebook | Twitter

  3. Priyanka Priyanka says:

    Check out for reviews Crazy Stupid Love is the second installment in Blame it on New York series This is a story about Zoe and EricZoe Mathison has it all but she never really had friends as she never clicked with the girls and guys just thought of as someone to flirt with I didn't click with Zoe from the get go only but there is a certain sweetness to her I guess I was irritated with her because she just couldn't see or didn't want to accept what was in front of her Eric's loveEric is our hero He is sweet and nerdy guy who is irreversibly in love with Zoe Throughout the book he struggling with his emotions between love for her feeling cowardly to express his love and frustration when she went out or flirted with other guys What I didn't get is why he waited for 10 years to confess his love when they were always together Zoe never got a clue about his love in 10 whole yearsI really liked their setting of the gift shop where all the characters work I liked the friendship between the four characters Zoe Clover Eric and Liberty We also get to see Clover and Cade I really liked them I believe there's is the first book I also liked Clover as a person If you're looking for a uick contemporary romance set in New York you can check this series out

  4. Alison Alison says:

    After reading and enjoying the first book in this series I was looking forward to Crazy Stupid Love Last time we had Clover and Cade’s story so it follows on from there in the respect we meet the same characters but this could easily be read as a standaloneThis time it’s Zoe we concentrate on it’s classic story of unreuited love Her and Eric have known each other since college days but she can only see him as a best friend always there to rely on but can’t grasp how he feels about herZoe is the type that doesn’t really form friendships with the females and thinks guys are only good to flirt with I didn’t particularly feel a sense of warmth or caring from her whereas previously Clover was so sweet and had the reader rooting for herSo just as Zoe thinks it’s time to find herself a long term love Eric also thinks after ten long years of being walked over that maybe he should look elsewhere Have they both let the opportunity of love pass them byThis is a fun cute book set in NYC fairly predictable but perfectly entertaining enough for a uick beach read It’s pretty uick and will satisfy any rom com cravingsThanks to the author and Aria I read and reviewed this voluntarily

  5. Simona Simona says:

    Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewZoe Mathison is determined to finally find THE ONE it’s not easy though especially if you’re surrounded by happy couples and then your ex turns up on top of yetEric Morgan is her best friend they have been best friends for 10 years and Eric has had feelings for Zoe ever since His feelings are still there but he tries to hide them He wants to prove to himself that he can move on when another girl appears on the sceneI actually found t hard to get into the book and connecting with the characters I found out later that it’s actually book 2 of a series so it’s probably because of that I also didn’t feel the New York vibes and certain things just didn’t make sense to meHalf way through though I really started enjoying the book and warmed up to Eric especially I loved following him around and reading about his emotions I also really liked his scenes with Zoe I struggled a bit with the pace of the storyline but something kept me in the storyI think the idea behind it all is great and certain parts were gripping funny and authentic355

  6. Sophie Bailey Sophie Bailey says:

    I struggled really struggled I couldn't get past 35% on my kindle unfortunately I love the whole unreuited thing but possibly not from both characters it gets messy and boring through the whole back and forth It could have been really REALLY good but I got confused from the outset All these characters in one place and I couldn't work out where they worked or what job role they had until 35% in and by that point I'd just lost the plot really It's worth a read as everyone is different but for me I just couldn't get my head in the game for this one ARC received via Netgalley in return for an honest review

  7. chloe ♡ chloe ♡ says:

    This book gave me a massive headache

  8. Gaele Gaele says:

    I think most of us enjoy a good friends to lovers story and the promise for this one was strong We can all relate to Zoe’s desire to find a relationship with someone who appreciates her – and just how difficult that can be And everyone has met or heard of an Eric hopelessly in love with his friend who doesn’t see him as anything So just what can he do to make that change and if he does will she ever be able to see him as something So I am torn on this story – I wanted to find myself laughing and appreciating moments cheering on Zoe and Eric and finding moments where the city seems to push them together You’ve Got Mail – anyone Unfortunately the dated feel of the story Faxes an MIT grad working as a videographer the protracted and repeated refrains from nearly every character and there are many in the story that surround their unreturned feelings and hopeful crushes Long and overused passages of internal dialogue that seemed only to tell readers the issues before proceeding to rehash the moments – without actually coming to any resolutions Add to that a multitude of characters that assume the first book has been read but never really presenting them with backstories until long after their introduction became confusing and overwhelming a problem I rarely experience no matter where I enter a series When you add those problems to a hero who spends time navel gazing and rehashing what was instead of deciding how to get where he wants to be add a self absorbed and self obsessed heroine that never really seems to recognize her own part in her unhappiness and I was left with no one to care about Sure I tried and there were moments that the promise of a budding relationship as it realigned were sparking over the progress of the book these moments were too infreuent and appeared too late to redeem the story overall With little to no use of the city as a supporting character several elements that didn’t uite fit the narrative and the all tell no show writing the story was a struggle to finish I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility Review first appeared at I am Indeed

  9. NovelMomma NovelMomma says:

    To say I am torn on this one is an understatement This is part of Cassie Rocca’s Blame It On New York series I haven’t read the first book Perhaps if I had I would’ve liked it I’m not sure I really liked the story idea I am a sucker for a good friends to lovers romance but this one just didn’t uite do it for meLet’s start with what I liked Two friends Eric and Zoe have known each other since their college years He falls in love with her right away but she never really sees him as anything other than her best friend I liked that they were so close and had known each other so long I also really liked their mutual friends Clover is sweet and funny while Liberty was mysterious and level headed They added a lot to the story I actually I may like Clover’s story A New York Love Story better than I liked this one Jury is still out on whether or not I will go back and read it I also liked how loyal and devoted Eric was for the most partWhat bothered me most was the pacing This seemed to drag a bit for me I felt like there were parts where the internal dialogue was unnecessary or things were expanded than they really needed to be I also hated that Eric by his own description allowed himself to be a doormat for Zoe for so long I loved that they were friends but he really did let her walk all over him If he was going to knowingly allow her to do it don’t complain about it I also found Zoe to be really self absorbed at times They kept referring to this being a mask for her insecurities but there were times she really was just so stuck on herself that she hurt the people around her It made it harder for me to really root for her I also really hated the way Eric behaved at the end I think he really thought he was trying to show her he could be what she had looked for in other guys but it also seemed like he really was just being mean and punishing her I get that he was upset but I don’t really think his behavior was okay eitherAll in all I was really excited to read this book and it just ended up being okay for me I didn’t really love it or hate it Perhaps you will have a different opinion If you are going to read it you may want to start with the beginning of the series because at times it felt like things needed introduction than we got For example they are all the sudden working together in the shop and I had no idea what they did there what type of shop it was or who all worked there Perhaps Eric and Zoe are also introduced in the first book in a way that makes this book even better I wouldn’t know since I didn’t read it but I am tempted to go backThanks NetGalley Aria Publishers and Cassie Rocca for providing this book in exchange for this honest reviewReview originally written for NovelMommacom

  10. Daniela Teixeira Daniela Teixeira says:

    I received an ARC of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThe premise of this book is very cute Eric has been secretly in love with Zoe for 10 years while they were best friends Looked like the kind of book I needed after a seuence of non fiction and memoirs light and fast to readIt was light it was fast It wasn’t good though Here’s a few reasons why I didn’t like it The characters aren’t very well built When you think you’re getting a feeling of them they do something that doesn’t go with the personality the author designed for them until that point It’s a story happening in New York written by someone who clearly doesn’t know New York The vocabulary the dynamics of the city the fact that all these people work in a gift shop and manage to live in Manhattan without roommates the fact that Zoe’s family lives in a house in Soho but she had to work as a waitress in Boston to make a living It’s all very weird How in the world does a brainy MIT grad end up working at a gift shopI mean it was a distraction from my daily life it was fun at times but as far as chick lit goes you can find much better options with ease I don’t recommend this one

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